30 June, 2011

Greece: The Joys of Democrazy = Debt, Communism, Disunity

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In the late 1960s/early 1970s, Greece was basically fascist. It was run by anti-communist military men. Then, unfortunately, in 1974 Greece embraced democrazy (i.e., “idiots can vote”). Strangely, despite embracing democracy, Greece has a communist party which now holds 21 seats in the Greek parliament. Is that funny, or what? (Maybe they drink too much Ouzo over there).


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    1. Thomas Jefferson Says:

      America was founded as a REPUBLIC, NOT a DEMOCRAZY. In contrast to the British monarchy, a REPUBLIC is governed by a small elected group of people through a RESTRICTED VOTE, NOT “one man, one vote” DEMOCRAZY. Never did the Founders intend for every “person” to vote. From the outset, democrazy was doomed by the ability of the “voters” to vote themselves largesse. The American REPUBLIC restricted the vote to European males aged 21 with a worth of 50lbs. Sterling or 50 acres. The inmates are running the asylum and its about to go off a cliff.

    2. Big Dick Johnson Says:

      Unfortunately, the “foundiing fathers” were much too influenced by the so called “Enlightenment”. Many of the founding fuckups were Freemasons and made no provisions for keeping the kikes out. The ideals of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” are jewish, not Aryan ideals. Our coming Aryan Republic will not make the same mistakes as did the misguided White men who established the Republic of 1776. Our ideals will be “HONOR, RACE, FOLK, BLOOD, AND SOIL’. The first one of our iron laws shall be: “NO KIKES OR NIGGERS ALLOWED”

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      The ancient Athenian democracy was likewise limited to native-born free men. No women, slaves or foreigners could participate in the civic life of that city-state. But limited democracy invariably leads to mass idiot democracy and Jewish perversion.

      By the by, exactly how many billion$ of US dollars is the Jewish Fed chair Bernanke pouring into the Greek bailout, anyway? And who gave Bernanke permission to do that?

    4. Thomas Jefferson Says:

      Right, then we would revert to a monarchy and hope it is benevolent. That’s OK by me. We’ll call it McGreenland! Just as long as we get rid of the inmates who are running the asylum now. Further, 90% of legislation has been unconstitutional as the Constitution was intended to be a GREAT BIG NO, if we had prosecuted the Supreme Court for legislating from the bench and fraud, negligence and subversion centuries ago, we would have the Constitutional republic of 1776 – free men, free markets, no union “dictatorship of the prolitariat” and no wars for Israel, affirmative action, civil rights, no confiscation of private property (i.e. slaves) or taxation to take money from one man to give it to another. We would be free to “pursue happiness” with rock bottom, minimalist government and no tyranny or oppression.

    5. Big Dick Johnson Says:

      In a few days, millions of brainwashed sheeple will be “celebrating” the founding of the JewNighted States of Amerikwa. How has Amerikwa ever done a damn thing to protect and preserve the White Race? For two hundred and fifty years, the ‘Kwa has promoted Egalitarianism, Miscegenation, jew capitalism, jew imperialism, jew degeneracy, and jew wars from one end of the earth to the other. FUCK THE FOURTH OF JULY. FUCK THE JEW REVOLUTION OF 1776. Someday we will take the world back from the kikes. WHITE REVOLUTION IS THE ONLY SOLUTION!!!!!!!!

    6. torrence Says:

      “The American REPUBLIC restricted the vote to European males aged 21 with a worth of 50lbs. Sterling or 50 acres.”
      Thomas – and under this arrangement, how would you feel and fare if you were not of the the….. ’50/50 Club’?

      Sounds like the ‘founding flubbers’ were a frustrated, wanna-be aristocratic class who sought the upper hand to lord it over not of the ‘Club’.

      What do you think?

      Our present arrangement is not satisfying minimum requirements for our people and hence is spurned and despised. Understandable. But be careful and be thoughtful when considering what a worthy substitute might be. American elites are a greedy and self-serving lot. I would shudder to think of the society that would emerge in short-order if they had all the influence.

      In earlier times when there was far greater access to acquiring the 50/50 club requirement, it may have had merit. But I picture such a privileged voting class today and see nothing but a mean and uncomfortable future under it.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      Jefferson, the tyranny of the Supreme Court began way back in 1803, when you were President. Remember Marbury vs. Madison?

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      “But I picture such a privileged voting class today and see nothing but a mean and uncomfortable future under it.”

