24 July, 2011

Norway Attacks Apparently Not Motivated by Anti-Zionism

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Just the opposite, it seems. Apparently, he is anti-Muslim.


  • 5 Responses to “Norway Attacks Apparently Not Motivated by Anti-Zionism”

    1. Big Dick Johnson Says:

      This operation has the filthy mark of the Mossad all over it. Now all the blonde, blue eyed norskies are gonna be genuflecting before the kikes and ragheads, and groveling about how Norway is so “White Racist”, and how the few remaining Whites must speed up the process of turning Norway into a turd world shithole. You betcha.

    2. jayhackworth Says:

      An expertly crafted car bomb, wipes out 84 singlehandedly, writes a prodigious 1500 page ‘manifesto’, Impressive . Sorry, I smell Hollywood. Never try bullshitting a bullshitter.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Too bad this Norwegian maniac didn’t use his intelligence and talents for more constructive purposes, like getting rid of Muds, Kikes and race-traitors. He is probably just a reflection of how deranged Scandanavia is becoming, thanks to race-mixing, Christ-insanity, globalization and other poisonous Semitic influences.

    4. Arminius Says:

      I cannot believe this confusing setup as it is told.
      Most likely, the man has been a patsy. Conspiracies in action always provide them to focus attention away from the perpetrators.

    5. van helsing Says:

      moving systems incorporated was my 1st thought. the elite needed a white killer, they got one. he hates muzzies (who doesnt) but he also likes gays. and reportedly shot 92 white people etc… now down to 74. and the vid apparently showed all these black rescuers. agit prop, hoax, all around bullshit emporium. hang on to yer guns.