10 December, 2011

Illinois: Jewish Student vs. Prof. Butz

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Dr. Butz has been invited to leave Northwestern University. And to think that Western universities are supposed to be places of free thought and free inquiry!


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  7. 17 Responses to “Illinois: Jewish Student vs. Prof. Butz”

    1. Howdy Doody Says:

      He spent the past year studying and doing national service in Israel.


    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      I think Prof. Butz should get out of academe, where he is obviously not appreciated, and devote his full-time efforts towards exposing the Global Jewish Conspiracy.

    3. Walter Says:

      I think that Butz should keep his position at the university. The Jews want to silence anyone not of their liking and being in an exposed position such as in a teaching position at a university where his extra-universital activities might be encountered and discussed amongst students is a good thing. The Jews do not only want any doubts about their historiographical doctrines suppressed or made to represent “wrong, hateful thinking”, no, much better it is for them if no one should ever encounter either these ideas or even learn about people who not only have them but present them boldly publicly. Nothing is more admirable than standing up to bullies and might invite imitation. That’s what they fear and they know that their schemes are so transparently false that a broad public recognition of that means trouble for their plans, privileges and feasibilty of their long-term strategy. That Butz’s revisionist ideas are substantial is clear to the Jew, and since he cannot deny their truthfulness, he will resort to his usual tactics: smear, denigration, inciting public hate-campaigns (a variant of boycott, so many times brought to bear by the Jew’s backstage whisperings, think of the boycott against Germany beginning in 1933, an act of war, by the way, according to interantional law), dismissal, ruination, assault, imprisonment and death, if that is possible. With Butz only smear and derogation work for now, so they do that.
      The charge against Prof. Butz is being led in the present case by a Jew, not a non-Jew. The non-Jews don’t seem to think that Butz’s opinion and interest should be criticized as long as his teaching is sound. Too bad for the Jew and his schemes.
      The sentence Howdy Doody quoted sprang also immediately out of the text when I read it.

    4. torrence Says:

      I saw that too, Howdy, at the end of the article:

      “Gabi P. Remz is a freshman at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. He spent the past year studying and doing national service in Israel. He is a New Voices Magazine national correspondent.”

      “national service” I hope all VNN readers get the full import of that.
      As the Jew has reached the summit of power in Jewmerica, he has become fully comfortable and secure in discarding all subtleties to now openly proclaim his will and nature. The Jew’s nation is Israel, regardless of where they physically reside. And this freshman, before the conclusion even of his first semester, finds he must make his presence known by stirring up trouble – making an issue of something which had been in a sustainable status-quot for years. But now, ‘The Jew’ has arrived to stir things up. ‘We are destroyers’ as Maurice Samuel wrote in his 1924 book ‘You Gentiles’. ‘There is nothing you can do to satisfy us’.

      This punk needs a good work over behind a bar early some morning to establish some rules of behavior he’ll need to adhere to the next 3 1/2 years. It’s the only language most Jews understand.

      I have more to say on this, but I’m too worked up after reading of this Yiddish scribbling. Time for repose; a beer maybe even, then to return to this unsavory topic once again.

      Tim, your advice to Butz is wrong. Academia needs people like Butz. The problem is is that he teaches in a kikeademic setting, similar to what most Universities now are. The question future students will be asked are: What Kikeacademy did you matriculate from?

    5. -jc Says:

      It was not even a good smear: Anonymous systems of evaluating professors are subject to the same kind of trolling as are page such as these. Dr. Butz , an academic, not only writes in his own name but documents his assertions of fact. Something short, for example, was found here: http://www.heretical.com/miscella/butz2.html.

      This freshman journalism student cum international correspondent is not only out of his depth failing to cite other than heresay by alleged first-year students of Dr. Butz, he makes a thorough case for his own prejudice and conflict of interest. A critique of this particular essay would be a good exercise for a first college course in English composition.

      Is there any wonder that Dr. Butz still teaches but refuses to debate The Holocaust™ on campus while untenured (new, still at-will teachers) lose their jobs over teaching Jewish mythology to students who signed-up for electrical engineering?

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      The reason I say that Dr. Butz ought to leave his teaching job is because it sounds like he’s “dead wood”, i.e., an old guy who’s been hanging around way too long and is mediocre in his job performance because he no longer cares. I know what it’s like to have college courses taught by professors who are boring, uninspiring, indifferent and disliked by their students.

      Since no one at his University is exactly rushing to his defense I’d say Dr. Butz has worn out his welcome. I myself would not want to stay in a job where my co-workers don’t like me and everyone can’t wait for me to quit. Butz should have some self-respect and leave. He would be much better off starting some research institute that examines Jewish lies and extortion rackets, joining the staff of the IHR or writing for Willis Carto’s paper.