      You’re right, Torrence, but that’s where we’re headed anyway. There’s a tiny economic elite in this god damn country that owns almost all the wealth. And they’re getting wealthier all the time, at the expense of the middle and working classes.

      The right-wing cautions against waging “class warfare”. And they warn against a “redistribution of wealth”. But wealth IS being redistributed, from the working and middle classes into the coffers of the wealthy elite, who already own about 3/4 of everything. But apparently that’s still not enough. The White Struggle is not just based on race, it’s based on economics. There’s a lot of economic exploitation and subjugation going on and it’s not just Big Jew who’s guilty of it.

      I want to wage class warfare against the exploiting classes. And why not? They’re waging class warfare against me. Kill the rich! They’re no friend of the White Race, they are loyal only to their class. They even let their daughters marry kinky-haired, weasel-faced kikes, as long as the sheeny comes from a rich family, too.

      So into the pit you go, you hedge-fund manger, you Wall Street speculator, you Capitalist slave-driver, you pig-rich war-profiteer, you greedy banker, you corporate sell-out, you tight-fisted billionaire jerk, you spoiled, Radcliffe educated, Jew-marrying slut. May your imaginary church-god have mercy on you, for you shall receive none from me.

    9. The Red Skull Says:

      The Greeks are a great people,who have fallen into Jew-debt slavery like others and are now being sold into unpayable debt slavery by their sell-out politicians right now.The reason Greece had a right-wing military gov’t for so long,is they had to fight hard to beat down the Commies after WWII.Ironic that there are so many Commies in the parliament now.I’m sure all the Commies voted to appease the banks.

      The greek people are probably yearning now for “the good ol’ days” of right wing gov’t when the Commies,illegal immigration(from Turkey and elsewhere)and the budget were all under Control.

      We could possibly see something similar here,but i personally believe most Americans are too dumbed-down,stupid,apathetic,and brainwashed to riot.The niggers would riot though if Obongo got thrown out for his false and previously non-existant birth-certificate.

      One man -one vote works for your destruction when you BECOME The Minority White Man.Especially with the jews calling the shots.Wake up!

    10. Nom de Guerre Says:

      i personally believe most Americans are too dumbed-down,stupid,apathetic,and brainwashed to riot” RED SKULL

      My sentiments also, but lets say it happened, that ZOG finally driven mad would let loose with a fussilade against a crowd. Do you think some of the dumbed down apathetic goyim, might get the idea to use those guns they all have stockpiled against the pig lice?
      Zogs pigs are getting quite nasty, or should I say their dawgs are getting off the leash, as in the case here recently where a police dog sent a nigger hiding under a tarp off to the hospital with bites .

      I’m really amazed at the lack of groid actin up as groids get pummeled and chewed up. Is that because Obongo is chief excecutive? R the pigs going to keep bending over backwards as they’re attacked by groid and spic gangs?

    11. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The strategy of the Zog , has been to keep the Shitties largely mud populated, with Whites predominating in the ‘burbs and rural areas.
      It is by design, that the center of the shitties is the business and commercial centers , completely alienated from the mud throngs in the streets. The center of this shitty is collapsing, even though it gets plenty of funding for constructing more glass towers, to mesmerize the herd. Its all a head game, keep the herd looking at all those skyscrapers and cow them into submission, something like the pyramids or Aztec human sacrifice temples.

    12. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Things are getting worse. Here in the USA, the Obama care has initiated at least a 35% cut in medicare checks. Recipients are now receiving checks of the sort. Senior citizens in the U.S. will soon be living on the streets. At this point in time, what racial makeup makes up the majority of Medicare recipients? Whites!

      Things are progressing into stomping out the White populace starting with senior citizens trickling down to people age 50 and over with unemployment and then down to younger ages while mexican illegals are being paid under the table.

    13. Nom de Guerre Says:

      From day one of the Kwa, every crapitol has always been located in a mud infested region, don’t tell me the groids just all up an moved to DC or any other of the State Crapitols, they were brought there as a form of intimidation, by the elites to shield themselves from White insurrection,plus they provided some pussy for the likes of Tom Jefferson, and his name sake Willy “Jefferson” Clinton.
      All that fluff about Whites only voting rights, is just about as nebulous as the declaration of Independance. What profession compossed the bulk of the “Framers” of the Kwanstituion? Hell with the exception of few jeboo preachers, they were all Lawyers!

