7 January, 2012

Quick Movie Review

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Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown (aka, Mrs. Brown), 1997, starring Judi Dench and Billy Connolly.

This movie is set in England in the 1860s. It’s a true account of the relationship between Queen Victoria and her Scottish servant, John Brown.

Brown was somewhat controversial.

Antony Sher gives an interesting performance as the Jewish prime minister Benjamin Disraeli.

This film has good scenery and nice, White aesthetics.

I liked this movie, and I give it 9 out of 10 points.

  • 6 Responses to “Quick Movie Review”

    1. Jimmy Marr Says:

      There is a position known as “Queens Own Piper” which has long given rise to speculations. I believe this may have been initiated by the career and subsequent suicide of Angus MacKay.


    2. CW-2 Says:

      What amazes me about the Scots is their loyalty to all things royal. The British army couldn’t survive without a ready supply of nuts willing to sign up with ‘the Queen’s Own Kamikaze Highlanders’ or some such regiment.
      Big jew in London must be laughing their heads off.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Did Mr. Brown, ahem, shtup Her Majesty? The ghost of Prince Albert must have been royally pissed.

      I think I saw this movie…It has a cool scene where a green Ford Mustang is chasing a black Dodge Charger through the streets of San Fransisco, right?

    4. John Q. Republic Says:

      Good post CW-2.

      Apparently the noble Scots didn’t learn a damn thing from William Wallace. Too bad.


    5. Luke Says:

      Disraeli? Wasn’t he the jew who was responsible for the Potato Famine that starved to death a large number of Irish?

    6. John Q. Republic Says:


      The resposibility for the Irish potato famine lay with a disease called the “blight” or Phytophthora infestans. It is believed this disease originated in the Toluca Valley of Mexico then migrated to America and then on to Ireland and the rest of Europe.

      The effects of this famine were most felt by the poorer people of Ireland as it was, at the time, a basic staple of their diet. However, the real responsibility for these unnecessary deaths, (more like the intentional genocide of the Irish people), must be attributed to the jew-infested British government. They exacerbated the problem a million-fold by doing next-to-nothing believing it was some sort of devine intervention. Charles Trevelyan was one of those believers. Lord John Russell, as head of the Whig government, was also responsible as well as many “upper class”, (read that kikes), and middle class individuals who shared this belief. They hated the Irish and wanted as many of them as possible to perish. Kinda reminds me of the jewish-led operation known as the “Holodomor” which killed millions of hapless White Ukrainians in the 1930’s by starvation. A genuine historical reality, not the imaginings of the warped-headed, kike-o-babble idiocy of the so-called “Holocaust”.

      By any means necessary, (killing, that is), is the watch-word of the jew when it comes to Gentiles, isn’t it?

      Oh yes, the jew Disraeli was also a part of that whole sordid mess.