11 November, 2011

Idaho: Steele Gets 50 Years In Prison

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Down the memory hole he goes! Which WN figurehead will be the next to fall because of a federal informant? (I’ll ask again: Why are criminal cases against White nationalists always federal and why do they always involve informants? Why are the cases never state or local, without informants?).


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  7. 39 Responses to “Idaho: Steele Gets 50 Years In Prison”

    1. George Lenz Says:

      Yet another persecution of an innocent WN, a human rights lawyer Edgar G. Steele, on a fabricated charge in a kangaroo democratic court over the objections of so called “victims”. The democratic attorney of injustice who persecuted him has no shame.

      The man is free speech martyr, a prisoner of conscience, and should be regarded as such. Pastor Butler once spoke kindly about the man: Almighty God have mercy on him, guarding him against negro beasts in US prisons.

    2. torrence Says:

      A fellow VNN poster gave us this memorable quote from Hitler a few days ago:
      The hammer stroke of fate which throws one man to the ground suddenly strikes steel in another.”

      The hammer fall of fate has taken down this unfortunate man but may it strike steel in our hearts. This should convince us further of what this amerikwa is.

      Among the aware and conscious, such news only widens the gulf between them and any remaining sentimental attachment to state power. And this is good. A New Order will emerge only after complete severance to the existing order, and this casting-off starts from within. It comes from the loss of hope, expectation, loyalty and belief in this present order followed the a yearning for a better order. This process is now underway among millions of Americans.

      I don’t know enough of the details of this case, but I’m sure there was some desire to railroad Steel into the gaol. The refusal of the court to accommodate a defense expert witness analysis of secret police recordings tells me as much. This exemplifies one tactic the Police State of America has at its disposal: legal repression.

      In a review of a book turned down by the magazine that commissioned it because of politically incorrect conclusions, the review-article entitled ‘The US is a Police State’ (http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article29671.htm)
      the author mentions these new tactics at work in the US Police State:

      “….attention is instead confined to the silencing of questions, alternatives and dissent by the legal machinery of repression justified by it.”

      One long-standing repressive tactic used by the US Police State is the variation of prison time for the same type crimes. Have you ever wondered why there is such latitude in sentencing guidelines? Why a misdemeanor conviction in one case comes with no jail time when the exact same conviction can come with 5 years jail time? This is so to allow for the politicization of sentencing. That Steele was sentenced to 50 years is outrageous. Non one was hurt. This is high even for murderers and manslayers! This shows that he in some way also committed a political crime.

      But let the whole filthy process continue. MY God let it continue!, because in so doing, it is further educating the public to distance itself from state power and pursue a better healthier New Order.

    3. torrence Says:

      It’s appropriate with this news to remind ourselves of a fundamental understanding we need to retain at all times, as expressed in the writing of Dr. Pierce:

      ” …the US government was gradually transformed into the malignant monster it is today: the single most dangerous and destructive enemy our race has ever known.”


      The early Christians understood this truth fairly similarly as well. In one communication among themselves to members in a city called Ephesus, the writer reminded them:

      “…we have a wrestling , not against blood and flesh, but against the governments, against the authorities, against the world rulers of this darkness…” (Eph. 6:12)


      To paraphrase Tiim McGreen: ‘Die America….just die.’

    4. Olaf Gunnerson Says:

      I don’t subscribe to Edgar being “framed” whatsoever. The guy was writing ‘love letters’ to his Eastern European honey for gawd’s sake while he was in jail for the the attempted murder of his wife AND mother-in-law.

      Unlike most on here, I have in fact met Edgar and one word best sums him up LOON !

    5. torrence Says:

      Olaf – Before the details of this case became known, in fact, long before the trial was even held, a friend of mine was hearing from sources that the real reason behind this drive was the book he was researching. He was planning on writing an expose book on the white slave trade in women and with it, of course, detailing the Russian-Isreali connection. That is the reason of his communicating with these Russian dating sites. It is possible that powerful forces didn’t want this publicized more than has already been. That is quite possible.

      As far as his being, ‘LOON’, I can’t say. I was going to add in my above post that based on select quotes attributed to him, he did impress me as being a bit ‘off’ – which may be due to age and stress. Listening to recorded speeches of his given the past few years, though, he appeared in control of things and sensible.

      Eccentricity was an attribute I’ve heard him labeled with, but that is not the same as true mental dysfunction. Did you really sense a mental impairment or did he merely have an odd personality?

