14 January, 2012

Jews: Always Over-Doing It

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“Then, I was sent to Auschwitz where I was gassed 3 times, and then I was sent to Treblinka and gassed 2 times. Then I was shot at Sobibor, but I escaped and finally started a toilet-paper factory in New York City…”

We’re supposed to believe that the Germans killed 1 million Jews at Sobibor in less than a year [April 1942 to February 1943]? That’s quite a fairy tale.


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  7. 26 Responses to “Jews: Always Over-Doing It”

    1. torrence Says:

      I no longer care too much about the details of the holoco$t or what parts of it are true or not and to what degree. National Social…sim is essentially my world out-look – not in every detail – but to a large enough extent to claim it as my sociopolitical philosophy. I am not deterred nor am I negatively swayed toward it from whatever excesses the calamity of WWII brought about. I accept that mass killings of people made up the activities of all belligerents in that war and I can accept that the Germans partook in a few actions without blinking an eye. National Sociia…ist Germany to me was pre-War Germany and not the Germany defending itself from the murderous intentions of an evil Allied alliance bent on the total annihilation of ‘the only decent race in Eruope’ as Patton once spoke of the HerrenFolk.

      Irving will present evidence in his upcoming book on Himmler that Sobibor was a major liquidation center. It is untenable to claim that Germany did not engage in such activities to some degree (as Pierce pointed out a few times in his ADV broadcasts), but, again, to me it is not the central issue. Until America and other morality masturbators endlessly point the finger at themselves over unrighteous past deeds, hearing about what the HerrenFolk did is a tempest in a tea pot to me. I want to see day after day in this country a rending of the garments and a wringing of the hands and a tearing of the eyes and a mournful searching of the soul and weeping and wailing while the dirges and lamentations accompany the sob-fest over AMERICA’S misdeeds – past and present – AND NOT the wrongs of others – before I’ll become troubled over the atrocity repertoire of 70 years ago. Extermination of the Indians, slavery, a history of massive foreign interventions which remains yet to this day official policy, the mass bombing of civilian populations, the extermination of over a million German soldiers post-war, the Morgenthau Plan, the destruction of the world economy, promoting New World Order materialism, banality and hatred of race and culture, among other crimes, should keep America more than occupied with itself before it has time or inclination to bottom feed through the dirt of others. American hypocrisy can be overwhelming – so much so that the average American brain-lemming has not a clue of what I’m getting at. And so it goes.

      But I’m not overly discouraged. I’m happy and satisfied with my consciousness and understanding of things. In the end, right will triumph.

    2. bjt Says:

      Extermination of the Indians?
      If it were only true, think about it, no more stupid injuns.
      What a wonderful thought.

    3. Z.O.G. Says:

      It’s sad that Alex Linder has turned VNN Forum into a libertardian Lew Rockwell circle jerk.

      Right now Alex has a thread pumping Jew gold “austrian” economics.


    4. R CROSS Says:

      It takes 80 minutes,at 1600 degrees celsius to consume a body in todays state of the art crematoriums,leaving a residue of approx 8lb of bone.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      I don’t trust anything that a Jew tells me, especially their story about a carpenter’s son from Nazareth who actually turned out to be the Creator of the Universe in disguise, aka, the Son of God, a superhero who was here on Earth to save all mankind, even though he spent all of his time hiding in Palestine and there’s no proof he even existed.

      Is it any wonder so many Jews wind up in the nut house?

    6. Arkan Says:

      I’m starting to wonder if H.G. Wells based the story about the invisible man on the mysterious abilities of Jesus who’s nowhere to be seen.

    7. Karen Says:

      I always laughed at the so-called “austrian” economics knowing full well that it really means Rothchild jew economics. How the hell could Ron Paul fall for this trick. I suppose I can answer my own question. He fell for this the same way the Floundering Fathers did.

    8. Howdy Doody Says:

      Torrence, FDR with his thugs from NYC gave US the loose money party for the 1920’s promoting perversion and plenty of subversion too. They enemy aliens laid low and waited out the six years of the Calvin Coolidge White House, but Wilson the criminal traitor had let so many enemy aliens in the central government they only had to bide their time and wait for a nice man like FDR to resume Wilson treason and banker worship!

      FDR the thug was the NY Governor by vote fraud for the 1929 heist! As soon as the phucking criminal became POTUS he recognized the USSR/STALIN, NO other NATION on Earth had done so in 1932! WHY! So the BASTARDS could travel back and forth and sell Booty in NYC and else where.

      FDR instituted USSR style STATE police and confiscated gold,and started preparing for war.

      After Huey P. Long was murdered by the SOB’s NYC CABAL Henry FORD should have gotten mad dog tough. The press then was a criminal out fit owned the subversives in NYC and 98% of our cities by 1940, as after that election he got the Flying Tigers going right away a year before Dec. 7, 1941.

