29 August, 2011

Obama Creates Federal Diversity Program

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“The Government-wide Plan shall highlight comprehensive strategies for agencies to identify and remove barriers to equal employment opportunity…”

That’s pure propaganda. Employment discrimination is already illegal, thanks to Jewish congressman Emanuel Celler’s civil-rights laws. America already has the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1968, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and affirmative action. The “race bases” are already well-covered. By the way, your White tax dollars will pay for this new program.


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  7. 43 Responses to “Obama Creates Federal Diversity Program”

    1. morris wise Says:

      There are too many blacks left out of the workplace. That truth is magnified by the fact that there are 15 million blacks without jobs. The employed must be forced to share their work week with their unfortunate brothers and sisters. It is not fair that one person has the opportunity to works 50 hours and the other can work only ten.

    2. Mary O Says:

      Anna Rosenberg laid the groundwork for these policies.


      Rumor had it that she was a member of the Communist Party, and related to Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, the spies who committed treason against the US by selling US secrets to the USSR.

      Roosevelt and later Truman used her as a special consultant to construct Affirmative Action policies and apply them to all of our military forces. Her policies too were supposedly a model for businesses to emulate.

      We have never decisively won a major military campaign since. Our military is now a dinosaur bureaucracy, rife with social experiments, and devoid of cohesion, focus and comradery.

      In employment generally, Jews are given strong preference for the few remaining positions allocated to Whites after “diversity initiatives” are put in place, and there are no penalties for over-hiring nonwhites. In fact, many businesses do over-hire nonwhites deliberately as insurance against government penalties and lawsuits.

      Often less talented nonwhites are promoted over Whites, and Whites are forced to report to over-sensitive, easily intimidated “managers” who have little interest in their field, and can’t even discuss the challenges intelligently. Whites are commonly stuck with more difficult assignments, and held to much higher standard of performance than nonwhites. When lay-offs come, Whites go first.

      Communist strategy is to foster all these imbalances: the dumb over the smart, the young over the mature, the gays over the straights, women with no proven qualifications over men. The purpose is to induce instability and hence terror.

      Possibly there will be some good consequences of Obama’s action:

      1. These White Liberal Peace Corps types will just give up finally realizing that they will not get any credit for being “one of the good ones.”

      2. The movement to cut back the federal government will gain momentum.

      3. Whites should not waste their time working for the government anyway. Learn a business; any business is better than the fed-gov.

    3. Mary O Says:

      The very worst part of Affirmative Action JMO is the way that nonwhites are coddled in the workplace. The hiring preferences are bad enough, but the way they are coddled and given rock-solid back-up no matter how stupid, ignorant and rude their conduct is just appalling.

    4. Mary O Says:

      Another gross injustice is “cherry-picking.” Ivy League schools and large employers circuit the globe to find “normal” nonwhites to place into our jobs.

      In one case, a “case manager” in a law firm was cherry-picked from Uganda, supposedly she was from some royal family, and had an MA in something very soft from a British university. Even still, White temps, both paralegals and JDs, had to be called in to do ALL of the work, for which they received no job security, low pay and no benefits at all. This temp/contractor business is a form of White slavery, and this common pattern is not just limited to legal work.

      In another case, technical work was being doled out by Defense Dept contract. An American-Indian had formed a small front company, whose only business was to obtain federal contracts. He then sub-contracted to other businesses, who employed mainly Whites to do all the work. This particular man was already quite successful on his own merit in the real estate industry; so the fed guv essentially was going to tremendous effort to accomplish nothing — as usual.

      In another case, a family owned a demolition company. They were losing contract after contract to minority-owned businesses. Then, they got an idea. They moved all of the company’s assets into their daughter’s name, and made her the head of the company. The company became an instant success! To be fair, this woman had a business degree, and contributed to the company by doing some financial work; but her brother managed all the demolition work. They were proud of their cleverness in out-foxing the government. (Of course, what if brother and sister end up on bad terms? Could the brother be left financially out in the cold?) What good did the guv do here? Nothing, it’s just gamesmanship.

