11 February, 2012

Doing the Levi-Strauss Waltz: Celebrating the Accomplishments of ‘The Other’

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Every week or so, the media happily informs us that the new boss of “x” is the first Black/Mexican/Asian/female/homosexual to hold that position. (Get out your party hats!). Celebrating the accomplishments of anyone who isn’t a White male (i.e., celebrating “the other”) is a standard media practice, it’s divisive, it’s favoritism, it’s the celebration of the displacement of White people, and most importantly, it’s right out of Jewish “anthropologist” Claude Levi-Strauss’ anti-White, favoritism playbook.

[Here] and [Here].

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  7. 30 Responses to “Doing the Levi-Strauss Waltz: Celebrating the Accomplishments of ‘The Other’”

    1. torrence Says:

      Here’s an accomplishment of ‘The Other’ that Germans celebrate:

      German Economy Minister Philipp Roesler

      What were my thoughts when I first caught glance of this photo? I’ll quote from Mein Kampf:

      “I observed the man furtively and cautiously, but the longer I stared at this foreign face, scrutinizing feature for feature, the more my first question assumed a new form:
      Is this a German?” (Book I, Ch. II)

    2. mrcrouton Says:

      Like interracial dating and other media promotions, this is done to demoralize whites with an identity. They love to rub our faces into their new multiracial agenda, and make us smell it up close. The more tattooed and aids ridden, the more bisexual, ugly and scarified the better.

      This is their vision, ugliness. It’s not mine.

      We whites who are the beautiful people should just walk off, and let their ugly world be what it is. It’s off to the hinterland for now, until we decide to fight.

      Otherwise it’s off to our enclaves.

    3. MIKE Says:


      this is the houston i have followed over the last 12 years, not the one we will be told about for the next two weeks

    4. Arkan Says:

      What a shame to see her go, it would’ve done her so well to bust out with some KFC or Cadillac commercials with that incredible voice.

    5. CW-2 Says:

      So according to that phoney fraud Levi-Strauss, White people need to celebrate the accomplishments of ‘The Other’, now just what might these accomplishments be? But, I forgot the rich cultural heritage of the African and his outstanding achievements of limbo dancing, genital mutilation, and voodoo.
      White men and women made the modern world, just keep remembering that stupendous fact every time we flick on a light switch.

    6. torrence Says:

      It is argued by some of the VNN crowd that since Christianity had an association with Judaism in its origins, that is cause for rejecting it. What is not understood by such critics is that the Christian Greek scriptures argues for the complete disassociation from Judaism in belief and practice. Some moral principles in Judaism have been carried forward, but the Judaic religion finds its terminus in Christianity; hence the Jews’ hatred and contempt for it. Here’s an interesting article for those readers who retain independent ability of thought and an honest heart for inquiry (probably not the typical VNN poster).

      LOL!!! Jewish Roots of the New Testament

      One reader of this article sums things up nicely:

      “If you would like to learn about the origins of the church read Eusebius. The book is called “The History of the Church” oddly enough. Save yourself the trouble of reading jew bullshi$, written by a collective of evildoers, whose sole purpose is to denigrate Christianity and perhaps earn sympathy for their vile belief system. Do not further some bullshi$ academics career by pandering too their lies and deceit.
      Peace my brothers and sisters.”

    7. Luke Says:

      Torrence is pissing down our necks and telling us its raining.

      Look, pal. I don’t give two shits if Christianity and judaism are separate and opposing religions, because Christianity today is a willing ally and enabler for the entire anti-white, anti-Western jewish Cultural Marxist agenda. This is a FACT that cannot be denied by anyone in possession of a white brain that is bigger than a golf ball.

      Christian and Catholic Churches work overtime to help the jews fight any legislation that would give the various state law enforcement agencies a little help in combating illegal immigration in their respective states. These suicidal, white genocide craving bible thumping race traitors even try to get laws that have been passed to combat illegal immigration overturned. Case in point: Alabama.

