2 November, 2011

Feces, Fetuses, Etc.

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“In addition to this general inability to sympathize with animals, the Chinese do have their peculiar culinary habits and their peculiar notions about diet. The consequence is that cats and dogs intended to be eaten or skinned are treated in an almost unbelievably inhumane manner. The cats generally are strangled or drowned before being skinned, so as not to damage the fur. Some dogs, who do not have a cat’s ability to inflict damage on their tormentors with their claws, are actually skinned alive. And there is the Chinese gourmet’s peculiar notion that the more painful a death the animal suffers, the more tender and tasty is the meat. So, to please the customer, a dog or cat will be selected from a cage in a restaurant, then taken into the kitchen to have all its bones broken before it is slaughtered. The customer, seated at his table, can enjoy the screams of agony coming from the kitchen as he awaits his meal.”


For the audio version of this article, go [Here] and scroll down to 05-05-2001.

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  7. 45 Responses to “Feces, Fetuses, Etc.”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      We must remember that the Orientals are in many ways even worse than Blacks. At least our Negroes do not torture and then kill cats and dogs for food, nor do they kill tigers and other endanegered animals for “medicinal” purposes, like the Chinks do. Then you have the Japs, who kill thousands of whales every year. I think their whaling ships ought to be shot out of the water with the whole lousy Jap crew still on board.

      Chinks, Japs, Slopes, Flips, Zipperheads and Gooks…we should have nothing to do with any of ’em.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      And don’t forget that if it weren’t for the US’s imperialist intrusion into Japan in the 1800s the Japs would never have industrialized and would never have been able to defeat Russia, grab Corea from China or attack Pearl Harbor. There never would have been any fighting in the Pacific during WWII. There might not have even been a WWII, or a WWI for that matter. The Bolshevik Revolution might never have happened, either. And no Red Revolution in Peking. We would still have millions of good paying jobs here in the US, jobs that would never have been shipped to the Orient.

      Why can’t White people leave those non-Whites alone, god dammit? Nothing good ever came out of associating with the Orientals, bringing them to Jesus or giving them our technology. Nothing.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      Call me paranoid, but here we have a nuclear armed China supplied with the latest military technology courtesy of yidsrael, and some of the finest industrial manufacturing plant thanks to ‘American’ big jew. For what purpose? So we can all be happy consumers in the Malls? No, the ultimate purpose is the enslavement and destruction of the White race.
      Big jew almost achieved that goal by building the Soviet jewnion into a colossus, but fortunately for us along came Hitler forcing Stalin to deviate from the script.
      “Ways That Are Dark”, written during the 1930’s by American diplomat Ralph Townsend, provides a much needed insight into the Oriental mind.
      Chinese operate in many ways similar to jews. Although it seems obvious, both groups always gain access to a country via bridgeheads, literally in the case of South East Asia, where the Chinese would conduct their business from boats and would only meet with locals at the land end of a mooring pier. I see the same thing happening in Manchester, England. First off they establish their banking offices, followed after a period of consolidation by large scale immigration. They completely ignore and are almost contemptuous of the local population. They think nothing of having a furious verbal fight, in Mandarin, sometimes on a mobile, in the middle of a busy street.
      As China increases in strength the temptation to flex its military muscle will become enormous. Both India and Russia better wake-up and realize they are already in the cross-hairs.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Napoleon said China was a sleeping dragon that should not be woken up. To say that he was correct would be an understatement.

    5. Nom de Guerre Says:

      China will surpass the United States economically and eventually militarily, the only country that sees that development positively are Iran and Israel. heh thats strange isn’t it?

      I certainly don’t go by what the economists tell us , that the Unites States is the leading economic power is a fucking laugh, you go to any box store you want every article manufactured is mostly chink… It wasn’t only the kikesters that brought them in, but also the big Crapitalists in the 1800 most notably of the Jew England Puritan fanatic types, who cry babied us into a civil war over Nigger slavery . I sure as hell hope that if a new Ice age is in the works it completely buries that bunch of Jew England shits in layer of ice 100 ft. deep. Frost was right if the world has to end lets hope its ice for jew england, and the muttha fukkin mutha cuntry.