    5. Mary O Says:

      @Mo, who said, “It is not fair that one person has the opportunity to works 50 hours and the other can work only ten.”

      That’s so that the companies can get around the federally mandated bennies. Why hire 3 people @ 40 hrs/wk, when you can hire 2 people @ 60 hrs/wk so much cheaper? Thanks again, guv.

      But that said, no one seems to be getting the 50 hours these days at all. The work shortage is general. Too much money is wasted on these wars.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      It’s no longer just the stupid federal bureaucracy that hires token non-Whites, it’s big corporations like Verizon, AT&T, PepsiCo, Boeing….Any company that does a lot of business with ZOG or has a Jewish CEO is on the affirmative action bandwagon.

      Looking at Barry’s latest (unconstitutional) executive order about promoting diversity (tokenism) in the government, you’d think it was an executive order issued by Lyndon Johnson in 1966. Don’t liberals EVER evolve?

    7. Mary O Says:

      All large law firms, large retail chains, and all large corporations are forced to implement diversity initiatives. The fines for non-compliance are huge, and they are terrified of lawsuits. The way they are run makes them virtual branches of the fed-guv.

      One reason that these companies persecute any employee with a pro-White political perspective is that they feel that individual is placing them at risk for civil suits possibly amounting to losses in the $millions. Anything that you do or say could be construed by some shyster as “racial harassment.” Since almost everyone depends on their paycheck to live, the government thus has absolute control.

      One reason that low-interest rate loans are given preferentially to nonwhite foreigners is that the guv does not want Whites running their own businesses. We would not be as easy to control in that case.

      Ultimately a dual-employment system has developed. Back before the immigration explosion of the 1990s, an American did not need to borrow $100K+ to go to the most expensive college, get a JD/MD/MBA and then work 60 hour/week just to have a secure middle-class existence.

      Say a woman did not want her life to revolve around work alone; she could make a decent living as an administrative assistant or other job with moderate and manageable demands. Today however any of that sort of job is automatically granted to a diversity candidate; since they can’t really handle any tough job, and the company must make quota in each racial category (except White). White women are therefore forced to pursue “careers” just to get by. Family must be postponed, not because women are selfish, but just because the bills have to be paid.

      The top-paid professionals, like partners in law firms are usually White or Jewish. They see themselves as the higher class (though they neither protect nor defend anything except their own financial interests); they therefore shun any association with the lower classes, i.e. mid-level educated Whites who report to them. They cherry-pick nonwhite “royalty” to place in those nicer positions in which middle-class Whites used to find a comfortable life. Of course, even the royalty are incompetent; middle-class Whites must be brought in at sub-standard compensation rate to actually do the work.

      The integration of the workplaces has forced this “Employment Shadow.” If you were to accuse the agencies which supply temp workers or consultants or contract workers of taking advantage of Whites; they would respond that their problem is that Whites capture all their top-rate positions (temp attorney, temp administrative assistant, temp retail managers), while they can only place nonwhites in their low-rate positions, like industrial clean-up or running copy machines. Internal to these agencies, the appearance is that Whites are actually on top.

      The imposed class hierarchy supported by the Employment Shadow is an artificial construct designed to enmesh the various races:
      1.high-level professional, White/Jewish;
      2.nonwhite “royalty” who act as figureheads;
      3. educated middle-class Whites hired at substandard compensation: temps, contractors, etc., and commonly overworked, with no chance of advancement at all;
      4. non-educated White Americans;
      5. non-educated nonwhites.

      Class supposedly trumps race, according to the government; but this system is actually horribly cruel. Whites are expected to work for these nonwhites who do not understand, like or trust them. Even if one held a relatively less prestigious position, back in the days of all-White communities and workplaces, a White might be respected for his honesty and hard work. Now we are mostly just exploited and abused. That “work ethic” is being severely used against us.

    8. Mary O Says:

      Another gross injustice: the affirmative action (AA) bonuses. One law firm I worked at was granting bonuses to any manager who recruited a “normal one.” Rumor had it that they were getting $10K per one that survived 1 year at the firm. All these young college-educated White temps were working their hearts out, not realizing that no manager was going to bother to look twice at their performance. The Whites simply didn’t matter. Pulling in 4 or 5 AA bonuses to invest in a new condo was management’s goal #1.

