27 November, 2011

David Duke vs. Jewish Democracy

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Duke has been arrested and jailed in a “free” and “democratic” Germany. Jewmocracy: where everyone has rights except Whites.


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    1. Albrechtsberger Says:

      In the spirit of the great man Rudolph Hess, may Dr. Duke prevail and get his message across to our fellow white brethren. Let’s all support Dr. Duke and make his very informative videos known to all. We will not be stopped. We regret nothing!

    2. Sgt. Skull Says:

      This is just more evidence that the iron curtain moved West. As if we needed any more evidence (well, the idiocrats in the kwa do).

      We now have degrees of freedom in Europe and the kwa; if you are a mestizo or nigger radical who hates white people you will be hailed as brave, forward thinking and a civil rights activist by the kiken media. If you are a white person who objects to the unfair treatment and looming genocide of your own race you will receive the David Duke treatment, the Matt Hale treatment, or the Edgar Steele treatment. If you’re really unlucky you can expect the Randy Weaver treatment.

    3. Jürgen Says:


      With the coming collapse of the worthless jew fiat currency slug known as the “euro”, and the unrest that is certainly to follow, let’s hope that the White Man will rise up and through his parasitic jew oppressor down the well. It is long overdue….66 years overdue.

      Mister we can use a man like Adolf Hitler again.

    4. Luke Says:

      Let me see if I understand this news development correctly.

      Germany, who has been the first and most well-known bastion of jewish totalitarianism, and anti-white racial persecution ever since the end of WW2, a nation which has probably the most draconian anti-white laws of any nation on the planet – is a nation that is probably suffering under the most extreme jewish anti-white tyranny of any nation besides the USA – has a group of supposed ‘German nationalists’ who ‘invite’ David Duke to come to their country and place himself inside the jurisdiction of the same jewish hate speech laws that were used to imprison David Irving and Ernst Zundel and Zundel’s lawyer, Sylvia Stoltz and which are threatening to reel in the Catholic Bishop Williamson – and David Duke accepts this invitation?

      And, then promptly gets busted as soon as his feet touch German soil.

      Go immediately to your window, open it and stick your heads and best ear out and point it in the direction of Tel Aviv – and listen to the howls of laughter.

      You know something, fellow White Nationalists and vnn readers? We need leaders who have more brains than that, or else we might as well bend over, stick our heads between our legs and kiss our White asses goodbye.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Doctor” Duke should have been allowed to speak to that audience of Germans, since he was invited by them to do so. However, as a general principle a visitor to a foreign country should understand that he is a guest in that country and should conduct himself in accordance with their laws, whether they are just or not. As a corollary, would the USA have been under any obligation to allow Red foreigners such as Leon Trotsky or Bela Kuhn to come here and openly call for an uprising of the American proletariat against their Capitalist exploiters? I think not.

    6. Dave Says:

      I have owned Duke books and read all about him. I have followed his videos and had lunch with his adversary,Tom Metzger. One is in jail one isn’t. chose who you want to follow. I am trying to provoke thought here.

    7. Richard Jennings Says:

      I know what Metzger does (or did — he may be retired) for a living. He’s a TV repairman.

      What does Duke do for a living?

    8. torrence Says:

      torrence Says:
      November 27th, 2011 at 9:50 pm

      Luke – Germany has been Duke’s principal place of residence for 3 or 4 years now, without problems. He has traveled back and forth as needed to the States only to return without incident. He has had freedom of movement with no restrictions that I know of. He has been doing extensive research during his stay there and assisting a PhD student with hers. He lives very modestly and has found it very affordable top live there. Life there has been congenial to him. From the way he talked, I don’t think he planned on returning to the Kwa for permanent living. The point here is that he wasn’t ‘busted the moment his feet touched German soil’ as many probably believe. I think Tim G. is right. He crossed the threshold by becoming a participant in internal politics.