    6. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Speaking of the whaling industry, fact is the japs weren’t allowed by their feudal lords to build anything bigger than rowboat, so who instructed them in the Whaling business? Heh, heh, ho, hos, anything for a buck or fuck or a noggin of rum, our jew England puritans who worked lil white kidz and their mother 14 hrs a day in the mills, oh but they got day of to worship jeboo

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      Don’t worry Nom, this A-hole part of the Jew-S-A will eventually get buried under one or two miles of ice, as it has 18 times before over the past 2.5 million years. Just think of it, no more Manhattan skyline, no more Harlem and Bronx, no more New Jersey, no more Harvard and Yale, no more Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan, no more Providence and Hartford, no more Red Sox and Yankees fans….

      The next Ice Age can’t come soon enough, I tell you.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Jew England Abaloneyists cried rivers of tears over the plight of the Negro slave down south, but cared not two shits for the plight of White children and young White women working 80 hours a week for pennies an hour in the dangerous mills, sweatshops and factories of the North.

      Liberals are the children of Satan.

    9. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Would the Chinese use a nuclear bomb on the West? At the moment no, they need the markets and all most as importmant they still needWhite technology… Russia is really only a producer of raw products so why knock them off, the Jew Ass Oh Vey is nothing but a mongrelized ho they need it only to keep sending their waste products to land fill s for. What one author says, and I think its legit. is that the chinese are doing just what chinks always did, setting up a Chink middle kingdom surrounded by vassal states. If you want a good comparisom of it look at a Hornets nest or an Ant hill.

      There are minor differences in Orientals, but they’re all insect like, all caste oriented, very little individualism, its a strength all right, in the kind of world were in today, but it makes me sick.

    10. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The only thing that comes close to a pet in China is the family pig, who lives below the floor, and basically serves as the sewer treatment plant, and also as incubator for cross species viruses, which eventually find their way across the globe. An we boo hoo about how injuns were killed off by small pox.

    11. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Amerikwa has become Chinas pig

    12. Phantom Says:

      It’s not surprising at all. Any non-whites do not have respect for anything including life. I remember couple years ago in the local news that there was this chinese restuarant not far from where I live. The health inspector found a dead cat hanging in the freezer. Chinks are like jews, always up to something.

    13. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Traveling along Zogs highway networks, wouldn’t ya think there could be a thriving market for all the road kill? Saw one deer the other day that looked like a bloodied carpet.

    14. Klassikality Says:

      The “Model Minority” here in America. “Oh, but they’re so much better than the blacks and mexicans” says the open minded White person. “They work hard, don’t commit crimes, they are big on education, and always smile nicely and thank me when I pick up my greasy fried msg-laden Chinese take-out food.”

      Keep deluding yourself Whitey. The above article shows what sickos the Chinks are, they have no respect for life. As for them being “polite” just wait till the Chinese invasion begins and see how nice they are then, some are already for spying for China anyway.

      Beware the yellow peril.

    15. Klassikality Says:

      Oh, by “invasion” I meant full blown military invasion by the Chinese Army. As opposed to the more “quiet” Chinese immigration invasion, which has been going on for many years.

      Also, I wish the Animal Rights groups would address the issue of non-Whites being much more inclined to abusing animals. The more colorful the USA becomes, the worse it will be for animals. (non-human and human) However, I dont see PETA discussing this, as it is too un-PC, as the truth so often is.

    16. S.U.N. Says:

      The worst is the swarms of whites flocking to the Far East for all sorts of tourism.

    17. Annie Oakley Says:

      Speaking of Chinks, did you all catch the picture of the pie faced gook Mayor in Oakland. Mother of God, humina humina fright night! Eeek!

