3 August, 2011

About E=MC², Etc.

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Jewish creativity = theft x tribal promotion²

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  7. 15 Responses to “About E=MC², Etc.”

    1. fdtwainth Says:

      jews are skillful and prolific liars. Most of humanist pseudo-scientists are jews.

      So the equation is more like:

      Jewish creativity = theft x jewish lies²

    2. jayhackworth Says:

      I see all the supermarket lines are well stocked this week with Time magazines displaying Einstein again on the front cover. How many times has “Time” proclaimed him “Person of the Century”?

    3. Big Dick Johnson Says:

      The jew CANNOT be creative. It is his nature to be destructive in all his works. Thank you Einstein, you jew bastard for giving ZOG the Atom Bomb. The ONLY thing that the jew can create is chaos.

    4. Rick Says:

      The Chosen Ones are masters of the art of deception – always have been. Mossad motto: “By deception shall we wage war”. A very short list of Jewish magicians :-

      Houdini (Erich Weiss)
      Al Flosso (Albert Levinson)
      Chan Canasta (Chan Mifelof )
      David Berglas
      Mark Salem (Moshe Botwinick)
      Max Maven (Phil Goldstein)
      Andy Nyman
      Abe Hurwitz
      Max Malini
      David Copperfield (Kotkin)
      Herb Zarrow
      Simon Aronson
      David Blain.

    5. Jürgen Says:


      E=MC² was discovered by Italian physicist OLINTO DE PRETTO
      a full two years prior to Einstein plagiarizing the idea. Lying
      jews know this very well, but they constantly try to glorify

    6. Walter Says:

      Atom bomb (Einstein, Oppenheimer)
      H-bomb (Teller)
      Gas warfare (Haber)
      City bombing (Lindemann)
      Atrocity propaganda (Lindemann, Kaufman, Nizer)
      “War crime” tribunals (Morgenthau, Jackson)
      Genocide (Morgenthau, Kaufman)
      Animalistic image of man as seeking satisfaction of sexual instinct only (Freud)
      Avaricious and envious image of man without anything beyond these self-centered qualities (Marx, Engels)
      Man as an opposite to nature rather than part of it (Old Testament)
      Comicbook understanding of reality with curved space, time dilation, acceptance of paradoxes (=contradictions) in something posing as a general theory (Einstein)

      These few things spring to mind. Every one of these Jewish contributions is destructive to the world we want to live in.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      What contributions of substance did Einstein make? That’s right, none. Jews have contributed nothing of substance to the world, with the wonderful exception of the atomic bomb. Einstein’s homely face is just a marketing logo used by Microsoft and other Jew-run companies to sell their Jew products.

      P.S…to hell with TIME magazine.

    8. Albrechtsberger Says:

      Throughout my college years taking courses such as physics, math, chemistry, fluid mechanics, etc., etc. there are so many scientists who have made important contributions such as Max Planck, Erwin Schroedinger, Madame Curie, Gauss, Leibniz, Leonhard Euler, Rudolf Diesel, Bernoulli… I could go on and on. Yet all we constantly here about is Einstein. Saturated in magazines, movies, television. Eventually all the other scientists will have been erased from history and school textbooks and future generations will be clueless. If the jews don’t run the media, control the govt and education then I’m the pope.

    9. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Once gain, the kike is a shameless self-promoter. I agree with you Tim. I am sick and tired of seeing his Khazar face all the time. I don’t read Hyme, Jewsweek or JEWUS, news and Report.

    10. Emily Says:

      Tim, they didn’t–CAN’T INVENT anthing–why they have to steal. Scientists during Hitler had already discovered the recipe but wouldn’t dare use it for such nefarious ends!!!

    11. Miller Says:

      Desecrate Einstein’s grave.

    12. CW-2 Says:

      Einstein, Oppenheimer and the rest of that kosher crew must have been gutted when the war in Europe ended a bit too soon and new boy Truman prevented them sacrificing more Aryans to their tribal god. ‘Oy vey, the Orientals vil haft to do’. Sick bastards.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      Like Emily says, the “Nazis” would never have used the A-bomb, just like they had a policy against using poison gas weapons. How sad the Jews must have felt when they couldn’t drop any atomic bombs on Germany. Not even the Self-Chosen always get everything they want.

    14. Anonymous Says:

      Even Olde Guarde Leftie Joan Baez hates TIME ragazine.


    15. john Says:

      atom bomb was created by whites. jews got the credit. they were put in leadership roles while white underlings did all the work. They controlled America behind the scenes back then.

      kikes are not smart enough to invent nukes. look at how israel got her nukes.