17 December, 2011

Hope Is Coming Alive In Hungary

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After years of being ass-reamed by Jewish communists and leftists, Hungary is finally saying “enough!” – but does it have permission from the “international community” to do that? How will the EU and IMF react to Hungary’s showing signs of “growing a pair”?

[Article] (the Der Spiegel article has vanished from the web).

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  7. 13 Responses to “Hope Is Coming Alive In Hungary”

    1. George Lenz Says:

      The welcoming change in Hungary is reportedly real, but so far many essential things that should be done remain declarations. Future will show whether Fidesz and Jobbik will be resolute enough to make painful and strict decisions against the interests of international and local globalist elites so that the Hungarian nation can survive as a people. However, some of the fired Hungarian commies are already seeking new prey in other Eastern European countries, which is an encouraging sign.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      The only religious organizations that ZOG grants tax-exempt status to are those that do not speak out against the government or the Jews. That’s why most of the priests, pastors and preachers one hears are nothing but cowards who will only speak about safe, pie-in-the-sky bullshit and never about anything that matters.

      Let’s face it, the USSA is one of the least free societies on Earth. And its tyranny is so subtle and deeply entrenched that most kwans have no clue just how enslaved and exploited they really are.

    3. George Lenz Says:

      2 Tim McGreen

      The existence of pastor Fred Phelps among others proves your statement false. Come and see a pastor who is not a coward:


      The problem is not that pastors are natural cowards, the problem is that many modern pastors do not believe in God, being hypocrites and parasites, interested in worldly things rather than Holy things, and therefore ending up possessing neither.

      By the way a Christian pastor does not need to claim some tax-exempt status. A Christian pastor is exempt from all taxes, dues and custom duties by virtue of his calling, being under authority of Lord Jesus Christ and with his citizenship in Heaven. If a government tries to claim taxes, dues or custom duties from a Christian pastor, he is supposed to stand up to such a lawless tyrannical government and people and is allowed to curse such government and people by the Holy Name of the Lord God Jehovah. Sadly few Christian pastors are ready to fight and die for their Lord Jesus Christ and their God-given immunities, choosing to serve men rather than God, and condemning themselves to perishing from the antichrist.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      I like Pastor Phelps. He’s not afraid to speak his mind and tell it like it is. There was another guy who used to have a real good shortwave radio ministry out of Campbell, Indiana. Unfortunately I forgot his name, but I loved hearing him condemn the “fags”. He actually used the word fag quite frequently, much to my delight.

      But I’m not talking about exceptions to the rule, Lenz, I’m talking about those cretinous “Jesus loves the niggers and wetbacks” types, the kind who want unlimited Turd World immigration and are always weeping and moaning about one damn thing or another, while passing around the collection plate and eying your 14 year-old daughter. Come on, Lenz, you know what I mean. Must I really explain all of this to you?

      PS…….Sorry about discussing this topic here. It was supposed to be posted in the “Open Thread” section.

    5. George Lenz Says:

      2 Tim McGreen

      But why are you calling these goats Christians? Christians are people that at least try to fulfill the commandments of Lord Jesus Christ, not judas goats that take advantage of their people. There are simple warning signs of these goats: preaching God loves everybody lie, presence of perverts in their churches, toleration of unrepentant (practicing) adulterers and fornicators, collection plates instead of 10% tithe from incomes of Church members, unsegregated presence of jews and coloreds in church services alongside Whites instead of holding separate Church services for Whites and separate mission services for jews and coloreds if there are any in the Church.

      Goats are not Christians, but only pretenders, being present due to mercy shown to them. In a sound Christian church pretenders are thrown out in due time and doors are shut to them. Their large numbers indicate the general apostasy: many will leave on their own when the Great Sorrow begins.

    6. Waldo Starr Says:

      From a personal standpoint I have been confused about Christianity for a long time now, and I’m no kid. When I was growing up and attended church the pastors and church members knew the jew and his hateful ways. Now, it’s all different. They didn’t kill the Christ and today the jew is to be worshipped, and whatever Israhell wants it gets, money or war. They now teach in the Christian churches to worship Israhell and if you do God will bless you. How’s that working for the USA? We are in deep kimchi and getting deeper. All the Republican candidates, except Ron Paul, are trying to out jew the jew. It is sickening to watch them suck the jew dick in front of the whole world, what disgusting creatures. I was perusing the tube the other night and saw a piece of shit named John Hagee preaching with what looked like a jewish prayer cloth around his fat ugly neck. That seemed a little strange to me because I thought he looked like a rabbi and should be out of place in a Christian church. Then I figure it was part of the conditioning the Christian idiots are going through to totally accept the jews bullshit. Pretty soon rabbis will be preaching to the Christian congregation and they won’t think anything of it and believe whatever is said. Christianity is dead; it was killed by the jews. RIP. Remember that Judeo-Christian label, which is made up of two mutually exclusive terms, posing as a religion. Who ever sold that could sell ice water to Eskimos or start a war with Iran, OOPs. The white man needs to get come up with another story where the White man is revered for his goodness and inventiveness, no others need apply.

