28 February, 2012

Black Racism/White Displacement in South Africa

Posted by Socrates in anti-racism movement, anti-White themes, black rule, dispossession & destruction, egalitarianism, equality, jewed culture, jewed politics, jewish hate & hypocrisy, Jewish Tyranny, Socrates, South Africa at 10:05 pm | Permanent Link

Here’s some proof that the global “anti-racism” movement is bogus. It’s not about ending racism. It’s about ending White culture. By the way, newbies, White South Africa was destroyed not by Blacks but by Jews.


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  7. 4 Responses to “Black Racism/White Displacement in South Africa”

    1. Virgil Says:


    2. Virgil Says:


    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      What the Jews and liberals did to SA and Rhodesia they plan to do in every White country everywhere. Jews and liberals are mentally ill nation-wreckers who have a death wish. By killing off White civilization they are guaranteeing their own destruction. But since they’re criminally insane they’ll never understand that.

      And you can thank Ronald Ray-Gun for helping to destroy SA in the 1980s. Ray-gun may have been feeble-minded, but the right-wingers who worship him have even fewer brain cells than he did.

      Rest assured, we’ll deal with those left-wing degenerates when the time is right. But it will give me far more personal satisfaction to bulldoze thousands of bullet-ridden Limbaughs, Becks and Hannitys into shallow lime-pits.

    4. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Spot on Tim!!! It was your Republicunts, Reagan and Bush who were in office when you had all of this Afrikaner-bashing bollocks going on. Then of course, our first self-described black president ,Clinton was in office when they handed over the country to the kaffirs.