13 August, 2011

“Iran Did It!”

Posted by Socrates in 'Middle East', Iran, Socrates, Zionism, Zionist lobby at 5:49 pm | Permanent Link

The Jewish-sponsored “blame Iran” movement is growing steadily and it may push America into another war. (Or, maybe America will do another “regime change” there like it did in 1953).


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  7. 25 Responses to ““Iran Did It!””

    1. Jürgen Says:


      Believe you me: a Zionist attack on Iran will be the
      LAST mistake the Zionists ever make. The Iranians
      are so ready to rock:

      First, an EMP attack (stands for electromagnetic pulse)
      will knock out all of Israel’s electricity grid (iran has
      successfully tested missiles capable of doing this very thing).

      Secondly, Israel will be showered with multiple
      warheads in the dark, not only from Iran, but
      from Hezbollah in Lebanon, who now have
      missiles capable of reaching EVERYWHERE in
      that shitty jewish state. Hamas, in Gaza
      will also throw everything they have.

      The jews know very well that this is CheckMate:
      if jews attack, they lose; if they don’t attack
      Iran, they lose (Iran is indeed preparing a nuke
      that they will ignite in downtown Tel-Aviv,
      probably brought in on a donkey cart.) Funny
      how the very game of chess originated in
      Persia, and Iran indeed has the jew in CheckMate.

      The ZOG phony paper money scheme is quickly
      coming undone, and it couldn’t be coming at a
      worse time in all of history for them. Meanwhile,
      civil unrest by Israelis themselves is getting way
      out of hand for the Zionist mafia there.

      JEW, it’s fucking OVER for you.

    2. -jc Says:

      White House cleanses Israel from its web site: http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/white-house-cleanses-israel-website_588127.html

    3. bjt Says:

      jurgen you are forgetting one thing, America, you know that
      America is Isreal’s BITCH, the stupid White people will die again
      for the chosen ones.
      The only reason we are in volved in the Mideast is for

    4. Albrechtsberger Says:

      Indeed, the time has come for the evil, murderous zionists and all their cronies. I can’t wait to see Netanyahoo, Sharon, Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice, Wolfowitz and the rest of the scum hang. Storm break loose! Down with the zionist regime! God bless all the brave gentiles fighting these monsters.

    5. Luke Says:

      Jurgen is not thinking about this topic deeply enough. With the detonation of a nuclear weapon, there will be a massive release of deadly radiation and that radiation will negatively affect a huge and expansive area – the entire Middle East. That encompasses Iran and Israel and the other non-jew infested Arab and Muslim nations who’s land the jews have wanted to steal in order to create their ‘Greater Israel’ project.

      Plus, such a nuclear detonation would very likely result in Israel firing nukes back, using those German made nuclear submarines that those stupid idiots gave to these evil bastards. Say goodbye to the remaining oil that is in the ground in the Middle East, because the entire area would be hazardous and unfit for human habitation or for oil companies to operate in.

      Incidentally, the fact that Israel has between 300 and 600 nukes is not because they would use them against their Arab neighbors – those nukes are for use as blackmail against White Western European nations. They are holding a loaded, cocked pistol to the heads of the leaders of White nations and I think that’s part of the reason our leaders are so cowed by the jew lobby. Remember, as Moshe Dayan once said, jews are like mad dogs – they are all freaking insane and they are a race of psychopaths. Dayan wanted the whole world to fear jews and Israel and see them as crazy enough to blow the whole world up, if they didn’t get their way.

      So, as much as we all would love to see that festering pimple state of Israel get popped and have the pus inside it drained, there are no winners if this thing goes nuclear.

      And, remember – the treasonous white leaders of every White Western nation, especially the USA – have helped arm these jew rattlesnakes and make them a threat to the entire world. Our #1 problem is those treasonous white leaders.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Right-wing bitches like Frances Towsnend and “Brad Thor” (Baruch Teitelbaum?) have no conscience, no sense of simple human decency. They are fully aware that their war-mongering lies have been responsible for killing over a million innocent people in the Near East, along with thousands of US troops who foolishly thought they were doing the right thing by fighting for Uncle Schmuley. But apparently, there hasn’t been enough death and destruction for those right-wing bitches, because they are now fomenting war against Iran, which, of course, was the Jews’ ultimate target all along.

