12 July, 2011

Australia: The Rules Of Cultural Marxism

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Practicing cultural Marxism (as opposed to economic Marxism) can be tricky. Certain rules must be followed. One rule is: don’t call a White person an ‘Australian’ [1]. Because that could lead people to believe that “Australian” means “White.” No way, José! Anyone can be an Australian today.

(a .PDF file): [Here].

[1] From the Queensland government’s Equal Treatment Benchbook: “The term ‘Australian’ should not be used to refer to those from an Anglo-Australian cultural background, as distinct from those Australians from other cultural backgrounds. If it is necessary to specify a person’s or group’s ethnicity or cultural background, a qualifying adjective or adjectival phrase should be used, such ‘Greek Australian’ or ‘Vietnamese born Australian.’”

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  7. 4 Responses to “Australia: The Rules Of Cultural Marxism”

    1. aries Says:

      The recent threads on this site have been very negative. Should we change the national anthem to this thread with a giant Soviet flag on it. Wake up Socrates or whoever posts these articles. I’m and others are tired of reading them.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      I used to think it was the right-wingers who were uptight assholes. But the lefties are the ones who deserve that characterization. They come up with so many stupid PC words and phrases that it’s hard to keep up with them all. And they expect everyone else to use those PC terms as well, or else. You wouldn’t want them to accuse you of an “ism”, would you?….anti semitISM, racISM, sexISM, etc. Talk about McCarthyISM! The lefties are the ones who blacklist people who refuse to tow the party line.

      As the great Australian Derrick McThomas says, inside of every liberal beats the heart of a Stalinist.

    3. Miller Says:

      Exterminate the jews and this problem will vanish.

    4. R CROS Says:

      With a qualification such as the one mooted,the human becomes nothing,vietnamese-australian,african american,british asian,all of these are meaningless since one can only be one or the other,it is also an attack upon your culture as it debases your indigenous origins,surely no-one could suggest that we have a colour called blackwhite because it is impossible to conceive,its only purpose is to destroy what we have and condition us to regard ourselves as mongrels with no claim upon our historical homelands,from where we can be isolated and rigidly controlled,a degraded creature possessing nothing.