28 August, 2011

Jewish Tea Party

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Jews are making inroads into the Tea Party movement. But who is surprised? Notice that this group’s event concerns a foreign country (Israel). Newbies, there’s a saying among White nationalists, paraphrasing: “Any movement that isn’t ‘anti-Semitic’ will eventually be taken over by Jews” (e.g., the conservative movement, which was run by gentiles in the 1950s/1960s but is now run by neocons).


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    1. Tania Guimaraes Says:

      Who really gives a flying about the tea party? My bet is that they are on their way out. In the event they last it means that the whole country has finished the dumb down mission

    2. jayhackworth Says:

      I will get a lot of disagreement, but IMO the Tea Party was controlled opposition from the get go, propagated and helped along by the money boys in big Health Insurance and Pharmaceutical, and of course the controlled media played along.
      Those good -ol ‘town meetings, where nigs were showing up toting hi-powered rifles, sorry it was all a circus.
      So a lot of people had the rug pulled out from under them when these guys folded up their tents and pulled out of the ‘movement’.
      That being said, there are many politicians at the state and local level who may fit into the ‘tea party’ label who haven’t yet fallen into the trap.

    3. morris wise Says:

      Black and Jewish survival goals are one and inseparable. The pain of a Jew or Black is felt in both communities. Those that bad mouth the blacks are potential enemies of the Jews. A black president will get the vote of 90% of the Jewish community even if he wore an armband with a Swastika on it.

    4. Bastard #1 Says:

      Political change in a country where a jew controls every bottleneck. What a quaint and amusing idea.

    5. Karen Says:

      Remember the John Birch hoax??

    6. Blackshirt Says:

      Any political party or movement that works within this system is bought and paid for. No use getting excited about any of them, for they won’t dare address the race issue. The Tea Party is mostly concerned with economics, which at the end of the day doesn’t do a thing to help us.

    7. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Blackshirt is right, this bowel movement called the tea party, is nothing to get excited about.

    8. Robert Cardillo Says:

      This why I hate these cunts. Liberal, KUHNservative, Left-wing, Right-wing, they always have to be in charge of everything.

    9. Shane Says:

      One principle guiding the Tea Party (back in 2008) was to stay out of entangling alliances. Therefore a real Tea Party person will not support U.S. aid to Israel. This is a crucial difference between original Tea Partiers and Tea Party banwagoners. If this Jewish Tea Party is anti-zionist they may call themselves “Tea Party”. But more than likely, this is just another jewish organization co-opting and undermining legitimate movements and organizations. If you haven’t read Culture of Critique you don’t know the half of it.

    10. Shane Says:

      Ron Paul is the modern day Thomas Jefferson. You guys should help the guy as much as possible instead of just complaining.

      Blackshirt, a better economy will certainly lower crime to some extent. Look at all these black mobs attacking people, they are like 40% unemployed. Surely a more stable currency by ending the Federal Reserve will give ‘da brothas sumz more oppatunities’. I’m just saying economy is tied to general well being, and that affects all standards of living for every race. At this stage in America, we have to solve the economic issue before the race issue. This is because of racial demographics. We are not in the position of Germany in the 1930s with 95% ethnic germans or whatever they had. Am I making any sense to you lad?

    11. bjt Says:

      Shane you do know your talking about niggers don’t you?
      Niggers can’t think like Humans(White People).
      Niggers don’t care about this or any other economy.
      General well being?
      Try to explane that to a nigger!!

    12. Shane Says:

      I understand this. Only about 10% of blacks act like civilized humans.

      In a society or community that is all white there usually will not be hostility. In nations with many races, things usually aren’t quite as bad if the economy is good. But once the economy goes down, ethnic tensions flair up, and the lowly races and low IQ people in general act up.

      We can’t solve the racial problem in America like the Germans did in the 30s, because we don’t have a cohesive majority of whites. Therefore the only hope for now is to have a somewhat stable economy. Once the economy gets real bad, these black mobs act out in the same way a hungry wild animal is more aggressive when not fed. You misinterpret my solution and diagnosis.

      Unless you take a William Pierce route and advocate extreme violence to speed up history, our only hope is to defend ourselves and part of that is having a sound currency and following the Constitution. The Bill of Rights and rule of law protects us from criminals if we are willing to defend our liberty by any means.

      If you have a better solution other than fight for liberty and the Constitution, or white separatism, please let me know.

    13. bjt Says:

      Shane you don’t seem to under stand, a nigger acts out of impulse not from trying to think like a Human(White People)
      any one can stirup a nigger by simply talking to it.
      These niggers are not doing these things becuse it wants to
      they just don’t know any better.
      niggers are stupid and dangerous.

    14. Shane Says:

      I compared blacks to wild animals yet I don’t understand?

      But you don’t seem to understand that when the economy is good and the white middle class is strong, we can protect ourselves better. When law breaks down and the dollar crisis comes, you will see these dark hordes become more dangerous and aggressive.