      Not only that, but both Christian and Catholic Churches are heavily involved in these non-white, African and Haitian and other non-white third world ‘refugee resettlement’ programs whereby these low IQ, parasitic and violent, criminally prone non-white predators are resettled in areas of the Kwa that are deemed to still be ‘too white’ to suit the jewish white genocide lusting cockroaches who infest Washington D.C..

      Both the Christian and Catholic Churches now promote anti-white Cultural Marxism, race mixing, white racial guilt brainwashing, open borders, and every other form of jewish subversive poison one can cite from their pulpits.

      So, let me say it again. I do not give two shits about whether Christianity and judaism are separate and opposing religions. Until and unless the Christian and Catholic Churches and their brainless white idiot congregations begin to get on board with White European racial and cultural survival – as far as I am concerned, these people are wearing the enemy’s uniform and do not deserve one drop of our respect, devotion, money or support.

      They can go to straight to Hell, because they are doing Satan’s work.

      We clear on that, Torrence?

    8. CW-2 Says:

      While I sympathize with Torrance’s historically accurate position, Luke is spot-on in his description of what is ACTUALLY occurring within White nations. But we are moving off topic.

    9. mrcrouton Says:

      Today is Charles Darwins birthday, a day that should be celebrated by white nationalists, since he actually figured out how nature works, and hence put all of the ancient mumbo jumbo nonsense to rest.

      Evolutionary theory points to the importance of ones genes, and from there the genes of ones family and children. The next step from your immediate family is your race.

      So as a group, people of european heritage should unite and expel the aliens from our lands as an act of evolutionary fitness! We should not tolerate these racial outsiders in our midst let alone on our continents.

      This is the truth, not the universalism (which means racial universalism as taught by the apostle Paul) or the effiminate doctrine taught by a meglomaniacal Jew who get’s himself nailed to a cross just to justify his idiotic rants.

      Darwin points the way to how we as a race should behave and arrange our society to preserve our unique genetic heritage. We need to take his insight to the next natural step, white nationalism.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      People, please! Do try to stay on topic. Now, as far as this colored woman being hired as the first of her species to run a fire department, what’s the big deal? It’s only Oakland, after all. We all know how goofed up that city has always been. With that frizzy-haired she-booness in charge it’s safe to say that the number of arson attacks in Oakland will increase dramatically. Which of course is a good thing.

      Like it or not, Christianity started off as a sect of Judaism. That simply cannot be denied. It therefore follows that most if not all of the first Christians were Jews. Moreover, this Jesus fellow was said to be from the House of David as well as a rabbi who read Scripture in synagogues on the Sabbath. He said he came to fulfill Jewish Law, not destroy it; Sounds rather Jewish to me. But since most Jews rejected the Christ cult as heretical, its Jewish leaders decided to peddle it to the Gentiles instead. OK? OK.

      We all need to acquaint ourselves with the surviving fragments of Celsus’ On the True Doctrine, along with those of Porphyry’s Against the Christians. Those great men saw firsthand the destructive effects of Christ-insanity as it spread like a slow-moving plague throughout the Roman Empire. The only reason those books survive in fragments is because the great Roman Catholic Church ordered them to be burned in the 5th Century, just before the Roman Gods took their revenge by having Rome conquered by the Goths.

    11. ty grant Says:

      The she-boon will, like President Obama will pay homage to their Jooish masters and their rhetoric and speeches will be always written for them kind of like a template for the blacks to read off of. After all she is in that position because, one it has moved more qualified whites out and away and secondly, and more importantly, it has disenfranchised White males. Something that is definitely a must do if your a Zionist joo… She will no doubt have extreme prejudice in all of her hiring practices and no one will know how or whom her handlers are, the one she is best friends with and talks to all the time. Her roll is that only of a highly accomplished and calculated maneuvering that will cost that county and state numerous race riots between here all black fire department force and the shit skin Mexicans… Her background is and has nothing to do with any real knowledge of fire rescue and her position is a mere face for the Joo Zionist to feel proud of. As a woman she will have no feelings of urgency be and by default of a low IQ be derelict in her duties costing the lives of hundreds.