      One time an African co-worker asked me all puzzled why so many managers were asking her out to lunch. They were discussing job opportunities with her, even though she had told them beforehand that she only wanted a temp job, since she wanted to focus on her professional writing career. She had noticed that me and another co-worker were constantly putting in long hours of overtime, but these managers had never approached either of us.

      She was a nice person, and I just didn’t have the heart to tell her that it was because she was Black.

    9. Howdy Doody Says:

      Mary O

      Hardly any one out side of WN knows about a NYC radical jooish women who Wrote The Law forcing non White’s in military to be free ranging and trouble making disaster ! 1950

    10. Howdy Doody Says:

      By Dave Wedge
      Monday, August 29, 2011 – Updated 7 minutes ago

      An illegal immigrant from Kenya busted for drunken driving after nearly striking a cop car in Framingham is the uncle of President Obama, the Herald has learned.

      Obama Onyango told cops he wanted to “call the White House” after he was nabbed for OUI Aug. 24 after nearly plowing his SUV into a police cruiser. He was arraigned Thursday and was ordered held without bail because he was wanted on a federal immigration warrant, officials said.

      Mike Rogers, a spokesman for Cleveland immigration attorney Margaret Wong, who is representing Onyango, confirmed that the 67-year-old is the president’s uncle. Wong is the same lawyer who represented the president’s aunt, Zeituni Onyango, in her fight to win asylum last year.

      Reached at her apartment in a South Boston public housing complex today, Zeituni Onyango said of her brother’s arrest: “Why don’t you go to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washingon, D.C. and ask your president? Not me.” She then hung up on a reporter.

      The White House also did not respond to a request for comment.

      Zeituni and Obama Onyango are brother and sister, Rogers told the Herald today.

      The two are the children of the president’s grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama, and his third wife, Sarah, according to the London Times.

      The Times also reported that Obama Onyango is the man referred to as “Uncle Omar”in the president’s 1995 book, “Dreams from My Father.” In the book, President Obama writes about his Uncle Omar as “the uncle who had left for America 25 years ago and had never come back.”

      Sarah Obama is called “granny” by the president because she raised his father, Barack Obama Sr., whose mother was Hussein Obama’s second wife, Akumu, the Times reported.

      -— [email protected]


    11. R CROSS Says:

      If race does not exist,why are there so many race laws?

    12. Luke Says:

      Mary-O said:
      “3. Whites should not waste their time working for the government anyway. Learn a business; any business is better than the fed-gov.”

      The problem with this idea is basically simple. I long ago arrived at the conclusion that one of the primary objectives of the jews who were, and who still are, behind this drive to purge as many white males as possible out of the Federal and State government employment roles and replace them with non-white minorities – is to create a situation whereby the entire American government – at as many levels as possible – is staffed with minorities and not staffed by whites. This effectively subjugates whites to minority rule, long before minorities actually become the majority. It also prevents any possibly that whites who are employed by the government could somehow manage to use their clout to change policies that are clearly discriminatory towards White Europeans.

      Hence, Mary-O’s idea isn’t as good as it might appear on the surface.

    13. S.U.N. Says:

      Of course, more outsourced jobs to random turd world countries and happy H-1B holders.

    14. Howdy Doody Says:

      When I get a Red Cherry, I know hit the target !

      POS, Thank you !


    15. morris wise Says:

      Black unemployment is unfairly high. Special laws allowing employers to hire blacks without being forced to give them health or pension benefits would open up millions of jobs.

    16. archer Says:

      We are already at 50 percent in some of the federal and state jobs, Buchannon just did a good job on his latest news letter breaking it down.
      Trying to get anything done when dealing with civil service is almost impossible and it will only get worse.
      It’s time to realize that things aren’t supposed to work smoothly in post america, america.

    17. Mary O Says:

      @Luke, I agree that we need more White men in leadership positions, but look at the White South Africans. They relied on govvie jobs, and then got kicked out. Many were forced into day labor, since they didn’t have the right skills & capital to start up businesses on their own. Government jobs are much easier than almost any business job.

