19 June, 2011

Oy Veh: Himmler’s Daughter Keeping Nazism Alive

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Apparently, she didn’t get the memo from the NWO: only the Jews are allowed to think racially and eugenically – in fact, they’ve been doing so since before Christ.


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  7. 44 Responses to “Oy Veh: Himmler’s Daughter Keeping Nazism Alive”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      It’s good to know that Reichfuhrer SS Himmler’s daughter is still alive and fighting the good fight. And I’m glad she doesn’t speak to the Jew-controlled press. Maybe it’s not too late for the Fatherland after all.

      On a similar note, I heard that the graves of Hitler’s parents, Alois and Klara, are beautifully maintained and always receive lots of flowers from visitors. How many visitors and flowers do the graves of FDR’s parents receive, I wonder?

    2. Walter Says:

      Good post, Tim McGreen. I read the comments to the article in The Daily Caller and found yet another confirmation for the moral rot in the good people. Revolting to see these hypocrites disgorge their rotting souls for all to see. Those are the people who praise Churchill, probably the most repugnant and depraved man to ever have lived, and get strength from the daily dose of ever more phantasmagorical stories of the heroic English who waged war against the German people who never harmed them, and from the ever more lurid stories of the people who defended themselves against the deadly English menace.
      Gudrun Burwitz is doing what is right. I think that the fundamental difference between Germans and for example the English is that the English know deep down that they have caused the catastrophe of Europe, and so they cling to everything that seems to make it right what they did, but they know that they are guilty of the greatest disaster ever. Similar behavior is obvious from the Poles and the Jews. Hence the pairing of arrogance with brutality.

    3. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Who gives two shites what the fucking kikes think? Their time is running out and they know it. Once again, everyone is tired of them and their whining.

    4. Anna Italiano Says:

      It’s funny-the most interesting articles VNN links to are from websites that have absolutely filthy fucking vermin as readers. I offer up the comments section of this article as proof of such. It’s almost as if there’s some element of the gutter press that secretly holds the Third Reich in high regard, while pretending to expose it in an unflattering fashion. Except for the usual “yeah, Jews died..yawn” bits…there’s nothing that unflattering being said about this woman.

      The exception being the cuntiness in the “comments” section. The kind of people I could do a disservice to without the least compunction. That’s something to look forward to, anyway.

    5. Nigger Jim Says:

      Why do de White man alluz be dissin’ de natsys. SHEEIIT. If we niggas had dudes as hard-ass as dem natsys, we woudn’ be takin no shit from de honkey or de jooo. De darkey he jes’ respec’ one thang. Dats POWER. De White man he used to make us niggas respect his ass. He didn’t used to put up with no shit from us jigaboos. But after de secon’ worl’ wo’ when de jooo took control ober de White man, de White man he be turn into a big pussy, and he let de nigger walk all ober his ass. De natsys, dem ol’ boys dey fought for HONOR, RACE, FOLK, AND MANHOOD. De White man t’day, he be a sorry ass muh fucka compared to dem ol’ natsys.

    6. Nigger Jim Says:

      Why do de White man alluz be dissin’ de natsys. SHEEIIT. If we niggas had dudes as hard-ass as dem natsys, we woudn’ be takin no shit from de honkey or de jooo. De darkey he jes’ respec’ one thang. Dats POWER. De White man he used to make us niggas respect his ass. He didn’t used to put up with no shit from us jigaboos. But after de secon’ worl’ wo’ when de jooo took control ober de White man, de White man he be turn into a big pussy, and he let de nigger walk all ober his ass. De natsys, dem ol’ boys dey fought for HONOR, RACE, FOLK, AND MANHOOD. De White man t’day, he be a sorry ass muh fucka compared to dem ol’ natsys.

    7. Marc Rappaport Says:

      Well now I’ve seen everything. That MONSTER Heinrich Himmler, the Nazi pig-bastard who incinerated 6 million of my own people simply because of their religion, is being celebrated here? You people need help. Serious help.

    8. Marc Rappaport Says:

      N-word Jim, your stereotyping of African-Americans is not as funny as you seem to think it is. I suggest you go out of your trailer once in a while and meet some people who look different from you. Who knows, maybe you’ll make some new friends? You could probably use some!