      I only hope it will be possible to make those repulsive twats Townshend, Thor, et al pay for their crimes against humanity. I further hope I will have some role in making sure they pay. But wait, what’s with this “hoping” nonsense? That’s too passive. I INTEND to help make them pay.

    7. Albrechtsberger Says:

      Luke man, don’t mess with the fantasy…what a downer. Let us at least enjoy ourselves a little here. I mean let’s face it, the world is f—ed. Don’t get me wrong you sound very intelligent. But your bringing the party down dude.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Luke…SO WHAT if the entire Arab/Muslim/Zionist Middle Eastern world gets destroyed by a nuclear conflict? SO WHAT if the god damn oil companies can’t drill there anymore? SO WHAT if Kikestan is engaging in “nuclear blackmail”? Bring it on, bitches, bring it on. And WHO CARES what Moshe Dyan said? Either he killed himself (or was bumped off by his fellow Zionist gangsters) decades ago. The global situation has changed quite a bit since then.

      Herr Jürgen is right, the Jews are ultimately in check-mate. Maybe they’ll take 200 million Mud-slums with them down to Sheol with their “Samson Option”. Maybe they’ll launch an airstrike on Washington, DC or Mecca. But we would have had to eventually do all of that ourselves anyway. It saves us a lot of time and trouble if our enemies annihilate each other. Why stand in their way?

    9. jayhackworth Says:

      The Chimp-In Chief may have acted up and bitten his handlers for some reason over the upcoming iranian war, hence they may tank the economy and go back to a Republicrat chicken hawk. That is a best case scenario, and discounts any horrendous false flag.

    10. jayhackworth Says:

      According to presstv,the yids are deploying drones in northern Iraq,aka on the Iranian border
      You remember , the “Lost American hikers” land?.

      Israel to Deploy Drones in North Iraq

    11. morris wise Says:

      Jewish built condo`s will soon replace Arab tents throughout the Middle-East. The displaced tent dwellers will flee to Saudi Arabia where they will either be fed or killed by the Sheiks. Millions of unemployed Black-Americans will be welcomed in this vast new holy land. Most will work as well paid maintenance men or security guards.

    12. jayhackwprth Says:

      Maybe the Iranians will get lucky after the yids attack and slam a missile into the Demona nuke factory. Then, truly Israel will become a “light unto nations” for all the world to see. lol

    13. jayhackwprth Says:

      Maybe the Iranians will get lucky after the yids attack and slam a missile into the Demona nuke factory. Then, truly Israel will become a “light unto nations” for all the world to see. lol

    14. Luke Says:

      “The Chimp-In Chief may have acted up and bitten his handlers for some reason over the upcoming iranian war, hence they may tank the economy and go back to a Republicrat chicken hawk. ”

      Is anyone besides myself on the verge of puking my white racial guts out, over the idea that only a mulatto half-breed has the backbone to show a little resistance to these vile and murderous jew maggots?

      And, that if they manage to get someone other than Ron Paul into the Oval Office in 2012, then we will be back to kissing jew ass and licking jew dick?

    15. Marc Rappaport Says:

      Luke, if you took the time to meet some Jewish people you wouldn’t be so harsh in your judgement of us. We have always been committed to peace, freedom and equality for everyone. However, if a Holocaust-denying terrorist regime like Iran does not accept our offer of friendship, then we sadly have no choice but to fight back. We will never again simply walk away from terrorists and bigots like the Allies did at Munich in 1938.

    16. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Here we go again. Iran will be cast as the paragon of villainy in the world to convince the patriotards that Iranian Muslims will take away their gold coins and MRE’s and shut down Wal-Mart unless we go to war. FOX News gentile proxies O’Reilly and Hannity will be hyperventilating nightly and demanding “action” from the Obongo administration.

      Michelle “I wish I was a sheenie” Bachmann and neo-con warmongering whore just won the Iowa straw poll. Coincidence? She absolutely adores Israhell and would no doubt press the nuclear button on its behalf. The welfare of American and her fellow whites is of no concern to to this monstrosity with a space between her front teeth.