      And, look at the US fed-guv today: it is already almost exclusively nonwhite.

      The US government doesn’t actually rule us. Business has more influence than the bureaucracies; because in a “democracy,” money does all the talking.

      Where we need White men is at the top. Hillary Clinton is a disgrace. We need a Secretary of State who commands respect around the world, and who doesn’t obsess over trying to look “tough.”

      Obama should never have trusted HRC, since she really had nothing to lose in Libya, and therefore behaved recklessly. If the effort is perceived as a failure, she has gotten revenge on Obama for his victory in their Demo primary battle; in the unlikely event that this interference in other nations’ governance is deemed beneficial to US interests, she can then claim credit.

      We sacrificed a budding economy recovery this spring to spreading “democracy” to Libya — as if anyone cared about how Libyans govern themselves.

      Our whole system is based on self-contradictory principles. Our Declaration of Independence states that all men are created equal; it does not state that only Americans are created equal. So if the Arabs and Muslims are therefore our equals, why don’t we save our money and our jobs by just leaving them alone? The logical consequence of cultural equality would be separation, not forced integration.

    18. Mary O Says:

      @Marc, AA does not help White women unless they enter man-dominated fields, like sewer work.

      Also, if a woman finally does get a great job offer, or some promotion, she has to face people sneering that she only got it because she was a woman. Basically, AA renders all of her accomplishments meaningless.

      The dictionary meaning of the word “racist” is a racial supremacist. A racial supremacist believes in a multi-racial society, with one particular race on top, being specially favored by the government and granted great privileges. An example of a racially supremacist state is Israel.

      OTOH a racial realist sees the races as groups competing for limited resources. A realist generally sees separatism as the best solution for minimizing conflict.

      BTW: are you White?

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      Affirmative Action has done nothing but give a lot of Blacks a bunch of useless government jobs. It has also helped another group that does not need any help: College educated professional White women and Jewesses. When the scheming, divisive Jew says women and minorities should stand together he is simply trying to pit White men and women against each other and non-Whites against Whites. He is not the least bit interested in justice or unity, only in trying to divide and conquer.

    20. Miller Says:

      It is actually good that white men are being cast out of the workforce. These men will be the self-made men which shape history. Would Microsoft and Apple have developed in someone’s garage if white men weren’t left to fend for themselves in a hostile work environment. Quotas are for lazy niggers. Punching the clock is for niggers. White men should be self-employed and should control who benefits from their products and innovations. The more white men who are displaced from US government makes more white men who are set on forming a new government by and for white men.

    21. Howdy Doody Says:


    22. Howdy Doody Says:

      Since the honorary Ape help phuck us over ten years ago the ape’s and the eternal enemy aliens of mankind have never been so arrogant and in your face.

      Provoking, projecting what they are on US.

    23. Luke Says:

      I will stick to my position on the need for some white men to seek government employment, although I do like Miller’s idea of self-sufficiency that comes from being self-employed. However, unless there are a few white men in government – the government will become even more parasitic and predatory about enacting more and more laws and regulations that are imposed upon those self-employed white men, until they finally put them out of business.

      In essence, abandoning government employment entirely – is equivalent to surrendering complete control of the nation to minorities.

    24. Mary O Says:

      @Luke, civil servants do not control or influence what happens at the top. A mid-level administrator working for the fed-guv would have less say over public policy than (for example) a person in a comparable position working for a large corporation; since the corporations write the checks payable to the Congressional re-election campaigns.

      However, neither White men nor Whites in general should be discriminated against in hiring for these positions.

    25. Mary O Says:

      Many Whites game the EEO system. For example, epileptics can do quite well at any job involving federal funding. The disease can most always be completely controlled with drugs, minimizing any actual inconvenience to the employer. If anyone dare to claim that the epileptics should not be counted as “handicapped,” they have a huge and well-funded lobby prepared to defend their privileged status.

