15 August, 2011

Why Did “Tea Party” Favorite Michele Bachmann Win The Iowa Straw Poll?

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Tea-partier #1: “Jesus was a Jew.”

Tea-partier #2: “Thomas Jefferson was a Zionist.”

Tea-partier #3: “Radical muslims are colonizing the moon.”

Tea-partier #4: “America stands with Israel!

  • 44 Responses to “Why Did “Tea Party” Favorite Michele Bachmann Win The Iowa Straw Poll?”

    1. William Says:

      Bachmann is a Zionist false Christian Israel Firster. Research her comments on Israel. If this idiot reaches the White House, she will make Bush look like a
      Sunday school teacher………

    2. jayhackworth Says:

      I’ve seen flagrant abuses by the ‘press’ before, but the blackout on Ron Paul’s near-win in Iowa may be the winner.

    3. Z.O.G. Says:

      Don’t get any at Michele Bachman for worshiping Jews and Israel. She’s just being a good Christian. Christianity is derived from Judaism.

    4. Z.O.G. Says:

      Don’t get angry at Michele Bachmann for worshiping Jews and Israel. She’s just being a good Christian.

    5. Marc Rappaport Says:

      AS long as the candidate promises to continue fighting Islamic extremism and to strengthen America’s friendship with Israel, as long as he/she will promote diversity and tolerance here at home, he/she has my vote! We have to get past all this animosity and race-bating. I know there are people here who agree with me, whether they admit it or not.

      Don’t you guys ever get tired of hating everyone??? :(

    6. jayhackworth Says:

      “Don’t you guys ever get tired of hating everyone???”
      (Rappaport, as he looks at his reflection in the mirror). lol

      A lot of the jooish faggot activists in the media who are busily screwing up the culture, hate the Whore of Babylon anyhow . I don’t know how that sits with theIr neocon daddys.

    7. morris wise Says:

      There is no wiser politician than Bachman, she understands the hopes and dreams of the Yiddish people. Jews do not want Arab lands, only the right to use that land for profits. There are millions of unemployed Jews who would gladly return to the arid homelands where they were expelled from. The new settlers should be given the freedom to create wealth where non exists. Houses of prostitution, porno shops, and Internet freak shows will shortly flood sterile lands. Sex starved Arabs will bless the Jews for turning a Desert into a sperm filled Oasis.

    8. Marc Rappaport Says:

      Morris, I know you’re being a little flippant, but the Arabs who live in Israel have a better standard of living and more freedom than their counterparts do in the Arab states. Before Israel was established the land of Palestine was a poor, backwards desert. The Jews have made that land bloom with prosperity, because G-d is on our side. If all those Arabs and Muslims living in Israel are so unhappy, they are free to leave anytime they want to and move to Syria, Iraq or Iran. But my guess is they will stay where they are.

    9. Hans Schneider Says:

      when the first false flag nuclear bomb explodes on US territory only then will the Israel suck up politicians face reality

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      I could point out to Rappaport that Israel extorts billion$ in free money every year from German and US taxpayers. I could point out that the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip Ghetto are being deliberately starved and tormented by the Zionists. I could point out that Israel is the biggest de-stabilizing influence in the region and that they have nuclear weapons aimed at their neighbors.

      Or how about the fact that Israel was established by using lies and terrorism? Or that the Palestinian natives were not asked if they wanted to live in a Jewish State? Or that three-quarters of a million Palestinians were forced to leave Palestine after the 1948 Zionist conquest of their land, in contravention of International Laws, which, by the way, were written by Jews?

      I could also point out that Israel has all kinds of spy networks in this country and that they use blackmail to make US politicians do what they want. I could even point out that it is illegal for a Christian to preach the Gospel in Israel and that it is against Israeli law to bring a New Testament Bible into any Israeli government building. Why, I could even mention that slavery is not illegal in Israel, as long as the slave is a gentile.

      But what would be the point? One cannot argue facts with a Jew.

    11. jayhackworth Says:

      It is impossible for this country to carry out a foreign policy not approved by the Jews. And it is impossible for this country to carry out a DOMESTIC policy not approved by the Jews.

    12. Miller Says:

      Bachmann has the toughest stance on illegal immigration. That is why she won.

