17 September, 2011

Brown v. Board Of Education: The Jewish Gift That Keeps On Giving

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Jewish desegregation expert: “Racial segregation is wrong. Except in Israel, where it’s the norm.”


  • 5 Responses to “Brown v. Board Of Education: The Jewish Gift That Keeps On Giving”

    1. Doug Says:

      The jews have invented a new right for non-whites “to live beside white people”. It went from just a simple ending of discrimination by government to ending the right of people to prohibit others from their private land, neighborhoods and businesses. The whole anti-discrimination shit should have stayed with prohibiting *GOVERNMENT* from discriminating. By extending it to private individuals, it functioned as a new form of slavery, forcing whites to labor for blacks they don’t wish to work for (Woolworth food counters). The government becomes the master. The white hands forcibly separating whites from blacks did a 180 and became jewish hands forcing whites together with blacks. The truly fair way would have been to simply remove government involvement. The tyrannical jew method was to not remove govt involvement, but simply reverse it.

    2. fd Says:

      It was Northern Black Republicans who paved the way for Jews to do their dirty with these Reconstruction civil rights acts: 1866, 1870, 1871, 1875. Negro armies, Negro occupation troops, Negro puppet governments. Negro Reconstruction amendments. Lots of White race traitors out there.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      I imagine that just about every public school district in AZ is majority Mestizo by now. But apparently that’s still not good enough for the cultural Bolsheviks. Whitey has to keep retreating with his family to new communities further and further away in hopes that the Mestizos, niggers and other subhuman detritus won’t follow them.

      You’re running out of places to run to, Honky. Pretty soon you’ll have no choice but to either fight back or die.

    4. Howdy Doody Says:

      The regime understood what the situation was exactly, and I say that the crime of ten years ago and homoland insecurity was a large part of it too.

      Stealth War on Whitey, till they are coming in the windows.

    5. Susan Says:

      I’m getting ready to turn 57 and I remember well what this country was like before integration. It was nothing short of heaven.

      I lived in Richmond Va from 1955-l966 and it was such a nice, pleasant city back then. I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful it was. My elementary school was segregated, and so we had no behavior problems, no violence, none of the garbage that accompanies every school day now.

      My church was segregated, my dance class was segregated. My swimming pool was segregated. My girl scout troop was segregated. My father’s university where he taught was segregated. The restaurants and shopping centers and libraries were segregated.

      Everything was segregated and it was so wonderful and quiet and civilized.

      I’ve told this before, but the street behind my street was an old nigger street. But they never bothered us at all. There was a fence that ran the entire length of the street separating our yards and there was lots of trees and we never saw them and they never bothered us until…

      Martin Luther Coon got cranked up and started stirring shit. Then, all of a sudden, our homes were broken into occasionally. My home was never broken into, and it’s really surprising actually that nothing ever happened to us. My father used to go out of town on debate trips and was gone for several days. It would have been very easy for some nigger to break the glass on our back door and come inside and kill us all.

      And some of the most pleasant memories I have as a child were the road trips we would take and we would never have to see a nigger or be around one who was chimping out somewhere or who we had to be afraid of or avoid. God, what a wonderful country we had back then.

      Something is going to have to happen before all of us who remember what life was like before integration are dead, or Whites simply will not have the perspective or willpower to fight for our race or our country.

      I mean it.