8 September, 2011

Germany: Court Sentences Girl To Read Anne Frank Novel

Posted by Socrates in Anne Frank, Jewish lies, Jewish myths, Nazi era, Nazis, Socrates at 7:32 pm | Permanent Link

Why not sentence the girl to read science fiction? It’s just as real as the Anne Frank tale – she herself described her famous “diary” as a novel.


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  7. 10 Responses to “Germany: Court Sentences Girl To Read Anne Frank Novel”

    1. WVA8 Says:

      can we sentence jews to read mein kampf?

    2. Walter Says:

      “Judge Reinhardt Hering”. Hering (= herring) is not a typical German name; a Jew would look perfectly natural with it, however, and so I think that “Judge Hering” is a Jew.
      The German judiciary is apparently strongly infiltrated by Jews, e.g. “judge Meinerzhagen” who sentenced Germar Rudolf for having the wrong interest, opinion and knowledge was in all likelihood a Jew as well. (The ending “hagen” is quite indicative of a Jew’s name).
      It would be of great interest to have detailed knowledge of this, also, of course, for the United States, where Jews’ names always pop up when reading about court-related matters.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Getting a teenager to read anything is hard enough. If that girl has to read “The Diary of Ann Fake” it will probably kill off whatever interest in literature she might have had. Forcing kids to read as punishment defeats the whole idea of trying to promote literacy, god damn it.

    4. CW-2 Says:

      Something like one third of the ‘diary’ is written in ballpoint, now the ballpoint pen wasn’t invented until 1948. Perhaps jews along with their other talents are skilled at time travel, a simpler explanation is jews are big liars and con artists.

    5. bjt Says:

      Post world war two the russians took over Germany.
      Rape of the German woman, yung and old alike, made
      these people(Germans) verry weak.
      Therefor there is verry few real Germans left.
      These woman were forced to shit out these little
      mongrols(russians)beacuse this was the whole
      idea to start with.
      The begining of the end of the White People(human)
      Thank you greatest generation(USA)
      This is why this German girl will have to read this jew piece
      of shit book!!

    6. Hans Schneider Says:

      The girl should be made to read the history of the ballpoint (used to write the story) pen which was manufactured after WW2.

    7. Miller Says:

      Force her to read the Talmud, especially, the tractates about shiksas.

    8. Arminius Says:

      Having thought it over, I think forcing the girl to read Anne Franks Diary is not a bad idea at all.
      This pathetic, perverse concoction of Jewish drivel may awaken her to recognize the monstrosity of Germany’s Jewish rulers what they really are.
      As we can assume our German girl has a healthy mind and spirit, the result of the judge’s order could easily have the opposite effect as believed.

    9. john 316 Says:

      russians are still white.

      russia is the 2nd most powerful white country in the world. if anything, germans, french, brits are inferior whites.

      russia is the only other white country other than america that can defeat the jew. the others dont stand a chance.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Russians most certainly are White. I really can’t believe it when someone asks if they are. Yes, there are mongols in the Russian Far East, but just because they live in the Russian Federated Republic does not make them ethnic Slavic Russians. We’ve got Red Indians and Mestizos in our country, so I guess that means that Americans aren’t White either. There was a time when the Irish weren’t considered White, you know. But I think it’s safe to say they are.

      Where are all these half-wits coming from?