28 December, 2011

Fast and Furious

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“The message is that there’s nothing special about being White. The message is that if one is White, then one should hang out with Blacks and Asians and mestizos. One should behave like non-Whites, talk like them, dress like them, be like them. That’s what’s cool. That’s what’s sexy. That’s what everybody who’s really cool is doing. And when you feel like having some sex, you just reach for whoever is nearest. It doesn’t matter at all what race the other person is. If you’re a White girl, it’s especially cool to have sex with a Black or Asian or mestizo male.”


For the audio version of this article, go [Here] and scroll down to 07-07-2001.

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  7. 8 Responses to “Fast and Furious”

    1. Mary O Says:

      My younger part-time co-worker, “Sandra,” is a blond woman (24 years old, very fit, pretty face, BA degree, 100 IQ). By appearance, she is White, but she is also one-fourth Jewish, a fact which she plays up a lot to gain advantage from certain higher-ups. She is dating two men, one Black & one White.

      She met the Black working during the day in a detention center school for teenage male juvenile offenders. I warned her that such a job would not be worth the effort. This particular facility is in my town. Run by some Jewish charity, this school is known for mismanagement and horrific acts of violence which are covered up with help from certain local politicians. The Jews in charge see the troubled teens primarily as revenue flows, and will not consider moving the facility to the Bronx, nearer where most of the inmate population has roots. We see this school as a blight on our peaceful town and a complete waste of tax money. The management essentially uses our local police force as a free security service. Sandra freaked out when I told her she might end up with a broken jaw, and I decided it would be wiser not to persist in discussing the topic. She clearly wouldn’t listen.

      Also, Sandra is a sneaky type who might run to Human Resources (HR) with some ridiculous tale to the effect that I need “sensitivity training.”

      Sandra described to me how she was teaching the inmates math. Playing as if one of them, she was saying things like “I know you hate doing this sh**.” I was amazed that apparently they tolerated her. Then, I found out why. “Jay,” a 34 year old Black who is employed as a teacher aide in the gym is her boyfriend, and therefore she has his “protection.”

      The Black boyfriend is apparently aware that she has someone else, too. Insanely jealous, he lurks around our workplace apparently trying to catch her with the other man. Meanwhile she claims that the White guy is her “real” boyfriend, a handsome young law student.

      Doubtless she has idiotically told Jay that I am a “racist” and opposed to their relationship. Actually I said nothing; she is too dense to bother. Another co-worker was blunt in her assessment of the situation: “Sandra she be a ho.”

      Now I have to worry if this crazy Jay is going to shoot me or one of my other co-workers. Jay has the aspect of a child that one sees in the face of so many violent men.

      I did tell management about the situation, but there is only so much that they can do. This workplace is open to the general public.

      No wonder in the past, marriages were just arranged. As I said before, she apparently has a 100 IQ, but no judgment at all. She told me that Jay has such a “crush” on her. Supposedly she is trying to break off the relationship, but she seems to be encouraging him strongly. She also comes on to Black male co-workers who are at least a bit older than her and who hold low-level jobs. I cannot imagine her possibly looking twice at a White in a low-level job.

      Some women just seem to have an affliction which makes them enjoy getting everyone upset. Her family is probably sick with grief to see her throwing away her future on Jay, her White boyfriend hopefully will see the light and break off with her, her co-workers all have to worry about a violent attack. Nothing but upset and drama everywhere you look.

      Perhaps the whole situation is a power-trip for her: allying herself symbolically with the Liberal powers-that-be? She imagines that she is proving herself as the politically correct super-liberal, and that she will be placed on the fast track to success, but naively underestimates the extent to which she will be socially ostracized for dating a Black.

    2. Robert Cardillo Says:

      This slag is typical of the women of her age that I encounter. The White guy should break up with this kaffir-shagging whore ASAP!!! Lord knows what the wog is carrying in the way of diseases. Then again, if this one-fouth Khazar did get something, then it would be fitting. Every race traitor should get their just deserts!!!

    3. Howdy Doody Says:

      The White male should be told, if he does not know then he could become an innocent potential victim statistic.

    4. Mary O Says:

      Good point, Howdy. I will do my best to make sure he knows.

    5. Miller Says:

      Black males are 14 times more likely than White males to have HIV. This fact should be sufficient to stop race-mixing were it to be widely available. Even filthy whores can do simple math.

    6. CW-2 Says:

      A bit off topic, some of Dr Pierce’s articles before before his ADV broadcasts are available at http://williamlutherpierce.blogspot.com His ‘Why Revolution’ dated 1971 is still valid 40 years on.

    7. Luke Says:

      The very idea of even accidentally going to bed with a white woman who’s had her body used by a savage negro beast is sufficient motivation to vomit.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Iranian interviewer Dr. Pierce spoke to must not be aware of the influence Jews have had in his own country for more than 2000 years. Despite the establishment of a “Jewish Homeland” in Palestine there continues to be a small but powerful Jew minority living in Iran to this day.