    13. morris wise Says:

      It is better to vote for a Pagan or Cynic than a believer in god. The Pagan or Cynic has both feet on the ground, the believer in god has one foot on the ground and the other foot is missing.

    14. slobo Says:

      The old Rhinos love a pretty face…wait till whats-her-name from Alaska dives in…it’ll be a kat fight! Can’t wait…

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      Morris, your post above is actually wise! But there are pagans who believe in some kind of god or gods, no? At any rate, watch out for the politician who wears his religion on his sleeve.

      Former Texas governor Rick Perry is the most artificial, manufactured-looking political candidate I’ve ever seen. He’s so plastic, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a Mattel logo stamped on his ass. His gimmick is to pander to the Holy Rollers with his Kosher-approved Prayer Rallies. But I doubt it will get him very far.

      In the good old days, before television and, ugh!, women voters, There were actually some halfway decent men in political office. And unlike today’s politicians, very few of them looked like TV game-show hosts. Fine men like John Quincy Adams, Marty Van Buren and James Madison would never have become President if, ugh!, women were allowed to vote back then.

      No, this country would have slid down the sewer-pipe of history a lot sooner if, ugh!, women had been allowed to vote in the 1800s. Democracy can only work if White Men and White Men alone participate in it. Ideally, women should never be seen outside the house, unless they are grocery shopping for their family.

    16. Robert Cardillo Says:

      No Rappaport, I never get tired of pointing out what a vicious, lying, trecherous bunch of wankers you ugly-rat-faced cunts are. I agree with you Tim, Perry is another kike-arse kisser. Bachmann has a kosher dick so far up her arse, it’s pathetic. Just like back in the JEW-K and everywhere else, everyone has to kiss up to the bastards.

    17. Anna Italiano Says:

      I had a good laugh at the comments about Jeebus Chrispie Perry..he reminds me of another plastic man, former San Francisco mayor and ritch bitch Gavin ” I declare the homeless to be illegal” Newsom. Him with the see-through rat’s paw hands that never did anything more strenous than dip fingers in holy water or pick up a Wedgewood tea cup. They both put me in mind of Max Headroom, only not quite so amusing.

      And can someone in the Tea Bag movement please telll me..how do you reconcile your “beliefs” and the spectacle of Bachmann’s swishy, anti-gay
      gay husband? I guess he has a broad stance on formerly gay immigrants?

      And they say that California has all the kooks.

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      Anna, I am starting to doubt if the Jews would ever permit Michelle “The Crypto-Jewess” Bachmann to be President. She is such a brainless dingbat that the world would have trouble taking her seriously. And that faggot husband of hers would be a constant source of rumors and embarrassment. So I think the Jews will decide to re-elect that African-born, Muslim, Marxist Mulatto Bi-Sexual Barry Sotero instead.

    19. Miller Says:

      Obviously Paul scares the Jews more than anyone in the running.

      However, who cares? The VNN elite don’t vote. We prepare to follow a leader who can offer us a gloves off policy against the culture distorters. Jew and Nigger blood flowing in the death camp gutters is what we look for in a leader.

      I nominate Tim McGreen. All those in favor say aye.

    20. Canada D Says:

      let’s face it the only good politicians were in 1930s germany

    21. R CROSS Says:

      Apparently the holy nigger is not wearing jewelery,rings,watches etc,because it is forbidden during ramadung,since it is taking the US armed forces 25000 bullets to kill one terrorist,could they not spare one to eliminate this treacherous muslim?

    22. Eric Gunther Oberhauser Says:

      Christianity was not and is not a product of judaism. Judaism is pure satan worship. Christianity is about Jesus the Christ and not satan.

    23. Luke Says:

      Miller Says:
      16 August, 2011 at 12:32 am
      “I nominate Tim McGreen. All those in favor say aye.”

      I would like to respectfully throw my hat into the running for being in charge of the new White Amerikwa’s Immigration Policy Enforcement Department.