      Many of the Vietnamese women who come over here were whores in Ho Chi Minh city. Many of them are brought in by some wrinkled up Momma San who whores them out for a happy ending massage parlor or a nail salon where big fat white women get their nails and toes done. If these women know how the gooks talked about them, it would be worse than that episode of Seinfeld.

      I have nothing to do with non-whites, period.

    18. Bigduke6 Says:

      After many years exposure to the Chinks, I am here to tell you they are disgusting, slimey, pigs. Saniitation means nothing to them. They are also known for their cruelty.

    19. Miller Says:

      chinks been hardened under communism. a few good chinks come from honk conk like bruce lee.

    20. Klassikality Says:

      Bruce Lee, lol. Yes, he was martial arts master, and in great physical shape, but people forget that he was an ACTOR. Supposedly he was in “hundreds” of street fights back in Hong Kong, all of which he “won” of course. In the 70s though he certainly inpsired tons of Whites and Blacks to take up martial arts. I think many were deluded into thinking they really could take on 15 armed attackers with just their own “Fists of Fury” like Bruce “the dragon” did in the kung fu flicks.

      Also, Lee was big on promoting chink pride and inserted messages of Chinese Nationalism into his films. Yet, he was married to a White woman. Sounds just like a nigger or a kike.

    21. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      The biggest obscenity is Whites allowing non-whites access to White creations.

      It starts with mixing- race mixing with jews- in terms of thought/religion/metaphysics. Whites should stop all relations with others. Cut them off. I mean don’t even recognize their existence.. Never even talk to a gook. Let muds/jews have a field day- we won’t ever bother them again so they can live crappily ever after. On Madagascar.

    22. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’m pretty sure Bruce Lee was part White. Before becoming an actor he was a martial arts instructor for Hollywood stars like Steve McQueen, Chuck Norris and even Sharon Tate. Naturally he had to marry a White girl, the biggest symbol of success for a non-White who immigrates to our hallowed shores.

    23. Miller Says:

      Bruce lee was a pretty good chink, (I think). His Jeet kun do kung fu was good to fight off many attackers. Too bad he sullied a white woman, though. i’d a strung him up, if he didn’t karate chop me first. He hated Mao and the chi-coms of red china. He was bumped off by a chinese curse, probably poisoned by a fu manchu because he was a landed gentry.

    24. torrence Says:

      Anonymous Says:
      November 4th, 2011 at 2:18 am

      I have remembered this audio broadcast of Pierce’s for well over a decade now because of its shocking revelations of the Chinese custom of fetus-eating. The issue of Free Speech magazine that carried the text of that broadcast printed an accompanying picture of a fetus on a dinner plate before a man seated at the dinner table ready to ‘dig in’. Reading or seeing anything about a subject as this is hard to flush out of one’s system.

      Equally shocking is the episode of the MTV ‘Shower Rangers’ incident. If you aren’t aware of that, you need to read up on it. Jewish humor is degrading to those that are exposed to it – and it is everywhere. Coarse, base, dirty, obsessed with bodily functions and banal, it has changed the character of the whole world, lowering the general moral tone of human existence. Unfortunately, many Whites hypocritically criticize it while tuning in every evening tune to the Jew-Tube and paying out for Hollywood Jew-fare on the weekends. Hard to have it both ways, friends.

      Did you also note Pierce’s views on animal rights? He describes himself as “a bit of an extremist on the subject of cruelty to animals. I abhor cruelty,…”, and he goes on to relate his objection to fur-trapping and the raising of animals for the fur trade. On the subject of animal cruelty, an entire ADV broadcast could have been crafted. National Soc..list Germany crafted animal protection laws long before it caught on elsewhere. Not surprising. That fit and capable nation was decades ahead of the whole world in many areas.

    25. torrence Says:

      Too much!

