17 June, 2011

Quick Movie Review

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Barry Lyndon (1975), starring Ryan O’Neil and Marisa Berenson. Written and directed by Stanley Kubrick.

I like period pieces, so of course I would like this movie. Based on a William Thackeray novel and set in the 18th century, this movie is about the social and economic rise and fall of a roguish Irishman (O’Neil). He ends up serving in several different European armies, becomes a gambler and con-man, and later marries a rich Englishwoman, but his good fortune doesn’t last. Written and directed by a Jew (Kubrick). Great cinematography and overall aesthetics. I didn’t find anything “trashy” in it, i.e., it doesn’t “feel Jewish” (note: in both the novel and this movie, Barry falls in love with his female cousin. However, I could have done without the movie’s scene where Barry, now a soldier, kisses his dying captain on the lips. It seems too long. Granted, the captain seemed to be fond of kissing his male friends and he requested the kiss as well). This movie is slightly boring, but nonetheless I give it 8 1/2 points out of 10.

Technical details about the movie [Here].

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    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Slightly boring? It wasn’t boring at all! I love that movie, along with all of Kubrick’s ouvre. He never made the same kind of film twice. Barry Lyndon features the most beautiful cinematography I’ve ever seen. It also captures the zeitgeist of 18th century Europe perfectly. I highly recommend it.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Kubrick also did an excellent job using natural lighting, as opposed to the usual studio lights:


    4. Miller Says:

      Kubrick was murdered for exposing the Jewish elite of New York and Hollywood in his movie Eyes Wide Shut.

      He was a Jew, but one who wanted no part of Jewry.

    5. Andrew Says:

      Thanks for the review – I’ve never seen this movie but I will definitely check it out if I can find it on DVD. I really like Kubrick’s movies – the only one of his that sucked (at least that I can think of at the moment) is “Eyes Wide Shut”. Otherwise he is great….

    6. Steel Says:

      Kubrick may have been a Jew by birth, but some of his work IS brilliant nonetheless. I realize he didn’t write “A Clockwork Orange”, but that movie is excellent and way ahead of its time. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. What a mirror into the level of depravity and hypocrisy White culture, American and European, has sunk to.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      Why is this thread attracting so many negative responses? It’s probably the work of a single asshole, a low-grade moron whose favorite movie is Kung Fu Panda II or anything with the Jew action zero Steven Segal in it.

      Right, stupid? Right.

    8. van helsing Says:

      long flick, havent seen it in years, seem to remember it got tedious. marisa berenson is jewish, btw. dunno if i would say kubrick was an ally, but clearly he “talked too much”.

    9. Jim Donaldson Says:

      “Christiane Kubrick [Kubrick’s wife] is a niece of the controversial German filmmaker Veit Harlan (Jud Süß). Stanley Kubrick considered making a film about Harlan” WikiP

    10. Jan L Says:

      Kubrick’s movies are very unjewish and often brilliant. Full Metal Jacket is one of the films ever made.

    11. Jan L Says:

      Forgot the word “best”. This is what I meant: “Full Metal Jacket is one of the best films ever made.”

    12. steven clark Says:

      I’m not really fond of Barry Lyndon.
      1. Ryan Oneal. He’s like a stick. So cold and unsympathetic.
      2. I disliked his character, who should have had the crap knocked out of him…the ending would of been great if he’d gotten blown away and been killed. Just a creep.
      3. Marisa Berenson was also cold and unemotional.
      of course it can be argued the mechanical style of acting is what Kubrick wanted, since he liked to depict the mechanistic state of civilization (Like machines in 2001, CLockwork Orange)
      4. It felt Loooong.

      What I liked:
      1. It was splendidly filmed, the first movie using natural lighting.
      2. Period decor excellent.
      3.I enjoyed Hardy Krueger…it was nice to see the Prussians as good guys.
      4. The scene with the German girl was also nice. Both actors much better than Oneal or Berenson. I cared about them.

      By the way, Kubrick originally planned to make a movie about Napoleon. Anthony Burgess (Clockwork Orange) wrote a script, but Kubrick couldn’t make it, so he went for Barry Lyndon. Burgess’s novel Napoleon Symphony is what it might have been like…contrasting Boney and Beethoven.

      I saw barry Lyndon once, and it was enough, but everyone should see it.

    13. Syd Spada Says:

      I love the movie. First saw it during a Kubrick retrospective at my local Big Ten university and have to say that it instantly found a place in my heart (being a history fan and having a fondness for period movies.)
      I also like Eyes Wide Shut, it being based on Schnitzler’s (jew? Anyone know?) Traumnovelle.

    14. Syd Spada Says:

      I think though that we should instinctively distrust any jew creation (even a jew who has “left the tribe”, so to speak) no matter how seemingly-benign, how masterfully-done or how inspiring.
      Are they not the masters of deceit? Or shall we truly judge a tree by it’s fruit, saying, for example, that this particular jew is redeemed by his works while another jew is condemned by default? Let us be consistent!

    15. Steel Says:

      TO: Syd Spada

      YES, we need to be consistent. Let’s also have the intelligence to pick apart and disassemble what’s at hand so we can put it into context. For example, “Full Metal Jacket” can be considered very entertaining. On the other hand, the “message”, I suppose, is that US tyranny, hypocrisy, and war is bad. What the film lacks getting across is that US policies, political and military, are what put this nation on top (at least for a time) in the first place, so directors like Kubrick and all the other damn Jews could pander their crap to millions of robotic White Americans. Neither Kubrick nor any Jew get a free pass. If one has that mindset, he/she won’t be susceptible to their agenda. Let’s face it, they essentially run every damn thing on the planet, ESPECIALLY Hollywood and the press. Hollywood is a stinking pile of dog shit run by the scourge of planet Earth–have this fact in your head and you’ll see things clearly. DO NOT pay to see films. Don’t support that mechanism.

      For the record, I saw Barry Lyndon and thought it was a crashing bore.

    16. Fr. John Says:

      How odd to read/see this, so many, many years after watching this in the theaters.

      I will add my 2 cents, nevertheless. I remember this movie, as hearing (for the first time) the musical group, ‘The Chieftains’ which exemplified for a good twenty years, what ‘Celtic Music’ was all about. For that, this Celt thanks Kubrick for this movie. Also, seeing all that AMAZING scenery, and the evocation of MOOD, was ASTOUNDING to a barely out of his teens college kid. It helped me understand cinema as both art, AND propaganda. (two very important adult means of analyzing what you are seeing, rather than just being a passive consumerist drone.)

      O’Neal WAS wooden, and only once or twice did you believe him- though his UTTER LACK of an ‘Irish/British’ accent was the biggest problem in the film. Marissa Berenson was MADE TO BE BEAUTIFUL, but she was NOT beautiful, if you know what I mean. She also had NO Talent. My kids watched the old Muppets show on DVD, (have to give them SOME cultural referent, right?) and she was the ‘guest’ on one of the shows. She had NOTHING to recommend her, other than she probably slept with everyone to get where she got- I mean, have you HEARD of her, apart from this ONE movie? Yup. thought so.

      Barry Lyndon may be boring, but the cinematography, the evocation of the era, the music, and the scenery all make it worth watching ONCE or twice in a twenty year period. I’m just amazed that all of a sudden, it’s now the topic of cocktail conversation again…. Thanks for posting this entry, I enjoyed reminiscing.