      To way in on the Off Topic:

      Christianity was the religion of the roman ghettos…A crude jooish version for the whites of the that time. This off spring was from the Egyptian versions (who were the looses) was contributed to the “Ten Plagues of Exodus.” i.e the Kolbrin bible vs. the torah. The mass media here in the U.S. will undoubtedly play to the likes of Abraham Lincoln for the one White face of all the faces of who fought the trials of this young European country. It plays to the promotion of more rights for blacks than whites and the mainstay that all the founding fathers were slave holders is a never ending battle cry that does more harm than good for black and white relations. Where is do except the later. However Where as not even a fart is given to the greatest American Henry Ford many Americans are truly left in the dark unable to formulate any real opinion due to the suppression of actual historical events It is the same societal control that the sheeple fall victim to due to an out of control system of governance. remember the constitution is a document that says no man shall rule another and it is my notion that more evil done when it is said and talked about how much welfare is given to “Lazy” people or “lazy Americans …. Yet in all the major cities there are huge complexes full of blacks that get all that well fare of which 98% of the welfare monies goes to.. However inaccurate this percentage it is high, a fact that i think must be addressed…

    12. ty grant Says:

      this is a reply to MIKE:

      In the picture of your link OF Houston entitled “Waving Away” half way down the article can you spot the only “white face in the crowd??? Oh im sorry not a whit but … Yep a JOO!!! ONE CAN SEE HOW EASILY THEY HAVE BECOME THE LEACHES OF WHITE NATIONS…

    13. Miller Says:

      Jesus Christ was NOT A JEW. The Gospel is NOT Christianity.

      Most Christians today likely do not follow Christ, but rather they ape his crucifiers, the Jews, in creating hierarchies of wealth and power that compete with states in their exploitation of the masses.

      Try whipping the money changers on the steps of the Vatican and have p-2 masonry and the Knights of Malta on your ass. You’ll see just how Christian the remnants of the Roman Empire can be.

      Jesus Christ was the original anti-semite and no one in history serves to terrify the Jews as much as HIM. For this reason we must claim Christ, spreading his teachings about the origin of the Synagogue of Satan, the Nation of Vipers, and who by their fruit we shall know…etc.

      Christ’s Words are TRUTH, and salt in the wounds of Jews. Only in the Christian context can Jews be understood as SONS of SATAN, Non-human, and therefore cursed, damned, and worthy of extermination.

      Do not underestimate the Christian Roots of Nazism. Without out it, there would have been no resolve to ACT against these Edomite Vermin, the Jews.

      Neo-Paganism, secularism or even racial nationalism have not the complete DEFENSES with which to counter the Jewish threat.

      Remember, Christ’s death is to be atoned for in the blood of the Jews, as it is written, it shall come to pass.

    14. Hitler was right... Says:

      Jesus wasn’t a JEW…he was a fictional character ! Christards deserve to be gassed.

    15. Miller Says:

      Hitler was a Christian you dumb cocksucker.

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Hitler was right…” IS right, of course. Jesus never existed, just like Hera, Shiva, Horus and all the other gods before him did not exist. And whether or not “Nazism” was rooted in Xianity is irrelevant to the present crisis. Hitler was probably some kind of Mel Gibson type Catholic, but so what? Does that even matter now?

      Hey, Miller….If Jesus wasn’t a Jew, then he would not have been allowed to preach in the synagogues on the Sabbath, nor would he have been allowed to associate with any Jew or go into their Temple at all. I suppose you’re going to tell me Jesus was really a Norwegian? If so, why wasn’t he born in Norway? Oh, I know…He was an “Israelite”, not a Jew, right? Those Identity people are crazier than the Jews are.

      Wait a minute….Why am I starting to suspect you’re a troll??? God dammit, you are a troll!!!!!! TROLL!!! TROLL!!!!

      The crowd starts to get noisy, the judge bangs his gavel several times in an attempt to restore order. But the pandemonium escalates and the judge orders the bailiff to clear out the courtroom. Tim McG can be heard yelling over and over that Miller is a troll, as Tim is dragged out by his ankles and gets dust all over the back of his shirt.

    17. Luke Says:

      I think it might be worth adding another aspect as to why it benefits jews in the long term, if they can persuade White Europeans to continue to cling to Christianity.

