19 August, 2011

Backdoor Amnesty: Obama Administration Legalizes Illegal Aliens

Posted by Socrates in illegal immigration, immigration, mestizos, Mexcrement, Mexico, Mexinvasion, Obama, Socrates at 5:42 pm | Permanent Link

Before Obama gives amnesty to thousands of Mexican trespassers, shouldn’t Congress check his citizenship status?


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  7. 23 Responses to “Backdoor Amnesty: Obama Administration Legalizes Illegal Aliens”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      I guess Obongo is getting a little nervous about the 2012 election and is trying to suck up to the Mestizos for their votes. Hence this latest “reform” of ZOG’s deportation policy.

      “Immigrants’ rights”……What a deceptive term that is. Those mestizos are not immigrants, they are invaders. Secondly, they don’t have any “rights”. In fact, there are no such things as rights. That is a bourgeois concept that does not exist in Nature. But the liberals keep finding more and more “rights” all over the place, rights that just a few years earlier nobody even knew existed. And it seems that the more useless, repulsive or parasitic a group is the more “rights” they have.

      Dirty beaners.

    2. morris wise Says:

      There are no passports for citizens of the world. The US Mexican border will soon be gone, weed soaked in Tequila will be the national brand. Black,brown,yellow and white will be sharing one bedroom, and it will all be legal.

    3. Miller Says:

      And Jews will still be prone to Tay Sachs, schizophrenia, and a dozen other gentic syndromes. Not to mention they will be dying of AIDS at ten times the rate of White non-Jews.

    4. festerbestertester Says:

      Hey Morris why dont the Jews go get in the bed with the Palestians?

    5. Marc Rappaport Says:

      The Mexicans are here for the same reason your ancestors came to America. They want a better life. Who are you to deny them that?

      It would be so very, very nice if all the races would mix together and become one people. Then there would be peace in the world. No more bigotry or prejudice. No more Nazis either, so you’d all have to grow up and move out of mom’s trailer! :)

    6. Miller Says:

      Jewish slumlords want illegal Mexicans here to pay cash rent, off the books, for substandard dwellings, which are declared for tax write-off purposes as empty.

      The dirty Jews profit off third world conditions and cheap labor. Time to kill anyone and everyone with Jewish blood. No exceptions. A Jewish great grandparent? To the ovens with you, motherfucker.

    7. john Says:

      Miller gets the solution to the jewish problem. Multiculturalism is the worst thing the jews could do. They only lost 300 thousand to Hitler for starting Communism.

      Personally, I am glad the jews tried multiculturalism instead of say communism. now all whites are on board for holocaust II.(once they wake up) With lesser jew crimes like false flag terrorists, communism, world wars, economic collapses, the jew only a few thousand or million people.

      Only regret I have about Holocaust II is tens of millions of white people will die before we get the ovens started. If not hundreds of millions of white people.

    8. Karen Says:

      You jews are losing the war. There are signs of resistance all over the world. May the Germans rise up again. Remember, it only takes a few to accomplish this task. Hitler’s spirit lives on. This time the world.

    9. CW-2 Says:

      ‘Orbis non sufficit’, but it will do for a start.

    10. Franklin Ryckaert Says:

      @ Marc Rappaport

      ( Israel refuses to accept the 11 million descendants of the Palestinian refugees,it also
      refuses asylum seekers from the Sudan and Somalia)

      “Those Palestinians,Sudanese and Somalians are there for the same reasons your co-ethnics came to Israel.They want a better life.Who are you to deny them that?
      It would be very very nice if all Jews would mix with all races.Then there would be peace in the world.No more Jewish bigotry or Jewish prejudice”.

      Marc,you could give the good example by marrying a negress and having mulatto-Jewish children.That will bring peace in the world.

    11. CW-2 Says:

      So peace will be attained when we give up our birthright and our children’s inheritance and deliriously hand the fruits of our ancestors’ striving to a bunch of viscious hateful ingrates in the form of every turdworld mud?
      That’s what the liberals and their crackpot religious allies are asking for. Well, we all know how much jews love ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’, so why don’t they start setting a good example by handing the keys to their exclusive condos and gated communities to all these loveable and deserving Somali ragheads. Come on jews, isn’t it time you enjoyed all the cultural enrichment you are so keen for the White world to enjoy.’

    12. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Look at the picture in the article. Would any white person in their right mind wish to share this country with these arrogant brown parasites? Do the brownies in the photo look like good neighbors, surgeons, engineers, and fellow Americans? Or do they look like a bunch of criminals and freeloaders who will vote to appropriate all of our money at every possible opportunity?