      Used to be that people who suffered mental illnesses went to great care to disguise any hospital stays or gaps in employment. Not any more. Companies generally find them easier to take care of than people in wheelchairs; therefore, the mentally ill are bumped ahead of everyone else in the employment line.

      We all know about the Whites who magically sprout American Indian ancestors, and the wife who uses her husband’s name & high-school Spanish to claim to be a Latina. EEO also gives indirect benefits to gays (who have their own favoritism networks) in the form of facilitating lawsuits in the event of “harassment” which means saying anything that they don’t like.

      The structure of the housing market is a draconian tax on Whites. We are forced to pay huge housing cost just to live in a physically safe area. If we could just live with our own we could save huge amounts of money and have a much better quality of life.

      What I think we need is complete racial “laissez faire.” The government need not even acknowledge race. If a neighborhood or workplace is White, they should just leave it alone. The fed-guv over-regulates and over-taxes to the point where all businesses and municipalities are forced to borrow from them, and then they use the monies as an excuse for racial control.

    26. Mary O Says:

      @Tim, who said “It has also helped another group that does not need any help: College educated professional White women and Jewesses.”

      JMO: it doesn’t really help at all, unless the woman applies for a job which has few women in it; that is, a job undesirable to women.

      Cab driving. Things like that.

    27. Mary O Says:


      Gaming the system.

      Recent immigrants attended an amusement park in NYC area as a group on a Muslim holiday.

      The game plan was to set up a big lawsuit. If the management of the park allowed the headscarves, and one of the women got injured, the group could then sue for $millions; OTOH if the management refused, the group could claim that their rights have been violated and sue for $millions. What a deal!

      Almost as soon as they get off the plane, they are already scheming to take advantage of American sentimentality about their “religion.”

      BTW: what is this girl’s ethnicity? Afghani?

    28. Ray F. Bateson Says:

      I’ve heard of afghans. What’s an “afghani?” A new sub-race?

    29. Tim McGreen Says:

      Mary O, there used to be a lot of female cab drivers, like Marilu Henner on “Taxi”. But because we are now living in “Doctor” King’s “Dream” of equality and freedom for the Negro, it’s no longer safe for a woman to drive a cab. Being a taxi driver is also very dangerous for men, of course. We need some more Travis Bickle types to straighten things out. http://media.ifccenter.com/images/films/taxi-driver_592x299.jpg

    30. Mary O Says:

      Adjective, means someone from Afghanistan.


    31. Mary O Says:

      @Tim, I agree that driving a cab is much too dangerous for any woman. Most jobs these days have so many women in them that a White woman doesn’t get much out of AA. The jobs that have few women in them, have few women in them for a reason. They are either too physically demanding, or involve extremely unpleasant working environments.

    32. Mary O Says:

      @Tim, MLK’s Dream, the DREAM act, the American Dream …

      When my grandmother got very old, she started experiencing spells of unreality. She would claim that heard strange voices in the basement, and so forth. We (of course) would get tired of repeating “there’s no one down there,” “that’s just the cat,” etc., and sometimes there was a certain temptation to just humor her. However, our father (a physician) told us that humoring someone in this circumstance is the worst thing that you can possibly do.

      If someone’s grip on reality is only fragile, you should never pretend that their incorrect perceptions are correct, since some part of their brain still senses reality, the same way a very young child usually can. If you don’t confront their delusions with the honest truth, they will feel even worse anxiety, and become even more mistrustful, disoriented and unstable. Repeating the truth over and over for our grandmother: we called it “Reality Therapy.”

      America doesn’t need any dreams; we need Reality Therapy.

    33. Mary O Says:

      @Howdy, thank you for that link.

    34. Alice Says:

      Yes racism does go on in the Federl Gov it is real. At a certain base, during the freeze they are moving whites in to the better positions that are frozen. When the freeze is removed these employees WILL be in place in those positions. They will be selected once the freeze is over, I have watched the go on for 15 years.

    35. Mary O Says:

      @ Alice, who said “Yes racism does go on in the Federl Gov it is real.”

      Yes, the fed-gov is racist against Whites.

    36. Howdy Doody Says:

      Mary O, I assume you mean the B O N link ?

      Alice is full of shit too.