      I find it two things also significant. 1. His wife doesn’t believe any of this and is fully supportive, as are his children. 2. As a VNN poster just commented, there ALWAYS seems to be an informer or government plant involved in trials of WNs.

    6. Olaf Gunnerson Says:



      1. Informal a simple-minded or stupid person
      2. Northeast Scot dialect a lad
      3. (Historical Terms) Archaic a person of low rank or occupation (esp in the phrase lord and loon)
      [origin obscure]

      Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003


    7. torrence Says:

      That’s not helpful, Olaf. Steele is not a stupid person, nor a simple-minded one . Trial attorneys need to be quick on their feet. I’ve heard that he’s actually ‘super-smart’. I’m just inquiring if there is organic brain dysfunction at play. ‘

      It’s immaterial at this point, except to Steele, so I’ll just drop it. Share something substantive if you have the information.

    8. Olaf Gunnerson Says:

      Torrence – That definition is quite accurate for Edgar. Who but a simple minded and stupid person would try “off” his wife AND mother-in-to be with his young internet girly. 50 years says I rest my case.

    9. Phantom Says:

      It seems to me that the federals are putting all their efforts to imprison the white nationalists. Just to prove that the federal jews are nervous that they will be exposed byh the truth that the white nationalist are trying to spread.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      I suspect Olaf is right, Steele did not come across as someone who was playing with a full deck. For one thing, the lecherous old fool should have stayed away from those Ukrainian prostitute websites. And Steele’s wife Cyndi is a real bird-brain who should have kept her hysterical yap shut.

      But it’s obvious that the Feds were out to destroy Steele for his pro-White activism/beliefs. And the so-called Free Press did its job by portraying Steele as a pathetic and hateful clown. ZOG likes destroying pro-White activists using that old “conspiracy to commit murder” trick. But of course it’s OK when ZOG conspires to kill people, something they do all the friggin’ time.

    11. Stan Sikorski Says:

      con·spir·a·cy? ?/k?n?sp?r?si/ Show Spelled[kuhn-spir-uh-see] Show IPAnoun, plural -cies.
      1.the act of conspiring.
      2.an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.
      3.a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose: He joined the conspiracy to overthrow the government.
      4.Law. an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.
      5.any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result.

      If you’re going to do anything, do it alone. Don’t let anyone else in on it.

      This is especially important in White Activism. The time is over for marches and demonstrations. If Whites haven’t joined our cause by now, they never will. We are at war. A true soldier knows what that means and acts accordingly.

    12. Andei the Angry Ghost Says:

      How can you respect old glory hole (US flag) when this happens. Matt Hale used to have the occupied-Palestine (Israel) flag as a rug mat, i think it’s time for the old glory hole flag to join! Why is David Duke living outside of this SHIT HOLE USSA? HUM…..

    13. George Lenz Says:

      2 Olaf Gunnerson

      You’ve got no basis for your claims.

      First, in a murder for hire case the prosecution should have contacted the intended victim once valid evidence of the plot was uncovered. This has not been done in Mr. Steele’s case.

      Second, best evidence in such cases is factual monetary payment to an assassin after the murder was committed. In a murder for hire case, the murder scene should have been staged, and payment for murder collected, to obtain the valid evidence for attempted murder accusation.

      Absence of both in Edgar Steele’s case indicate that the whole thing is government frame-up of Mr. Steele. What the federal government presented as evidence in Mr. Steele’s case, as previously in Matthew Hale’s case are words, most likely assembled from innocent conversions to support the fabricated case. Even if those words true, and I doubt that, those are intentions of a man, not actual actions. What the whole thing teaches us: we should be ready to kill and die honorably for Our Cause rather than face fabricated accusations in kangaroo democratic courts.

    14. old dutch Says:

      Here’s a more thoughtful look at the Edgar Steele case w/ video:

      A guy in his mid-60’s like Steele, just doesn’t bounce back, and start something as stressful as a murder plot wihin months of open heart surgery. Just doesn’t happen! Bet there isn’t another case on record.

      Here’s something for the better educated to ask themselves: Can only a federal prosecuter, or former federal prosecuter, do research on federal offenses? Like a foreign bride scam?

    15. Jürgen Says:


      and listen well:

      NEVER talk to ANYONE
      NEVER even GO to a court in this country. You will not get justice there even if you are innocent. Go find a safehouse somewhere on a farm in the peaceful countryside with somebody, but don’t you EVER put yourself under their control.

      Instead, yet another a good White Man will now be slowly digested in the belly of the ZOG, a fate worse than death. How this disgusts me….

