3 February, 2012

Self-Improvement for White People, Part 1

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Know your history (that means real history, not the Judeo-history taught in public schools). Be ready to explain to a lemming or a newbie why you’re a White nationalist and why he should be one, too. Be prepared to talk about WWII, “civil rights” and other topics using names, dates, and so forth.

Here are a few helpful links, but of course there are many more to be found on the internet (and also here at VNN/VNN Forum):

[.pdf book].

[.pdf book].

[html book].

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    1. torrence Says:

      It’s 12:30am and I returned from work about 11pm, so I sadly can’t post a more thorough entry on the fine links Socrates posted. I can only encourage all VNNers to find the time to peruse all three of the above links; some really weighty material in them all. If you’re unable to do alot of reading, then just skim the contents for a general idea of the wealth of information that is available. Maybe make it a multi-month project to wade through at least one of the works.

      The first link is a work written by a friend of Hitler’s and encapsulates their thinking and conversations about Jews and their history. It’s the key that locks one of the deeper recessed doors into how the early N. Social…ists thought about the Jews. It also delves quite a bit into the Hebrew Bible and examines Jewish history with a critical and cynical slant.

      The second link is a book by David Duke I’ve always highly recommended as probably the single best source to understand questions asked about our Middle Eastern cousins. It gives the historical information you need to understand contemporary issues on the Jews with plenty of real-life examples to prove the accusations. I believe this was the work that earned Duke his PhD from a Ukrainian University.

      The third link is from one of the most over-looked and unjustly un-applauded sites on the internet: The Scriptorium. You will find original source material here on German and N. Social…ist history that you never knew existed. A treasure trove for those seeking knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Just look over the direct link provided to see what you’ve been missing and then look over the rest of the site.

    2. torrence Says:

      Ha, Ha, Ha, Socrates……Join the VNN Loser Crowd of White Complainers. YOu post something on “Self-Improvement for White People” and the interest is overwhelming. Readers run for the hills from your topic because there’s little opportunity to vent, rant, whine, complain or bash others, which makes it all so boring and un-entertaining. And people ask why the White Nationalist movement sucks for air and couldn’t get a kite-lift in a windstorm? But start a thread where White loser-complainers can dig-in against Jews, niggers, spics, fags and others and they’re all tripping over themselves to publicly demonstrate their profundity.

      It’s laughable (which I’m doing a little bit of right now), but it’s also sad…..because it’s getting us nowhere. But loser-complainers are more than pleased in going nowhere in haste.

    3. Socrates Says:

      Well, I don’t know what to tell you, but I’m done taking suggestions from you. I posted something in the general tone that you suggested, and this is the thanks I get…

    4. torrence Says:

      Socrates, my friend, you took my post entirely wrongly, and I’m probably to blame for not expressing my point differently. I use cynicism and dry humor which has gotten me into some trouble during my life, just as it has here.

      I’m not calling you a loser. You did the right thing by trying to elevate the topics for discussion onto a higher plane – to topics that may be constructive to Whites. My advice for you to “Join the VNN Loser Crowd of White Complainers” was cynically meant to be understood along the lines of the axiom ‘If you can’t beat em’, join em’.

      I hope you do mix up the topics brought to the fore to include those that challenge and demand appraisal of OURSELVES rather than just those passing negative appraisal of others. That may be a challenge for you, I understand, as many, if not the majority of VNN posters are, by and large, LOSERS – lost to the cause of offering something constructive and up-building to their folk. Take the non-Whites away from their realm of contemplation – as this thread sort of does – and see what happens? – they have nothing to say. They are a bit lost and at a loss for words. Even on Pierce’s lectures, many of which are introspective and call for self-directed, constructive and positive action from ourselves and our community – the interest is sparse and thin.

      What does that tell you? Join the Loser Crowd. You’ll not get lonely here.