4 September, 2011

With Museum Request, Jews Say: “Get On Your Knees, Whitey”

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The Jews want to castrate the White race, make it weak and wimpy, deny it any strong leaders. (In fact, the yids have already accomplished that to a good degree via their control of the media and Hollywood).


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  7. 30 Responses to “With Museum Request, Jews Say: “Get On Your Knees, Whitey””

    1. morris wise Says:

      Decline of white power is a myth. White growth may be lower in comparison to non-whites, but whites still are holding on to the brain jobs. Not all whites are smart and those are the ones that are being replaced by Sambo.

    2. Miller Says:

      Jews want a defeated looking wax Hitler, but the fact remains, he successfully rounded up millions of Jews and put them in concentration camps before he was defeated, and not by Jews, but by other Aryans. Mein Kampf is still in print and, defeated or not, Our leader lives on in word, spirit and deed; which is more than can be said for any Jew in history. After all, which Jewish leader even merits a wax likeness?

    3. Howdy Doody Says:



      He produced this and lost his shirt and almost his home, but Whites World wide purchased this for gifts and he made it.

      The movie played one week in theaters.

      As far as I know this was the last White produced movie worth a dime.

      About 20 minutes removed of this film and would be a perfect story.



      The grail found – Excalibur


      Excalibur — The end


      Gods and Generals Ted Turner. cost $88 million, LOL !
      List some other White production’s

    4. torrence Says:

      Jews again. And they are wanting to deny us ‘strong leaders’. I’ll let Tim Green’s words guide us to his concept of ‘strong’ Aryan (laughable) leadership:

      “Capping a few demented old bats in a nursing home is not exactly a tragedy. Those old wretches are better off dead and the taxpayer gets to save a few bucks on Medicare and Social Security. Besides, who wants to visit a relative in a nursing home anyway? Everything smells like pee.”

      ….”not exactly a tragedy”
      …”better off dead”
      …”who wants to visit a relative in a nursing home”

      I visit my mother multiple times weekly, Tim. Dementia is a tragedy, but I’ll do no “capping”.

    5. Chip Farley Says:

      ‘Our leader lives on in word, spirit and deed; which is more than can be said for any Jew in history. After all, which Jewish leader even merits a wax likeness?’

      If a wax figure of some Jewish leader (Ariel Sharon?, Golda Meir?) were ever created all we would have to do is toss it into one of those mythical holocaust ovens and melt it down!

    6. bjt Says:

      Miller, what are you talking about, I don’t understand what your
      trying to say!!!

    7. torrence Says:

      bjt – Morris and Marc are implanted in VNN to keep up a certain level of vitality and momentum. They are here to rile and provoke readers, to stimulate readership on inconsequential topics so as to keep the ball rolling.
      Jews or not, they post in such a stereotypical Jewish manner that the joke is on you and others who feel compelled to follow and comprehend their posts.
      Whites are easily diverted to dead ends.

      The Bible counsels to only consider things that are “true” and of “serious concern”. Sounds like relevant advice to me.

    8. Olaf Gunnerson Says:

      “It is necessary that I should die for my people; but my spirit will rise from the grave, and the world will know that I was right.”

      Adolf Hitler
      Chancellor, Greater German Reich 1945.

    9. torrence Says:

      Any ideas on what can be done to improve VNN beyond just a sounding board, bitch and rant venue? VNN keyboard warriors are good at that, but maybe at not much more.

      I asked that question a few days ago.
      I offered an idea, but no one else rose to the challenge. I’ll research a bit on the proposal below and and get back to everyone on a few forum sites we may wish to visit. We’ll see if regular VNN keyboard warriors are good for much of anything constructive.

      I have a suggestion.
      Morris and Marc have ‘invaded foreign territory’ by becoming regular posters propagandizing for Jewish interests and objectives. That is constructive on their part. They have taken to the attack and we are on the defensive, left to whimper a response to their efforts. They set the agenda and we poor, pitiful Aryans are left with little to do other than follow suit and offer rebuttal. Hey, when the Jews talk, we need to listen, right? And if they demand an answer, we need to say something, right? They have succeeded in keeping themselves relevant since we talk about the topics they force upon us. Amazing to behold.

      How about we follow their tactic and seek out Jewish-interest boards and intrude ourselves into their sphere, to disrupt their discussion with our views and agendas?
      Oh, that may require White ‘chutzpah’ which most don’t have – although we sure talk like we do.

    10. torrence Says:

      This deserves a separate thread.
      Michael Weaver – Georgia NA activist – is being held without bail on trumped-up assault charges. I’m surprised that I can’t find any information on this from the National Alliance website. I”ve learned of this only through Roper’s White Revolution site.


      Anyone else aware of this?
      Contribute to the fund drive.

