17 January, 2012

One World, One People, One Currency, Free Tacos!

Posted by Socrates in Comintern, communism, Cultural Marxism, global government, globalization, Hungary, international Jewry, international socialism, internationalism, Jew World Order, Karl Marx, New World Order, Socrates, sovereignty, Soviet Union, tacos at 2:01 pm | Permanent Link

You want to reject international finance and Cultural Marxism? You want to say “no” to the modern version of the Comintern (the EU/NATO/America/the UN)? You want to think/act locally? Sorry, that’s not allowed. But Karl Marx says that if you follow the NWO rules, you’re entitled to free tacos. Cool!


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  7. 3 Responses to “One World, One People, One Currency, Free Tacos!”

    1. Karen Says:

      This Time the World, as in the World of Aryans. Aryans have the now ripe time to unify for real all at the same time. Racially. It can be done. Hitler new deep down we could do this. Well now is the time. Not just one European country, but all of Western Nation States.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      Our biggest weakness is our sense of duty and always wanting to do ‘the right thing’. It this way we actually aid our tormentors. The jew world order elites are always appealing to our better natures, and we respond to these implanted feelings of obligation by helping those who want to see us dead. That has got to change.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Make no mistake about it, the plutocratic Jew World Order scum have been devising their evil plans for a “united Europe” for a long time. Even before the Iron Curtain came down they were making plans to impose an even worse tyranny on Europe than anything the Communists could have come up with. Hungary was under the domination of the Hapsburgs for centuries, then the Reds after that. Now they have to put up with that miserable old bitch Hillary and the Jews who run the IMF and the EU? This is intolerable. Fortunately the Hungarians are good at fighting back.