30 November, 2011

Behind Liberalism

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“The point is this: Liberals are tools. Most of them are not inherently evil or destructive, any more than a hammer used to smash a statue by Phidias is evil or a match used to burn a great library is evil. Liberals are morally neutral, like the hammer and the match. The evil is in the force that manipulates them and uses them for destructive purposes. The evil is in the mind that plans the destruction and then uses the liberals to carry it out. And that force is the force that controls our mass media of news and entertainment.”


For the audio version of this article, go [Here] and scroll down to 06-09-2001.

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  7. 18 Responses to “Behind Liberalism”

    1. Richard Jennings Says:

      The Pierce quote above is timely, since I just got through reading this post from a bona fide “true believer” liberal/leftist:

      The progressive faction has been wrong only once before: prohibition. The right wing reactionary faction has been wrong on basically every social issue, and eventually loses.

      Abolition of slavery
      Enfranchisement of former slaves
      Suffrage for women
      Ending persecution of immigrants under the Alien and Sedition act
      Integration of the Army
      Establishment of minimum wage
      Establishment of Social Security
      Ending abuse by HUAC and “communist” persecution
      Establishment of Medicare
      Integration of schools and universities
      Protection of civil rights for minorities
      Protection of voting rights for minorities
      Establishment of right to associate and marry for minorities
      Protection of privacy rights regarding contraception and reproductive choice
      Defense against sexual discrimination
      Ending the Vietnam war
      Protection of privacy rights regarding sexual behavior…

      Basically, we stake out a position that is unambiguously fair, morally sound and reasonable, and eventually we win. Universal health care, marriage equality and other attempts at social justice are no different. We are right and we will eventually win because the opposition will ultimately be seen as repugnant to the sense of fairness that is at the root of the American identity.

      The key thing that distinguishes progressive politics from reactionary right-wing politics is that we win by being right about everything while they occasionally occupy territory by brute force and recalcitrance — territory they must eventually concede when it becomes untenable. We win because inch by inch we want to extend freedom and equality to everyone, no matter their economic or social status. We want everyone to have a shot. We are constrained by those who preserve and accrue power and money in the hands of the already rich and already powerful.

      These people by definition have money and power on their side, so they can make the going difficult, but over time the arc of the American story is consistent: We, the progressives, win because we are right about everything and the reactionary right cannot obfuscate that or lie about it enough to overcome that eventual realization by the people.

      These tea party idiots are tools of the elements of the rabid right — the power bloc of the medical and insurance industries, the entrenched old money elite political families, the military-industrial-prison complex and the corn-pone Jesus hucksters. They are all individually wrong, flying in the face of the thrust of history, and collectively they are a baffling melange of wrong that sways nobody.

      Let them scream “nigger” and “faggot” and stamp their feet. They will be forgotten soon enough.


    2. CW-2 Says:

      What a great article. We can see the good doctor’s scientific training at work here, cutting through the non-essentials to get at the core of the problem. The liberal’s inflated ego and self-righteous mania are a product of jewmedia manipulation. No way out but through the jew!

    3. CW-2 Says:

      What a great article. We can see the good doctor’s scientific training at work here, cutting through the non-essentials to get at the core of the problem. The liberal’s inflated ego and self-righteous mania are a product of jewmedia manipulation. No way out but through the jew!

    4. Luke Says:

      The ‘evil force’ that Dr. Pierce cites as being the motivating mechanism behind the evil that liberals do is also the same evil force that has managed to turn most of these despicable and treasonous ‘conservative’ Christian idiots into the mortal enemies of their own race and nation.

      Try sometime to have a sane and practical discussion about race with one of these moronic nitwits. If anything, they’re worse and far more dangerous than are most liberals – because at least liberals, when cornered, will often sheepishly admit that they prefer not to subject themselves and their families to the horrors of multi-culturalism and ghetto black violence and will avoid living anywhere near their minority pets, if possible. But, these Christian bible thumping hypocritical nitwits – these rat turds will help a bus load of Haitians or Bantu Somalis fill out the paperwork for eligibility for Section 8 housing and then organize a 30 man working party from their church to help them move into the house right next door to yours.

      All the while, telling themselves that they’re earning brownie points from the Big jew in the Clouds.

      Know thy enemies, White man.

    5. Richard Jennings Says:

      “…at least liberals, when cornered, will often sheepishly admit that they prefer not to subject themselves and their families to the horrors of multi-culturalism and ghetto black violence and will avoid living anywhere near their minority pets, if possible.”

      That the majority of liberals support quotas and “affirmative action”-type programs for blacks but not for other racial minorities such as Asians who were historically just as strongly discriminated against shows that they consider blacks to be inferior. Hence liberals are some of the biggest racists around, even if they don’t go around advertising it.

    6. Olaf Gunnerson Says:

      Google “Dr William Pierce” and click “videos” .. more and more of Dr Pierce’s ADV’s coming to video.