    24. ty grant Says:

      For the most part Peoples Want to live out thier lives in concert with their surroundings, their family, ect… unless your a cancer jew… As especially when the World is infected with a cancer then the goal for a governing body should be of removing the jew… So alleagedly the worst thing that keeps the world down is organized religion… and jews… we need more what jews look like form people get out and take pictures…

    25. Z.O.G. Says:

      Eric Gunther Oberhauser Says:
      16 August, 2011 at 6:39 am

      Christianity was not and is not a product of judaism.

      Think again, dumbass.

      And by the way, Satan isn’t an evil character in the Old Testament(or the New Testament either).

    26. Z.O.G. Says:

      For you Christards who downvoted my comments above, here’s some light reading for you:


    27. Tim McGreen Says:

      If you believe in Jesus and Satan, then why not believe in Hercules and Zeus? Or Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny? Or the Purple Flying Spaghetti Monster? Why not go off the deep end and detach yourself completely from reality?

      Required Reading
      F. Nietschze: The Antichrist

      Thomas Paine: The Age of Reason

      Bertrand Russell: Why I am not a Christian

      Celsus: Against the Christians (only fragments exist because the Vatican ordered all copies burned in 448.)

    28. steven clark Says:

      Yeah, it was amazing (or not?) to see Ron Paul ignored. I see some talk show guys on the right claim ‘the Iowa thing is just a money contribution…it means nothing.’

      Everyone’s got Bachmann feaver now, but things change. I just don’t much care about it anymore, but it’s nice to see Romney take on heclers, although the left said they showed him.

      Also, Herman Cain disturbs me. I’m just tired of hearing some nigger voice. I know Cain is a mathemitician and good for him, and I’m sure he’s a great, smart guy, but I’ve had it with a ‘good negro’ being pushed to the front of every conservative group, perhaps in the stupid hope that once ‘blacks see we conservatives are the REAL party of diversity, they’ll join us.’ Like hell.

      After Jackson, Sharpton, Obama, I’m tired of that black accent.
      As for Perry…let’s see, governor of Texas, supposed fundamentalist Christian, air force pilot…another George Bush. Please, not another!
      Like Gore Vidal said, the most democratic solution is to raise an army and seize power.

    29. Z.O.G. Says:

      Ron Paul is sponsored by the Jewish gold cartel and the Jewish run Ludvig von Mises Institute.

    30. Gerald E. P. Morris Says:

      The so-called “Christianity” of these little zio-whores running in the jew-masonic popularity circle-jerk coming up for 2012 is nothing but jew contrived protestant heresy, meant by them to attack Holy Church in Rome, which was and yet remains the only real banner Western Aryans have. Masonic guttersluts who regurgitate jew semen like the pathetic little luthern queer Nietsche, who died raving in a sanitarium from tertiary syphylis (God be praised for His Justice!), and its idiotological queer-peers like Tommy Pain-in-the-rectum, who likewise died in the gutter after raving about worhipping the sun and how much he loved sucking jew cocks along with his pal Tommy Jefferson (who was part kike, like Hamilton. Deo Gratias that I have found the Institute and the true Latin (pre 1962 Mass), where the Lord keeps sheenies and their prottie catamites ALL OUT!

      Bertie Russell should have wrote one titled “Why I’m not Man Enough to Tell the Truth about How Many White People My Suck-jew-dick Puritan Ancestor John Russel, 1st Earl of Bedford Murdered When He wasn’t Blowing Ollie Cromwell or licking Rabbinical Cum and Shit out of his distended Puritan Arsehole” Read!:

      John Russell, 1st Earl of Bedford,
      the ancestors of the Russells, who enriched himself from the monasteries and the patrimony of the poor, he helped suppress the Catholic Pilgrimage of Grace, and was a friend of the odious Thomas Cromwell. On the dissolution of the greater monasteries Henry VIII granted him lands and properties of the Cistercian Abbey at Dunkeswell, Devon, the Abbey of Tavistock, Devon, and the kitchen garden of Westminster Abbey, which is now the site of Covent Garden. He was created Earl of Bedford on 19 January 1549 for persecuting and murdering Catholics, smashing religious statues and relics, and for promoting heresy. A perfect ratbag, he died in his bed.

      ( http://romanchristendom.blogspot.com/2011/03/bertrand-russell-and-racism-pharisee-of.html )

      Anglo-Suck-somes, Everyone either wants to be one, or kill one!