    16. Jürgen Says:


      and listen well:

      NEVER talk to ANYONE
      NEVER even GO to a court in this country. You will not get justice there even if you are innocent. Go find a safe house somewhere on a farm in the peaceful countryside with somebody, but don’t you EVER put yourself under their control.

      Instead, yet another a good White Man will now be slowly digested in the belly of the ZOG, a fate worse than death. How this disgusts me….

    17. Tim McGreen Says:

      How can anyone find fault with Herr Jürgen’s sage advice above? However, finding a safe-house on Avenue C in the Lower East Side might be preferable to a safe-house out in the country. The guerrilla must move amongst the people as a fish swims in the sea, like Chairman Mao said. Of course, the Feds got Dillinger coming out of a movie theater in Chicago, so no place is 100% safe.

      Just remember that we are under enemy occupation. Jack London didn’t call it the Iron Heel for nothing.

    18. Doug Says:

      I’ll always be grateful for the advice Edgar gave about 5 years ago about buying silver. Those of us who took it have more than doubled our money as the dollar declines. His writings always seemed well thought out, this scenario pushed by the feds doesn’t fit his intelligence and future-oriented mindset.

    19. Miller Says:

      Ed Steele’s railroading is a testament to the timidness of the WN movement in general. As long as the vocal activists are few, as long as only a few stick their necks out, then ZOG will happily persecute these few as examples to further repress the already weak movement . The same travesty can be seen with those imprisoned for “holocaust denial”in Europe.

      When thousands become vocal and public, the tendency, and the very resources, to entrap becomes strained. The very aspect of entrapment shows an absence of offensive. As in the fake war on terror, suspects have to be created in order to justify the bloated machinery of the fledgling police state and its political premise.

      Steele and others are falling into an over-financed “preventative” entrapment that is enhanced by an underestimated level of Jewish fear of retribution for 9/11, a retribution that could make the holocaust look quite tame, when the masses, those with no ties to WN, discover the truth.

      Hence, the timidness of the WN in general shows its overall practicality and understanding of how the enemy operates. Great fighters hardly do us any good sitting in a jail cell. It is better they stay free and prepared, than to play into the hands of an enemy that is well enough along in the process of collapsing on its own inertia.

    20. Howdy Doody Says:


      A World Declaration

    21. Howdy Doody Says:

      Steele and others are falling into an over-financed “preventative” entrapment that is enhanced by an underestimated level of Jewish fear of retribution for 9/11, a retribution that could make the holocaust look quite tame, when the masses, those with no ties to WN, discover the truth.


      They are very vocal, and ring leader’s in Western White communities. They work cryptically acting super patriotarded to keep the sheelple Rah Rah for the Their WARS, Our Repression and OPEN borders with with a security state.

      No job’s ?

      Well the small Western town News papers have ad’s for the Security forces as I would guess they intend to get going with more road block road checks or maybe they need to check more 95 year old White women’s diapers in a Wheel chair with their 70 year daughter pushing it, hmm ?

      Idaho leftist have been been unopposed and they were militantant in Boise in the 80’s.

      Boise I heard now has had for over ten years a Black History museum ? Also a HolyCost museum ?

    22. torrence Says:


      When it comes to your association and involvement in Our Cause, I’ll refresh our minds on Jurgen’s advice to ‘NEVER talk to ANYONE’ and limit that to ‘NEVER talk to LAW ENFORCEMENT. Do You Get That? Do You Understand That?
      Hopefully we do.

      Do Not Talk to the Cops (Tom Metzger)
      http://www.resist.com/donttalktothecops.htm Click where it says ‘(CLICK HERE)’ and study how Metzger handles two FBI interviewers.

      Do Not Talk to the Cops

      Don’t Talk To The Cops Part One

      There are many reasons for doing so, but one reason not commonly discussed is that if you answer questions or agree to be interviewed by police, FBI, etc., you LOSE YOUR RIGHT to be silent on the witness stand. Once you provide information to ZOG, you must obey a summons to appear on the witness stand and provide testimony. You cannot plead your right to remain silent. Once your on the stand, they can take you in any direction they want.