    17. Albrechtsberger Says:

      Marc Rich, oh I mean Rappaport, are you serious? Israel bulldozes homes on land it stole and kills innocent children and your saying it wants peace? It has the most nuclear weapons in the middle east and yet wants the US to fight it’s wars against Iran which allows inspections when the zionist regime has not allowed inspections. They have bombed cities like Beirut and terrorize the region with the weapons it has received from the US taxpayer. Israel is the real nuclear terrorist state! AIPAC controls the US govt, they even have a report card on their web site on all reps and senators on their position on Israel. Sure there are a few jews out there who have a conscience and feel guilty but please don’t imply that Israel wants peace. This would be like telling me a Great White Shark gave up eating seals and now only eats carrots and lettuce. You should write for the NY times.

    18. Jürgen Says:


      Yes, I agree with you both – I was only speaking of events
      in one direction, namely, what Israel will suffer. But as for
      the Iranians, look for Tehran to get nuked and for another
      massive U.S. bombing campaign. But the religious Iranian
      leaders don’t mind dying. Their mixed-up beliefs tell them
      that the 11th Imam will return from the sky if they start a
      war, so they don’t mind sacrificing the country for Allah.
      Anyway, look for the shit to hit the fan, bigtime.

    19. Shane Says:

      Only ignorant fools and paranoid jews want to bomb Iran.

    20. Miller Says:

      Jews don’t want to nuke Iran, per se. They actually want to the USA invade and occupy Iran as we have Iraq. The Jewish plan for “greater Israel” and its oil is at the root of this saber rattling. Major nuclear war in the mideast would not be feasible. It would be akin to New York nuking California, too close in proximity to be of tactical value.

    21. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Rappaport, all I have do is listen to you and Wise, and the rest of your despised tribe , talk your bollocks. From there, it is pretty much a given why you tossers are so “well loved”.

    22. Tim McGreen Says:

      Robert, I know of no other race of people besides the Jews who have such an inflated opinion of themselves. You’d think that such a vile, uncouth and unattractive race of people would possess some modesty, but you’d be mistaken.

      Whence comes their superiority complex? It must be a manifestation of their persecution complex. They really seem to believe that there are “anti Semites” hiding under their beds and up in the trees, waiting to eat them. Sorry, Jews, but the world does not revolve around you and your neuroses.

    23. festerbestertester Says:

      Jews are for the illegal aliens, of course they are, they will be cannon fodder for the Zionist wars for Israel

    24. Tim McGreen Says:

      Fester, the Jews’ plan is to eventually disarm the goyim and ship them off to “relocation centers” or to shallow pits in the forest. But they know that using White cops and soldiers to do that might be a problem. So they will use imported Muds to arrest, disarm, rape and murder Whites. Sadly, at the rate things are going most White people will simply allow themselves to be marched off to their doom without any struggle whatsoever.

      Look at all those White couples who are being carjacked by niggers at stoplights. Why don’t they just refuse to stop and run the niggers over? Do the victims even try to fight back? Do they even call their killers a bunch of filthy niggers when they know they’re going to die anyway? Or what about those White co-eds who get abducted, raped and killed by lurking savages? Do those girls fight back? Do they ever say “get your hands off of me, you dirty ape”? No, they just submit. They try to reason or plead with their simian attacker. Pathetic.

      Truth be told, we are all better off without such spineless cowards around anyway. They are the kinds of Whites who would have called the police or the FBI on you or me if they thought we were engaged in “racist” or “terrorist” activities against the government. In the upcoming Race War/Civil War II/White Revolution, only the strong and the brave will survive. To hell with everyone who won’t fight or support the White Resistance.

    25. Howdy Doody Says:


      The pathology that the enemy alien regime media has installed in the primitive lusting for White women brain’s is real, and they know exactly what they have done.

      White’s on the other hand have been easy prey since 1945, and especially over the last 25 years with every White area now having free ranging savages of some sort, including Canada.

      White’s at this time are still not on guard, and for the most part are Unable To Defend Themselves.

      Read that Bloody Wichita page to see how Three White Male’s behaved, to understand White’s have been brain washed at large.

      African’s are doing What come’s naturally to them and they have no fear of going to jail or care.

      The media jooo’s are criminal’s for what they have done and they should be charged with Genocide by the U.N.