18 December, 2011

Quote About Egalitarianism

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“Our leveling instincts are so developed that men and women are allowed celebrity, but, outside the realms of entertainment and sports, rarely are they permitted superiority. Great men are no longer admired, unless they learn how to disguise their greatness.”

— from the book “Slouching Towards Gomorrah” (New York; ReganBooks, 1996/1997) by Robert H. Bork, page 76

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  7. 9 Responses to “Quote About Egalitarianism”

    1. mrcrouton Says:

      I read the book years ago and wasn’t so impressed at the time.

      After all, Bork is slouching to not talk about the Jews.

      If an intellectual who isn’t Jewish doesn’t recognize the effects of Jewish predation, hasn’t he failed? After all of that study and all of those degrees, the man can’t see what the Jews have done? And wont work towards a nationalist party that expresses our group goals to combat the Jews?

      That’s why Kevin MacDonald should be our king. He get’s it and explained it and understands Jewish group behavior and realizes the threat that it is.

      While Bork did what?

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Since Bork will not discuss the Jewish Problem or the inferiority of the non-White races then he is just another cowardly right-wing blowhard and reactionary. I have no use for those scholarly Heritage Foundation types like Bork. They’re nothing but turds in the punch bowl.

    3. bjt Says:

      Bork, a turd in a punch bowl, I like that.

    4. Nom de Guerre Says:

      “turd in a punch bowl” yeah that pretty much sums up my opinion of these high brow(N) and high falutin flatuants of the stink tank circuit.
      The sooner we get to Gomorrah the better of will be, and thats the problem, we don’t have enough Immoral people, we have a punch bowl full of amoral tards!

    5. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Vote for the Immoral party, Damien Thorn for President. platform includes:
      1. Reducing the mud population, by whatever means are necessary.
      2. Nuking the lil Shitty and all other centers of kike infestation.
      3. Abolishing all tax exemptions and active prosecution of all xian churches promoting Shit real.
      4. Complete shut down of all Xian programming.
      5.Change the language.

    6. Luke Says:

      I remember when Bork was being offered up as a Supreme Court nominee, and the left was going ballistic about him. I had never heard of the guy, so I started researching his history and despite the fact that I tend to lean to the hard right on most issues, what I discovered about Bork – I didn’t much like.

      I often find myself wondering why it is that so many supposedly ‘conservative’ politicians seem to have zero interest in preserving or ‘conserving’ our inalienable rights, as bestowed upon us by our 100 White Founding Fathers? Certainly, we all see the totalitarian impulses that fester inside the black hearts of evil liberals – who are really hard core Communists in disguise, and white nationalists understand that liberals are our enemies. Conservatives, however, like Bork – these guys seem to be walking incubators for imposing tyranny upon the masses – so are they really all that much different than Liberals?

    7. mrcrouton Says:

      Doesn’t it seem that the only thing these conservatives want to conserve are the marxist gains of the sixites?

      Can you find one that wants to overturn the civil rights act?
      Do any of them even care about conserving white people as the dominant majority? What’s important to them is to be seen as profound in the eyes of the modern fools that populate this land.

      And so much for them caring about our founders, founders who they eagerly denigrate in public (as hateful slave holders you know) and backstab every chance they get. They are not patriots since they do not do what the founders of this nation intended, and that this was to be a white nation ruled by white men with no compromise.

      It seems like other than the balance in their checkbooks, the only thing these “conservatives” want to conserve is their reputation as dutiful shabbos goyim to their Jewish masters.

    8. Sgt. Skull Says:

      I have no doubt that Bork knows the score on the jewish question. But like all conservatives he’s interested only in preserving his status among beltway elites along with his personal wealth. So he pulls punches and avoids the root of the problem which is the hostile jewish elite.

      In the early days of the bolshevik revolution the jews murdered any non-jew who exhibited superior intelligence and leadership qualities. The objective was to create a leadership vacuum in gentile society that jews would fill.

      So, great men (white gentiles) are no longer admired because the kikes simply will not allow it and are employing the same leveling tactics that they used to destroy Russia. They haven’t resorted to mass murder yet but they have groomed the mud population for that task.

    9. Mary O Says:

      Outside the realm of entertainment and sports?

      I hate TV, and I do not own one. However, recently I watched a few shows on a TV playing in a public place.

      One show was Fear Factor. Over and over again, the women were presented as equal if not superior at performing timed Marine boot camp style stunts; for example, landing on a moving truck after descending in pairs from a height attached to some type of primitive helicopter-like device, and then picking up large oil drums from the back of the truck and tossing them off of the truck. Two young women supposedly outperformed the male teams.

      Then, they got together a group of divorced couples, who were supposed to perform numerous dangerous and disgusting tasks. One of these couples was mixed race. The guy was light-skinned African-American, and the girl was a pretty blond. Before the tasks, she whined about how he had been a playboy, and he whined that he hadn’t wanted to be tied down to her.

      After she supposedly escaped from a car in record time after driving it into a swimming pool, the Black man praised his blonde former wife, who had supposedly never been in water before(?). She stood there on a dock in her skimpy bikini with a big dopey grin on her face; proud that her “heroism” was finally being appreciated.

      The purpose of the show is apparently to spread the incorrect message to women that men are terribly concerned about their level of physical courage. In reality, the poor girl came across as worse than desperate for his attention.

      Not to mention the fact that she was also unrealistic in ever expecting her inter-racial marriage to work from the beginning.

      In TV land, women are short men, Blacks are untutored Whites and everyone is always equal (except when women are superior).

      Then all the couples went into a pool of bloody water to pull up cow hearts in their teeth. Maybe some kind person should have told them about Escherichia coli.

      Lots of young women these days seem to have serious and painful injuries to their tendons; usually as a result of their (exploitative) high school or college sports programs. Could these stupid TV presentations be brainwashing them to have unrealistic expectations of their own physical ability levels? The “leveling instinct” is not an instinct; but rather an artificial and dangerous social construct.