    7. Richard Jennings Says:

      Anyone who thinks that Judeo-Christianity isn’t an apt term obviously hasn’t read their Bible.

      The core of the Old Testament is the jewish Torah, while the New Testament revolves around a jewish radical named Jesus. It’s all there in black and white.

      I get a kick out of Christians who denounce the jewish influence on our culture while right there under their noses sits the most egregious example of such, the Holy Bible.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Christianity is nothing but the export version of Judaism. If you value your sanity you’ll keep away from it.

    9. Luke Says:

      Now, I wouldn’t want anyone to accuse me of casting suspicions on just how much our treasonous politicians enjoy deep-throating kosher salamis, but as Brother Waldo says, it has reached epidemic levels these days and a thought has passed through my mind that I’d like to share.

      Might it be possible that some of these politicians are secretly just as disgusted as White Nationalists are over the stranglehold that the jews have over the USA – and could they be gushing all these despicable public displays of jewish subservience as a way of trying to make the voting public understand that jews have hijacked our nation?

      I have seen a few articles on the web, written by jews, who seem to be getting nervous about these open displays of fellating jew peckers because they fear it’s shining a very bright spotlight on the worlds most evil cockroaches and helping to wake up the lowly gentiles to the fact that their country has been hijacked by the jews.

      Remember what Doctor Pierce once said about how flicking on a bright light in the kitchen at night will make the cockroaches all desperately scurry back under the refrigerator or counter?

      Are these disgusting politicians smart enough to adopt a strategy like this?

    10. George Lenz Says:

      First, Christianity is not dead, it is alive and well, although there is a massive falling away of pretenders, unwilling to serve Lord Jesus Christ, but rather seeking after lusts of the flesh, unrighteous gain, or power over other men.

      Second, there is a strange tendency among Christians to imitate the corrupt ways of modern Israel, a rebellious house, that murdered its God and King Lord Jesus Christ and allied itself with satan, instead of preserving ways and traditions of their own European Christian nations, so-called judeo-Christianity. Some of these Christians even view modern day Israel at their homeland and go there, instead of awaiting Lord Jesus Christ and brining their nations in order. Personally, I believe this tendency to be a result of cunning jewish propaganda aimed at subverting Christianity and turning Christians into their servants and slaves, for Christians are free men under Lord Jesus Christ serving Lord Jesus Christ, citizens of nations of saved people, True Israel, that will be founded by Lord Jesus Christ after 2nd Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

      Third, Christianity and the so-called judaism are two different religions. The God of Christianity is Lord God Jehovah, Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit. The god of judaism, except for few exceptions of righteous jews actually fulfilling the law of Moses, is at best their tribe and at worst satan.

    11. Waldo Starr Says:

      I must confess that I am not a Bible thumper or a Psalms singer, but didn’t Jesus say, when speaking to the Jews in temple, “ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do?” That’s pretty strong stuff and, either Jesus speaks the truth or he lied about the Jews. Those were his words over 2000 years ago and I believe they are as true today and they were then. I believe Jesus knew the Jews, and we now have a front row seat watching the handiwork of satans children right here in the USA which is headed for third world status. Anyway, that’s why I find the new religion Judeo-Christian so confusing. If Jews are of their father Satan, as spelled out by Jesus, then shouldn’t the new religion be called Satan-Christian? So, the old Christians believed that the Jews were deceivers because satan, their father, can only change us if he first deceives us. The new Christians believe the Jews are good and Israhell is great and therefore, they must believe Jesus is a liar. Henry Ford once said that he didn’t believe in history because it would change from time to time. He was right, it’s all bullshit. The Jews have changed the story of Jesus and the Christians have bought into it. Christianity is dead, RIP.

    12. George Lenz Says:

      Summarizing the article in question: the jews are upset that one of more than 20 Hungarian theaters will no longer feed a jew as its producer. The loss of livelihood for a jew is indeed the occasion for loudest accusations of anti-semitism against an obviously more competent goy.

    13. Diablo Says:

      Hungarians are the only ones brave enough to stand up for what’s right and correct.