21 November, 2011

Student Loans

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Jewish hypnotist: “Relax…you’re getting sleepier and sleepier…okay…now…repeat after me: ‘Debt is good.'”

White student: “Debt is good.”

Jewish hypnotist: “Borrowing money makes me happy.”

White student: “Borrowing money makes me happy.”

Jewish hypnotist: “Excellent. I think I’ve cured you!”


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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      This is an excellent choice for a topic on this forum. Getting a government student loan is like entering into a contract with Satan. Except that Satan will probably give you something cool to enjoy for a while before he takes your soul away. With a government student loan you get nothing cool at all, just a lot of shit.

      Think of how many young White lives have been fucking RUINED financially because of being saddled with this kind of debt slavery at such an early age. But like the author of that article said whenever there are millions of losers you can bet there are going to be a handful of winners getting pig-rich at the losers’ expense.

      This isn’t exclusively a “Jew thing”, btw, it’s mostly scumbag Gentile bankers, politicians and bureaucrats who are responsible for this legal loan sharking and who are deriving all of the benefits from it.

      I swear to Christ there’s going to be a lot of killing to do once the White Revolution takes power. And among the first who will find their charred, mutilated corpses dangling upside down from streetlights will be those who worked for the Student Loan Administration.

    2. mrcrouton Says:

      When I was seventeenI decided to do something practical and go to school for electronics. I went to a two year tade school and got a job before I finished as a tech. It’s worked out pretty well. i was able to read liberal arts books on my own, and am proud of the independent reading I did while others watched balls carried about. I didn’t need a teacher and I chose the books that interested me.

      Most of these kids in debt today should have studied something practical in a trade school. Isn’t the goal of education to get a job? And yet they pay top dollar to be told to read the same books you can get at the library.

      So now I hear these whiners who subsidize and attend (at the current ticket price) college sports where they can pay coaches millions a year and cover for child molesters. And I’m supposed to not consider them fools?

      As for their complaining about the national debt and the goivernment, and outsourcing…I agree.

      However, think how many jobs would be available if we kept immigration to only whites? But they never mention the impact of non-white immigration on jobs.

      Either way I’m enjoying OWS making the lives of the business traitors in New Yorks lives miserable.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      A lot of young people are foolishly lured into early financial ruin by the Siren-song of a “college education”. Most of the victims are those who attended so-called technical institutes or online “universities”. And then there are those students who attend “prestigious” private schools that they really cannot afford to attend but in their vanity think it will look impressive on a resume. Those are the ones who deserve the least pity.

      Like Herr Crouton says you can easily self-educate yourself in the liberal arts all you want while you hold down a real job in the real world. Spending 4 years and 100 grand to get a degree in English literature or Philosophy is a total waste.

      As I suggested a few weeks ago on this site it’s best to have the training and skills for a good job that cannot be downsized, outsourced to a 3rd world sweatshop or taken over by mud immigrant labor (the way nursing has). Such occupations would include being a locksmith, gunsmith, car mechanic, ac repairman and an arc welder. Those are useful, necessary jobs that require no bullshit college degrees or worthless “technical institute” certificates.

      Healthcare, the funeral industry, higher education…….They are all nothing but money-making scams and rackets that feed off the foolishness and vanity of their victims.

    4. Arminius Says:

      Agree, Tim and mrcrouton, but these kids are looking for STATUS, move into adult life with unreal dreams and believe a white collar worker ranks far above a blue collar one. We know, that’s foolish, but they wouldn’t listen. How the system exploits their illusions they realize too late, if at all.

    5. Luke Says:

      Alex Linder did a really outstanding RadioIstina podcast a few years ago where he discussed this jewish usury scam called ‘college degrees’.

      Actually, Alex was – as he usually is – far ahead of the mainstream writers on this issue, who are now publishing articles that say pretty much the same things that Alex did several years prior. Alex, however, connected the dots that lead to the jew – while these lamestream weenies resort to all sorts of cowardly codewords which really mean ‘jew’, but which try to shift the readers focus away from the identity of this disease.

    6. bjt Says:

      Has any body ever noticed just how right the
      founding Fathers were on any kind of
      subject matters?
      These were true White Men!!!
      Have a nice thanks giving White Humans!!

    7. Nom de Guerre Says:


      How does this sheet grab you? Microzogs can apply for a grant from the Macro-Zog dept. of edjewmucation, who is going to hand out the goodies to the tune of 500M. In the race to the top are 35 micro-zogs , Potty Rico and DC.. To apply for the grant you must fill out a 300 page application @ the US dept. of Education website, so sharpen your crayolas kiddies. In mid December the Dept. of Education and the Dept. of Health and Human Services will announce the winner of the early childhood education competition.
      The microzog Okiehoma is applying for a 60M slice of the Zog Pie, of which it will use(abuse) 16.7M toward developing and administering a new test to students before they enter kindergarten.

      Folks its time to drop the hammer on all Zogs, not the baby rattle, but the hammer of a 357 magnum

    8. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Hello Joey, this is the entry exam. It”s only 1 question and you have a jew dork minute to answer the appropriate response to receive your diploma from the JewWise University.

      1. What’s the difference between a jew banker and a counterfeiter?

      A. None of the above
      B. None of the below
      C.Not a G-d damn dimes worth of difference
      D. Jew counterfeiters charge interest

    9. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Congrats Joey, you gave the PC answer, which was not included in the list of responses, but since you went over the time limits it prooves to us that you know the right answer that the jews and counterfieters are hard working, responsible pillars of society, who have been unduly persecuted throughout the ages because of their talents and humanitarian endeavors which have led to some latent psychotic disease known as anti-semitism, and that is why we have to start educating infants to forecome the anti-semitic virus.

      Joey: Where’s my money?

      The answer to that Joey is that its gone to Itzreal

    10. DMS Says:

      College-for job security and a brighter tomorrow:


    11. Mary O Says:

      People don’t research their so-called investments too carefully. The lack of jobs in the law field has been well-known since the early 1980s. Law students discover this fact only after finding themselves mid-way through their first year.

      Do they ask the right questions before committing their money? Law school graduates get jobs that require law degrees at a rate of about 70%.

      If someone offered you a house at a price of $100K, and then told you that after paying the $100K, you would not necessarily get the house, but rather you would have a 70% chance of getting the house, would you buy?

      If you have strong connections in the law field or a certain genius for some specialty (ex. patent law), you may decide quite reasonably to pursue the JD; but most students are taking way too large a risk. Essentially, they are speculating on the value of a JD.

      JMO: The real reason why so many people go to law school is that they feel that they need structure in their lives. They get used to college, where the profs like and flatter them, and the rules are fairly well-defined. Then, they are thrown into some entry-level job where the competition can be brutal, guidance and support non-existent, co-workers hostile, and politics unfathomable. Real life too is unfair, and situations can be beyond one’s influence or one’s control. Grad school promises shelter from the storm.

      BTW: The reason for the popularity of Islam in certain countries is based on the same need. Even if the men cannot find regular work (since unemployment is high in many of these countries), they meet with each other regularly, establish a set routine, network with each other, and generally organize their lives around their religious practice.

      Some individuals are adept at creating their own structure, but most people need an organization. American life lacks this structure. Work tends to be temporary, chaotic and unpredictable. Promotions are based on race quota more than anything else. Co-workers often vanish. Companies are perpetually “re-structuring.” Home ownership too can be temporary; after foreclosure, neighbors just disappear.

      Maybe we need to develop a White social structure that would function like a religion to establish more stability and continuity, and fulfill that old college promise of “the friendships to last a lifetime.”