    11. jayhackworth Says:

      These museums could one day house the archives of Jewish international crimes against humanity, with statues of the likes of Aeneas, Manetho, Van Brunn , Rockwell, and Hitler gracing the entryways.

    12. torrence Says:

      It’s pretty shocking to read in this Al Jazeera article of the brutality US Police are dishing up nowadays. I am not a petty racist who sanctions violence against individual non-Whites. That’s pretty low-life. Regardless of whether the victim is brown, white or black, this is an eye-opener of what America has become and what it is further becoming.


      Of particular interest to me is the closing paragraph:

      “British officials will learn a few new crowd control tricks from the American colleagues,” says Rachel Jackson. “But the US curriculum relies on sowing division and distrust in communities, denying civil liberties, and the increasing militarisation of society…..”


      One reason the ‘White movement’ has failed to gel and mature is this tactic of intrusion, of: “sowing division and distrust in communities”. The perceptive among us recognize this and can even detect it.
      VNN has its allotment of government posters whose aim is to never allow a constructive consensus to be settled upon. They desire to keep the mental focus on what is inconsequential and the practical expression of our world view non-existent or ineffective.
      I suggest its time we change this.

    13. Franklin Ryckaert Says:

      Marc Rappaport,its about time for you to go on aliya to Israel and preach to the criminal racist Jews there some basic values such as equality and tolerance that are considerd NORMAL by almost everybody else in the world.Palestinians have no right to return to their homes that were stolen by the invading Jews.Ethiopian Jews are openly discriminated against.It has been discovered that Israeli doctors started a socalled “health program” for Ethiopian women that was in reality a sterilization program.Talk about “equality”.And what about those Palestinians who are kidnapped,killed in prison and then their dead bodies are send back with missing organs?Or those thousands of young women from Eastern Europe who are lured into Israel every year with the promise of a well paying job but end in one of Israel’s many brothels as forced prostitutes?Jews commit all these crimes without any compunction because their religion teaches them that “goyim” are just like cattle to be used by Jews at will.You first do some critical reading of the Talmud,especially those passages that treat about “goyim”.Then do some reading of Israel Shahak’s books or visit Gilad Atzmon’s website to learn something about the Jewish mentality.Perhaps it will finally dawn on you WHY you Jews are always and everywhere so much disliked by what you disdainful call “goyim”.Preaching morals is the LAST thing you Jews should do.

    14. morris wise Says:

      White trash have become useless to employers when black trash is available at a discount. But whites with managerial skills remain valuable and will always be paid well. Those of you who are called white trash have a job problem and it seems impossible to correct. Highly skilled whites in South Africa and Rhodesia were not asked to leave, it was only the white trash that was booted out.

    15. Robert Cardillo Says:

      The above post was well said, Franklin. To me Adolf Hitler was one of the GREATEST of our race. Unlike you ugly, rat-faced cunts ,Unwise and your fellow tribesman Crappaport. The kikes have been the bane of everyones existance. Keep whining like the bunch of spolit bunch of wankers that you are. You will be tossed out of Europa and the JEWnited States too!!!

    16. torrence Says:

      What an overall sorrowful lot the VNN community has become. It’s an informative site, but what I glean of the character of the regular poster tells me this community forms a vanguard to a dead end.

    17. torrence Says:

      I’ll chine in as well with my view on Hitler.
      He is a monument among European men. His understandings inform and guide us and his life course inspires. He has been among the greatest influences in my life.
      Just yesterday, I watched through You-tube the TV (?) Miniseries ‘Hitler: The Rise of Evil’ (re-labelled by the uploader as ‘Hitler: The Rise of Evil of Greatness?’). Despite the ingrained negative bias toward him that is unavoidable in US media, the depiction of his rise to power was powerfully inspiring. Over weighted on matters of the Jewish question, the movie by and large accurately follows the broad outline of his years of struggle from 1919-1933.
      Since I’m TV free, I wasn’t aware of this production until two neighbors mentioned it too me enthusiastically. They were excited by it. They were also corrected of their misunderstanding of how Hitler came to power. He actually did build the movement up from the ground floor, exerting and working endlessly while taking the blows and bruises along the way. Previously, they assumed he ‘took over’ an existing political party after the heavy lifting had already been done by others.

    18. torrence Says:

      Here’s the link to the You-Tube series which I forgot to post.


      Franklin – I appreciate your observations on the nastiness going on about in Israel. But let none of us forget the widespread nastiness going on about within our communities. That is where our focus needs to be and our efforts concentrated: on improving ourselves.

