16 December, 2011

Open Thread

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Post whatever you want…

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  7. 84 Responses to “Open Thread”

    1. George Lenz Says:

      A new WN free speech forum for republicans, nationalists, patriots, conservatives and fundamentalists began its work. Respected VNN readers and members are welcome to register and participate in the new WN free speech forum:


    2. Pietro Says:

      Republican “debate” on right now. Ron Paul states the obvious regarding non-intervention in the world’s affair and gets a fair amount of applause. Rick Santorum talks about intervention in Iran and working closer with Israel and gets louder applause from the joo doppelgangers and christitards. Bachman is bringing up the usual worldwide caliphate BS and talking about our “ally” Israel.

    3. Pietro Says:

      Paul just borrowed a WN talking point: “Muslims aren’t attacking us because they hate our freedom. They’re not attacking Switzerland because they hate their freedom.”

    4. CW-2 Says:

      Lots of good articles with topics dear to our hearts are available at http://www.instaurationonline.com.

    5. festerbestertester Says:

      Whats with all the Orientals on commercials lately?

    6. Howdy Doody Says:

      festerbestertester Says:

      17 December, 2011 at 12:33 am

      Whats with all the Orientals on commercials lately?

      1 0

      Throw the TV away, that is you brain washing leash.

    7. Luke Says:

      I seldom ever watch TV anymore, but I’ll take a stab at answering the question as to why so many Orientals might be appearing in TV commercials lately.

      Perhaps Big jew has decided that no amount of kosher brainwashing bullshit is ever going to increase the miniscule number of White men who are willing to slide their happy stick into negresses. So, since I haven’t watched TV – may I ask if these Asian appearances are being presented in a White-male, Oriental-female sort of pairing? Big jew pushes yellow fever all the time, since far too many White men seem to be more susceptible to race mixing with light-skinned Asians than with dark skinned African women.

      Tom Metzger once said that these kinds of combinations are perhaps the most deadly for the White race, because those non-white genes will always dominate the thinking and behavior of any offspring that are produced by such forms of miscegenation.

      Advice: Stay away from these Asian women, White men. They belong to Asian men.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      I myself haven’t seen much of the Yellow Peril on TV ads that Herr Festerbester speaks of, just more and more and more of the usual Negrophilia. I think the Jew ad agencies are still busy trying to figure out how to present the Oriental in TV commercials.

      Remember that old Calgon laundry detergent commercial, the one where the skeptical Yellow girl at the Chinese laundry says to the Yellow guy “Ancient Chinese secret, huh?”, while folding her arms and making him look stupid? Well, that kind of “stereotyping” just won’t fly anymore. The scheming Jew will have to show Asiatics in more “enlightened” situations. No more of that Charlie Chan shit.

      Oriental girls have always been a snare for the White man. There’s even a Deep Purple song about “My Woman from Tokay-O”. Japanese girls are especially attractive to horny White males. Perhaps some of the Japanese have a little ancient Aryan ancestry in their blood? That would account for their superior intellect, refined features and light skin, would it not?

      One must admit that it would be extremely difficult for even the most racially conscious White man to pass up a little Japanese cutie like this one. See what I mean by a snare?


    9. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Gerald Celente, the doo-wop dago prognosticator, referred to Senator Lindsay Graham as that Southern “cracker” from South Carolina for his support of SB 1867 which subjects all Americans to arbitrary arrest and indefinite detainment. The only problem is that as much as all of us despise the race traitor and closet fag that is Graham, it was that Northern “kike” Senator Carl Levin who co-sponsored that bit of legislation and no doubt the racial interests of his tribe was the motivating factor.

      Celente is the same coward who tap dances around the topic of jewish control of Wall St. by referring to them as “the white shoe boys”, whatever the hell that means. Here at VNN we call them what they are.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Doo-wop dago”…I love it! Yes, Celente is a big-mouth know-it-all with an exaggerated New York accent. It’s all schtick, you understand. I hear that Celente recently got burned big time in some Jew financial deal. So much for knowing it all.

    11. Howdy Doody Says:


      So long Glen.

    12. mrcrouton Says:

      I’m part Italian myself and I find the phrase Do Wop Dago to be the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long while. I’m not offended and I plan on using the phrase myself.

      As for calling Graham a cracker, I don’t like northerners (and I am one) picking on southerners who were on the right side during the civil war. I respect the south and I admire their culture.
      He should have called Graham a dirty disease spreading faggot instead.

      And you’re right about Celente beating around the bush with the white shoe boys. He will go on and name a list of clearly all jewish names on Alex Joneses show, and then call them white shoe boys while he should say jew boys.
      But I doubt Alex would nlet him on again if he did. Ask Michael Rivero about what happens if you bad mouth jews on Joneses show.

