14 February, 2012

The Proper Path to Success?

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For 40 years, the conservative movement thought that it could “nice its way to success” by not attacking Jews but instead attacking “liberals” and “leftists,” even though the Left was built and run mostly by Jews. The result of that politeness campaign? By 1985 Jews had gained control of most of America, including the conservative movement. Now, we’re supposed to go back to “nicing our way to success”? Haven’t we already tried that?



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    1. ty grant Says:

      “”Part of pirating inertia is developing a win-win solution; we should not confront or fight other races (with one exception) for they are not our enemies; they have many of the same concerns that we do — retention of culture, preservation of genetic heritage, protecting the family unit to name a few, and we should work with them — all our strategies should allow for them to win, too. There is enough Mother Earth to go around.””..

      The only problem with this is that all the other races are now in my country were the jOO holds his racist grip against me… this is the exact kind of writing you get from O.O. AN absolutely Joo outlet spewing the secrets of which millions of whites all over the globe have fell victim too and are now dead…

      It is unfortunate for the joo that he has acted this way for so long…

    2. CW-2 Says:

      TOO articles are generally good and Farnham writes well, but his position isn’t new and has been covered by many writers of our persuasion.
      We aren’t ‘conservatives’, or even ‘rightists’, we are White Nationalists with a strong strain of radical-traditionalism. How can we translate that political philosophy into real-world success? Actions at a local level such as helping our White neighbors are areas where we can achieve immediate and tangible results, also as Farnham says it is a waste of our limited resources to attack strong fortifications, instead infiltrate and bypass them as the Wehrmakt did the Maginot Line in 1940.
      The globalist elites have the world by the balls, for the time being, because they have co-opted the small time players into their plan. The shallow intellectuals and the churches are eager players with big jew but in doing so are digging their own graves. If they want to commit suicide, let them, it will clear the field for us.

    3. old dutch Says:

      This Farnam O’Malley goes on, and on, and on…

      Most of his stuff is escapist in nature, but, there is a big market for that kind of fiction.

    4. Arkan Says:

      +1 for grant. Sure as shit the Serbs didn’t make concessions with the Bosniak’s in the 90’s, they just went out and liquidated them.

    5. Mary O Says:

      Leaving models of governance aside for a moment, the niceness itself is a major American problem. Consider this fact: A certain foreign organization is suspected of being a dangerous cult. This particular organization designates each member as a type of teacher. According to at least one critic’s theory, the ego kick the member receives from seeing himself as helping and supposedly enlightening other people, is itself addictive. My own opinion of the organization is still undecided at this time, but the point about the ego trip being addictive may be relevant to how Whites relate to the world in general.

      We are just too nice. A typical White will carefully explain the NYC subway system to the young immigrant from Wherever cheerfully. Or if a young relative decides to go teach in a “vibrant” neighborhood, most Whites are pleased, and not just because of the high government benefits packages. We let the ACLU strip localities of Christmas trees, but we never seem to get the message across that we don’t like the kosher tax on virtually all of our food. We never get angry and force people from other cultures to back down, the way they constantly treat us.

      One therapy for niceness-addiction might be mass low-level non-niceness. For example, an expression like “What are you? Crazy?” may work as an antidote.

      “The Jews are a Holy People, the Chosen of God.” Response: “What are you? Crazy?”

      “Iran is building a bomb that could reach the US.” Response: “What are you? Crazy?”

      “I’m spending my spring break in Zim.” Response: “What are you? Crazy?”

      We can overcome the niceness-addicts denial with “What are you? Crazy?” while simultaneously blocking the ego-high that come with their vision of themselves as great saving White angels.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Mary O, you obviously live in some part of the country where they still practice Southern Hospitality or something. Here in the Northeast the people are real hard-asses. Maybe it’s because of that old Yankee Puritan work ethic? New York/New Jersey ruthlessness? Beantown boorishness? Those penny-pinching motherfuckers in Vermont? I couldn’t say for sure.

    7. jayhackworth Says:

      After the leftist jews finished Nixon off, many turned into ‘conservatives’ and now have a pretended solicitude for the well-being of AmeriKwa while using us like a rented mule for zionist globalism.

    8. torrence Says:

      Wow……These words are golden to my ears. He clearly explains what I’ve felt and concluded years ago on the scam called ‘American Democracy’. Click on the Judge Napolitano video at the top right of the page in the first article linked above.


    9. SEAN GRUBER Says:

      The rapid gains made by Golden Dawn in Greece put the lie to the “nice yer way to success” foolosophy of the faileocons. Achieving real political success ain’t like impressing the boss in the 1950s. You can’t groom and polite your way into a revolution. But thatz the cul-de-sac failos devote all their time and energy to repaving.