      I forgot the revulsion this site has for ‘The Two Words’ (National Soci…lism) so my post was rejected when I spelled them out in full. Only after I altered ‘The Two Words’ did my post take.

      Time for a filter change to a non-kosher one.

    26. Miller Says:


    27. Howdy Doody Says:

      Richard M. Nixon should have Nuked the hell out of China, Parts of Freaka, along with shitty little Bandit state, and the World Might be alot nicer today.

      Oh, and Russia would not have shit, about the Chicom’s be blasted.

      SOB who like torturing animals are phucked up no matter what they race is, but as a group Afreako’s and Chicom’s are SOB who should hang.

      The Japanese DO not torture dogs.

    28. Howdy Doody Says:

      And don’t forget that if it weren’t for the US’s imperialist intrusion into Japan in the 1800s the Japs would never have industrialized and would never have been able to defeat Russia, grab Corea from China or attack Pearl Harbor. There never would have been any fighting in the Pacific during WWII. There might not have even been a WWII, or a WWI for that matter. The Bolshevik Revolution might never have happened, either. And no Red Revolution in Peking. We would still have millions of good paying jobs here in the US, jobs that would never have been shipped to the Orient.

      Why can’t White people leave those non-Whites alone, god dammit? Nothing good ever came out of associating with the Orientals, bringing them to Jesus or giving them our technology. Nothing.



      Who was behind trading with Japan, and who loaned them money to send British and German Naval engineer to Japan to build that Navy in 1900.

      More reading on Japanese history is needed here.

    29. Tim McGreen Says:

      And who financed Japans’ victory over Tsarist Russia in 1905? I’ll give you a hint…It was the Jews.

    30. Karen Says:

      The Yellow Peril by Prof. Oliver is very informative.

    31. CW-2 Says:

      Big jew Jacob Schiff, the guy who bankrolled the jew take over of Russia in 1917, also prevented any American loans going to Tsarist Russia during the Russo-Japanese war. As a result when the Russian army in the far east depleted their supplies they weren’t able to get reprovisioned with materiel coming through Vladivostok.
      Also the jew networks were used to coerce Britain into closing off access to the Suez Canal to Russian naval forces.

    32. Okhrana II Says:

      Most of you need to read this to gain a broader perspective on power politics:


    33. torrence Says:

      This is fascinating and new to me – the involvement of Jewish high finance and capital supporting the military build-up of Japan. I take it that Zionism was seeking the weakening of Russia at every level and was supporting (or even planning war with) Russia’s potential enemies. I believe I remember reading how the Jews talked of Russia being the first Gentile Nation they needed to take down. And I do recall there being explicit talk and even in print of a great war that Zionism foresaw that they would direct. Such words were spoken by the first great recognized Zionist leader Theodore Hertzl.

      So Mel Gibson wasn’t too far off base after all.

    34. mrcrouton Says:

      Who is kidding who that chinks can fight?

      Any of these chink martial artists are allowed to enter ulitmate fighting championships and win big money if they become champion.

      But they don’t, because they’ll lose, and get selcted out in the first few bouts.

      Currently the best fighters are white.

    35. CW-2 Says:

      The serious and increasing threat posed by China was addressed by Alexander Solzhenitsyn as far back as 1978 during his speech at Harvard University. The full text of his speech is available in a number of places; here is a convenient link: http://www.columbia.edu/cu/augustine/arch/solzhenitsyn/harvard1978.html
      The last paragraph in the section headed ‘Shortsightedness’ is a distinct possibility given the current ostrich-like mentality of joe and jill sixpack.

    36. CW-2 Says:

      PS, if Chinese treat harmless creatures like cats and dogs in such a barbaric manner, how do you think they will treat us, who they correctly recognise with eyes unblinded by religious altruism as being their only threat to global dominance.