      But Alex Jones talks a great deal about defending his family, but wont go the next logical step and do anything about defending his race. You know he brags about protesting the Klan.
      So Jones and many others are failed anthropologists, as he professes to be a student of anthropology but wont apply it like Rudolf Hesse did when he said “Nazism is nothing more than applied biology.”

      So Jones might have knowledge about tribes, but god forbid he roots for hius own. That he can’t do.

      But welcome to Mexico asshole Jones, you’re going to live in it soon as mestizos take over the land of Travis and Houston and you Mr “Truth” are going to be surrounded by the brown mud babies (your trying to save from vaccinations), and as long as they are against the “new world order” they’re your amigos.

      In conclusion…Alex Jones is a Jewish suck up, and we shouldn’t fund him.

    13. mrcrouton Says:

      For Tim Green above, another song promoting the asian women is Every Picture Tells a Story by Rod Stewart and Faces. I admit it’s got a degenerate lyric, but I have to be honest and I do like the song. Again, sorry Alex, but when it comes to art I like what I like.


    14. Sgt. Skull Says:

      I have no problem with Italians but cowards like Celente richly deserve being called doo-wop dago. He bashes white people on camera but is too cowardly to utter words of criticism or slurs towards any other racial group.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’m not much of a Rod Stewart fan, but I did like his work with the Jeff Beck Group. If it weren’t for Beck’s difficult personality they might have become as big as Led Zeppelin even before there was a Led Zeppelin.


    16. Robert Cardillo Says:

      As myself, also being half-Italian, I thought the Do-Wop-Dago to be quite humourous. If you can’t laugh at yourself, than you are a pretty sad individual.

    17. Bigduke6 Says:

      Just checking in. And I see the usual suspects are in true form, especially that rascal Tim McGreen. Well I quit my job after seven years. My former employer wanted diversity. And what diversity really means is less white people. They hired a queeny bigger, a nerdy lesbo and on over competitive, pregnant, tomboy, corporate sycophant. What an abortion of a crew. Of course they all knew more than me. The management wants to make these numb nuts managers with me keeping all the plates sobbing. So screw it if they are so bright why do they need me. Ha, ha they are hurting now as there is no white male to do the real work.

    18. Bigduke6 Says:

      Oh shoot excuse my typing errors. I’m using my hand held.

    19. Bigduke6 Says:

      If you want to make your life miserable marry a filipina. A lot of people comment how nice they are. Yeah but what goes on at home is a different thing. They are mean

    20. Mel Brooks Says:

      Don’t knock DP too hard, Tim.. “My Woman From Tokyo” rocks like mad, especially Lord’s piano at the end. And DP were never druggies, except for late-in-the-game Blackmore replacement Tommy Bolin. Poor bastard. As for Stewart, his time with the Faces was sort of an acme of semi-folk, semi-acoustic rock. “Maggie Mae” is a timeless tune and “Every Picture Tells a Story” has the great Maggie Bell doing backups. I miss that Scottish witch, she was better than all of her “black” influences. Her voice could snap your soul like a twig. Seek out her cover of “I Was In Chains” for a beautiful portrait of whiskey tear-stained heartbreak. Celtic Soul indeed.


      Big Duke:all filipinos are nasty, conceited and cruel. I won’t tell you how I know that, suffice it to say that it isn’t because I married one. A relative did, and damned near ended up dead because of it. The women from the island itself will do literally anything to stay here. The men are cocksure fuckers of the worst sort. You’d do well to place your trust in a negro first.

      BTW, Alex Jones is purported to be worth 5M. Guess it’s time to become a milquetoast internet frogmouth. It pays, obviously

    21. Howdy Doody Says:

      Flips married old White men, they die his kids get nothing and the smalls put with insane flip bitches babling up and down small town streets, or take their gains back to the Flip shit hole.

    22. Stan Sikorski Says:

      I hate to see Glen Campbell go out like that. His version of Jimmy Webb’s “Wichita Lineman” is one of the first songs I heard as a child and has occupied a space in my head ever since. The quality of his performance and the song’s production values were way ahead of their time. Like Johnny Cash, Glen is a unique talent that has never been , and never will be equalled – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qoymGCDYzU

    23. Tim McGreen Says:

      Ugh! I can just imagine how unpleasant it must be to be married to a Slope:

      “How come you no take me anywhere? I want big diamond ling rike Erizabeth Tayror! I want big fancy house on Rong I-rand rike Jelly Seinfeld!”