      It came out a few years ago that government moles had infiltrated the NPD and were steering the group to allow for it’s banishment. That came out when the government back then was trying to close it down. With this embarrassing disclosure, the attempted action against the NPD was dropped. Could it be that the invitation was a ploy to set Duke up for just such an arrest? Possible, for sure.

      As a follow-up to McGreen’s thoughts on this, it’s interesting to note that German nationals were working in America during the 30?s with American Nazi sympathizers to propel National Socia—lism politically in the US. Hitler warned against this activity several times under the threat of forced repatriation back to Germany if they didn’t cease and desist. His reasoning was similar to Tim’s in that, as guests in America, they were abusing their welcome by involving themselves in internal affairs of their host nation. I learned of this by spending time sorting through the FBI’s declassified Hitler files and found several news clippings on this. I don’t know if the files are still public. Under Bushead George, many if not most of the declassified material was reclassified to secrecy. Stupid, I know.

      And Dave, yes Duke was in jail and is now again. Your point? This does not negate the work and worthy contributions he made. It may reflect a slip-up in judgement, bad luck or a set-up. It happens. Hitler too was in jail serving time for a most serious charge. Jesus was tried and executed under corrupt governmental proceedings. Stay tuned….more will follow.

    9. torrence Says:

      Heerrreee we go again.

      I had to re-post my comment because I forgot to corrupt The Two Words to National Socia—lism to acquire the Kosher digital seal of approval for safe passage.

      Oh PALEEEE..ASE, fellas…………can’t we do something about this?

    10. torrence Says:

      Richard – Well, we know what Duke does for a living: He writes, publishes his books and articles, is a commentator, operates a web site and news service and is involved in education through video productions, among other things, I’m sure. Now, how does he support himself?

      I would think through income gained from the above, donations and a possible generous benefactor(s). He lives modestly (he doesn’t own a car, if I remember right). He probably doesn’t have a choice to live otherwise.

    11. Miller Says:

      What are the charges? It seems Duke himself is holding back pertinent information.

    12. Howdy Doody Says:

      Richard Jennings Says:
      27 November, 2011 at 9:39 pm

      I know what Metzger does (or did — he may be retired) for a living. He’s a TV repairman.

      What does Duke do for a living?

      I am going to Frame this one, for my troll album.

    13. torrence Says:

      Never crossed my mind, Howdy. You may be right.

    14. Richard Jennings Says:

      “Well, we know what Duke does for a living…”

      Right. Duke is a professional white nationalist. David Duke makes a living selling books David Duke wrote about how great David Duke is to an audience that is already convinced of David Duke’s Greatness. Several months ago he was begging for funds on YouTube to support a presidential campaign he knows he can’t take part in because he’s not allowed to run for office. Everything Duke does always seems to break down to one of two categories: soliciting funds or self-promotion. These activities may be good for David Duke’s wallet and ego, but they don’t benefit the white race or even white nationalism one iota.

      Hey, if people want to give money to Duke so he can fix up his house or print off more of his books or go play the slot machines or pretend he’s going to be President, that’s fine by me, just as long as they don’t harbour any illusions about where their money is going. Personally, I think racially-conscious whites would be better off spending their money on themselves and their families than giving it to Duke.

    15. Richard Jennings Says:

      “I am going to Frame this one, for my troll album.”

      Are you one of David Duke’s groupies?

    16. torrence Says:

      Richard Jennings – You are right, in measure that Duke is a self-promoter. I chastised a fellow NA member a couple years ago (when I was a member) for promoting participation in Duke’s EURO group. I made no bones over the fact that I didn’t like his selling mugs and hats with ‘Duke for President’ on it or talk of his future political ambitions. I specifically mentioned his penchant for self-promotion. For such reasons, I don’t consider him a candidate for a movement or group ‘leader’ or to head a viable organization for effective action. THAT, HOWEVER, does not preclude recognizing him for scholarly and educational contributions, which is where he has made positive impact.

      As far as his appeals for contributions go, since his work is related to our interests, with little money in it for himself, I can live with that. You are under no obligation to contribute, if you feel that is the right thing to do.