    37. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The Chinese have no reverence for non-human life, or that matter fact humanoids,this goes as a rule of thumb for all mongoloids across the spectrum from Turks to amerikwan Injuns, it’s genetic, or as the kikes would say carried on to the nth generation. There is much ado about the Chinese oh how great Confucius is ,and Chinese vases etc., so much substance and very little information about the yellow horde, do we have the UN telling China to respect human rights? 1000 chinks die annualy in mining accidents, where is the out cry from Hillary and Bongo, Sarkosy etc. over such violations of human rights?

    38. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Should we be surprized at jews presently, when we have the Holy bybull to tell us of such practices, like David collecting 2 for one foreskins for Pappy in-law King Saul.
      The Ancient Egyptians appear to have had a fondness for their pets, going to such extremes as to have them embalmed, but they also had a penchant for collecting war souvernirs like severed hands.. Maybe man needs to be tamed.

    39. Nom de Guerre Says:

      How does the treatment the Chinese give cats and dogs , compare to the firebombing by the allies of evil in JewWar 2? Or how about Puritan descendant W.T. Shermans march to the sea, and the whole sale destruction and ruin, to quote that mad, crazed lunatic : “even a crow flying over it , would have to carry their own rations.”

    40. Howdy Doody Says:

      Nom de Guerre Says:

      7 November, 2011 at 9:42 am

      How does the treatment the Chinese give cats and dogs , compare to the firebombing by the allies of evil in JewWar 2? Or how about Puritan descendant W.T. Shermans march to the sea, and the whole sale destruction and ruin, to quote that mad, crazed lunatic : “even a crow flying over it , would have to carry their own rations.”


      When you learn of the details of Dresdan and other horror’s that happened to be NOT needed what so ever, you have to think about the White PILOT”S and Commanders who had Ho Hummed this as another day at work.

      I am not Monday morning quarter backing, as this was not only serious action, but took Prop engineered planes and the mapping and location of a NON military target full of of wounded etc.

      The U.S. Civil War I would suspect today is unknown to 98% of White American’s in any important Real Details and historical context and back ground details.

      The US civil war was buried in lies and skinny details, but Regime bankers of Boston and Providence who made money from Slavery were happy to have all the mercenaries bought and soldiers killed so that the they could loot the Republic.

      I do Believe Lincoln murder was directed in some way by banksters.

      To learn of the details with much reading of the the so called Civil war era would be shocking to those with a brain.

    41. Nom de Guerre Says:

      you have to think about the White PILOT”S and Commanders who had Ho Hummed this as another day at work.
      Yeah, grab another cup of coffee and kiss your mistress. There alot of Whites like that, I call them brats. My solution would be the officer class in any branch should have to go slogging through the mud and blood before they ever go to officers school. And I would damn make sure no desk officer ever had any hand in planning war actions.

    42. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Go down and see what it costs to send a package air mail overseas, and then ask yourself how the Chinks can send all that junk over here. Just to send a parcel of 1# USPS to Europe is $11 because the Kwa hasn’t got surface rate and it goes air. Hell what happened to our merchant fleet of liberty ships? Onassis and the kikes bought for pennies on the dollar. Called up UPS for a package with dimensions the size of a sheet of paper and 4″ thick is $114 !

      We need to drag Dickie Nixon and Ronnie Raygum down main street, and catch that kike Kissinger while the shit is still breathing. What a sell out the Republican party has been.

    43. Tim McGreen Says:

      The USPS needs to be placed back under strict government control. Letting it become a quasi-independent service was a dumb mistake. It used to literally take an act of Congress to raise postal rates. Now they just do it whenever they want to. And they STILL can’t turn a profit?

      Maybe the problem is that private delivery companies like UPS and FedEx, companies that are efficient and profitable, only hire competent White males, whereas the Post Office prefers hiring colored females with attitudes. Is it any wonder, then, that the Post Office can’t get its shit together?