      “What? Me do housewolk? I no do housewolk! I not in Saigon no more, Jack. You not see me wolk rike srave. I do dat for Vietcong, I no have to do it in Amelika. Now, you take to big fancy lestelaunt or you no get no more yerrow poon tang.”

    24. Richard Jennings Says:

      “Whats with all the Orientals on commercials lately?”

      What’s with all the commercials on YouTube lately? Soon it’ll be as bad as regular TV.

    25. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Asian women are cunts, so white men beware. I know a guy who married a Laotian woman. Big mistake. Thanks to the family reunification act practically her whole extended family of 50 now lives in the area and this guy is stuck fixing their plumbing and doing general repairs on their homes whenever the need arises. All for free of course, since making the slant eyed crooks pay would be racism.

      He is now their beast of burden, but then he’s your typical white guy with no race conscious and no self respect so he’s all too happy to serve as their doormat and doesn’t know any better. Most white women suck these days, but the grass isn’t any greener with oriental women.

      And his wife talks just like Tim McGreen describes in his last post. Good job, Tim!

    26. Richard Jennings Says:

      “So Jones might have knowledge about tribes, but god forbid he roots for hius own. That he can’t do.”

      I think Jones is married to a woman who’s genetically jewish, which would technically make his kids jewish too, so he might have some personal reasons for avoiding the issue. That, and some of his sponsors are jews.

      All Jones is doing is recycling a bunch of tired John Birch Society bullshit anyways, so even if he didn’t have personal reasons, his ideology would preclude his discussing it.

      I did hear an ad from the A3P on his show a few months ago, but haven’t heard it since (not that I listen to him all that often). I’d be curious to know whether the ad stopped running because the A3P ran out of money or because Jones or one his staff rejected it. His show is definitely a logical place for the A3P to advertise.

      “In conclusion…Alex Jones is a Jewish suck up, and we shouldn’t fund him.”

      I couldn’t agree more.

    27. Howdy Doody Says:

      Richard Jennings Says:
      18 December, 2011 at 11:42 am

      “Whats with all the Orientals on commercials lately?”

      What’s with all the commercials on YouTube lately? Soon it’ll be as bad as regular TV.

      Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

      Any you tube with a Kommiemurcial just don’t watch the vid at all

    28. Howdy Doody Says:


      See the PHOTOS.
      Their God, Son of God, Holy Spirit (The Jews)
      Their Saints (Saint Anne, Saint Eli, Saint Victim, Saint Lipstadt)
      Their Apostles (The 6 million)
      Their Holy Site (Auschwitz)
      Their God-given land (Palestine)
      Their devil (Adolf Hitler and the German people)
      Their brain-amputated followers (the common Jews and Christians)

    29. Blackshirt Says:

      I’ve always been a supporter and defender of White women and their right to be respected and treated as partners in our struggle.

      Now with that said, I can understand why non-race conscious White men might be attracted to Asian women. Have you ever seen a 300-400 pound Asian woman? I haven’t, although perhaps they exist somewhere. I have certainly seen more than my share of obese White women though, and it’s enough to make one lose your lunch. And I personally don’t mind a “curvy” or “voluptuous” woman, but damn if there isn’t a HUGE (pun intended) problem with our people being fat as hell. When I look around in American society these days it is so rare to see a woman with a “normal” physique, I’m personally just happy to see a beautiful female period, even if she is Asian.

      Now the point I’m making is that I rarely see Asian women dressed in huge T-shirts and sweatpants like I see fat White and negro women do. Asian women generally aren’t fat as hell, either. With all of that said Asian women can go too far in the other direction though, and sometimes their bodies remind me of boys- no breasts or curves. I just wish we could get our beautiful White women back, without all the fat, facial piercings, tattoos, or ghetto clothes.

    30. mrcrouton Says:

      The guitarist Joe Satriani sired a mongrel with some mongoloid woman years ago and now he carts that mongrel (Zach) around with him.
      Here a guitar king like him with his talent is so stupid he didn’t realize that when you breed with mongoloids you get damned ugly looking kids, even uglier than Satriani himself.
      They kind of look like beetles and are generic as you can get.
      Just brachycephalic slopeheads with a face that belongs on a totem pole.

      Why didn’t he just marry a white groupie (which he could get by snapping his fingers and sire children with her so you have decent looking children who wont hate you for making you a mongrel mongoloid monster?
      And if you’re going to spunk out some mongoloid offspring why not be honest about it and name him Chang or Wong?

      WTF is up with that idiot?

      In conclusion, white guys that date or marry chinks are losers, and should be shunned socially.

    31. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Good points, Blackshirt. That an increasing number of white women resemble something out of that “The People of Wal-Mart” website is becoming a problem.

