24 November, 2011

‘It’s a Wonderful Race’

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(By the way, the phrase “There’s only one race and that’s the human race” was coined by a Jew).


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    6. 13 Responses to “‘It’s a Wonderful Race’”

      1. George Lenz Says:

        Indeed, the White (Aryan) Race is a beautiful race. The sons of Japheth are richly blessed by their Creator with strength and wisdom unmatched by any other race. The immense beauty and fitness of Our Race is easily forgotten in this dark age of racial struggle against jewish vipers and colored apes, but we should always remember it, and perpetrate Our Race by multiplying our numbers, cleaning our homelands from non-Whites, and supporting our White brothers and sisters, ignoring our enemies’ lies.

      2. Olaf Gunnerson Says:

        Adolf Hitler Discusses How Jews Gain Power (Mein Kampf in English)

      3. Tim McGreen Says:

        Here’s “Clarence”, the right-on angel who made George Jr. realize how great it is to be White:


      4. Miller Says:

        There is only one chosen people and that is the Jews.

      5. Franklin Ryckaert Says:

        @ Miller: Chosen by whom?Chosen by Satan?Then I agree.

      6. George Lenz Says:

        2 Miller

        not jews but true Israelites, i.e. saints, Lord God Jehovah’s elect of every tribe, nation and people.

        As for jews, they are, except for a small remnant, a rebellious house, a generation of vipers engaged in every manner of sin and iniquity, and spiritually sodom and Egypt.

      7. TY GRANT Says:

        When most Whites do these things as in the end of the story, we will see more of them (THe Silverstein’s) craw back into their holes)… This is because the geral argument and status quo of jews is that they understand the depth of the dunbed down nation they live in and have worked so hard at… It is because of their doing and they constantly write about it and you see it because is exists as plain as day.. They are offensive to all White morality. Yet you will not not see any of their publications at any news stands explaining this, thus proving more to the nature of the cloak of furtiveness they work so hard at. The Siversteins walk everyday behind a wall of secrets and adhear to a belief that they are the choosen and as they maintain their dominance so they can minipulate the ignorance of the general population that they such malevolence towards…. In fact they dwell on this premis and seek to use all their media and financial power to remain in this status. After all they are mere cancerous rats! they always will be this..

      8. Antagonistes Says:

        This is one of the best things I have seen in a long time.

      9. bangkav Says:

        This concept would make a great video which could have enormous impact in the right hands…any White movie makers out there?

      10. Waldo Starr Says:

        Jews are a criminal syndicate masquerading as a religion. It has been reported that 80% of the Jews in Israhell are not even religious, that is they don’t even believe in Yaw-weenie.

      11. Franklin Ryckaert Says:

        When they are secular,they are a secular ethnic Mafia.When they are religious,the are a religious ethnic Mafia.No real difference.

      12. TY GRANT Says:

        It is intresting to note the real You for
        aspects of the story that require
        some real abstract thought and
        needs discussing…
        These are facts with reguards to our
        traveler who seeks to find solace
        in the great mythical/mystical
        tribal stories of the “great” Aztecs
        and Incas along with the Afican
        The story does a great job
        in dismanteling thoes untruths
        that have been around for so long.
        These are facts that drive our
        educational system here in America
        and are very demoralizing to Whites.
        This is ofcourse by design for certain.
        Albeit they don’t come out and say it,
        history that is provided sure seems
        to make these peoples out to be
        great social and cultral gods that
        needs everyones attention. In fact
        the opposite is often the case.
        It didn’t take me long to realize
        this truth and these ideals take great
        leaps from reality and are true
        figments of
        the enemies imagination…
        As the saying goes the truth is in
        the pudding… People have to open
        their eyes and see the great lengths
        these evils are sustained and who they
        are directed at… indeed these untruths
        go beyond the forced learning of non white
        eroupean civalizations. It is in the
        reading materials and the so called
        “Great Authors” that are forced upon
        Students as well.
        There are a lot of places on the net
        to rid ones self of this disinformation
        and they should be shared quite often.
        For the disinformationalist are very well
        funded and well organized.

        Thankthe Great Learning Experience.

      13. torrence Says:

        The article – ‘It’s a Wonderful Race’, – perhaps first appearing here on VNN, is making the rounds. It appeared a few days ago on Roper’s Blog and today has appeared as the entry for the American Nazi Party Report for 11.30.

        Nice that we’re reading each others web sites, now we need to be nice to each other and work together with boots to asphalt.

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