      By the by, speaking of a lack of surface rates and Liberty Ships, what happened to our once amazing rail system? US trains actually travel slower now than they did 80 years ago, thanks to the dilapidated condition of the tracks. And 60% of all US railroad lines ever built are gone.

      I travel on a major road that’s clogged with traffic every day, while running parallel to it lies a rusty, abandoned railroad track. WTF???? Then there’s that huge abandoned Naval air station nearby that could be converted into a container ship facility or a new international airport. But no, it just sits there, with its WWII era barracks crumbling away into the weeds and feral niggers prowling around it.

      It would cost a few trillion to rebuild this once-great country, but that’s not going to happen, because that money is needed for more useful things, like bombing Iran, building more prisons and paying the interest on our 14 trillion dollar debt to Shylock.

      This country has become too god damn clueless to exist any longer.

    44. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Give yourself a 5* on that post.. I think nigger females in the Post office know about as much geography as a fuckin’ baboon down at the zoo. Probably less well traveled also.
      The niggers got to go, Like that foxy Greek lady Konstantin? resonded to a Brit. journalists question” Uh, you want the parliament to disband, errr where will they go? ” I don’t know , to Hell ?” Love that Greek humour. Looks to me like they don’t need a bail out but a boot out of all the kike banksters and Sarkozy. Fuck off jews, take your fukkin shit and go. To Hell, if they’ll have ya.

    45. torrence Says:

      I encourage everyone to follow CW-2’s link to Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Harvard Graduation address.

      This is the moral exploration we need to immerse our souls, hearts and minds in. Such are the thoughts and musings of Western Man in his pursuit of ideologic understanding and in reasoning how best to construct an Aryan world. Through such words, one stands beside a thinker of repute as he peers out to the world about him, to see and observe as he does, to inquire, to take stock, and to contemplate and conclude as he does. It is an intellectual journey we are privileged to tag along in as our minds follow the itinerary of thought this Defender of The West has journeyed.

      Alexander was roundly criticized and savagely assaulted in the media for this address. He was the darling of the intellectual elites for his past writings on the Soviet Union. His coming to America as his place of exile when forced out of Mother Russia was trumpeted as tacit affirmation by him of the superiority of the ‘American Way’. The haughty Americans expected his stay here to perfect his appreciation of the decadent West of being ‘the best of all worlds’. He was expected in this Harvard address to wax endlessly over American virtue (and admittedly, there are some for sure) and mores, to exalt the superiority of life in America as compared to anywhere else. He was to affirm for America’s up and coming elites – the Harvardites – that their calling in life was correct and worthy. What America wanted and expected to see was a Russian dissident express tearful gratitude for the America that welcomed him with open arms. They wanted to hear an intellectual tour de force of praise and tribute to Americana, Pax Americana and the New World Order. Observers were wanting to look back and say “But I was there!”, to hear first-hand a leading world figure give witness for his Geo-Political faith of Liberal Democratic Capitalism. The Lobby was expecting a cornucopia of poignant quotes, witiicisms and profundity from the Great Alexander. Reels of promo material were to be acquired for use by the US ‘Ministry of Truth’. Instead, his graduation address took the form of a scalding scolding – a finger-pointing lecture – a prophetic call for national examination. Not much appreciated.

      What a shock his address produced!

      What happened? What went wrong? Well, that’s easy enough to explain. Alexander Solzhenitsyn partook first hand life in America. He lived among us and tasted choice cuts of New World Order Living, yet all the while sensing a satanic power wrestling for control of his soul. It wasn’t good to the taste. Whatever it was, it had soured. Clearly not healthful and possibly poisonous. Alexander spit it out. He had dined in America – and that was not even in the America of today! – that was in the America of 33 years ago, a time we would love to revisit – but he found the menu of American life sparse, poorly prepared and impolitely served.

      During his time spent in America, away from the Motherland of Russia, Solzhenitsyn observed intently life in a Judafied America. Read his thoughts. His words will become your words. He expresses what you instinctively feel and know to be true.