      Alex Jones is the controlled/fake opposition. Wasn’t it a couple of years ago when he slobbered into the mic that anyone who criticizes jews or israhell are white trash losers, or something to that effect? There’s black and brown critics of the jews so what makes double chinned, pot bellied Alex think that only whites are capable of being aunti-seeeemites?

      Alex says them bankers, globalists and insiders are turning the races against one another. Otherwise, white, black , brown would be singing kumbaye. No mention of the racial antecedents of said bankers, et al.

      He’s another coward just like Celente who substitutes “white shoe boys” for jews.

    32. Z.O.G. Says:

      Gerald Celente is a two-bit huckster. He has found a new generation of gullible followers in the paytriotard movement. That’s why he is a frequent guest on Alex Jones’ radio show.

      Gerald Celente has admitted on another radio show that most of his employees and associates are Jewish. He’s just more controlled opposition, like Alex Jones himself.

    33. Z.O.G. Says:

      Here’s all the dirt on Alex Jones, for those of you who haven’t seen it yet:

      Alex Jones Exposed

    34. Z.O.G. Says:

      And here’s a new blog I recently put together. I think most of you will find it interesting and useful.

      Christianity Debunked

    35. Howdy Doody Says:

      Johnny Carson wrote one of his son’s OUT of his will for marrying a booness.

    36. Howdy Doody Says:

      Z.O.G. Says:
      18 December, 2011 at 9:21 pm

      Gerald Celente is a two-bit huckster. He has found a new generation of gullible followers in the paytriotard movement. That’s why he is a frequent guest on Alex Jones’ radio show.

      Gerald Celente has admitted on another radio show that most of his employees and associates are Jewish. He’s just more controlled opposition, like Alex Jones himself.



    37. Sgt. Skull Says:

      In Alex Jones’ DVD “Terrorstorm” he said president LBJ ordered israhell to attack the USS Liberty to provide a cassus belli for war with Egypt. Of sure, innocent little israhell was just following our orders. There’s a lot of race doesn’t matter patriotards who will imbibe this snake oil.

      So now you know who’s yanking Alex’s chain.

    38. Howdy Doody Says:

      Sgt. Skull Says:
      18 December, 2011 at 10:12 pm


      Is there enough Piano wire for all of these SOB’s criminals ?

    39. Tim McGreen Says:

      Mel, I didn’t mean to knock Deep Purple. I just think they should have written “My Woman from O-hi-yo” instead, or maybe “My Woman from Ontari-O”.

      I may be in the minority on this, but I think DP’s best period was when they first started out, with songs like “Hush” and “Kentucky Woman”. But they were good all the way through their career. In fact there are times when DP was a better rock band than Led Zeppelin.

    40. Tim McGreen Says:

      I don’t get Christianity…It seems that as a Christian you are expected to convince yourself that Jesus and his dad, God Sr., really exist and that Jesus died on the Cross for you. All you have to do to gain Salvation and the Kingdom is Believe.

      But there are some problems here. First, if Jesus was God, then how can he die????? Getting nailed to a piece of wood for a few hours wasn’t much of a sacrifice if you think about it. Countless millions of people have experienced far worse deaths than that. Besides, if he was divine Jesus would have had nothing to worry about, since he was God and he would be back up in Heaven by Saturday night or Sunday morning at the latest.

      Second, why was it necessary to be crucified in order to save the world? The story makes no sense UNLESS you recognize it for what it really is, viz. an agricultural and solar MYTH.

      Third, if Jesus died for our sins then why is Hell still open for business????

      Fourth, exactly what makes Satan such a bad guy? Because he thought he could do a better job of running the universe than his employer? Let’s give this Satan fellow a fair hearing. Who knows, maybe we can even get him and Jesus to shake hands and make up.

      Fifth, is the world really any better since Jesus came and went? Have cruelty, disease, poverty and injustice been done away with? I hardly think so. So what difference did Jesus’ visit make to this world????

      Sixth, I have no idea how anyone can force themselves to believe in something, such as believing in the Christian God(s). But if you don’t believe, then apparently those two deities can’t help you. If you have no faith, or your faith is weak, then you’re shit out of luck. Therefore, I guess what the Xians are saying is their gods only exist if you really, really believe they do.

      Seventh, where is the solid, irrefutable evidence that Jesus even existed, never mind the proof that he was God incarnate? I do not see it. And why are there no descriptions of his physical appearance? “Saint” Peter wrote an epistle or two to his congregations, where he claimed to have personally known Jesus back in the day. Yet he gives no particulars about Jesus. What kind of guy was he? What did he look like? When was he killed? I could probably come up with dozens more objections to the Christian religion if I put my mind to it.

      And eight, were there dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark?