      Erin go Bragh! Ave Maria!

      Death to Jewry! Death to Masonry! Death to I$rael! Death to Amerikwa!

      Ave Sit Semper Roma!

    31. jayhackworth Says:

      So many jews are faggots, the Zionists would have a tough time convincing them to vote for Bachmann.

    32. Bigduke6 Says:

      Religion and politics are inflammatory enough in their own right. Mix the two and you have nitro + glycerine. It was Jesus who pointed the dichotomy of religion and politics out to Israel’s elites when he said, render those things that are Ceasar’s to Ceasar and render those things that are God’s to God.

    33. Bigduke6 Says:

      Anna Italiano, I like your sense of humor. Anna, it is Illinois that is the whacko state par excellance. I have seen a bigger bunch of big mouthed, fat asseed, Krispy Creme doughnut munching dufus politicians.

    34. Z.O.G. Says:

      It’s funny watching the Catholic Christards try to pretend that their brand of Christinsanity is different from the Protestant brand of Christinsanity.

      There is no difference between the two brands. They’re both radical egalitarian ideologies created by Jews.

    35. DMS Says:


      “Bachmann spent upwards of $1 million, paid for over 6000 tickets, paid for Grammy Award winning, country musician Randy Travis to show up, and bussed in Randy Travis fans in order to secure 152 more votes than Congressman Ron Paul. Michele Bachmann’s camp handed out flyers, which stated that in order to see the entertainment, you had to vote for her first. Here is an image of the flyer that was around Ames:”


    36. Tim McGreen Says:

      How any White Man could defend the Roman Church is beyond me. It advocates child molestation, faggotry, non-White immigration, Mud overbreeding, superstition and irrational guilt. It, like all the other Xian faiths, is a religion of death.

    37. Marwinsing Says:

      SOCRATES! STOP putting up such DAMN FUNNY POSTS MAN because I can’t get any damn work done dammit! Christ man you have (what we call in Afrikaans) a lekker drol sense of humour. That was a the funniest 4-liner I ever saw in long time!

    38. Blue Eyed Says:

      Remember aim first for the Brain Bug Zionist who lays the hords of rioting looting muds upon the Aryans.

    39. Bigduke6 Says:

      Anna Italiano, Wedgewood teacup? Bet you are one classy lady who can cook like a chef and serve a luscious Brunello in Schott lead free, stemware. Cioa Bella:)

    40. Anna Italiano Says:

      Hey BigDuke6..it’s great to have anyone appreciate the enormous contributions of Italians to the original America. What with all the anti-Med and anti-Catholic rantings here. As far as that goes, I at one time found solace in the Catholic Church..but as a child in the 60s and as a child OF the 70s..I saw that haven degenerate into the original purveyor of multi-culti horrors. By the time I was confirmed (1973) I had completely abandoned the church. My sole connection being a boozy, Marlboro-puffing Irish priest with a mouth like a stevedore and a soul of tarnished gold. He was poetic and cynical and was such a real human being. The earth cocked to one side on the day he left it.

      As for Wedgewood..I only have one cup & saucer set. My auntie gave it to my great-grandmother ages ago. As for italian cuisine, you’d be better of with Giada De Laurentiis..my fare is more of the saucepot-on-the-stove with hunks of ciabata bread and polenta on the side. You come in the kitchen, you grab hunk ..and you dip. LOL

    41. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’ve got what’s called a cultivated palate….Microwavable Chef Boyardee macaroni and cheese with grape soda. Now that’s-a Italian!

    42. Bigduke6 Says:

      Anna you are a woman after my own heart. Love dem Italian grits, with some Pecorino Romano. I’m a dipper love the rustic stuff. Where would Western civ be without the rennaisance? Dante, Machiavelli, Galileo and Botticelli. It is all downhill after the Ren.

    43. Bigduke6 Says:

      Anna you are a woman after my own heart. Love dem Italian grits, with some Pecorino Romano. I’m a dipper love the rustic stuff. Where would Western civ be without the rennaisance? Dante, Machiavelli, Galileo and Botticelli. It is all downhill after the Ren.

    44. Bigduke6 Says:

      Tim McGreen as always yer a riot. Hope yer not driving after that grape Ne-Hi