11 June, 2011

Western Culture These Days

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so-called art

(above: the peanut butter art)

If a slab of peanut butter is “art,” then what about a bowl of jelly? A blob of ketchup? A smear of mustard?


About modern art and who birthed it: [Here].

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  7. 13 Responses to “Western Culture These Days”

    1. M. Kraus Says:

      If a slab of peanut butter is “art,” then what about a bowl of jelly? A blob of ketchup? A smear of mustard?

      If done on a large enough scale, yes. In modern art, size matters. So a bowl of jelly six inches in diameter would not be art, but a bowl of jelly six feet in diameter would be art. Smear mustard on your dinner plate: Not Art. Smear mustard on a canvas measuring four feet by eight feet: Art.

      You can make something really ugly, or really banal, but if you make it large enough, it is “art” and you can now call yourself an “artist”.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Art is supposed to be morally and aesthetically edifying. It should be a life-affirming experience to behold it. So tell me, what is edifying or life-affirming about peanut butter on the floor? Has it ever occurred to the writer of that stupid article that it’s not art at all, that it’s just a fucking joke? And I suppose all the flies and debris that gets stuck on it is art too.

      What the hell happened to the Dutch? I think they all need a good swift kick in the ass.

    3. old dutch Says:

      Before you get too worked up, the “Dutch News” has pretensions of being like the “Onion”, and Wim T. Schippers is a comedian.

    4. Anna Italiano Says:

      I think you’ve got it, Old Dutch. It all comes off a bit spoofy. And truthfully, how could a 40+ year old slab of peanut butter not have dessicated into dust by now..

      I’m a long-time fan of The Onion, but you know what they say about satire…

      Love the shots of those Dutch flats and houses though, they’re just beautiful.

    5. Howdy Doody Says:

      During the NYC city rebelion that is known at as the draft riots of 1864, which is not the exact truth. but the NYC rebels of OLD NYS and NYC got their hands on a few reporters and put ropes around their necks and threw them out of three and four story buildings haaaa, haaa.

    6. Syd Spada Says:

      I would dare to say that there has been no art worth speaking of since, perhaps, master Hans Holbein. Oh, and that whole Renaissance craze.

    7. DMS Says:

      Could the NEA be tricked into funding a Star-of-David in a jar of piss? Think about it-you could lead them to believe it was an anti-Christian work until they cut the check and then spring the big surprise at the unveiling. Any attempt by them to backpedal would generate interesting and useful publicity.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Your comment above is hi-larious, DMS. It would be mad funny if the Jews at some art museum in NYC were to pull the curtain back during a museum press conference, thinking they are about to unveil a new exhibition of paintings of the Virgin Mary made out of elephant shit, when behold! It’s really a huge bronze sculpture of Ann Frank getting sodomized by a pack of wild dogs, or a lovely watercolor portrait of Elie Weisel playing with himself. I would be more than willing to have my tax dollars pay for that.

    9. susan Says:

      This kind of thing pisses me off to no end. Whites don’t even know great Art anymore, they’ve been deluged with jew crap for so long.

      Recently, here in the Atlanta area, a local art gallery held a contest. The winner, of course, was an Asian female whose “artwork” consisted of a long, oblong area she had divided into long rows and filled each long line with different colored fragments of flowers.

      It looked like a flag of some country or a long multicolored rug with rows of red, yellow, green, and blue sections. It certainly did not fit the White definition of art in any way shape or form.

      I don’t know who else submitted art work, so it all may have stunk to high heaven, who knows?

      But, you just had to know that some non White would win. I guess no niggers submitted anything.

    10. Miller Says:

      how about an open latrine in a trough shaped like a jewish star of david?

    11. Kat Says:

      I always thought art was meant to make some kind of statement, but I don’t know what this says other than “Look at this awful waste of peanut butter.”

      I mean it would be one thing if you could, I don’t know, eat it? But it’s on the god damn floor, you can’t eat that.

    12. Syd Spada Says:

      How about a menorah made from the blood and foreskin of Gentiles? Seems like such a piece would have the “modern” art community salivating with perverse blood-lust.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      Syd Spada, how can you say there has been no great art since the Renaissance? Have you never seen anything by David or Delacroix? John Singer Sargent or Augustus St. Gaudens? Poussin or Watteau? Arno Breker? Western Art peaked twice, first between 500 BC and 300 AD, then again from 1600 to 1900. It will probably be a long time, if ever, before it achieves any great heights again.