      These criminals ran the government during FDR last year almost completely and under the SOS Truman they did what they wanted insulting Patton and writing up the orders to fire Douglas MacArthur.

      MacArthur should have arrested Truman and most of the CABAL.

    9. Howdy Doody Says:

      Torrence I agreed with you, but Don’t start the Jooo instigated Indian Liar CRAP.

      STUDY every bit of history for the next year you can find about the Mongols that were on N.A. and S.A. in 1492.

      White WERE here FIRST.

      Mandan’s the LAST.

      TRIBES in the N.E. and OHIO Territory that were furious CANNIBALS who terrified all tribes around them for hundreds miles. around them. Till the French and the English along with hundreds of other Indian went after .

      I am sick of the damage done to WHITE FOLK by the HOLLYWOOD and Book PUBLISHERS OF NYC for their INDPIAN Shit and starting big time with Bury their crap at wounded knee and every phucked up book I have read, and if you post any shit about indian again start reading first.

    10. Howdy Doody Says:

      OH, today’s Check In The mail Injun’s in the Majority are drunks and arrogant ass holes with their CABAL ran filthy CASINOS!

      ANY WHITES who spend ONE cent in those criminal houses or NOT awake What so ever.

      Our Race Needs awake up call, sadly its going to taken severe tyranny, starvation and or Nuke Neutron fire crackers over their heads and even that would not wake up half of us IMO, as they are followers for who ever leads sadly.

    11. torrence Says:

      Howdy – When it comes to geo-political matters, I can’t always rely on your path toward resolution based on the question ‘Who was there first?’. If you do, you’ve lost the Israeli debate, as they are always reminding themselves and others that ‘We were there first’. Check out this nauseating video oozing with Jewish arrogance and presumptuousness. Seriously, Comrades, I can’t stomach watching more than 4-5 minutes of this sort of stuff. Any more will just ruin my day. I have a profound physiologic intolerance of the Judaic spirit. It is not Aryan. It is alien, evil and unhealthy. ‘They’ may bless themselves each morning by saying ‘Thank God I was not born a Gentile’, but I feel purity, solace, and benignity in the knowledge that I WAS born a Gentile and not burdened with a satanic heritage I must struggle against my entire life.


      On the matter of Indian-reservation casinos, you’ve fell into the trap that is soooo American….shifting attention to straw men. The Indians have had nothing to do with the reservation-based Casino industry. This was entirely an effort by corrupt, immoral White men to expand a sleazy enterprise nation-wide by piggy-backing off the unique independent ‘Indian-Nation Territory’ status to skirt state and local anti-gambling laws and to evade local community standards, thereby expanding gambling empires that now afflict our entire country. The Indian tribes may be paid a rental fee for use of their assigned lands and you may see Indians staff these places, but they are minor players on the whole. 90% of our ills are due to indifferent and corrupt White traitors and collaborators. Never forget that.

      Gambling is a vice, and I know from personal history how ruinous it can be. But my view on the collapsing morality about me is heartening:

      ‘Let it continue’, I say, ‘and may it advance as rapidly as possible. Such a moral deterioration is a prerequisite to the vanquishment of the present to make way for an Aryan New Order’.
      The Bible Book of Philosophy states this position this way: “But as these things start to occur, raise yourselves erect and lift your heads up, because your deliverance is getting near.”

    12. Howdy Doody Says:

      White men to expand a sleazy enterprise nation-wide by piggy-backing off the unique independent ‘Indian-Nation Territory’ status to skirt state and local anti-gambling laws and to evade local community standards,


      Wrong. White men ? Las Vegas and Atlantic city History put that on your list to read along with N.A. history going back over 20,000 years.

      Next !

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      You’d think the Jews would just shut their mouths and be grateful for all the wealth and power they have, instead of constantly whining and moaning about imaginary atrocities. But since the Jews gained their wealth and power through illicit means, through war, lies, extortion and murder, they will never be able to rest easy. They know that sooner or later there will have to be a reckoning. Perhaps they believe their Holohoax sob-stories give them a barrier of protection against any goy uprising; I believe they are mistaken.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      Now here’s a great flag design!


    15. Howdy Doody Says:


      A World Declaration

    16. Howdy Doody Says:


      Florida Bogs, Oh Vey!

    17. Howdy Doody Says:

      Preface Culture Of Critique

      IMO Trolls are here and for the lurkers tonight is your lucky night !







      2008 memory lane.


      Please eat your hearts Hollywood ! Haaa.

    18. The Red Skull Says:


      This is a bit off-topic but Z.O.G.,—Why don’t you STFU and make a useful comment like you used to,instead of being a whiner and spoil-sport,falsely accusing Alex of turning this Site into some type of Libertarian Bullshit.

