16 August, 2011

Facing 9th Deployment, Soldier Commits Suicide

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Wonder if his widow can sue America’s top Zionists?


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  7. 13 Responses to “Facing 9th Deployment, Soldier Commits Suicide”

    1. bjt Says:

      Why do these white Humans keep thinking the jew is
      there bro in arms, and that they won’t go to a heaven
      if they don’t protect these sleezy suns a bitches?
      I think this god thing is just a campfire myth, you tell it to
      someone long enough they realy start to belive in it.

    2. M. Kraus Says:

      More U.S. soldiers and veterans have died from suicide than from combat wounds over the past two years.

      How many of those were niggers, spics, or jews?

      This guy was worried about “god” not forgiving him, so he took his own life, which if I remember correctly is a one-way ticket to “hell” in Christian mythology. So he knew he was going to “hell” in any case, yet he didn’t go to Washington and blow away a few of Satan’s henchmen before doing himself in. WTF? At least he could have done a little good before he died.

      But White people today don’t do that. They follow the rules, right up until the moment they kill themselves. Like those damn fools who committed suicide because the bank foreclosed on their houses–they couldn’t even bring themselves to shoot the bank president first.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      If those fucking congressmen had any shreds of decency at all, they would either vote to end America’s military adventurism in the Middle East immediately, OR they would vote to re-instate the Draft, so that the soldiers and Marines over there aren’t getting re-deployed 5, 6 and 8 times. But as we all know, those congressmen have no shreds of decency. None.

      When the time comes, they will have to be liquidated. Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich should be spared, but the rest of ’em are going to get dumped into huge lime-pits. I’ll personally see to that.

    4. Sgt. Skull Says:

      American soldiers have no idea that they have become chattel slaves. Anyone familiar with military history knows that it is replete with mutinies and the killing of superior officers over lack of pay, food and when conditions were imposed that would get soldiers unnecessarily killed. The mutinies didn’t always achieve their intended aims but the point is that soldiers of the distant past could only be pushed so far before they violently revolted. Not so with ZOG’s slave army of US soldiers.

      I’ve known a number of servicemen over the years and I was always struck by their mindless obedience to government wishes and dictates. But being stripped of all traces of individuality and independence is an unnatural state of affairs and at some point the person will mentally snap and kill others or himself just like the soldier in the story.

    5. morris wise Says:

      Seizure of Middle-East oil assets by American armed forces can be accomplished in less than 90 days. Conscientious
      Objectors or Humanists that stand in the way must be shot. Israeli`s should be given the job of managing the oil properties,they are the best.

    6. John Says:

      What a total waste. If you are going to end it all at least go to Washington and try to take a few of the lying media kikes with you.

    7. VonSSStormr Says:

      why is this news, the US has already committed racial jewish-led suicide

    8. BuzzardBreath Says:

      So another one bites the dust. I’ve passed the point of caring about these stupid bastards that join up. The question any young white man must ask himself before enlisting is this:……..If anyone crosses isreal’s borders, I get to kill everyone in the mid-east. If I come home and go to the southern border with my army issue rifle to shoot and kill all tresspassers…..I either go to jail or get shot in the back of my head by another white man from A.T.F. or homeland security. So whose borders are you protecting? What country are you fighting for? If you are this Goddamned stupid that you can’t figure this out, then by all means do the white race a favor and off yourself. YOU ARE A MERCENARY!!!!!!!! A STREET THUG WITH A GUN AND A BADGE. YOU KILL ANYONE THE JEW TELLS YOU TO. THEN TO DO THE DEVIL WITH THE LIKES OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    9. Luke Says:

      Sgt Skull said: “I’ve known a number of servicemen over the years and I was always struck by their mindless obedience to government wishes and dictates. ”

      This is a very astute observation, but let me say this: I spent 4 years in the military right out of high school, and that was near the wind-down of the Viet Nam war. The mind-set that Sgt Skull describes, believe me – did NOT prevail then among the enlisted ranks below the E-6 level. In that era, the cynicism and a very healthy and well-deserved lack of respect for authority figures was the dominant rule of the day. The percentage of blacks and minorities in the branch of service I served in was not very high, and I could count the number of non-whites who were in my division on the fingers of one and a half hands. So, I’m talking about White guys here – who were extremely suspicious of authority, who had a very cynical outlook on life and the world around them – and who literally questioned everything. Most did as they were told, followed orders to the minimum degree they could to avoid getting into trouble – but none of the guys of that generation had any qualms about griping and bitching and questioning status quo.

