2 November, 2011

Jew-Vehicle Backfires (A Little), Or, See The Power Of The Jews

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UNESCO, co-founded by a Jew as an arm of the Jew-founded United Nations, has recognized Palestine. Oy, veh! But look: There’s a U.S. law already in place that de-funds UNESCO in case that happens! Like cats, Jews always manage to land on their feet.


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  7. 9 Responses to “Jew-Vehicle Backfires (A Little), Or, See The Power Of The Jews”

    1. Z.O.G. Says:

      Socrates, there was another Jew involved in the creation of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

      Stéphane Hessel

    2. Z.O.G. Says:

      And here’s another one. He wasn’t Jewish, but his wife was(Raïssa Oumancoff):

      Jacques Maritain

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      But wait a second, isn’t that worthless nigger Obama on the record as having supported the creation of a Palestinian state? I guess he was lying. Imagine that.

    4. Klassikality Says:

      Barry O has to really start getting seriously “kosher” in the coming months, or else the jews will replace his jive ass next November with a moron like Romney/Perry/Cain etc. who will give it hard to Iran and the other “bad countries.”

    5. Miller Says:

      The UN is really just the permanently vetoed goyim (nations) asking supreme world Jewry for permission to exist. Not enough goyim are stomping on Jew skulls and crushing them like over-ripe melons, on a daily basis. It is a testament to the goyim’s superstitious nature, that a Jew, any Jew, is even able to walk the street without fear of being beaten to death. OY VEY, some one wrote a swastika in pencil on a vall! Do we really have to wait another century for a leader of Hitler’s stature to rise? Shouldn’t hunting Jews be the true gentleman’s sport?

    6. Richard Jennings Says:

      It looks like the US is facing increasing isolation due to its irrational stance on Palestine. American taxpayers are paying a steep price for Washington’s subservience to Israel and don’t get anything in return for it.

    7. Richard Jennings Says:

      Something I realized while reading the article is that “Middle East peace process” is really a code phrase for denying the Palestinians their own country. “Peace” means doing what Israel wants you to. If you act in your own interest rather than in that of the jews, you’re said to be “obstructing the peace process”. It would be a very “peaceful” world if everyone would just bow down to the jews and let them run it.

    8. torrence Says:

      No need to apologize Representative Taylor – I use the phrase all the time. My personal experience has taught me the truth of it.

      US lawmaker apologizes for “anti-Semitic” remark

      (This is from the website ‘The Ugly Truth’, an excellent source of Jewish and Zionist news items collected daily.

      Now be careful here folks. Don’t immerse yourselves too heavily into this nor too frequently. Remember, ‘Jew Fever’ is having the Jew on one’s mind too much which is unhealthy, stultifying and unproductive. There is a bit of an epidemic of this among VNN readers, so I’m not trying to exacerbate the problem by drawing unnecessary attention to it, but am only wanting to bring it to your attention for an occasional reference. There are more upbuilding things to read up on.

    9. Neal Says:

      These jews are always 5 steps ahead of us at all times.
      I bet you had to dig hard to find this and it would be unreported if VNN or some pro white org did not ferret it out.