      The more I think about it the more I realize that belief in gods and devils is just an unfortunate by-product or side-effect of the human imagination. Religion is mental quicksand that can and must be rationalized out of existence.

    41. Tim McGreen Says:

      One more thing, if I may…..Christians say that Jesus was offered up as the ultimate sacrifice to God, or that God allowed his only Son to be sacrificed. But wait….If, as the Scriptures repeatedly point out, the Son and the Father are One, then are we saying that God offered Himself up as a sacrifice to Himself?

      Madness, absolute madness.

    42. Bigduke6 Says:

      Filipinas know how to lay it on thick to get married to their American, meal ticket, husbands. They will say and do anything, and I do mean anything to get that green card. Then after the honeymoon it’s time to send money to the relatives in the P.I. Then it’s time to petition for half their clan to come to the land of the big PX. Your home will be culturally divided as the flippers want flip food, flip culture and flip friends. So they flip on a dime. Flips are the niggers of the Orient and act that way. Same with all these turd world hoochee mamas. Talk about paying for it. Yeah right. A white husband will pay the rest of his life through marriage and divorce. Because these blood suckers just move on to someone with a fatter wallet.

    43. Richard Jennings Says:

      “Third, if Jesus died for our sins then why is Hell still open for business????”

      Hell is still open for business so that those of us who won’t accept Jesus into our hearts to be our personal lord and saviour have someplace to go.

    44. Howdy Doody Says:

      In past when I have seen large men 6-2 plus While haired with their flip in tow, these female were not happy faced shall we say.

      It also is not just old men, but I know of 46 year old who moved to Hawaii, he is 6 foot tall and married a 4-11 flip, who looks 15 came back to the mainland for his White sons wedding and his two White Adult Children I was told by some one who was there were disgusted and acted distant to the nut case.

    45. Richard Jennings Says:

      “The more I think about it the more I realize that belief in gods and devils is just an unfortunate by-product or side-effect of the human imagination.”

      I don’t categorically reject the existence of God — materialists have yet to produce a truly plausible, testable explanation for how life on this planet came into being, or how the universe itself came into existence — but that doesn’t mean I have to worship the jewish tribal god Yahweh or accept an ancient jewish mystic as my personal saviour.

      What strikes me about the Bible is that there is nothing in there at all that relates to Europeans or their cultures, history, and identities. Christianity may have become Westernized (for example, Christmas trees and Santa Claus are pagan transplants), but the Bible itself is a foreign entity.

    46. George Lenz Says:

      Europeans are sons of Japheth, you can read about Europeans by locating individual verses dealing with sons of Japheth.

    47. Richard Jennings Says:

      Actually, I’m wrong: There is mention of Europeans in the Bible, but to the extent that we’re mentioned, it’s only to say that we’re despicable, barbaric untermenschen whose ultimate purpose on this planet it is to serve G-d’s Chosen People. So the Bible brazenly pisses in the face of Europeans, yet somehow it became the foundational text of “our” religion.

    48. Tim McGreen Says:

      HD is right, a lot of the White guys who marry those 4’9″, 96lb. flips, gooks and slopes are oversized good ol’ boys with big flabby bellies and a big white Santa beard. In other words they are the kind of guys who could never get a decent looking White girl, so they married the 12 year old hooker they paid 2$ for in Saigon or Manilla instead. (Her family in the village probably traded her away for a pack of Marlboros and a goat.) And then the little yellow bitch winds up pushing the big fat guy around! I’ve noticed a lot of White men in the Patriot Bowel Movement are big, flabby, uncouth-looking cretins with yellow (or red) wives. No wonder we keep losing ground to the Enemy.

    49. Tim McGreen Says:

      Richard, I have to disagree with you a little. “Saint” Paul does favorably mention Italian Christians. And “Saint” Peter does tell his followers to respect the Emperor. But no matter how many pagan European influences are incorporated into it Christianity remains an alien religion that was imposed on us by alien minds.

    50. CW-2 Says:

      It isn’t often that inmates of the jewK can ‘enjoy’ a bit of schadenfreude, but last week was one occasion when we could smile at the antics of the French political class. It seems these guys, no doubt all graduates of Les Grandes Ecoles and paid up members of the Grande Orient, were getting in a right state at the prospect of their cherished credit rating being down graded. What is a ‘patriotic’ Frenchman to do? Why, lash out at Britain of course!
      If these gentlemen were true sons of France they would realize there are good reasons for the likely fall in France’s credit rating. While the country’s farmers can easily feed the nation, the products of French industry are fast becoming overpriced due to the tax burden of millions of low productive Negroes and Arabs.
      Politicians can choose to ignore reality, but it will ultimately bite them on the ass. The strength of a nation’s economy rests on the intelligence, discipline and work habits of its people. Everything else is smoke and mirrors.

