12 August, 2011

New Essays From Edgar J. Steele

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“Sex, Lies & Audiotape (Part II)” (a .PDF file).

“Too Good (Sex, Lies and Audiotape Part III)” (a .PDF file).

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  7. 2 Responses to “New Essays From Edgar J. Steele”

    1. old dutch Says:

      No one having had invasive open heart surgery is going to be engaging in anything as stressful as a murder plot within years of having that type of surgery. I would like see to someone present a case, or even a charge of that having happened before.

      What makes it even worse is that Steele was a lawyer in good standing with the state bar of a number of states, an MBA, and Steele is a 4 year military veteran with foreign service to his credit.

      This Skota character, who is some sort of an off brand, really had no reason to attack Steele on a personal level. Particularly, the comments made about a man in recovery from major surgery having bowel control problems under duress.

      Steele in a White Anglo Saxon Protestant, and his tormentors like Skoda are what, Roman Catholics or members of that other loopy cult Mormons?

    2. old dutch Says:

      Too bad there isn’t an edit function.

      Steele “is” a White Anglo Saxon Protestant. Or as was once commonly said, a White American Protestant.