      And don’t think the republicunts won’t jam amnesty up our ass just as fast as the Marxist, anti-white democrats. Even libertarian goofball Ron Paul, who formerly called for ending birthright citizenship and guarding the border, has softened his stance and recently advocated a “humane” solution to the problem. Any time you hear a politician use the word humane in reference to the illegal invaders get out the ky jelly because you can be assured some type of amnesty is around the corner.

    13. walter Says:

      This may offend people here but we hire these filfthy spics. There wouldn’t be one illegal in this country if stupid white people didn’t hire them. I do contruction and at this point I’m more pissed with lazy white people. I go do a bid and lose a bid because my price is too high and what did I see? Fuckin wetbacks out there doing the job for less, hired of course by white people. What do I see on construction sites, nothing but wetbacks who I have to lower my price to two dollars above minimum wage for some fat stupid white contractor. Fuckin stupid Americans.

    14. Albrechtsberger Says:

      Down with the evil, filthy zionist regime! They must pay for their crimes. God bless all the courageous people who are oppressed by these zionist scum. Let us all unite and prepare for the inevitable battle. God bless David Duke and Brother Nathaniel for all their hard work in exposing these creatures and telling the truth. God bless all the other people out there who know the truth and spread the message.

    15. morris wise Says:

      Ashkenazim do not fear brown Immigration or black integration, fear comes from the overpaid whites who fear competition. Ashkenazim can survive no matter how dark the population, those with sharp life skills can rise to the top of the darkest ocean.

    16. M. Kraus Says:

      “Building a better life for themselves” is leftist boilerplate; I’ve been hearing this crap for years.

      Yes, it’s entirely possible to build a better life for oneself in a foreign country when one has access to free medical care, affordable housing, and lots of job opportunities–all courtesy of that country’s citizens and their tax revenue. These “immigrants” from the south are just like our ancestors from Europe. Oh wait, they’re not…our ancestors didn’t have taxpayer-funded goods and services and a functioning infrastructure waiting for them when they got here. Our ancestors also had a hostile native population to deal with, unlike these highly valued greaseballs who are allowed to go anywhere, anytime, without so much as a hard look from the gringos.

      You’ve got to admire the courage of these brown stubbies–they really do risk it all to build a better life for themselves.

    17. Howdy Doody Says:


      The regime found another Veteran who never put 2+2 together as how we have arrived to our mess of today.

      Of course all the Veteran’s who knew, and finally woke up to the tragedy of FDR and Cabal of WW 2 have never been allowed to speak.

      Believe me, they were many who realized the tragedy, as the regime media has had trouble finding White’s who never woke up to the criminal tragedy foisted on Western peoples.


    18. Howdy Doody Says:

      That troll has to be an insane dung miner, who is loathed by joos, what a POS nut case.

    19. festerbestertester Says:

      Hey Shylock, i mean Morris, i know one thing the Jews fear, its being overpopulated by non Jews in the Mid East. The chickens have come home to roost Jew boy!!!!

    20. Deborah Says:

      The theory that Barky is using administrative amnesty to garner votes is true, but I think there is another layer that is much more insidious.
      Stopping deportation of the 300,000 illegals that are currently waiting to be processed is just the tip of the iceberg. There are millions more that will fall under this amnesty. This does not include the number of illegals who will now flood to our borders because of Barky’s policies.
      Many do not know that Obama is now planning, within the next few months, to bring in 80,000 Somali refugees. They will be coming to a city or town near you. He can do this by labeling them as refugees and giving them sanctuary in America. These refugees will not have background or criminal history checks.
      We do not have the resources to take care of millions of more people in America, but Obama/Soros do not care.
      They are trying to destroy America from the inside out, and it looks like they are succeeding.
      Wake up America before it is too late.
      God Help Us.

    21. Susan Says:

      Georgia just released two illegal spic teenagers under President Nigger’s new immigration policies.

      D.A. King, Founder of the Dustin Inman Society, should plan a huge anti immigration rally at the Capital.

      Maybe I’ll suggest it to him.