    17. CW-2 Says:

      Ok, so Dr Duke isn’t a candidate for ‘Aryan sainthood’, so what? At this stage of the war the only pertinent question we should ask, is he an effective fighter in the cause of White survival and progress. The answer must be a resounding YES! His two books, ‘My Awakening’ and ‘Jewish Supremacism’ are essential reading for every thinking White man and woman.
      He probably knew the consequences of his attempt at free spreech in Germany, but to lead means having to stick your neck out and move things to the next level. Commander Rockwell well understood that beatings and jail time were the lot of those who opposed the jews.
      In a curious way we can take comfort in the response of the anti-German government ensconced in Berlin. They are afraid our message is getting through. In more settled times big jew could afford to ignore us, or at least laugh at us while encouraging the futile cycle of production and consumption, but that option is no longer viable, they will be forced to attempt to stifle dissent and thereby highlight their own weakness and moral bankrupcy.

    18. Karen Says:

      Considering watching the so-called History Channels and the Military Channel I would say it is not the David Dukes that the jews are nervous about. It is the lingering spirit of Hitler.

    19. Franklin Ryckaert Says:

      The Jews are permanently nervous about the old Hitler but also about any “new Hitler” they can imagine in their paranoid minds.Their present Hitler is called: Ahmedinejad.

    20. Dave Says:

      Dukes videos are very effective on women. If you cannot reach the women in your life try his videos or, studying his techniques.

    21. torrence Says:

      “His two books, ‘My Awakening’ and ‘Jewish Supremacism’ are essential reading for every thinking White man and woman.”

    22. torrence Says:


      Germany – Jewish Group Applauds Arrest of Former KKK Leader David Duke

      “Cologne police say Duke, 61, was taken into custody Friday before his speech for breaking a travel-ban to many European nations including Germany.

      They say the U.S. resident was released and forced to leave the country and that they do not know where he is now.”

      Among us are many who value loyalty and harbor the ability and desire to be of service (not all, unfortunately), so I’m sure he has been taken in by comrades somewhere in Europe. Whatever ‘travel ban’ was in place against him was not enforced much at all – until recently. Who knows, he may even be back in Germany.
      This man, at age 61, is still taking the blows. Let’s not be too harsh on him………you who haven’t a battle scar yet.

    23. mrcrouton Says:

      “Whenever liberty is threatened, the best men meet in prison.”

      This quote I saw in Billy Prices book, Hitler The Unknown Artist and is written by Hitler.
      I don’t know if it originated from him or he quoted it, but he did use it.

      Who will David Duke meet?

    24. torrence Says:

      Crouton – That quote is attributed to Hitler, the exact source context unknown by me. I have heard the quote rendered as such: ‘When freedom is denied, the best men meet in prison.’
      I have little doubt that he must have said that sometime during the years 1924-1925 when he was arrested, tried and sentenced to time in Landau prison. As with so much that he has said and written, it is filled with truth and poignancy.

      Good that you have Price’s book; it is becoming quite rare and a collectable. When I bought mine many years ago, I had to pay $100 for it. It is worth it.
      The book has ceased publication because certain people had found it objectionable. Now guess who those ‘certain’ people might be? Yup!…..You’re right: THE J-MEN! Those delicate flower-pedal cousins of ours couldn’t stomach the idea of The Fuhrer as Artist being presented in a dignified and respectful manner. If was up to them to write the book on Hitler’s artwork, one chapter might go to the art, and nine chapters to the Hollowco$t, and they would tie in his artwork as being a prophetic harbinger of things to come.

      Essential reading to anyone wanting to know why Hitler was the Culture Icon of modern times is Frederick Spott’s book ‘The Power of Aesthetics’, the best book dealing with this rarely discussed aspect of Hitler. No state and no man committed more resources to the arts as did National Socia…list Germany and its Fuhrer.

      To view some of Hitler’s artistic works, go here:

      For a discussion of his artworks, Snyder has something to tell you here: