10 June, 2011

Libertarianism: Another Mind-Trap for the Goyim

Posted by Socrates in jewed culture, jewed politics, Jewish deceit, liberals, libertarians, Socrates at 12:01 pm | Permanent Link

Not every “free spirit” is a liberal. The Jews know this, and that’s why they pioneered the libertarian movement, too.


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  7. 9 Responses to “Libertarianism: Another Mind-Trap for the Goyim”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:


    2. Doug Says:

      Libertarian policies would create exactly the circumstances we need to take back our neighborhoods, states and eventually nations. They are in the direction of more individual freedom, more local control, and less jewish (federal) control. Someone criticize this, if it has weaknesses, but consider what is possible if Libertarian policies dominated:

      No more huge wealth distribution from whites (“rich”) to minorities (“poor”). We could refuse entry to our businesses and neighborhoods to gangbangers, since even roads could be privatized. In short, nobody would get a free ride. Liberal whites and jews would have to pay the entire cost of their charitable egalitarian utopian ideals, and house them entirely in their own communities.

      Libertarian just means more individual freedom. No mind-trap, because there would be nobody in power to trap minds.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Libertarian policies would create the circumstances we need to exactly refuse our businesses and neighborhoods, since even They are in them entirely in their own egalitarian utopian minorities. No more Libertarian just means more communities. We could control individual freedom and eventually weaknesses, but consider what is possible if Libertarian policies do criticize this, if it has: nations.

      No more individual freedom could take back our direction of neighborhoods, states, more local privatized gangbangers. In short, nobody would get a free mind-trap, because there would be the entire cost of their charitable whites and jews.

      Libertarian just means nobody in power because even roads could be in power to trap minds.

      Doug, go sit in the corner and be quiet.

    4. Miller Says:

      Libertarianism seems pragmatic in dealing with the subhuman races. Like national isolationism, it posits a hands off approach in areas which would unduly entangle its adherents’ destiny in the hereditary problems of others. Moral as well as physical quagmires should be avoided. Separatists should happily allow the self destruction of that from which they are seperating. Do-gooders who try to civilize the nigger or covert the Jew using social engineering are the enemy of the White race. A sound nation should fully legalize individual self destruction under the rubric of individual liberty. Such an approach would only strengthen our people and weaken our enemies. For only Whites can handle liberty as only White know what to do with it.

    5. Jim Says:

      Libertarianism is probably the most destructive ideology ever promulgated by the jews. The jew always wins because he thinks in terms of the COLLECTIVE welfare of the jewish race. Whites need a STRONG Nationalist government where the concerns of the Race take priority over the desires of the isolated individual. Libertarianism is racial suicide for the White Man.

    6. Miller Says:

      But, Jim, your idea of White nationalism IS the desire of an isolated individual, YOU.

      You think YOU are a STRONG nationalist government?

      If so, why don’t you take power?

    7. Steel Says:

      There seems to be some confusion here between “liberalism” and “libertarianism”. “Liberalism” implies “freedom to”, while “libertarianism” implies “freedom from” (government interference). Until a white nationalist state can be formed, if ever, I would opt for the latter because it frees whites to operate without government, especially the federal government, involvement.

    8. Doug Says:

      Libertarianism/anarcho-capitalism offers us a RESET. Start over. Freedom to create our own networks of trust, aside from government’s forced institutions and high taxation. That’s exactly the atmosphere needed, and it gains support from not only whites but some liberals, blacks and everyone who thinks, because nobody wants to be ruled by the laws of others to whom they didn’t voluntarily consent.

    9. van helsing Says:

      once we nail down the borders and deport illegals, we can start talking major aspects of libertarianism.