      So why would you not hope for someone like Ron Paul to restore order? Do you want a complete breakdown of the law and economy so we become the Balkans?

    15. Mel Brooks Says:

      Economic arguments (long sigh). There is never going to be a recovery under the present system. The Goublemint, and it’s string-pullers, will never permit it. Most folks still cannot see that the political power in this country is working hand-in-hand with Big Money to destroy us. Roll that around in your knob for a minute. They want you gone, YT. Doesn’t every event of the last 50 years make that plain to you? There is no hope under the present system, it always was vulnerable to intrigues from within and without..the best that any one of us can do is to protect ourselves to the extent that we can and find a way to get by that is as far removed from the system as is possible.

      The present vortex that threatens to suck down the whole septic tank is a good thing, and we shouldn’t waste any time trying to patch it up, i.e. The Baggers, Third-Party candidates, ad nauseum. Because as someone who’s name escapes me at the moment once put it- the bastards are only going out feet first.

      BTW..loved that shaker in D.C. Pity it wasn’t an 8.3., California-style.

    16. CW-2 Says:

      Exactly MB, “they want you gone, YT”. Everything in the past 50 years points to that inescapable conclusion. It’s a difficult concept to internalize, but once absorbed, things fall into place and we are soon immune to the talking heads saying, ‘everything is going to be alright folks, all we need to do adjust interest rates. Vote for me’. Pierce has addressed this topic in many of his broadcasts.

    17. Shane Says:

      Anyway, I offer two potential solutions to the race problem. One, fight to restore the Constitution and Bill of Rights which will restore the rule of law and give us a fighting chance. Two, decentralization (state secession) and white separatism. Does anyone offer another solution? Someone here going to be a Tim McVeigh? The reason Pierce wanted more extremists is because the reailty is most people just talk and few are brave enough to take action. It seems like we have a lot of talkers with no solutions. I’m not interested in ideas, I’m interested in implementing ideas.

      PS. Ron Paul does not want to “adjust interest rates” he wants to abolish the (Jewish) Federal Reserve. If you support Ron Paul, you are obviously not going to solve the jewish question, but it is a good start. Ending the Fed and U.S. aid to Israel would be the greatest achievement of any American statesman.

    18. Marc Rappaport Says:

      I am against the idea of a Jewish tea party because such racist and sexist principles as those espoused by the regular tea party are not in keeping with Jewish ideas about fairness and tolerance. If you believe in such things then become a Democrat! We’re always looking for more good people willing to stand up to the religious right and fight for a woman’s right to choose.

    19. Shane Says:

      The Tea Party represents the Democratic-Republican party of Jefferson. The big idea of Jefferson and the Tea Party is to reduce the size and power of government. You think the Democrats of today promote fairness and tolerance? Bigger government, more taxes, and lost freedom translates to fairness and tolerance? Get off this website Rappaport you are wasting our time. God damn scoudrel with no logic. Jews are usually ethnocentric and racist themselves, you fucking hypocrite or perhaps you are just a damn fool. FUck off Jew.

    20. Tim McGreen Says:

      Shane, I liked your above message (30 August @5:34 pm CDT) except for the first two sentences. The Teabaggers are funded by guess who? The billionaire Koch Brothers, who are right-wing Zionist Jews. So do you really believe the Teabaggers would tolerate any anti Jew sentiments like you have expressed?

      Armed White Revolution is the Only Solution. How many times must I repeat that?

    21. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Compromise is what got us in the fix we’re in now.. Death is waiting outside the door, I say we make them wait a bit longer

    22. Shane Says:

      The Tea Party began with the money bomb Ron Paul had for his 08′ campaign. The six million he got from grassroot supporters was on the same date as the Boston Tea Party. Therefore, the real Tea Party began with Ron Paul in 08. There is no way Ron’s stance on liberty and his voting record as a congressman is influenced by the Koch brothers. His influence is the Constitution and the ideals of Jefferson. Now the Tea Party has been expanded and everyone from Palin to Hannity is jumping on board. However, these people aren’t really Tea Partiers!!! If they support aid for Israel and an aggressive military and are religious nutballs then they are not representative of the Tea Party.

      White nationalists who are ready to defend liberty from the Jew represent the Tea Party. Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, and the Koch brothers, although so-called supporters, advocates, and funders, are not representative of the Tea Party. Don’t let the Jews hijack the Tea Party.

    23. CW-2 Says:

      Nothing wrong with maximising the mileage we can get out of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as these legal documents will give us valuable time to prepare and organise, but as a wise historian once said, ‘the past is prologue’.
      The ruling elite’s policy of gradualism and incremental change has served them well over the past 50+ years but there will come a time when the policy of destroying the White racial character of America and Europe will become obvious to even Joe & Jill.
      Then the system will have to stifle all opposition by locking up or killing all who oppose their NWO nightmare. They are not ready to do that just yet as the tactics for applying raw police power KGB style are still being developed. We must be ready for that day.