    19. torrence Says:

      Poor White Folk. Wandering, searching, groping. Four down thumbs to my post encouraging we improve ourselves. A terrible suggestion of mine.
      I apologize to everyone for even bringing this up. I should have known better and next time I will know better. We should all be grateful and content with our present circumstances. Our folk, culture and nation need no improvement. As Dr. Pangloss told Candide: ‘it is all the best; the best of all possible worlds’. Let we White folk content ourselves with wallowing about in the mire of our manure. This idea of advancement, of progressive development, of improvement is foolishness. I feel really bad having even brought it up.

    20. torrence Says:

      Poor White Folk. Wandering, searching, groping.
      Two thumbs down to my post informing this board of the plight of a White activist – Michael Weaver – who may benefit from awareness of his plight. A financial contribution may be immensely appreciated by him.

      Let’s see now. ‘Improving ourselves’ has no place here and assisting a fellow folkman has no place here. Fine White People we are.

    21. CW-2 Says:

      Torrence says, “Poor White folk, wandering, searching, groping”. Indeed, but how can it be otherwise when we are atomized and without visible leadership to turn to.

    22. torrence Says:

      It is for our benefit that Marc remain, even though it may come with a measure of irritation.
      I don’t understand why your posts have been deleted, Marc. I, like you, challenge the VNN keyboard-warriors although in different ways and to different ends. Your provocations are a healthy affront to us that should be used to strengthen and sharpen us. Your posts are silly at times and stereotypically politically-correct, but you represent what’s really out there.
      The benefit to us of your presence is two-fold. For some, it is the opportunity to build discipline by effectively shunning you, which many haven’t appeared to be able to do, or for others, to undertake strides in overtaking your arguments thereby proving to ourselves the validity and correctness of our understanding of things. More often than not, the responses you have drawn out were not overpowering in their form or content. Convincing you otherwise on things I don’t think was realistic.
      Most VNN keyboard warriors are comfortably enshrined in their own temple of all-knowing wisdom and understanding. By and large, VNN are of the herd moving along the same path, drawing comfort from one another as they imbibe their daily sustenance with the same chatter and sloganeering. They are the choir and they love to hear themselves sing. Problem is, they sing to themselves and enjoy the performance, even if they are out of tune all too often.

    23. Chip Farley Says:

      ‘You have all been exposed as hypocrites and cowards!’

      The chutzpah is strong in this one!

      Fact: Men of action like James Von Brunn, Robert J. Mathews, and Varg Vikernes are far from being cowards! And there shall be more of them in the future!

      ‘I will see all of you on the TV news being handcuffed and herded into an FBI van one of these days.’

      Laughable. Have you forgotten about the 2nd amendment? Did you read all the news stories about Whites stocking up on arms following the election of Obama? Most Whites are heavily armed and will easily repulse any attempts to set up a hard police state!

    24. jayhackworth Says:

      The Globalist Jews just couldn’t allow Germany to exemplify how successful a country can be without Jewish debt usury.

    25. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Well isn’t this a barrel of laughs?

      A bunch of jews acting like kindergarteners taking their frustrations out on a wax figurine as if it was real. What silly, misbehaving children the jews are.

      They can’t stand the fact that Hilter outsmarted them and put them in their place under the yellow jewish star and showed them how to shower themselves to the rid the body lice the jews were carrying.

      “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”

    26. torrence Says:

      Chup says: “Most Whites are heavily armed and will easily repulse any attempts to set up a hard police state!”
      I have so much to write on this, but no time presently. It is one of the great areas of MASS delusion that White folk will ever use the vast weaponry at their disposal to defend anything. This is in largest measure due to the government psych-operation known as the NRA.
      I’m sorry Chip, but that will never happen. Maybe more later. I have much I want to say on this.

    27. festerbestertester Says:

      A good way to spread the word about the Jews is to post on these Conservative blogs ( Patriot, Cowboy Bytes, etc. ) A lot of grinning dumb Christian Evangelicals but if you can just get through to a certain percentage, who knows?

    28. CW-2 Says:

      OK, Torrence why the Mr Negative attitude? Isn’t the general situation bad enough without inferring that many of us just sing to the choir. Most of the regular posters have sufficient self awareness to realise we are preaching to the converted, but that isn’t our aim, our objective, at the risk of sounding pompous, is to help newbies.
      One fact we need to keep in mind, jews and their lackies are fearful of Whites with guns. Until about 1910 in Britain it was possible for anyone to walk into a gun shop and buy a gun for self protection, but steadily over the years that right has been curtailed until now the population of Britain has been totally disarmed, except of course Paki drug dealers and Albanian pimps.

    29. torrence Says:

      News: U.S. Slides, Singapore Rises in Competitiveness Survey


      “Western European countries dominated survey’s top 10 economies.”
      —‘Despite’ 2000 years of Christianity, European man still leads the way. This may be a shock to VNN’s battalion of anti-Christians.

      And, the US continues its slide.

    30. jayhackworth Says:

      European man still leads the way in spite of Xtianity. Go figure.