    14. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The elites always knew, they had to keep the back door open to vent frustrations, by ever expanding land acquisitions or foreign entanglements, why do you think Geo.Washington gave that warning at his farewell address? Because he knew exactly that his buddies would do the very opposite! Zebulon Pike the explorer of the Louisiana purchase, and several others warned against the settlement of the Great Plains, with the warning it would lead to thin dissolution and ruin to the American people. The same shit began after Jew War 2, no new land , but the Subburbs to flee to, bury the Whites in frivlolous jew tube sit coms and nigger ball games.

    15. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Nom de Guerre,

      The democracy we are under is a false institution whereby the officials running this country know they don’t have to abide by the Constitution. The Constitution was formed under the Republic. When this country changed from Republic to Democracy, I am not able to find the date when this occurred. There is nothing I found when this changed.

      Furthermore, the “Democracy” that was secretly instilled was/is advertised as freedom and voting rights for everyone. Not so. It is only under the “Republic” that this is so. This “Democracy” is fake and the Zionists are lying to the public and to the host of the nation, which are Whites, that having a Democracy grants freedom to all and voting rights are not compromised.

      “Democracy” was taught to the generation of the 1940’s that the USA holds a stance of being a country where it does not invade other countries. How much of this is a lie? A lot. However, the Zionists in official positions go around this and claim lies about other countries being hostile and giving it a reason for the U.S. to invade. This is how the ideal of “Democracy” is generated and kept alive.

      Actually, “Democracy” is for corporations to thrive, banks to abuse its citizens and thrive, foreign nations to invade (Israel & Mexico) and make decisions and tell the U.S. what to do. This lie we are under, “Democracy” is only for them and for them not adhering to the U.S. Constitution. We have no individual rights, as a host in our own nation, under the guise of their “Democracy.”

    16. Big Dick Johnson Says:

      Mass democracy is a jewish scam thru and thru. For an Aryan Republic, the Leader Principle is by far the best form of government. A strong, heroic, intelligent MAN who is of the Folk, by the Folk, and FOR the Folk is absolutely necessary in order to combat jewish infiltration, give inspiration and guidance to the White masses, and lead the Aryan Armed Forces to Victory over ALL the enemies of White progress and dominion over the Earth.

    17. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Greeks, along with the Portugese, Yugoslavians and Spanish, prospered under pro-White military dictatorships. Ever since they embraced “democracy” and “diversity” they have been getting poorer and weaker. That makes Big Jew rub his hands together with glee.

    18. Franklin Ryckaert Says:

      Dr.W. Pierce has explained why Jews love democracy so much.They do,because they can manipulate it so easily.With their money they can buy any politician with donations for their election campain.With their control of the media they can make or brake any politician and influence the simple minded masses.Good dictators are a nightmare for Jews.

    19. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Democrazy or Dumbocracy? Ezra Pound said that a democracy is a government run by jews as is the case in America and all other white, Western nations.

      And as some have pointed out, suffrage was restricted to white, property owning males at the time of our founding. It was never supposed to be extended to tens of millions of our racial enemies so they could “legally” steal the country from whites.

    20. abc Says:

      Weren’t the “foundiing fathers” nigger-lovers?

      Greece is a caricature of the end result of democracy. The good people vote benefits without financing and everybody ends up broke and unhappy.
      But there’s also much corruption in Greece, just like in South Italia. And corruption is not a white feature…

    21. Tim McGreen Says:

      At least in Greece just about everyone is a Greek, unlike the “melting pot” we have here in the Jew-Ass-Ay. Or should I say chamber pot?

      The only way a true democracy could work is if the country is small, mostly rural, patriarchal and homogenous. Cities are too cosmopolitan and liberal by their nature. The pols in those cities would start demanding “equal rights” for all the degenerate scum who can only thrive in urban environments, e.g., homos, junkies, beatniks, “intellectuals”, jazz musicians, etc. No democracy for them, I say!

    22. Tim McGreen Says:

      We really shouldn’t have too much respect for the Founding Fartheads, since they did absolutely nothing to solve the Negro slave problem, nor the looming Jew problem. And why didn’t they impose term limits and age limits on Supreme Court justices and Congressmen? The only way those bastards ever leave office is if they’re being carried out feet-first with a sheet over their faces.

      Besides, the same rich lawyers, businessmen and landowners who ruled colonial America became its rulers after independence, too. What kind of a “revolution” is that?