      I know of a fine NSist who is an Alliance Unit leader who stood his ground on this matter. In a sad situation years back that did not involve the NA directly, but rather involved a non-member in a sensational crime that made national news who merely had brief contact with the Alliance, he was approached by Federal investigators and he stoutly repeated THE FIVE WORDS! He would not be pressured. Other members apporached were lemmings to the system and talked. (FOOLS!) Later, a Federali prosecutor visited him at work accompanied by two agents and again asked questions. Again, he stood his ground. The prosecutor was furious and came prepared, drawing out a Grand Jury Summons for him to appear as witness. I believe that in Grand Jury testimony, there is no right to be silent. Also, you are not allowed to have a personal attorney present in the Grand Jury seating, but one can be available for consultation outside the hearing room. This Unit Leader took advantage of that and requested multiple recesses to leave the hearing and consult with his attorney, with such requests needing to be honored. So…….it can be done if you have the character and knowledge.

      Any WN organization serious going about its activities will have in place the following guideline:

      By organization policy, any member in a position of responsibility or leadership who cooperates to a law enforcement interview on any activity or member of that organization is immediately expelled from that position of responsibility and is henceforth restricted, as is deemed necessary, in future organizational participation.

      I don’t think there should be automatic expulsion as many people don’t have the wherewithal to stand up to ‘state authority’, but he needs to be dealt with cautiously as to what access he has in the future. We don’t need fearful leaders leading the fearful.

      ‘LEADERSHIP is primary and decisive.’
      -Adolph Hitler

    23. torrence Says:

      Hmmm…………..My post again is ‘Awaiting Moderation’.

      Could this be because the surveillance agencies detect the post discusses our dealings with Law Enforcement?
      …and we’re not being watched? Right.

    24. torrence Says:

      I came across this lengthy interview of Steele by a TV station recorded just 10 days ago. I don’t know if I’ll watch the whole thing, but readers can themselves judge the mental state of Steele, as that was a point discussed under this thread.

      KXLY on-camera interview of Mr. Steele in jail, 11/3/2011

      Here’s the link to the first part of a 4-part interview

    25. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The idea that the Norwest is some sort of seed bed for White nationalism is a myth like ShangriLa and presterJohn. The other night I Was flicking through the jew toob, came across a niggerball game betweem Oregon and Stanford. The entire Oregon team appear to be coons dressed up in black, looking like riot gear police. Stanford appeared all White. Yeah, maybe Dr. Pierce was on to something when he wrote Turner Diaries, the first break up in ZoG was Californa.

    26. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Apples and wood piles seem to attract nigger infestation

    27. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’m upset with Mrs. Steele for her idiotic “My husband’s not a racist!” remark after learning of his conviction. That’s exactly what the Iron Heel wants from its victims, viz., a lot of hysterical blubbering and pleas for mercy. If Steele had any balls, he would have stood up in front of the judge and jury after the verdict was read and said “Fuck all of you, I am a racist. So why don’t you just shoot me and be done with it? I ain’t afraid of any of you.” Showing a little backbone to your tormentors tells them you have nothing but contempt for their asses.

    28. Nom de Guerre Says:

      I’ve read Edgars book “Defensive Racism” a good primer for beginners, middle of the road types. He’s a good propagandist to lead people into deeper understanding of the cause, and he’s patient, dogged, perseverent. We need him and his credentials, imagine the road he had to plow to obtain an MBA from Berkley, and a Juris Doctorate from UCLA. If we had any congressmen or governers with a fraction of backbone he would get an immediate release, even Martin Luther could take refuge with the elector of Saxony. Just remember when the day comes …

    29. Thom McQueen Says:

      Has anyone beside me noticed that since Edgar went to p[rison the messages from Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic yougi of the Kaili Yuga have stopped?

    30. Howdy Doody Says:

      Holmes ! I think you have found something !

    31. Richard Jennings Says:

      “I came across this lengthy interview of Steele by a TV station recorded just 10 days ago.”

      So we’re expected to believe that a government agency that is sophisticated enough to employ state-of-the-art voice morphing technology or an actor so good that not even Ed could tell him apart from his own voice also did a crude cut-and-paste job using low-quality sound files found on the internet. If the FBI did indeed do such a cut-and-paste job, spending thousands of hours sifting through sound files looking for snippets they could weave into an incriminating narrative that would convince a jury of his guilt, would it be asking too much of Ed and his defence to pinpoint from which sound files some of the snippets came and the precise locations at which they occur? That would go a longer way in convincing me that Ed was framed than merely being asked to take him at his word.

      If that interview had been conducted with a barber or fireman, I might have swallowed the whole thing uncritically, but then I remember that Steele is a trial lawyer, a man who’s been trained in the art of persuasion. If anyone would be capable of looking you in the eye and telling a bald-faced lie, it would be a trial lawyer. For someone who’s going to spend the rest of his life behind bars for a crime he says he did not commit, I find Ed’s manner calm to the point of flippancy. I thought so too when I read the statement he issued after he was found guilty.