    9. UlsterScot Says:

      “Only Anglo-Saxon countries can do democracy. The natural state of human society is despotism. If you tally up all the human lives that have ever been lived on this planet under organized systems of government, no more than five per cent were lived under consensual systems. Even to get up to five per cent, you have to include places like ancient Athens and Tudor England, which wouldn’t pass muster as “democratic” by modern standards. In the last couple of centuries, practically all consensual systems have been Anglo-Saxon. Other cultures can fake it for a few decades, as France, Germany, and Japan are currently doing, but their hearts aren’t really in it and they will swoon gratefully into the arms of a fascist dictator when one comes along.” — John Derybshire

      It is clear that the Germans (Krauts) are culturally inferior to the British. This lady shows that krauts (Germans) are only faking Democracy and deep down inside the are fascists. Western civilization started with Greece which was a Democracy so Democracy is definitely much more Western than Fascism. In fact Kevin Macdonald says that Nazism was a mirror image of Judaism. So German fascism is high kikery so the British are culturally superior to the Krauts based on Western standards. I think it is wise for Germans to be like Arthur Schopenhauer. Arthur Schopenhauer had no national pride in being a German and during his time the Germans did not either (he says as much in his philosophical writings).

      Racial Characteristics:
      Piggish-looking, sadomasochistic automatons whose only known forms of relaxation are swilling watery beer from vast tubs and singing the idiotically repetitive verses of their porcine folk tune-both of which amusements probably hark back to a prehuman state. Germans have never been successfully Christianized. Their language lacks any semblance of civilized speech. Their usual diet consists almost wholly of old cabbage and sections of animal intestines filled with blood and gore. Once every two or three decades, they set forth, lemming-like, on pointless military adventures during which great numbers of them are slaughtered-much to the improvement Of the world in general. Their lardy women have long, tangled masses of sticky hair under their arms, and the men shave the sides of their heads.

      Good Points:
      Kill a lot of French.

      Proper Form of Address:
      Kraut, Hun, Heiny, spike-head, sausage-breath.

      A German Joke of the War Years Illustrating Something of the German Character:
      If your sister married a Jew-that will make you sauerkraut.
      If your son married a Jew-that will make you bratwurst.
      If your mother married a Jew-that will make you soap.

    10. Jürgen Says:

      A heartfelt salute to Gudrun Burwitz!
      And yes, never talk to jews OR their
      agents – they’ll only twist your words
      and try to use them against you.

    11. UlsterScot Says:

      “I think that the fundamental difference between Germans and for example the English is that the English know deep down that they have caused the catastrophe of Europe, and so they cling to everything that seems to make it right what they did, but they know that they are guilty of the greatest disaster ever. Similar behavior is obvious from the Poles and the Jews. Hence the pairing of arrogance with brutality.” —Walter

      Uh, I think what you fail to understand is that the English and British in general don’t identify with continental Europe at all. They identify more with America and the remaining Commonwealth nations (e.g. New Zealand, Australia, Canada etc..). To the British and English continental Europeans are nothing but inferior Eurotrash who are incapable of true real Democracy. Also it makes no sense to compare the Poles and Jews to the English. Jews aren’t even Indo-European and it makes more sense to compare the Poles and Slavics in general to the Irish. It is not fair to compare the Irish to the English since the English have a larger population so I will compare them to use Scots instead (since the have roughly more equal population numbers. The Irish are vastly inferior to the Scots in literature, Art, Science and inventions and just civilizational skills in general. Slavics are similary inferior to Western Europe. Celts once ranged far and wide across Europe but today they are marginalized and virtually extinct. A pure Celt (like a true Irishman) is inferior. Us Scots aren’t really Celtic we are in reality half Germanic and half native Welsh/Irish. A pure celt without any Germanic blood is inferior even the Jews are superior to a pure Celt. For instance the Jewish British prime minister said of the Irish :

      “Yes, I am a Jew, and when the ancestors of the Right Honourable gentleman were brutal savages in an unknown island, mine were priests in the temple of Solomon.”
      -Benjamin Disraeli, on the floor of Parliament in reply to Irish MP Daniel O’Connell

      Me as a Scot I can trace Germanic blood from the Vikings, Normans, Angles (possibly Saxons too) and the Germanic French (Alsace-Lorraine i.e the alemmani and Franks). It is worth mentioning that the Alemanni are related to the Swaefs ( also known as the Suebi and Seuvi) who are known to have settled East Anglia England with the Saxons in a town called Swaffham. However, you want to know what ? I still don’t identify with continental German Eurotrash such as yourself regardless of my Germanic ancestry. The Irish are the Mexicans or niggers of Europe and the slavics are about the same or not much better. Anyway the English and the British do not feel guilty about any so called catastrophe of continental Europe since the British don’t identify with continental Europe at all : you are all inferior Eurotrash. I personally wouldn’t care if all women of continental Europe were raped by niggers since you continental Europeans are too inferior to practice real democracy for any significant amount of time.