      In areas of the regime that had never even seen a Congoid child 20 years ago, now a big male ape checking in a grocery store, and non of the White women working there like him and one told me she quit because of his attitude to any clean up at the check station etc.

      This chain put him on alone at night, I went to self checking, and I viewed women leave her cart and go out the door.

      It all matters not, he Knows He Is Protected and he Loves checking and checking out the beautiful White women in this community too

      I won’t even shop there again until he is gone.

      For those Whites who have loved apes through PBS NPR and hollywood they are now along with assorted other non Whites in EVERY single place in Canada and this regime, and you Can’t say a word nor have any peace to be among your own.

      Mary O,

      It is hard to believe so few post here, but I do believe Mr. Linder having allowed so many POS Trolls over the years to post has driven US away.

      I don’t mean opposition, but professional agitators.

      This post will go down the memory hole Mary O

    37. Howdy Doody Says:

      Grinding America Down

      Mary O

    38. Mary O Says:

      @Howdy Doody, I watched the entire Birth of a Nation from that link you posted, all 21 parts. Amazing that Stoneman is just exactly like the Liberal of today: all phony piety, and actual cowardice. If the story took place in modern times, he would delight as poor Elsie joined the Peace Corps to go teach in Africa. He has that crazy adherence to idealistic principles that he himself doesn’t believe in; he just wants to seem saintly, since appearance is all that matters to him. Similar attitudes drive such nonsense programs as “No child left behind,” Equality of Outcomes, Affirmative Action, and the crusade for “democracy” throughout the Mideast. Like Hillary Clinton, he never considers the feelings of anyone around him; to him, leadership is merely a power trip, and not serving the people.

    39. Howdy Doody Says:

      Test test.

    40. Howdy Doody Says:


    41. Howdy Doody Says:

      Mary O, good post above

      If you ever read this I wanted you to know that D.W. Griffith in 1930, just as Henry Ford’s right arm assistant and friend did so for Mr. Ford, Mr. Griffith got up to a podium for the newsreel and apologized if his film hurt any ones feelings!

      The joo’s went nutz right after it was released in Dec. 1914 in L.A, CA,

      They were in the courts and local place in the East working furiously to stop and this served to show that the joos had plans to use the Africans against US for sure.

      In 1964 Addio Africa was never seem by the public, and public TV never showed in the 1960’s or 70’s, but jew media with Mandigo in 1974, and b.s. Roots proved they could easily insight nigger to assault, harass and worse Whites at will.

      Marlo Brando brought joo double standards in the media and he was lucky they did not knock him off. I read he apologized and kissed Abe’s ring on his knees, and this was about a year and half before the internet started to break the joo blockage of information down.

      The joos wen

    42. Howdy Doody Says:

      Mary O, good post above

      If you ever read this I wanted you to know that D.W. Griffith in 1930, just as Henry Ford’s right arm assistant and friend did so for Mr. Ford, Mr. Griffith got up to a podium for the newsreel and apologized if his film hurt any ones feelings!

      The joo’s went nutz right after it was released in Dec. 1914 in L.A, CA,

      They were in the courts and local place in the East working furiously to stop and this served to show that the joos had plans to use the Africans against US for sure.

      In 1964 Addio Africa was never seem by the public, and public TV never showed in the 1960’s or 70’s, but jew media with Mandigo in 1974, and b.s. Roots proved they could easily insight nigger to assault, harass and worse Whites at will.

      Marlo Brando brought joo double standards in the media and he was lucky they did not knock him off. I read he apologized and kissed Abe’s ring on his knees, and this was about a year and half before the internet started to break the joo blockage of information down.

      The joos went crazy when the internet came out ! Really, and I am guessing/feeling that internet information and posting forced the joos to over play their hand once again with the crimes of 2001

    43. Mary O Says:

      Thank you, Howdy, for bringing up this thread again. Lots of good posts. I remember in high school hearing “Birth of a Nation” referred to in hushed tones as if it were 3 hours of pure invective. Actually, the film is sweet, a important part of our culture, and our history, like “Little Women” or “Look Homeward, Angel.”