26 September, 2011

Saudi King Embraces Democrazy

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It looks like tikkun olam has finally reached Saudi Arabia! A main difference between communism and democrazy is that the former will destroy your culture immediately, while the latter needs 40 years to do so.


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    1. Jürgen Says:

      DEMOCRACY (noun): mob rule, dressed up in a coat and tie

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Well, yes, Herr Jürgen, but the mob doesn’t rule for long before the Jews sweep in and seize control of the chaos. That was certainly the case in Russia in 1917. And it almost happened in Germany in 1919.

      In Saddam’s Iraq, as in Col. Khaddaffi’s Libya, citizens could be practicing Muslims or Zoroastrians or Christians or not have any religion; Women could drive, wear makeup and have their own bank accounts; They could wear western clothes or traditional garb. And their standards of living were among the highest in the Near East. So much for being “brutal dictatorships”.

      In Saudi Arabia, women cannot drive, cannot wear anything but those black bedsheets in public and cannot be seen anywhere without a male relative escorting them. You must be a Sunni Muslim or you get your head chopped off. Saudi prisons and their secret police are among the most brutal in the world. And yet that kingdom is ZOG’s closest non-Zionist ally in the Near East, just like that other CIA-backed tyrant the Shah of Iran was.

      Ultimately, the group that will be responsible for destroying the USA won’t be the Jews or the Beaners or the Globalists, it will be all those millions of fat, cowardly, willfully ignorant, over-medicated and apathetic White sport-fans we call Kwans. They are all that is standing between us and Victory.

    3. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Right Tim, I can’t get over the glaring hypocricy of Zogs media. Ooooh Weeee, Lookey here the Saudis are going to allow women to vote in the 2015 elections!!!!! Heh, where are protests from feminists like Bella Abzug, or the Xian fundamentalists over freedom of religion? How about the opponents of the death penalty??
      Oh vey those po’ lil kikesters hitchiking in Kurdistan, they just had to endure 2 years listening to the fellow inmates getting beaten, and they couldn’t do nuthin about it, or the Iranians would have turned them into lamp shades or bars of soap. Ohhh Boooo hooo. The way those shitz are being vetted in the media is enough to make you want to puke.

    4. Nom de Guerre Says:

      I’ll never forget an idiot I worked with once, he was a fanatic bible thumber, anythiing came over the news about a jew getting is due rewards, and he was whooping it up about the end of world. One day I went into Wally World, and here was this? Woman? in a black shroud with only a small slit for her eyes and mouth, damn it was like Halloween when you were a small kid. You’d think it would have raised a few eyebrows, but the fukkers just kept shopping around like nothing here boss. Well at work I told mister fanatic about it, I said Sheet she could have had M16 under all that, and you know that fukker just rolled his eyes up into his head, and said Oh those poor women over there, they’re so mistreated, and I replied you dumb shits, “she” is over here!

    5. DMS Says:

      U.S. and Saudi Arabia have had a deal since the 70s: They buy the fed government’s debt in exchange for the U.S. keeping the Saudi royals in power. As a result, Saudi interests are entangled with tax slavery and jew finance. And Washington has an interest in keeping fuel prices high.

    6. CW-2 Says:

      The Saudis don’t deserve any sympathy. The sooner the corrupt 5000+ strong Saudi ‘Royal’ family, (Ibn Saud truly was the father of his nation), get the boot the better.
      In the 1980’s I worked with a guy who previously had a job with an industrial cleaning company. Back then Saudis would rent a luxurious appartment in London for a few weeks during the summer. When the leases finished the cleaners would be called in. We’re not talking about a bit of dusting and vacuuming; the guys were equipped with full protective suits and steam cleaners. They needed it, the carpets and fittings were routinely sodden with piss and other stuff.
      To think that White blood is being shed in the mid east so ragheads can ‘enjoy’ the fruits of democrazy.

    7. Jürgen Says:

      For Tim McGreen:

      Well put! And I’ve been thinking that most of these silly
      Kwans will perhaps die once this jewed-over economy
      collapses for good. I figure that the muds will riot and
      kill them for their food. The only Whites remaining may
      well be the armed Whites who were smart enough to
      prepare beforehand, who knows.

    8. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Right Jurgen, the Kwans will die fat, dumb, and drugged up with one hand on the remote control, and the other hand holding the cell phone dialing 9-11 as Juans machete quickly dispatches him with a machete.

    9. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The real question is Why? Why are the Saudi royals making these concessions, and to whom, and at this time? Maybe they want a backlash from the more fundamentalist kikes, errr mudslims that is, and then to protect the regime from falling into the hands of these fanatic jews errr mudslims, they can call in Nato or Kwan troops to protect the oil fields. By the way, why doesn’t Islam designated jews converted to the mudslim faith, the way Spanish Catholics did , by callin them Marranos or conversos?

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      Interesting point, Nom….You hear about “damped” Jews or Marranos who converted to Catholicism but one never hears anything about Jews who converted to Islam. Are there any instances where that happened? My guess is that the Muslims never tried to force the Jews in their midst to convert. Maybe it was out of respect for ol’ Father Abraham, the mythical patriarch of all the Semites. Maybe it was because the Jews, Turks, Persians and Arabs are all so much alike?

      It’s safe to say that up until the advent of Zionism the Muslims were very tolerant of the Jews. The Jews had it made in places like Turkey and Persia, but how did the Jews repay the Mohammedan countries for putting up with them for all those centuries? By getting the USA to bomb them and forcibly change their governments. Jews are the biggest ingrates who ever lived. One cannot and must not be friends with them under any circumstances.

    11. Jürgen Says:

      Nom de Guerre

      So love that Kwan statement – too true – lol
      You r-o-c-k Bud!

    12. Emily Says:

      Saudi ‘Royal’ family are MARRANOS. Why they have slavery. They have openly admitted to being of the tribe. Assassinated Omar, 2d Caliph, Osman, 3d Caliph & Ali, 4h Caliph. Abdula Ben-Sabah, creator of division into Shia from original Sunni of Islam, ordered assassination & similar these deeds, as he was an imposter-Muslim, having stolen (or duplicated) the Caliphate’s Stamp. Jews are not semetic; not Arab. Semeticism refers to language only, not origin,neither genetic or regional. Jews come from IRAN. Egypt’s own dynasty was related to Mesopotamian rulers. The Fertile Crescent was a reality, refers to inter-related, inter-connected people of the area. The word “Hebrew” comes from the Arabic language meaning “people from the other side of …there two famous rivers..what’s left of them today…meaning Northeast to Iraq or Persia–the first migrants into Iraq from Persia; and it also means, people who are so bad you have to separate them from the rest of society because they are so disruptive & cause so much havoc AND Cannot be taught!!! From the cradle of civilization itself (the lesson). Or, how to recognize a lie.