    12. jayhackworth Says:

      Imagine if the U.S. had decided to go along with General Patton’s idea to strike at the Soviets, since we had the boots on the ground in place, perhaps counteract the ‘Iron Curtain” – That would’ve entailed ‘interning’ quite a few Jew communists in this country to avoid them sabotaging the effort ie spying, blowing up munitions factories. Just what Germany was up against. And by their track record, you intern a few Jews, you gotta intern them all.

    13. Shane Says:

      What a great lady! I met plenty similar old women when I spend time in Austria. They love the Fuhrer and knew he was right about almost everything.

    14. Nigger Jim Says:

      In ol’ natsy jermenny, de White wimmens dey respected de White mens cuz de natsy dudes dey was REAL MEN, Dey didn’ take no shit fm’ de nigga or de jooo. In jermenny today, de White mens be all pussyfied n’shit n’ he let de jooo and de nigger take ober de whole damn cuntry.

    15. Nigger Jim Says:

      In ol’ natsy jermenny, de White wimmens dey respected de White mens cuz de natsy dudes dey was REAL MEN, Dey didn’ take no shit fm’ de nigga or de jooo. In jermenny today, de White mens be all pussyfied n’shit n’ he let de jooo and de nigger take ober de whole damn cuntry.

    16. Nigger Jim Says:

      SHEEEEIIIT. In only sixty five years dey done went from natsy jermenny to NASTY JOOOMANY. De White Race need anudder dude like ol’ Heinrich Himmler.i

    17. Sgt. Skull Says:

      It’s nice to see Himmler’s daughter is standing be her ideals and those of the Nazi party and didn’t become a blubbering apologist for “crimes” that took place only in the overactive imaginations of the kikenvermin.

      Funny how the media never seeks out former Jewish commissars with blood on their hands now living in Israhell to ask if they regret killing so many innocent gentiles in Soviet Russia.

    18. Nigger Jim Says:

      How come dat so minnys of de air-ee-an wimmens dey be goin’ for de darkey ober de White mans. Ol’ Nigger Jim he think dat maybee de White AmeriKwan done fight on de wrong side durin’ de secon’ worl’ wo’.

    19. Nigger Jim Says:

      De ol’ natsys dey done practic’ yew-genics and dey be improvin’ de quality ob de air-ee-an race. Now all ob de White cuntreys de be practic’in jooo-genics dat result in diss-genics. Diss-genics mean dat de White man be ‘dissin’ hisself and turnin’ de worl’ ober to de niggas and jooos.

    20. Nigger Jim Says:

      De White man he gots alla de book l’arnin’ but de nigga he got de street smarts. De darkey he don’ be too bright so de yew-genics ain’ goin do his ass no good but de darkey he get all de wimmins knocked up and dey pump out lots o’ little darkeys dat will grow up to rape, rob, n’ kill all o’ dem smart-ass White folks. De natsys dey nevah did take ober de worl’ but de darkey sho’ as shit gonna do it, thanx to de jooos n’ de White shit libruls.

    21. torrence Says:

      Well, once again and not to my surprise anymore, I attempted a substantive post which was spurned. What is it with these filters, Alex? Are the federal snoops using this site to test out the latest technology?

    22. Olaf Gunnerson Says:

      She has refused to meet with that boorish prick David Irving, because she has good sense to understand that Irving is about to do a number on her father with his new Himmler biography.