    51. Howdy Doody Says:

      Tim McGreen Says:
      19 December, 2011 at 1:50 pm

      Tim, they can also be in mid forties and thin from being booze hounds and just a crazy con man and Nutz evanjellycull flipped out no sane White women will fall for his insanity.

    52. Z.O.G. Says:

      Sgt. Skull,

      That’s not even the worst part. There is a video from 2005 or 2006 of Alex Jones speaking in front of a live audience about the U.S.S. Liberty attack. In this video he literally says, “And I don’t even blame Israel for this.”

      No joke.

    53. Howdy Doody Says:

      Z.O.G. Says:
      19 December, 2011 at 11:03 pm

      Sgt. Skull,

      That’s not even the worst part. There is a video from 2005 or 2006 of Alex Jones speaking in front of a live audience about the U.S.S. Liberty attack. In this video he literally says, “And I don’t even blame Israel for this.”

      No joke.


      Whites are truly asleep at the Wheel, and the monsters are going to blow the bridge up ahead

    54. Howdy Doody Says:

      Alex Jones and all of the enemy alien talk media behave worse than any carnival barker of the last 100 years and that is all they are.

      Criminal enemy alien enablers.

      No White should even bother to ever call a talk radio station, let them live in their World of Lies and lust to genocide US.

      Calling them up only gives them a thrill five minutes a month is all the up date on their insanity that is needed.

      I cancelled my SAT radio, as more and more breaks on he FEW white channels were talking about he was married to a joo, o they had a cousin in the HOLY COST, Nigger music is on EVERY channel.

      ALL the SAT channels are mostly filthy nig or get YT rear ending comedy.

      The CUNTRY Channels are not country either.

      Most of the hosts for the only two classical channels make stupid/faggy comments rotenly

      The 40’s channel can’t get enough nigger jive singing, if were back in the 40 listening to joo owned radio networks you would not have them like the SAT radio spews it out IMO.

    55. Blackshirt Says:

      I can’t believe how many so-called “comrades” still hitch up their cart to the Republican party.

      I’ve followed a few of the debates and it’s beyond obvious that every single one of the Republican candidates (with the exception of Ron Paul) is bought and paid for by Jews. The insane, true believer look in the eyes of Santorum or Bachmann when they talk about our “ally” Israel is beyond sickening.

      People sometimes wonder why I’m so vehemently against Christianity and Conservatives- all you have to do is look at who the Republican party puts up for candidates and that should be all the explanation you need.

    56. Stan Sikorski Says:

      Two of “The Chosen’s” high-steppers, Porn King / White slave trader / owner of ‘Vivid Entertainment’ Steven Hirsch and horse-faced, dirt slinging bigmouth J.A.P. (jew amurikwan princess) Melissa Rivers are bumping uglies. And if that isn’t gross enough, the two have been offered an opportunity to record a sex tape for another porn company. Feel free to puke…


    57. Howdy Doody Says:

      So, happy no one has replied to the Affirmative phucking YT over posting.

      I would not even open that thing up.

      The who action was an assault against US Whites period.

      Jooos have laughed all the way to the banks since too.

    58. Howdy Doody Says:

      Every one who tries to get elected goes the bandit con man headquarters regime.

      White Police chiefs have been going to bandit since at least what is it 1991, and what Exact reason, other than to pucker their lips, or what else is it ?

      Happy New Year.

    59. CW-2 Says:

      As we approach the winter solstice and the year’s end it is perhaps a good time to give a round of applause to Alex, Socrates, and other hard working members of the vnn team. Well done, guys.

      And to all contributors:
      Happy Christmas*
      Happy Yule Season*
      Happy Winter Holiday*
      Happy Hannukah*(so the trolls and fedz don’t feel left out)

      * delete as appropriate

    60. Tim McGreen Says:

      Stan, I found this photo of Melissa Rivers’ mom, the 800 year-old comedienne Joan Rivers, without her makeup (Sorry TMZ, I scooped you on this one):


    61. torrence Says:

      I must state how pleased and proud I am of the overall sentiment I see expressed here. Right on.
      What I see emerging – and necessarily so, is the complete loss of confidence and expectancy in the present system of things. No longer can an aware individual retain hope in a reformation of society and its governing bodies and institutions. A New Order will only emerge after a complete severance to the existing order is in place. There is a longing for something vastly different from what prevails today.