      It’s too bad Ed waited until after his conviction to start putting on a serious defence. He of all people should have known that he would only get one chance to make his case. For all practical purposes, it doesn’t matter what he has to say now. New evidence won’t be allowed in an appeal, assuming he’s even granted one.

      I was amazed that he didn’t take the stand to testify. I was amazed his lawyers couldn’t be bothered to subpoena his key expert witness. I was amazed that he never issued a public statement the whole time he was in jail awaiting trial, even though he had opportunities to do so. I was amazed Ed, a trial lawyer, chose not to represent himself. He couldn’t have done a worse job than his lawyers did, whether he had access to an up-to-date law library or not. At least he wouldn’t have wasted over a hundred grand of his supporters’ money.

    32. Howdy Doody Says:

      A Catch 22 story/incident in the least.

    33. George Lenz Says:

      2 Richard Jennings

      Don’t you think he was simply shocked, that he was arrested for the crime he did not commit? The man could have never expected he would be framed.

      Many always forgot while reading about the frame-ups of patriots, that these frame-ups and human rights violations are real life-wrecking events. It is precisely why a patriot should be ready to kill and die in such a situation in defense of natural rights, damaging the enemy, rather than spending years behind bars for the crimes he did not commit.

    34. Biff Baxter Says:

      I felt like crying when I got the news.

      A couple years back this man, who was just the absolute salt of the earth and the finest damn person you could imagine, wrote me a long heartfelt letter in which he encouraged me to apply my skill as a writer to helping his cause. He was very flattering and kind, telling me how much good I could do if I applied myself.

      The truth is, Ed Steele is probably a better man than I’ll ever be. I wrote him back and I told him I thought he was a beautiful loser and that he was going to go down with the ship and I knew he had more courage than I did and what a shame it was going to be. I told him I had given up a long, long time ago and ex-patriated, with no other thought than the remote chance I could save my own ass and that of my family.

      I also told him that high profile people like him were going to get targeted sooner or later and that he should ask himself what purpose he would serve by getting crucified.

      He really sealed his fate when he announced he was abandoning his war of words and going into politics. The government went after him instantly because they knew he had the credibility to do it.

      The government’s case was a joke. Seriously, most communist regimes have been able to build false cases way superior to this one when they wanted to deep-six one of their political opponents. It was a joke. A judge would have to be smoking catshit not to have thrown the entire case out in the first ten minutes when they heard the facts of the matter.

      I heard the supposed voice tapes were like Southpark celebrities – impersonated very badly. Not really admissible with all kinds of strange clicks and clear editing and soundwork on them.

      Remember that Steele was the first (second?) in the show trials that always accompany Bolshevist takeovers. Matt Hale was the first, I guess, to just be stuck away by the government on the most bullsh*t perversion of justic that could be imagined. This stuff went on in the Soviet Union for sixty years after it began, essentially putting all people with the misfortune to be born white with high IQs into prison. The really unlucky ones were lobotomized for the crime of moving while white with sense.

    35. Howdy Doody Says:

      I also told him that high profile people like him were going to get targeted sooner or later and that he should ask himself what purpose he would serve by getting crucified.

      He really sealed his fate when he announced he was abandoning his war of words and going into politics. The government went after him instantly because they knew he had the credibility to do it.


      That Pravda photo of the “Winner’s” who got Steel 50 years on the court house steps showed their face’s clearly, and shallow with ugly is all that comes to mind when I viewed it.

    36. Howdy Doody Says:

      Thugs of the regime assaulted US with the 50 years and b.s. attack on this man.

      End of story.

      PHUCK all the bastards with blaming this man.


    37. torrence Says:

      “It is precisely why a patriot should be ready to kill and die in such a situation in defense of natural rights, damaging the enemy, rather than spending years behind bars for the crimes he did not commit.”
      –That is a profound thought, George. It is something worth thinking over.

      Good story, Baxter.

      And Correct sentiment, H. doody. Any among us ridiculing or slighting a man like Steele or delighting in his circumstances reveals all we need to know about such people.

    38. Howdy Doody Says:



    39. Howdy Doody Says:

      Roman statesman Lucius Cassius Longinus Ravilla became famous by resolving complex issues asking simple question: “Cui bono?” (“Good for whom?”, or “Who benefits?”).



      Enoch Powell’s prophecies and Leftist John Cleese’s realizations.