    23. Walter Says:

      I thank you for making my point so clear. Indeed, the dwellers of the English Isles do think that they are exempted from the catastrophies they have caused in Europe, and from the consequences of the brutalities they have carried over the English Channel. It is too bad that you feel in such a hateful manner about your kinsmen and, if you desire to have one, your future. Should you really have Alemannic blood in your veins, then we might be quite closely related, since my bloodline comes from Swabia.
      It might be of interest to you that:
      -Elsaß-Lothringen is a German province, occupied by the French under Louis IV in 1683, while the Germans halted the advance of the Turks at the gates of Vienna. The French “Roi du Soleil” had a secret pact with the Sultan to backstab the defenders of Europe. Do you think the French or your ancestors in Scotland would have liked the Turks at the English Channel or perhaps on the English Islands?
      -Had the Wehrmacht not smashed the Red Army, all of Europe and very likely your exceptional England would have had to live under the guns of the Bolshevists. Do you think your hero Churchill and people like you would have liked that?
      The Germans have saved Europe more than once, as when they halted the advance of the Mongols in the twelfth century or together with the remaining Roman armies, the Huns in the fifth century. Napoleon was defeated in 1815 by German forces, and your Wellington would have been lost had it not been for the people you give the appellation “Eurotrash”. By the way, I understand that in Icelandic the Germans are called “Defenders of the People”.
      -The comparisons of the English with the Poles and the Jews is a psychological one: The Poles have taken more than one third of German territory, driven out about 13 Million people (the population of Eastern Germany) out a gunpoint and moved their frontier westward – following plans which were in place before the war started, being already discussed in the nineteenth century by Polish nationalists. Would you like to give up one third of your England to the Poles with a mass-expulsion of the English population?
      The Poles know what they did and react to this immense crime by grand-standing and pretended arrogance. “Bad conscience”.
      The Jews have likewise built up their Empire of Exceptional Suffering and make sure that everyone looking into the Book of Truth gets done away with, a clear sign of a a cover-up. “Bad conscience”, or “Fear of being called on”.
      Your Churchill was desiring to set Europe ablaze. He did. Millions of people died, enmity and hatred has been sown which will last hundreds of years, the Jews as the most destructive International have been installed in every country to wield power. Instead of acknowledging the mayhem that it caused, with immeasurable suffering, destruction of cultural heritage, waging their war against women and children from their bomber planes, the plundering, raping, murdering, demonization of the largest nation of Europe, they distort everything to give justification to the savagery they have loosened upon Europe and the world. They are trying to justify the loss of their standing in the world by demonizing the opponent who never did any harm to them.
      “Bad conscience” (“The lady protesteth too much”.)
      Lastly, Continental Europe can very well exist without England. Is it not a sign of weakness that England needs to mingle in Continental affairs, and that for hundreds of years already, in order to have a purpose?

    24. Tim McGreen Says:

      So much for the Jewish lie that Himmler was “evil”:


    25. Tim McGreen Says:

      Was Gudrun used as the model for that League of German Girls poster? Imagine if we could live in a world where there were only healthy, normal Aryans. No more hottentots or hook-noses. No more arguing over stupid things like religion or money. No more slums or barrios, just peace and freedom. It’s not an impossible dream, you know.

    26. Howdy Doody Says:


    27. Tim McGreen Says:

      I like the fact that even mentioning Himmler’s name or showing his likeness is enough to give the Jews a shiver down their spines. We need more Aryans who can do that.

    28. Howdy Doody Says:


      Pro active haters they are, with more arrogance than any time since 70 A.D.

    29. Marc Rappaport Says:

      Howdy Doody, you keep listening to that Nazi hate-music all you want. The new generation of white boys and girls are gettin’ down with Jay-Z and Beyoncé. They could care less about your Hitler worship. All they need to know about Hitler is that he murdered 6 million Jews.

    30. Walter Says:

      70 years ago today Wehrmacht prevented the Jewish-Bolshevik revolution to be spread by the means of arms. The Red Army was in the last preparations to turn its several million men, 30000 tanks, 20000 airplanes and 70000 guns on Europe. A few days later, the guns and tanks and airplanes would have been fully operational and ready to strike.
      Even if the Führer ultimately failed, the the end of Bolshevism was sealed on that day and with a violent revolution being impossible, the eternal foe of mankind started putting all his efforts towards subvertsion. Now we have Jewish-led parties, institutions, information outlets, banks and Jews on every board of schools and universities to infuse their poison into the veins of the body of the Peoples.
      The 22nd of June 1941 was a fateful day. We are forever indebted to Adolf Hitler that he recognized the menace in the East and destroyed it. He could not reckon with the suicidal energy the “democrats” would muster to prevent his ultimate success.
      Without his sacrifice and Germany’s, the world of today would probably have seen the Cheka murder the best part of every nation and the rest would have to live with the Gulag in mind.