    7. Richard Jennings Says:

      Can anyone offer an intelligent rebuttal to the liberal diatribe I quoted above? Or is the gentleman who wrote it essentially correct in pointing out that we of the “rabid right” scream “nigger” and “faggot” and stamp our feet without any moral substantiation?

      I can hardly blame him for thinking that ours is an intellectually indefensible position, going by a lot of the stuff I see posted in these comments sections.

    8. torrence Says:

      Part of the NWO agenda is the moral and intellectual evisceration of the masses – the ‘dumbing-down’ process. I see it everyday as I talk with people. The goal is to draw them to the banal and inconsequential to keep them occupied away from the heroic and virtuous. Feed them the trivial, extinguish the joy of knowledge and understanding, squelch the spirit of man. Thank-God we’re different!
      A bit off topic, but I had to share the news items highlighted on Yahoo this morning. Every hour of every day the brain-lemmings are force-fed the dung.

      —-City facing $9-a-gallon gas this winter
      —- Ice chunks piled high near a seafood processing plant in Nome, Alaska. (AP/Peggy Fagerstrom)
      —-Prince, Paris, and Blanket Jackon (“X Factor,” Fox) Jackson kids bored by tribute
      —-Man hands out $100 bills (ABC/GMA) ‘Santa’ hands out $100 bills
      —-Scott Santy in his flip-flop store has made a cool million. (Courtesy of Scott Santy) Hot flip-flops make a million (L- R) Casey Anthony (AP)
      —-Kim Kardashian (Denise Truscello/WireImage) Top 10 searches of 2011

      —-Cain: embattled candidate says the fate of his bid could come down to a frank face-to-face meeting.
      —-Feds: Mob recruited immigrants for N.Y. strip clubs
      —-Kentucky church votes to ban interracial couples
      —-Utah man is accidentally shot by his own dog
      —-Dentist threatens to sue patient for negative Yelp review
      —-McDonald’s toy sale skirts Happy Meal restrictions
      —-How the GOP is being taught to talk about Occupy Wall Street
      —-Ron Paul hits Newt Gingrich on his ‘serial hypocrisy’

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Dr. Pierce says that the problem of social decline is not because of those mushy-headed liberals but rather because of the ruthless and malicious alien force behind modern liberalism, viz., the Jew. Well, if the gentiles are so easily manipulated by unwholesome Semitic influences then I would say that the problem lies with the gentiles themselves. Really, can you blame the Jew for referring to us as goy cattle when so many of our people behave in such a stupid, disgraceful and racially destructive manner?

      We could put an end to the Jew problem once and for all in 72 hours if we wanted to. I imagine the Jew marvels at the fact that we do not put an end to him. I imagine that our unwillingness to do so only makes him bolder and more contemptuous of us.

      So again, who is ultimately to blame here, the Jew who manipulates the left and right wing or the gentile fools who allow the Jew to manipulate them?


    10. CW-2 Says:

      We live in a crazy world. White liberals seem to think they have a mission to confer upon the whole world various rights and privileges that were developed by us to make our own societies function smoothly and effectively. It is interesting to note that when the set of ‘rights’ were initially formulated they didn’t exist in isolation but were always linked to a set of duties expected of the citizen. Thus ‘liberty’ didn’t exist for its own sake but was coupled to the expectation of responsible behavior.
      So we have the insane situation of a newly arrived Somali jihadist being given the same rights as a native European. This universalist BS gives the liberals a warm glow of satisfaction with the thought of how morally ‘superior’ they are to us atavistic rednecks. Liberals think their universalist moral posturings provided them with immunity from Nature and her eternal laws. It doesn’t. The only ‘morality’ we need to consider is the ultimate morality of survival of our people and race. Non-white races can go find their own destiny somewhere but not in our lands or with our resources.

    11. Richard Jennings Says:

      “The only ‘morality’ we need to consider is the ultimate morality of survival of our people and race.”

      This is the type of copout I’ve come to expect from white nationalists. They’re unable or unwilling to explain or argue their position in a calm, sensible, moderated, persuasive manner and would rather just hang out on blogs and chat forums all day and circle jerk each other. For the last several decades, the right has just been coasting on inertia, always taking its positions for granted, never feeling the need to justify them. This is why the far right (for lack of a better term) fails to attract the talented and intelligent people it needs in the quantities it requires to succeed.

      If the ‘ultimate’ morality is our survival, then we are going to die, it’s as simple as that. The average 20-year-old white today would literally rather be dead than be racist. The leftist prick who wrote that statement is absolutely correct in pointing out that the left wins, wins, wins while the right loses, loses, loses, with no end to this pattern in sight. Without a strong moral argument for our side, we have nothing. Sure, the jewish mass media is part of the problem, but that’s still no excuse for the far right not getting its house in order.

      No one wants to join a losing cause that doesn’t entitle them to a sense of moral superiority.