      By the by, I have read Dr. Butz’s “Hoax of the 20th Century” and while I certainly agree with everything he said his writing style is soporific. I can imagine what an ordeal it must be to stay awake in his engineering class. There are a lot of teachers out there who know their subject matter well enough but are unable to effectively teach it to others. Dr. Butz, I fear, is such a one.

    7. Jürgen Says:

      The professor is not only a “Holocaust Denier”.
      He is also a “Little-Green-Men-On-Mars Denier, too!”

    8. mrcrouton Says:

      National Jewish Student Magazine.

      Wow those Jews really are assimilating just fine aren’t they?
      They really are just normal Americans like everyone else!

      Jews are so ethnocentric and have taken it to such an extreme, that they have their own set of diseases. Just look at them.

      Jews are a genetic experiment gone wrong and the world is suffering the consequences.

    9. Arminius Says:

      It doesn’t make much difference, if Professor Butz hangs on for another few years at N-W University or retires sooner.
      He has done his job by writing a real classic on the “holocaust”, but that was 35 years ago. The holocaust propaganda has recovered from that blow without suffering any dent in its armour.
      All those many books, periodicals, conferences, which appeared since, have come and gone, but we are still waiting for a noticable impression on the general public to turn against the “Jews and their lies”.
      The “holocaust”- like any other Jewish swindle- has to be seen as part of the Jewish conspiracy, affecting the whole world.
      It is difficult to imagine these scheming Jews giving in short of a bloody revolution of the suppressed nations.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      Well, at least the Holohoax Hustlers no longer wail about the soap bars and lampshades their kinsmen were turned into at the “Nazi death camps”. Turns out those “lampshades” and bars of “soap” were just props used by Soviet Jew Commissars to try and vilify the Germans as much as possible after WWII, thus deflecting attention away from Jew-orchestrated Soviet atrocities. Those bizarre Holohoax fantasies about lampshades, medical experiments, gas ovens, etc. succeed only in proving how mentally sick the Jews are.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      Oh, I almost forgot about the “steam chamber” fantasy that surfaces from time to time. You see, when the “gas ovens” were being cleaned out those dastardly Nazis “steamed” their Jew victims to death, instead of being “gassed” to death…..

      Well the Holohoax BORES me to death. You’d think the Jews might try to make their lame story a little more interesting. I mean, with all the Jew writers and movie directors around this is the best hoax they can come up with?

    12. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Oh Vey!! So we have a kike journalist interviewing kike students about Butz’s dissident views on their most cherished of racial myths, the holohoax. Not exactly a recipe for an objective appraisal of Butz and his work.

      Kike professor Noel Ignatiev of Harvard can teach a class exhorting students to commit racial and cultural genocide of whites and it’s called academic freedom. Gentile Arthur Butz makes a compelling case that six million Jews did not die, a far cry from preaching racial hatred and murder, and he’s symbolically censured by his anti-white, leftist colleagues.

      If jews don’t like academic freedom and freedom of speech then they can take their bagel eating, moloch worshipping asses back to israhell.

    13. Pietro Says:

      Don’t forget about the electrified floors that, after electrocuting their victims, opened up to dump the bodies in to carts waiting below. As DenierBud put it: “a plan that gets an A+ for diabolical but an F for believability.”

    14. Ray F. Bateson Says:

      The holohoax narrative contains more outlandish contraptions than the wackiest warner bros. cartoon, but don’t point that out or else.

      Teh nazis also worshipped hitler and made technology infused with magic, I know cuz i watched Captain Kwa at the cineplex

    15. Richard Jennings Says:

      “By the by, I have read Dr. Butz’s Hoax of the 20th Century and while I certainly agree with everything he said his writing style is soporific.”

      I agree. It may have been groundbreaking when it first came out, but it’s one of the most tedious reads I’ve ever had to force myself through.

      The holocaust is such a transparent hoax that there really isn’t any need for 500 pages of small print to debunk it. I’d only recommend the book to serious students of the topic.

    16. Diablo Says:

      More whining. The facts of history are too strong to bear for them….their world built of a century of lies appears to be crumbling around them. And they KNOW there will be no sympathy for them when it does. Run rabbit run.

    17. Tim McGreen Says:

      Funny how the Jews have not allowed ANY discussion of this subject at all, not even among themselves. If the ‘Hoax is an historical event then why can’t any aspect of it be talked about????

      Well, Jews?