    31. Big Dick Johnson Says:

      Great post, Walter. If Operation Barbarossa would have succeeded, jewish bolshevism would have been eliminated for all time. There would have been no Cold War, no Korea or Vietnam wars and the darkeys would be sent back to Africa. The big mistake that Hitler made was to treat the Slavs as second class people. The Russians in the occupied territrories at first greeted the Germans as Liberators. If the Nazi’s would have treated the Slavs as equals, they could have easily formed a joint army and marched into Moscow to throw the commies out. Perhaps, a newly awakened NS Russia will yet save the White Race.

    32. Tim McGreen Says:

      I really hate to say this, but Barbarossa was doomed from the start and Hitler’s generals knew it. Hitler decided that he and he alone would decide how the invasion was to be carried out. That was an invitation to disaster. I’m no expert on warfare, but a direct and all out attack on Moscow would have been the only chance for victory in the East. But Hitler’s insistence on seizing the Crimea and the Caucuses first was just plain dumb. I think the mighty Panzer General Heinz Guderian even resigned his commission over it.

      And just imagine how angry and insulted those generals and field marshalls must have felt to be excluded from Barbarossa’s planning, because Hitler didn’t think they could see “the big picture”. With all the deep-seated hostility that existed between the Army leadership and the Party leadership, you’d think Hitler would have gone out of his way to smooth things over and treat his senior military officers with some respect.

      Again, Barbarossa was doomed before it even began and that is Hitler’s fault alone. And any right-wing revisionistas who say that the Red Army was about to attack Germany and that Barbarossa was therefore a pre-emptive strike are full of shit. The Soviets were totally caught off guard by Hitler’s attack. That’s why the Wehrmacht originally made such lightning fast advances into Soviet territory.

      And then to launch such an attack while German forces were still bogged down fighting in North Africa, the Mediterranean, the Balkans and the North Atlantic? And then launching Barbarossa at the end of June, thus giving his army only 100 days to conquer ALL of the USSR west of the Urals before the heavy rains and snow began falling again?

      What the fuck????

    33. Walter Says:

      the Soviets had a gigantic army build-up at their western frontier; since the Soviet military was caught in the middle of it, it was overrun so quickly. That the intent of the Soviets was to attack is both clear from discussions within the Soviet leadership, the type of weaponry deployed, the extent of the arms amassment, the maps for Germany and simple phrases in German dictionaries given to the soldiers (a type of “guide”) with instructions on pronunciation. Makes only sense if you expect the use of the “guide”. People who were there speak of the amassments of weaponry in the process of being put in position. After Molotov’s visit in Berlin in November 1940, the Soviet intent became clear to the German leadership.
      Only after months of struggling with options remaining for Germany did Adolf Hitler decide to attack.
      We will never know what would have happened had the attack not taken place, but Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf that a two-front war had to be avoided, since it would Germany in a vice. His decision must have been very difficult. This attack preempted a Soviet one. It was in the long-term strategy of Bolshevism to spread by conquest. Germany was the first aim, as with its possession Europe will have no more defence.
      A thought by the way, that should be entertained with respect to the shameless holocaust smear against Germany: Why is this weapon wielded against Germany by powers who want to subdue that country? Is any other country subject to such an endless campaign of hatred? The holocaust smear is used by the non-Jewish side a strategic weapon to keep Germany subdued.
      Hitler did not want to wage war, and he did all he could to avoid it. However, the position Germany was in at that time was extremely difficult. It was encircled by powers who wanted its destruction. It was for Germany a life-and-death situation that had to be dealt with. The torch of war was tossed into Germany and it had to defend itself. There was at the end no alternative, but Germany under Adolf Hitler made every attempt to avoid war. The undoing of the scandalous provisions of the Versailles dictate was too much for its beneficiaries and they were choosing war over peaceful revision of this criminal document.
      It started with a local conflict at the German eastern border and was wantonly spread by other powers, notably Great Britain.