      Modern day Christianity – and by that, I mean the evolution of Christianity over the last 150-200 years, has become increasingly pacifistic and less able to take a strong and, if necessary, a physically confrontational stand in order to fight and crush their enemies.

      In essence, these jews who are taking daily bowel movements on what little is left of ‘White Christian society’ benefit greatly from the fact that they are kicking dirt and piles of their own shit into the faces of a castrated, emasculated, spineless bunch of White wimps – who’s programmed response is to ‘turn the other cheek’ and ‘bend over and grab their ankles’ and to never, ever lift a finger or a sword or another weapon and decide to smite their persecutors.

      Thus, Whites who cling to Christianity are powerless to wage the only kind of war that will result in victory over the jews. So, the sooner Whites wake up to that reality and dump this pussified Xtianity-insanity, and regain the infamous courage of the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic warrior, the sooner we will be able to solve our jewish problem.

    18. bjt Says:

      Just made my day, a nother nigger bit the dust.
      Happy days are here again!!!

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      It’s a little too early for celebrations, bjt. But it is great news that Negro females have the highest number of abortions in the U.S. and that Negro males die off much earlier than their human counterparts. Negroes can be killed off quite easily, you know. All one need do is give them a good swift chop at the base of the throat or on the side of the neck and WHUMP! Down they go forever! >:D

    20. Miller Says:

      Mention Jesus Christ and the demonic elements come out…

      Many of you are just like the dirtiest Jews, yourselves, with the same sense of panicked horror on hearing the Name of your Maker.

      I bind all you who slander God to your source in the Blood of Jesus Christ until Judgement Day.

      May the Holy Spirit visit upon you a dark night of the soul.

    21. Luke Says:

      Miller? I believe you are allowing your irrational, knee-jerk emotions to override the logical side of your brain.

      If you read my comments very carefully, you will notice that I did not ‘slander’ “God”. I offered a bit of hard and ruthless analysis about what the jews have done to ‘Christianity’ over the last 150-200 years.

      Let me say it again. When ‘Christianity’ and the Christian and Catholic Churches ally themselves with our mortal enemies and push policies, ideologies, life-style choices, and behaviors that are a guaranteed path to the extinction of White European people – then the religion of Christianity must be viewed as the enemy of the White race.

      You will notice that I never claimed that ‘God’ himself necessarily approved of any of this evil – but, just for the sake of this argument, I will point out that He isn’t sending lightening bolts down to Earth to strike maggots like John Hagee or Pat Robertson or any of the other mentally insane, race treasonous, white genocide promoting Christian Zionist crazies dead, either.

      Form your own conclusions.

    22. Tim McGreen Says:

      If there is a “god” in charge of this crazy ol’ universe then I doubt it could be described as a “he”. I imagine it would be some kind of blind cosmic force. Praying to it would therefore be a profound waste of time.

      However, there might be some kind of super-beings who live on higher planes of existence than we do, super-beings who might be able to intervene in the affairs of our dimension under some circumstances, say when their dimension and ours are synchronized on the Oscillating Cosmic Event Horizon™. But then again it all might be a load of horse shit.

    23. Miller Says:

      From the days of Jesus’ attacks on the money changers through the Crusades, the Inquisition, the pogroms, through ALL the expulsions of Jews throughout Europe, CHRISTIANS were the architects; Not pagans, not rationalists, not nationalists, not racists, but CHRISTIANS.

      Even Hitler and the Nazi Party were nominally Catholic.

      So, realize that your little place in the current scheme of things is meaningless without a clearer eye on the history, doctrine and meaning of anti-Jewish action.

      Your dismissal of Christianity is your downfall. In this sense you are more like liberal Jews, than conscious Whites.

      Had Odinism or Asatru or any current Volkish revival ANYTHING in the way of courage to confront the truth, it would lash out wholeheartedly at Jews, and not at the safe whipping boy of Christianity in the well worn ruts of Jewish contempt for Christ.