      I Ask You Pal,just what have you done for our People lately??

      Alex has and runs this site which brings AWARENESS to alot of previously brainwashed Whites and creates a forum where like minded Pro-Whites can talk and gather to share our views about the survival of our Race.

      I ask you again asshole,WHAT HAVE YOU DONE –besides sling shit at Alex lately—-to better the situation for our People?

      Just because someone still thinks GOLD has value-doesn’t make ’em wrong or stupid or a Libertarian.

      Quit slinging dirt at someone who makes you pale in comparison,or i will suspect you are a Troll or Antifa.

    19. The Red Skull Says:

      @Obersturmbannfuhere McGreen

      Tim— That was an exellent post above(4:45pm) and one of the best ‘Jew in a Nutshell’ desriptions i’ve ever heard!–that made the Red Skulls file of ‘Quotable Quotes’!—-

      Also— thanks for the Link to the Georgia Flag!–HA!-HA!

      Thats a candidate for the flag of Aryan America!!–I like it!!

      The Middle Finger completes it,and tells exactly how i feel about this Jewish Run POS Country and the World in General. FTW–says that flag.

    20. Howdy Doody Says:

      Tim, on that post you are a Champ for making an important statement concise , and I will forget your lesser stinky posts and clean the slate.

      As another poster stated, the joos and their scheme to get a headquarters of highway robbery and genocide could have been purchased and hustled from the Arabs, but I am sure the Christian and Farming Arabs would never live a HOME land for money, so Murder, lieing and terror was to the be the rule to this day.

      Thank you joos.


    21. Howdy Doody Says:

      Washington Moves The World Closer To War
      By Paul Craig Roberts on January 16, 2012 at 6:08pm
      Since my January 11 column and the news alert posted on January 14 , more confirmation that Washington is moving the world toward a dangerous war has appeared. The Obama regime is using its Ministry of Propaganda, a.k.a., the American media, to spread the story that President Obama, Pentagon chief Panetta, and other high US officials are delivering strong warnings to Israel not to attack Iran.

      For someone as familiar with Washington as I am, I recognize these reports for what they are. They are Br’er Rabbit telling Br’er Fox “please don’t throw me in the briar patch.”

      If you don’t know the Uncle Remus stories, you have missed a lot. Br’er Rabbit was born and raised in the briar patch.

      What these “leaked” stories of Washington’s warnings and protests to Israel are all about is to avoid Washington’s responsibility for the war Washington has prepared. If the war gets out of hand, and if Russia and China intervene or nukes start flying, Washington wants the blame to rest on Israel, and Israel seems willing to accept the blame. Nikolai Patrushev, who heads Russia’s Security Council, has apparently been deceived by Washington’s manipulation of the media. According to the Interfax news agency, Patrushev condemned Israel for pushing the US towards war with Iran.

      You get the picture. The helpless Americans. They are being bullied by Israel into acquiescing to a dangerous war. Otherwise, no more campaign contributions.

      End of Excerpt.

    22. Tim McGreen Says:

      Thank you for your faint praise, HD, but I fear that before long I shall once again fall out of your good graces. Well, until then……

      I like how the liberals are always bellyaching about how some of them (mostly subversive pinko Jews) were “blacklisted” by Sen. McCarthy and HUAC in the 1950s. Yet isn’t that exactly what the liberals are doing to Paul Craig Roberts right now ???? By banning his columns from being published in the mainstream press, aren’t they denying him the right to earn his living? Isn’t he being silenced for giving voice to unpopular or controversial statements? Isn’t the Liberal Establishment being supreme hypocrites when they try to BLACKLIST someone whose opinions they don’t like?

      “Inside of every liberal beats the heart of a Stalinist.”
      -Derek McThomas

    23. Howdy Doody Says:

      Germany is the cradle of law, virtue and freedom and it is a distinction of the first rank that the English belong to the family of Germani nations.

      Thomas Arnold, 19th. century English historian.


      “Germany, from a great confused mass of warriors and thinkers and workers, militant at cross-purposes, wearing themselves out in vain struggles and preyed upon by malevolent neighbors, has become a great power in arms, in art, in science, in literature; a fortress of high thought; a guardian of civilization; the natural ally of every nation which seeks the better development of humanity.

      “Andrew Dickson White, American historian and educator, US Ambassador to Germany in 1905

    24. jayhackworth Says:

      What I cannot understand about The Jew is the way he will lie when he knows perfectly well that you know he is lying.

    25. jayhackworth Says:

      Yep, T.McGreen, sooner or later there will be a worldwide confrontation about this holohoax deceit, and the liars will come off second best.

    26. Diablo Says:

      Jews have such an (distorted) imagination.