    34. Tim McGreen Says:

      Walter, you make a good argument, but the fact is Hitler fatally mis-judged the situation in the USSR. He saw the Soviet Union in 1941 as being in the same condition as Czarist Russia was in 1914, i.e., a country on the verge of internal collapse. He also foolishly thought the Soviet’s defeat against the Finns in the Winter War of 1940-41 was an indication of Russia’s weakness. He must have also thought that Stalin’s purge of Red Army officers just before the war meant there were no good Soviet military leaders left. All terrible miscalculations, sir.

      Also, the fact that it was Germany and not the USSR who broke the Non-Agression Pact made Hitler look like the bad guy in the eyes of the world. It also caused the Jews to flock back to the Communist Party worldwide, giving it reinvigorated strength and capital.

      Nothing good could possibly have come from Barbarossa, even if by some near miracle the Germans had won. Hitler’s plans were (so I hear) to destroy the cities of Leningrad and Moscow and to turn millions of “Asiatic” Slavs into slaves or to just kill them outright. And it is not likely that millions of German farmers would have been particularly enthusiastic about re-settling in the Ukraine or Belorussia, as Hitler had envisioned.

      To his credit, Stalin didn’t like the Jews very much, nor did he like the British. But he did admire Hitler. I think it would have been possible to form some kind of successful alliance between Hitler’s Reich and Stalinist Russia if only Hitler had been willing to consider that option. Such an alliance would have been far more devastating to the Allies than Hitler’s attack on Russia ever could be.

    35. Big Dick Johnson Says:

      The jury is still out whether or not the USSR was amassing troops on the Polish border for an attack on Western Europe. Hitler’s so called plans for enslaving the Slavs is only mentioned in “Table Talks” whose authenticity is somewhat questionable, at least in parts. Tim is correct that a Hitler-Stalin alliance would have been both possible and probably desirable, but Stalin would have had to be willing to consider the option also. It takes two to tango.

    36. Walter Says:

      McGreen and Johnson,
      it is possible that the decision to attack was a mistake, but even in retrospect I cannot clearly state that. Certainly, considering the horrific outcome, I wish an accommodation between Germany and the Soviet Union would have been found.

      Especially after Molotov’s visit in Berlin in November 1940 the intentions of the Soviet Union under Stalin became clear and could only interpreted as strategic advances towards the west (i.e., into Europe).

      If something didn’t happen, one has to consider the circumstantial evidence supporting the interpretation that it would have happened, if no counter measures had been taken, in this case the preventive war against the Soviet Union in order to forestall the impending expected attack.
      I think that Hitler’s understanding of the situation was correct, and that he had to choose between an attack at a time when there was a chance to defeat the Red Army or wait for an attack and be overrun. The latter would have looked better but would have been suicidal.
      The Red Army was two or three times as large as the Wehrmacht, the French and English military combined. I.e., even if the French and English military had stood at the German military’s side in defence of Europe, the Red Army would have still been larger – and would have had the momentum of action. The Wehrmacht counted more than 400 divisions of the Red Army upon advancing, while initially it was reckoned with only about 200 (175, if I remember correctly). Had the Red Army attacked, nothing would have stopped it and all of Europe would have become part of the Soviet Union. Eastern Germany would have been devastated for sure, as is likely that the fiercest fighting would have taken place there.
      The question to come to terms with and based on the military intelligence in Hitler’s hands was:
      Wait and see or act.
      The military build-up of the Soviet Union on its western frontier had to be interpreted as to mean something.
      If the German side had perhaps highly publicised the Red Army build-up, the moment of surprise would have been lost for the Red Army, but as things are, the “democratic” leaders would probably still have urged and supported a Red Army attack, since as Churchill stated, his purpose was the destruction of Hitler and his life was very much simplified thereby.

      Germany had to make a decision to fight and have a chance of survival or give up and be lost for sure. It chose to fight and lost in the end.
      That is one of the great tragedies in history.
      As time goes by and still-secret files about the Second War will become published, we can expect a less emotional discussion of what happened. These files are not secret for no reason.
      Presently, the discussion about this war is completely distorted towards Jewish interests, but as soon as the Jewish-forged chains are thrown off, a new discussion will start.

    37. Walter Says:


      I should add that Hitler did not want to take Leningrad or Moscow. That came from the German General Staff.
      It is now in fashion to state things like: “Hitler’s plans were (so I hear) to destroy the cities of Leningrad and Moscow and to turn millions of “Asiatic” Slavs into slaves or to just kill them outright.”
      One can say anything about someone who has been demonized for nearly eight years now and who is not allowed to set the record straight.