    24. CW-2 Says:

      Miller, are there any churches making an anti-jewish stand? Other than Mel Gibson’s congregation of ten.
      Join ANY church and start making unfavorable comments about “the holy people” and you will get booted out.
      ALL the churches are obediently waiting in line to kiss the jew ass. Sure it would be nice if we had Christians of the of the same mettle who centuries past left farm and field to repel the Moor and fight the jew, but can you see any proud martial spirit in any of today’s suburban church goers?

    25. Miller Says:

      We need a revival. Let’s put the Jew-hating spirit back into Christianity where it belongs.

    26. Tim McGreen Says:

      Miller, you need to lighten up, my bruthuh. The pagan Greeks and Romans were more Jew-wise than your Christians ever were. So, when they kicked the Jews out of Rome and Athens they didn’t feel any guilt-pangs about harming “The People Of The Book”, like you Christians would have felt.

      And your Catholic Church is now under full Jew control, in case you hadn’t noticed. Your Pope does and says whatever his Jew bosses tell him to. Of course, Jews have been infiltrating all of your Christian churches for centuries. But why not? All of those churches evolved from a discredited Jewish messiah cult.

      The only way to free yourself from the tyranny of the Jew is to denounce all he has created……Zionism, feminism, capitalism, Christianity. Just walk away from all of it and never look back. You don’t need any of it, they just make you think that you do. Hey, it’s YOUR brain, White Man, not theirs.

    27. Tim McGreen Says:

      There were some problems with the NSDAP that were never resolved, such as the fact that the Party was primarily Bavarian, Catholic and blue-collar in nature. The Nazis always had trouble with the Prussians, Pomeranians, Lutherans, Odinists, Monarchists, the middle class, the old German military aristocracy, intellectuals and other types of Germans who were non-Bavarian blue collar Catholics. So I’m afraid, Miller, that the NSDAP did not represent all of Germany, only a relatively small part of it. Hitler himself never felt at home in Prussian Berlin. He strongly preferred Munich and Nuremberg instead.

    28. Miller Says:

      So? Pagan Greece was destroyed and Rome collapsed. The wandering merchant Jew was central to the cosmopolitanism which ruined these civilizations.

      Nothing remains of these tolerant, pagan pantheisms except ruins. Christianity, at least, still exists as a potential martial power, and it may indeed bring the sword to the End Times.

      So-called White Man will either organize through The Christian Roots of the West or will be slain along with the Jews; likely in their place. For White Men, as they exist today, as Individualists and rationalists, more resemble the secular Jews than anyone has in history.

      There is no pagan revival and there never will be.

      White Man: the New Jew minus the shrewdness in business.

    29. Tim McGreen Says:

      “There is no pagan revival and there never will be.”

      I wouldn’t be 100% sure about that. Traditional Xianity is fading in the West and has been since the 18th century. Wicca, Odinism and Buddhism may replace Xianity in the West altogether.

      Paganism never really died out completely, of course. It has just been given a thin Christian veneer. Easter, Xmas, Sunday, worship of the Virgin Mary and of a savior god on a cross……all of that has its roots in paganism.

      Yes, Christianity will die out in the West eventually, but it may survive in some new form among the non-Whites of Asia and Africa. And I predict the Vatican will one day become Islam’s greatest mosque.

    30. Miller Says:

      New Age pipe dreams…The Vatican will never be a mosque. Never.

      Christianity dead? Hardly. For example, today all 181 Catholic Bishops in America stood firmly against the Muslim nigger Obama’s Jew mandate on birth control.

      Show me a single pagan or non-Christian that stands organized against the ongoing genocide of the White Race through the Jewish abortion industry.

      When we Christians have had enough, quick destruction will come to our enemies as it has in history to all who mistook our kindness for weakness.

      As Christ told his disciples to get their swords, so has he prepared all those of Christian faith to fight to the death. No Christian will accept the Mark of the Beast: Jewish techno-totalitarianism.

      Very soon St. Augustine’s ancient doctrine of Just War will be carried out against the Jews, just like it was under Hitler…

      History’s path is littered with the corpses of those who have dared try to usurp God’s power.

      You are a fool to side with the Jewish system of Anti-Christ, for the judgement will be swift and merciless.