      ………….”No White should even bother to ever call a talk radio station, let them live in their World of Lies and lust to genocide US.
      Calling them up only gives them a thrill five minutes a month is all the up date on their insanity that is needed.
      I cancelled my SAT radio….” (Great!, Now may Jew-tube follow)

      …………”I can’t believe how many so-called “comrades” still hitch up their cart to the Republican party.”

      ……”Alex Jones is the controlled/fake opposition.”

      ……..”So, happy no one has replied to the Affirmative phucking YT over posting.” This is too much, Howdy……Precisely my thinking as well.

    62. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Right Torrence, the phoney baloney Repugnant party has to be knocked in the head , stuck like a sqeeling Hawg, decaptitated, dropped in a tank of boiling hot water, than ran through a de-hairing machine, gutted , put in the freezer, dismembered with a chain saw,ran through a tree chipper and than fed to the vultures.

    63. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      . . .then put them in a tank of boiling cold water. . .then crucified. . .

    64. Bigduke6 Says:

      Tim, laughing by ass off a pack of Marlboro’s and a goat. You’ve got it pegged all right.

    65. Arminius Says:

      Richard Jennings said:
      “I don’t categorically reject the existence of God — materialists have yet to produce a truly plausible, testable explanation for how life on this planet came into being, or how the universe itself came into existence — but that doesn’t mean I have to worship the jewish tribal god Yahweh or accept an ancient jewish mystic as my personal saviour.”

      Sounds confusing to me. ALL religions that matter are resting on the belief in Jahwe’s existence, the God of Money and the Jews. Ask any representative (priest) of these religions, if in the past four thousand years this concept of Jahwe has changed, and they will categorically deny it. They bitterly oppose evolution and are sworn enemies of Darwin. They stubbornly ignore philosophies trying to present a different image of “god”. And if they could do it today, they would burn us alive, hang us, poison us again for having a different mental image of their Jahwe-God as they promulgate.
      The fact is, their idea of Jahwe-God has never been revised to reflect intelligent progress of our thinking and understanding of nature and world, just the opposite, they added only some mad dogmas viz. “Savior”, Resurrection or Last Judgement.
      Thus, there is no reason whatever, to bestow for- to us today- unexplainable things and natural mysteries the concept and word “god”.
      Avoiding the association of that “god” with Bible and Jews, I hope philosophers will invent soon a better word.

    66. Annie Oakley Says:

      I have never ever understood the white man lusting after these pie-faced gooks. Once they get older they are hideous. But as Tim said most of the white men who date these gooks are pot-bellied pigs.

      Our young white women need to get a goddamned clue. Many of the younger women I meet are tatted up, pierced god knows where and they are complete whores. Loud, obnoxious, always on their goddamned phone and will screw a snake if it held it’s head up high enough. If I had a young daughter now she’d be home schooled with a chastity belt on.

      I guess as a middle aged white woman it’s my job to be an example to younger white women how white women should look with long hair and healthy bodies. I’ve recently told my husband that the both of us need to shape up more and be more of a role model for young white women and men.

      Many of the so called patriot movements are full of Jew ass lickers. That’s why I abandoned the tea party and other patriot groups. The whites are so busy trying to prove that their not racist, they”ll run over you to get on some nig’s good side. Funny thing is that the nigs are only there for the freebies and wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.

      I’ve found that the good white people are not part of any group and are usually older, 40 and up. I’ve made it my goal to befriend normal white men and women who are racially aware.

      I just came back from a 3,000 mile road trip through Alabama, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma. There is a stretch of towns in TX that is virtually all white and small towns. Lots of cheap land if you want get dirty and start a new life off of the grid. I found no white guilt there and plenty of white people know the score. They may not be that sophisticated, but they know Obongo hates their guts.

      I’ve pretty well abandoned reading all blogs and listening to any podcasts who will not call out the Jew. If someone does not call out the Jew, they’re a traitor to our race.

      I used to like Gerald Celente, but even he blamed the London riots on economics, rather than the filthy nigs doing what they do best. Hate and hurt whitey.

    67. Howdy Doody Says:

      Annie Oakley Says:
      21 December, 2011 at 12:48 am

      Good post Mrs. Oakley.

      Knowing today the level of spying on Whites in the US since 1945, and the Red Flag Operations large and small that have gone done for a Fact is sobering.

      On top of it all VNNF has over he let absolute trolls roam free at will trying to incite angry replies. Mr. Halvin Turder and other out right STASI liar types came here.

      That other bastard who hasn’t been heard on VNN for a couple of years now had a radio show and Web site.

      When Original Dissent invited to post there he posted like a nut case insulting every one, IMO it was because he sensed they were mostly only older retired military, lawyers, educators or tradesman and would find any fools where there long winded reasonable posts.

      WTH hell is going on ?