    12. CW-2 Says:

      Moral superiority be damned! WN isn’t a traditional mass movement eager to convert the wavering lemmings to the reasonableness of our cause. Dr Pierce had stated that position on many of his broadcasts. We are aiming to reach the 5% of the White population who already value their heritage and are capable of independent thought.
      For those requiring an internally consistent philosophical framework to prop-up their weak and under nourished racial consciousness, they could waste their time with the musings of the French ‘nouvelle droit’. These gentlemen seem to consider lots of expresso plus Gitanes equals action. WN within the English-speaking world is weak in philosophy, but the ‘will to power’ approach is infinitely preferable to wasting time trying to convince the hesitant via a type of mathematical proof of the justice of our cause.
      If idiots aren’t able to recognise the value of self-preservation or the unparalleled heights of achievement of the White race, well they deserve to die, we, however have no intention to succumb to big jew and his savage hordes.

    13. torrence Says:

      “If in a people a certain amount of the highest energy and active force seems concentrated upon one goal and hence is definitively removed from the inertia of the broad masses, this small percentage has risen to be master over the entire number.

      World history is made by minorities when this minority of number embodies the majority of will and determination.”

      –Adolph Hitler – Mein Kampf, Bk II, Ch II

    14. Mel Brooks Says:

      May I ask, what are we supposed to take from the OP, other than it’s brazeness, which is only a little more over the top than usual? I’ve read hundreds of WN screeds that demolish every point made in the OP. This is boilerplate for HufPo and their ilk-what’s so remarkable about it?

      I believe the state we find ourselves in now is because the conditions are in place to allow it. I’m reminded of that treatise, or whatever you’d call it that someone wrote years ago, speculating as to how human progress and science had been hampered by organized religion. I hung with a group that was fanatical about the work and I once pointed out one day that they were as rigid and mystical as the adherants of the Big Three, precisely because they hadn’t considered that the conditions were in place to allow the expansion of middle-eastern theocracy. Otherwise it would have faded away like the organic beliefs it replaced.

      Both sides will rant and rave, scribble and blog, and a lot of us will read all the stuff that gives us (urp!) hope for our side winning. In my grudging admiration for the man, I have to agree with WLP about the futility of attempting to reach the masses. The vast majority of the people have no capacity whatsoever to think anything out on their own..especially anything that may cause a loss of face amongst their peers, or worse. If and when a leadership class does emerge, Joe & Jill will happily don whatever armbands they are instructed to, and do as they’re told-as they do now. I fear though that after having seen the local newscasts, with hordes of drooling white consumers showing no shame at hoarding all they could carry away from the Fortune 500 mercantile pigsties, they’re simply not hurting enough yet. And in all honesty, even with my life diminished by half in the events following the great, new depression, neither am I.

      I believe the expression goes ” keep your powder dry “

    15. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Right, “we’re still no. 1” all the way down to the bottom of the slop trough. So Zog must be doing something right to contain the herd. Why just the other night the CBS anchor Scott Pelley ended the news cast with a tear jerker about Burmese living in Thailand , 140K or so being told by the Thais to get out. now Pelley shows where to like a Moses parting the Red Sea, come to the Kwa. Last words “Americas has always been no. 1 in taking in the refuse”. Apparently the millionaire teleprompter reader, thinks like all Liberals, he has it to good.

      So what do you do with cruds like Pelley?

    16. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Don’t look for the day when everybody is a beggar or refugee to spark a revolt, that day will come, but before anything happens zogs military and police state apparatus has to be short circuited.. Much as the liberals always touted the pigs and military, they sure come in handy for doing the dirty work.. Can we stand for 70 years of jew communism as the Russians have, and wait for the empire to fall? How about 70 years of consumerism? Until the last toyz are bought up and the Chinks aren’t making anymore, and all fancy cellphones and pods are just clones made in Burma? What if McDs started grinding in sawdust with the burgers, the colas become less carbonated with … No, no, no everything that the Jew Ass oh Vey has been exporting abroad needs to come home, the troops , the drones, the Hillarys and Billarys, need to be decapitated and drug down muddy streets.

    17. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The micro-zogs pigs are becoming even more ruthless and oppressive, they have end of the mth. dragnets to pick up zoggies when they have some dough on warrant arrests, failure to pay a lawyer(liar), they cry baby to Papa Zog for funds and papaZog slaps them aside go eat cake Muttha fuggas. While Zog is getting ready to bring more gooks in From Thailand to Kentucky, who is footing the bill? Why the kwanservative Baptists and other holly rollers? Would they revolt when St. paul tells them to give to Caesar? only if it was taken out of their own hide.

    18. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The Kwa has always had the advantage of being an island nation, it could pull in its tenacles avoid the fight, while it suckled on its on mammary glands, waiting for that auspicious moment when other nations had duked it out to a standstill and a possible truce, and then pounce on them.. Well Zogs got too many zoggies sucking the tits now, it desperatly wants to knock off the granddaddies and grandmommies, but the problem is when they do that there goes the hedge against revolution. So Zog lets in more gooks spics and groidlets, hoping to contain the furor, when the shit hits fan. Bad mistake Zog