15 November, 2011

Gimme That Old Time, Jewed Democrazy

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“Democracy, in my view, must be guided by its chosen leaders, who have, or ought to have, special knowledge. But these leaders are inevitably swayed by the Press, which makes public opinion, so that it is the newspapers, not the politicians, who are the real rulers of this country.”

— from the book “European Jungle” (London, England; Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1939) by F. Yeats-Brown, p. 399

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    1. Nick Collings Says:

      “…democracy is a lousy political system, and it is inherently crooked. It pretends to put power into the hands of the majority of the people–which is a stupid idea in itself–while it actually puts power into the hands of a tiny minority that control the opinions of the majority: namely, the media bosses.”

      William Pierce, 03.11.01

    2. Jürgen Says:


      Yes, big jew came into this country and went straight
      for the jugular by grabbing the Press. The mind-numbed
      sheeple you see are the result of nearly 100 years of this.

      Zogsters like that squinting Polish commie Zbigniew Brzynski
      pushed for opening the Internet to further their one-world
      agenda. But it has BACKFIRED, BIGtime. The jews “news”
      networks are becoming more obsolete with each passing
      year, as people start to inform themselves elsewhere via
      the Internet.

      The ZOG is powerful, but not all powerful. With all the
      mistakes they keep making, and with their phony dollar
      approaching its true value of zero, their system is becoming
      more undone with each passing day.

    3. George Lenz Says:

      Political action against democracy:


    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’m glad I get the chance to live in an age when the power of the almighty Jewspaper is in terminal decline. But the Jew never gives up. He has found a new medium to control, viz., the Internet. Sergey Brin, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Jeff Bezos…..All Jews. And just look at the Yahoo! homepage. Nothing but the same old kind of Jew supremacist baloney one finds at the New York Times, the Boston Globe and Newsweek. The Jews never change, although the media they use to spread their poison does.

      Of course, the Jews didn’t invent the Internet, just like they didn’t invent TV, radio, movies or the movable type printing press. But they sure know how to sweep in like vultures and take control of those media. Then they take all the credit and the profits for themselves. The gentile who invented television technology dies in obscurity, while the Jews who founded CBS, ABC and NBC are revered as legends. What balls.

    5. Karen Says:

      Aryan, Gentile

    6. Luke Says:

      I’ve been noticing that an increasing number of websites that allow comments to be posted are now trying to force you to sign on to facebook and get an account set up, before you can post your comment.

      When I hit a site like this, I go elsewhere and do not go along with their demands. Facebook has been exposed as being a CIA data mining and profile building front operation – and Zuckerberg has been catching a ton of criticism from the privacy groups over his facebook operation. My instincts tell me that what’s going on – is that ZOG is trying to log people’s names, personal info, email addresses, personal profile information tidbits – plus log their comments and views and criticisms of jewry in one gigantic database.

      The possible reason? Well, consider the vindictive, hate filled nature of jewry. Anyone who applies for a job could find their name being searched in that database, right? If something you said about jews pops up, or if you expressed an anti-government sentiment – bingo, you are denied employment. That’s one way groups like the ADL can get around the First Amendment – as they have done with the Patricia MacAlister negro woman who got fired from her job as a school teacher for uttering unkind words about the self-chosen rat turds at one of the protest Wall Street rallies.

      Yet another, even more sinister purpose might be to create dossiers on millions of Americans in order to mine for ‘dissidents’ – for use later on, if and when, the jews succeed in resurrecting the USSR here in North America and decide it’s time to start murdering White Nationalists and patriots.

      Granted, comments posted outside of facebook – can also be tracked to a certain degree, but its a hell of lot more work and there are ways to still remain semi-anonymous. Thus, I recommend that we avoid Facebook completely.

    7. Karen Says:

      Luke, one hundred percent agreed!

    8. torrence Says:

      Correct, Luke. There is growing pressure to sign up to facebook under any number of social and commercial circumstances.

      Andrew Assauge – head of Wikileaks – has stated these social sites are wonderful tools for surveillance agencies. They can immediately patch together those with whom you communicate, your interests, your schedule and so on. BTW, Wikileaks has had an income drop of 95%! because credit and financing companies (credit cards, PayPal, etc.) are refusing to handle any financial transactions for the company. Wikileaks is a danger by exposing the commercial shenanigans that have been going on. Much has come out about the perfidy of Bank of Amerikwa through Wiki.

    9. Phantom Says:

      I like what people have said here, but I do not see decline in kikes power. Why? Because we are struggling against their injustice. The jew tyranny still continues and there are still a lot of dumb mindless followers who support kikes. Response to luke, I agree with you, it is one of jew’s tool to control and watch people who created accounts on facebook and such, however, since damn jews are powerful in media, they even the ability to track down any email that exist, that is bullshit that kikes can do that, but the idiot followers allow them to do that.

    10. Richard Jennings Says:

      Great quote! It’s amazing how many people, even within pro-white circles, have trouble grasping the concept that it’s the mass media that controls the government and not the other way around. Solve the Hollywood Problem and the Washington Problem will practically solve itself.