    38. Big Dick Johnson Says:

      Walter, I don’t think that Hitler’s plan entailed destroying Moscow or Leningrad or turning the Slavs into slaves. Hitler was influenced by the extreme nordicism or Alfred Rosenberg, but I think that had Germany won the war, a eugenic plan of nordification would have probably taken place whereby the more Nordic elements of the population would gradually replace the Slavic. Before the jew revolution of 1917, Russia was largely governed by an old Viking Rus elite. Anyway, no ideology is ever static. My guess is that eventually, there would have been a reconciliation between the Germanics and the Slavs. Hitler blew it on this one.

    39. Tim McGreen Says:

      I think the fact that Stalin retreated into his office for at least 10 days after the attack began signifies that he was totally shocked and confused by Hitler’s actions. Stalin might have even been arrested and shot for incompetence by the Soviet authorities if Krushchev, Molotov, et al. didn’t stand by him.

      I understand Hitler was trying to get his so-called friends the Japanese to open a second front against Russia in the east but Japan could not or would not attempt it. Hitler really had nothing going in his favor when he ordered Barbarossa to be launched. After the war General Guderian lamented that Hitler should never have been allowed to have supreme command over all German forces. By contrast, Churchill and Roosevelt wisely let their generals do their jobs with minimal political interference.

    40. Big Dick Johnson Says:

      Its also possible that Stalin retreated into hs office After Hitler launched “Barbarossa” is because he didn’t think that Hitler was on to his scheme to invade Europe, and was surprised that Adolf had the balls to launch a pre-emptive strike and beat The “Man of Steel” at his own game.

    41. Anna Italiano Says:

      I see that the slashingslashyslashers with their little red pens had a go at my comment. Bitches. I wasn’t implying anything about VNN or it’s contributors. I was applauding the fact that the article itself was quite “fair and balanced” ..to use the buzzphrase from Fox, who don’t in any way live up to it, and that comments section was typical of the foulness that pervades the thought processes of Kwanswervative and Dribbleral alike.

      For what it’s worth, how many of you out there actually know old Germans from the war era? I’ve known former SS men, and many, many Germans that fled Poland and other parts of Eastern Europe, most with the clothes on their backs and nothing more. It takes a lot of work, but I’ve cajoled many a story out of them. Given the conditions after the war and right up to the present time, it’s no surprise that they prefer to keep quiet about it all. Very few Americoons care to know about them. Most of them reservedly praise the Third Reich, and it’s accomplishments, even if they can’t bring themselves to credit AH.

      So slash away, Red Pens…I have in my memory many great stories, all of them from the people who were there. Some day those stories will be told. I can’t be the only one that’s heard them.

    42. Marc Rappaport Says:

      There are some surprisingly good pro-White comments on a lot of YouTube videos, along with the usual brainwashed idiots adding their two cents. And when you consider that YouTube is one of the most visited sites on the Internet that’s not too bad, eh?

    43. Marc Rappaport Says:

      Is that the kind of verkakte nonsense you gentiles want me to write????

      Shabbat Shalom, putzes!

    44. Howdy Doody Says:


      Admiral Canaris hurt Germany/Europe defending themselves against Stalin supported by our duped folks, he was finally discovered and hanged in 1944, though too late.

      IMO/guess, if there had been no nuke bombs discovered, and Europe had not had Admiral Carnaris spying and giving codes and warnings to London, the US may have had a civil war here if the war had gone on till say 1950 with constantly attacking Europe and sinking their freighters coming from S.A. with fruit and food etc.

      I met a metalurgist a tall white haired White Russian who told me his father met with Stalin every week during the war on Tank manufacturing.

      He told me point blank that Stalin was going to attack Alaska in 1945, as with the spies and in NYC, London and D.C. they belived that we in the end would do nothing.

      Stalin/uncle Joe as FDR called him was our pal that we feed and helped defeat our home lands.

      Dropping the A bombs on Japan is the only thing that changed his mind.

      Now remember Putin has opened the archives fully to the Western reseachers on spys during the USSR periods and so RICHARD NIXON and JOSEPH P. MCCARTHY were correct 100% and even they did not know how bad it was.

      Bottom line is the Media had to stop hinting that the Rosenburgs were Purssycuted etc.