    22. Brittanicus Says:

      Precisely what type of Governor has Massachusetts got, who spends more time playing up to the illegal alien occupation of his state, then dealing with his jobless rate. Massachusetts doesn’t have the convenience of a hook-up to the ICE data bases, to query if foreign nationals are in this country lawfully. Liberal leaning Gov. Deval Patrick seems to have forgotten who is supposing to protecting–his residents. He has issued his own policy that criminal aliens or any illegal aliens in his state cannot be touched. He refused to implement the “Secure Communities” program to fingerprint criminal aliens. Instead he now has this road mayhem, when an illegal alien who allegedly (of course we must be politically correct, as directed by the Leftist zealots) killed a 23-year-old Massachusetts man in a hit-and-run accident Saturday. This is not an isolated incident as DUI (Drunk while intoxicated), hit and runs seems to be wide-spread across the country. Americans must throw out the entire pro-illegal alien activist Governors, Mayors, police chiefs and city Supervisors.

      Nicolas D. Guaman, 34, of Milford, Mass, was arrested Saturday after his vehicle struck Matthew J. Denice, who was on a motorcycle, as reported by police. Guaman’s pickup truck had purportedly dragged Denice’s body a quarter-mile, the media reports. As always opponents of the “Secure Communities” program like to paint a mainly sympathetic picture of the criminals as “victims” in any kind of immigration enforcement cause. Same situation goes for E-Verify that would reduce illegal aliens, by rejecting them from jobs, which should be flowing to citizens and permanent resident. This is why unlike the Liberal extremists Democrats and even the Republican establishment core, have failed the American people dismally or intentionally in not enforcing laws already on the books. If you want to be on the ground-floor of the bloodbath that is an everyday occurrence in our nation you will find it at” American Patrol”, website. You can read the less visible news reports, that the Liberal oriented press doesn’t want you to view.

      Only Alabama, Georgia and Arizona so far have had the guts to stand against the Dept of In-Justice; as we speak being taken to the judicial wall, to protect their states from the fiscal responsibility of unfunded mandates for supporting the illegal alien incursions. Americans must look for a presidential candidate, who has a exemplary grade on immigration and Rick Perry has a very poor record, as he is part of the Republican establishment. Go to “NumbersUSA” for the immigration grades of potential hopefuls?

      Other areas of expertise on illegal alien statistics can be found at “NumbersUSA & the Federation of American Immigration Reform.” Another web site to be learn about the corruption in Washington D.C. and other states is “Judicial Watch” They are the opposite end of the spectrum of the communist inspired ACLU. Guaman’s first encounter with the law, was never reported to ICE, as the state is sympathetic to illegal aliens, especially Governor Patrick. On Guaman’s record are several previous citations for driving without a license and was charged in 2008 with breaking and entering and assaulting a cop in connection with a home invasion, and served probation but remained free. Served Probation? How come he wasn’t handed over to ICE and deported, which would have saved the life of Mr. Denice. This is what the Senate and House of Representative has handed us over thirty years, then trying to propose another mass amnesty. I don’t think so, nor does the TEA PARTY who is determined to stop any more Immigration Reform ideologies. No Sanctuary Cities or States like California, Nevada and Washington State. These States are under a tremendous financial strain, but the erratic Leftists will have none of it, overriding any sensible policies.

      Under a conservative TEA PARTY leadership there will be no dream Acts, No Sanctuary City ordinances, no more welfare or payments for using the 14th Amendment to get a foot-hold for a green card by conceiving a baby here intentionally. Only the TEA PARTY will strictly observe the founders words has set down in the U.S. Constitution. The only immigrants to be welcomed in our sovereign nation are the highly skilled, with academic credentials. Our jails and prison system is full of criminals, from different corners of the world and like the welfare programs, the food stamps, low income housing the taxpayer foots the bill. Last year, the expenditure for foreign nationals residing in the United States was 113 Billion dollars, but climbing nationwide. Currently, there is more credence in a population number of 20 million plus foreign nationals in this country, then the Liberal media and open border activist offering their under-count. California has the heftiest burden caused by the Liberals sitting in Sacramento, then they would not be adding another $21.Billion annually and then Carson City, Nevada $1Billion dollars annually. Consider furnishing your incoherent Representatives to eradicate this plague, that will not leave until the 1986 immigration law is rigorously enforced.
      The TEA PARTY doesn’t discriminate against any persons color or religion, as long their immigration status is lawful? JOHN THE TEA PARTY TO SAVE AMERICA FROM THE LEFTIST EXTREMIST TAKEOVER.

      MY EARLIER BLOGS: http://brittanicus-enoughisenough.blogspot.com/

      No Copyright. Distribute Freely.

    23. Tim McGreen Says:

      Just when I thought the foolishness of Wise and Rappaport could not be surpassed, along comes the Tea-Bagger Brittanicus to prove me wrong.