      So, as Sgt Skull observes – something very sinister has obviously happened during the last 30 plus years in order to arrive at where we are today, with our military chocked full of mind-numbed, unthinking, unquestioning, heel-clicking obedient, dangerously brainless robots.

      Need some ideas to help explain this? I was giving Goyfire #44 another listen the last few days, and in this podcast – the Goyfire team had inserted a audio clip from youtube by this ex-Soviet KGB guy named Yuri Bezmenov that I think was titled: “Former KGB Agent Explains how whites Brainwashing non white from reality”


      In this clip, Bezmenov explains the Soviet technique for changing people’s perception of reality, which I think is largely responsible for this nauseating and subservient mind-set of the majority of our young military types these days.

      One other observation, and perhaps Sgt Skull and others can chime in on this one. I remember growing up and reading military oriented cartoon strips like Beetle Bailey, Sad Sack, etc. These comic strips were universally designed to appeal to disgruntled GIs or Sailors or Airmen or Marines – and they routinely poked fun of military ‘authority’ and of military life, in general – at least for the lower ranked enlisted guys. The same thing could be said for most TV shows and Hollywood movies of that era – most of them seemed to be oriented from the enlisted mans point of view and loved to mock and poke fun at all the ridiculous military regulations and obsession with strict discipline. A common and reoccurring theme was for the enlisted men to cook up some scheme or another that was against regulations and then plot to pull the wool over the eyes of their authority figures, right?

      Well, I don’t subscribe to any jewspapers anymore – so, I don’t even know if Beetle Bailey or Sad Sack are even still around, or what their dominant ‘message’ is today, as compared to 30 years ago. But, I do occasionally watch a Hollywood movie about military oriented topics – and I will not hesitate to say that I notice a really profound change in the message being promoted in them today, when I compare it to what they used to promote 30 years ago.

      Today, it’s like I’m watching a movie that was made BY the military as a recruiting and indoctrination sales pitch of some kind. Gone are the rebellious, white enlisted guys who were constantly looking for some way to break the rules or for a scheme to pull the wool over the eyes of their officers. Today, I see subservient, obedient, heel-clickers who follow orders without showing one drop of emotion or compassion or concern as to the validity of the order they are given. In other words, Zombies.

      And, I think that former Soviet-KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov’s explanation for what our hostile, jewish elites have been foisting upon Americans since the early 1960s – using their control of our news and entertainment media, aided and backed up by their overwhelmingly dominant control of our academic institutions is the answer as to why the old reputation that 99.99% of White Americans once had for being stubborn, rebellious and highly suspicious and distrustful of all authority figures has been replaced with this nauseating eagerness to follow orders without question and to believe whatever rancid pile of horse manure our leaders decide to shovel down our throats.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      The US military today will accept dregs that would have been rejected for military service in earlier times. As someone here recently posted, the quality of the US military really went downhill after the Vietnam era ended. With no more Draft the War Department has been forced to accept little girls, queers, psychos, misfits, fatties, darkies and other inferior riff-raff. Is it any wonder the USA has not won a single war or conflict since 1945?

    11. Marwinsing Says:

      I have always said that blaming “the other” is a sure sign of WEAK CHARACTER.


      R.I.P dead cunt. You’ll get no tears of sorrow ‘n woe from ol’ Marwinsing.

    12. Howdy Doody Says:


    13. Howdy Doody Says:


      IF those men could have known the truth of today, they would have been really fighting HERE instead of there.