2 August, 2011

Wildlife Comes First, (White) People Come Last

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In AmeriKwa, animals are protected from humans, but humans aren’t protected from negroes.


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  7. 14 Responses to “Wildlife Comes First, (White) People Come Last”

    1. Big Dick Johnson Says:

      Lets face it. Most niggers are nothing but walking shit turds. The only niggers that are even half way intelligent are the ones that have a large admixture of White genes. How the damn jews could have gotten the masses of the dumbed down White sheeple to believe that these half apes are their equals is one of the kikes most magnificent triumphs in their long history of lies. Almost as great as their lie of the “holohoax”.

    2. Wilfred Says:

      Although everyone purports to want to save wildlife and the countryside, you will never hear in the mass media that the constant immigration of muds and other sub-humans into white countries necessitates destruction of countryside and wildlife, in order to accomodate them. This is particularly true of the UK. It’s a small island, but the towns and cities are constantly expanding to fit in all of the aliens, at the expense of the countryside, which is rapidly being destroyed in order to house the rapidly-growing population.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      Very true, Wilfred. Britain can only with the greatest difficulty import food and distribute it efficiently to meet the needs of its present population.
      The motorway system is clogged day and night with heavy trailers moving perishable foodstuffs. The total insanity of importing 12 million unproductive and unemployable negroes and muds will only become apparent to the lemmings when the whole unsupportable structure collapses, and that day can’t be far off.

    4. Wilfred Says:

      I read that the UK can only produce enough food to feed 30 million people. Given that the UK now has an ‘official’ population of some 70 million (some people think it’s over 80 million), the remaining 40-50 million people need to be fed on imported food (especially wheat from Russia). Ultimately the money for this comes from borrowed money and adds to the national debt, while most of the money ultimately goes to Jewish supermarkets and their shareholders’ off-shore bank accounts.

    5. mrcrouton Says:

      The fed environmentalist is probably an angry troll lesbian or has some other bug up her ass. She just couldn’t be reasonable and let it slide? And if she cared so much why didn’t she seize the bird on the spot?

      And was she on duty or dressed in her appropriate attire?

      The bad news is that fed agents are walking around undercover ready to write you a ticket for trying to do the white thing.

      We do need to protect certain species and restricting immiugration is a great way to do it since most threatened species are threatened by loss of habitat and that’s due to popualtion growth. Third worlders who don’t care about species loss are not helpful at all and environmentalists should broadcast that fact instead of being PC pussies that they are. Third worlders ruined their environments from whence they came and they’ll do it here too.

      I don’t think there are many endangered woodpeckers on the east coast other than the red cockaded woodpecker and the presumed extinct Ivory billed woodpecker (that might be alive in the southern swamps and Cuba).

    6. Jürgen Says:


      Saw a good bumper sticker yesterday:

      Fight Crime
      SHOOT BACK!!

      That about says it all.
      Lock and load, people.
      ALWAYS have your handgun
      ready if you have to even go
      NEAR one of these animals.

    7. Nom de Guerre Says:

      What you’re getting fed up with niggers? Now the day begins and ends on the tales of woe for the Somali muds, I get so god damn tired of it, I’d like tolay a baseball bat into all those bleeding heart libtards, and bible banging thumpers heads, or maybe their groins.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Upon speaking with the subject, later identified as Alison Capo, on June 27, the agent determined that no further action was warranted. A citation that had been previously drafted by the agent was cancelled on June 28.

      Unfortunately, the citation was processed “unintentionally” despite our office’s request to cancel the ticket. The Service has contacted Ms. Capo to express our regret. The Service is also sending Ms. Capo a formal letter explain the “clerical error” and confirming that ticket should never have been issued. This misunderstanding was the result of a Service inquiry into possible violations of federal wildlife law.”

      It was no “clerical error” when the Government mailed out that bill to pay a $535.00 fine for violating some stupid Federal law. The Fish and Wildlife bureaucrat wanted to harass that nice White Capo family as much as she could. She wanted to show how much authrotiah she has, how as a Federal Agent (and maybe an uppity affirmative action She-booness as well) she can screw with anyone she wants to screw with.

      In a few more years, bringing a woodpecker into a department store will result in a Federal SWAT team raiding your house and shooting up the place looking for anti-government “terrorists”, thanks to the “Protecting America’s Working Families Act” of 2013. It will be signed into law by the Commander in Chimp one day before Christmas Eve, just like the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      I hardly think the woodpecker is an endangered species of bird. I’ve got one right outside my window who starts pecking away at 6am and doesn’t stop till noon. Oy, that verkakte woodpecker, how he annoys me! Always with the pecking on wood! I’m going to plotz, I’m telling you!

    10. Miller Says:

      White scientists need to make an effective bioweapon that attacks negro and Jewish genes. No tears would be shed.

    11. Big Dick Johnson Says:

      If we had any White MEN left with any balls, we wouldn’t need any fucking bioweapons. We would send the kike bastards off to some damn island like Madagascar, and send the nigger’s stinking black asses back to the African shithole where they belong.

    12. john Says:

      Are you fukking kiddin me?

      Send the jews back to Madagascar? Are we all on the same page? The god damn jews are leading a genocidal war against every white man, woman, child on the planet. And whats your response to that? Send them to madagascar so they can learn from their mistakes and try to genocide whites again with superior technology available for them.

      We all know what do with the jews. We choose not to come out and say it. HINT it involves torture + death + all jews.

    13. morris wise Says:

      The perfect business partnership in my old hometown was between the black purse snatcher and the Jewish hand bag merchant. The crime wave was so widespread that the Jew expanded his business to buy diamonds and gold from burglars. Years later he ran for mayor and won in a landslide helped by the black vote.

    14. Howdy Doody Says:


      Same M.O. of course

      Sadly Banjo Billy was banned, but at the same time giant P.O.S.s smear fece’s all over the forum IMO.