      Many no bodies who only called in one the so called White Radio shows, and I not talking about VNN got their phones and p.c. taped for over a year, with out due cause for just calling in.

      The STASI types have been successful on two avenues, one getting names no matter if those names belong to working Whites, they are now I.D.ed as pro White etc. Then the second ave of success for STASI, now is that the filth of infiltration over the last decade/s is known there is a Fear across the Western World no not to join Anything, or send Nickel to any one.

      Remember reading an issue of A.R. by Taylor around 2000, and letter to the Editor stated. Sir’s I agree with every thing you write and report, but cancel my subscription and I do not want any refund. I am cancelling because I can’t stand reading these truths any more as my health can not take it.

    68. Howdy Doody Says:


      When an Original Dissent member invited the Stasi agent IMO to post at the forum he posted like a nut case insulting every one there with out exception and boldly with out cause or any facts. IMO it was because he sensed they were mostly only older retired military, lawyers, educators or tradesman and that he would never find any fools at O.D. Where were mostly long winded reasonable factual post except for the few trolls that now post here once in a while.

    69. Fr. John Says:

      Does anyone here know what has happened to John de Nugent’s blog?

      He’s been suffering deprivations lately, and I started reading him again, but now even his blogs are ‘up for sale’.

      What’s the news?


    70. The Red Skull Says:

      A VERY MERRY “WHITE” Christmas to all like minded White folks out there!

      Hopefully the next year will bring better things to our People and Cause,Keep up the struggle Komrades!!


    71. Tim McGreen Says:

      Friar John, that De Nugent fellow is on Kikebook, in case you’re interested:


    72. Howdy Doody Says:

      Ted Turner or No other White North American has been interested in ” Or such White’s know that they would be allowed to get permits etc. start a media music SAT business.”

      The SAT broadcasting which I urge all White to dump, to discourage all family from getting is anti White and full of lousy anti White programming.

      All the talk radio is noise and works to keep our working class dumbed down on SAT radio.

      SAT country is Cuntry, Blue Grass is even programmed to be Anti White lelftist.

      The Classical stations have constant references to Germany WW 2 , holycoasting etc.

      Don’t pay any business who hires the Stern type of so called broadcasting show.


      On top of jooo tryanny in media the regime as sponsered spying on US for no reason and paying to give US retarded Halvin turds for internet radio and others who were exposed.

      Peter Shank, has never felt any obligation or need to write to any one to post what happened to him self in plain which is b.s. IMO.

      The bad guys know all about Peter Shank, and their actually trolls since that start of VNN that driven away because of the negative b.s. about Shank as they could provide NO facts to their anti White hate mongering sneaky false innuendos about Shank IMO.

    73. Fr. John Says:

      Tim- Thanks, but a social networking site is not the same as the news blog he was airing for the last few years. And no, I do not go onto Facebook as a matter of personal privacy.

    74. Howdy Doody Says:


      A hug for Emma.

    75. Ray F. Bateson Says:

      Can you not sense it? In the air is the stench…of jewsmas.

    76. Tim McGreen Says:

      “She belongs to the Church, she belongs to Satan; Both are lost to the German Race.”


    77. Tim McGreen Says:

      Bastids! Let’s try again…..


    78. Howdy Doody Says:


      You don’t have permission to access /academic/cas/gpa/images/sturmer/ds4.jpg on this server.


    79. RadicalTraditionalist Says:

      “No men who really think deeply about women retain a high opinion of them; men either despise women or they have never thought seriously about them.” –Otto Weininger

    80. Tim McGreen Says:

      hanks for that excellent quote, RT. True, Herr Weininger, most true. Ideally, I would love to be a chivalrous gent who drops his coat over puddles for ladies to cross, but that’s not the real world. Or at least the modern feminized and Judaized world. My opinion of women is the same as the ancient Aryan Greeks. They need to be kept on a short leash and OUT of all civic affairs. Deep down, that’s how most real women want it anyway. True, here and there every few centuries one encounters a most extraordinary Aryan female, such as Buddika, Catherine the Great and Dr. Hanna Reitsch. But they are clearly the exception and not the rule.

    81. Howdy Doody Says:

      The Agenda, buy copies and give them away.

    82. Dave Says:

      Alright. I was searching for the origin of the term man cave because it irritates me so greatly! Surely it must have come from some fucking tv show because that is where all new terms and fads come from. In searching for it I found this…hah.


    83. Marwinsing Says:

      Luke your point is entirely valid and R.Crumb thought so too way back in 1981.

    84. Quintyappenna Says:

      Look… I’ve been swayed to the monetary naysayers regarding the economic climate. Has someone observed any ray of optimism in this “slow-down”?