18 February, 2012

Whose Word Can You Really Trust?

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Seen on TV: a clip from an old movie in which an Indian (a.k.a. “Native American”) accuses White men of “speaking with forked tongues.” (The White man’s promise is no good, according to countless Hollywood movies, while the Indian’s word is rock-solid). Seeing that clip caused me to remember a book that I once owned, which told the true account of the Lewis and Clark wilderness expedition of 1804. In that book, a funny anecdote is given: at one point during the journey, the Lewis and Clark party traded goods with some local Indians. Approximately one day later, the Indians demanded that the previous trade be reversed. In other words, the Indians wanted their goods back! So much for honoring prior agreements. (This could be where the term “Indian giver” comes from).

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    1. Maynard Says:

      I know this is off topic but this is very bad news for the white race especially the attitude of the younger whites who are the future, unfortunately!


    2. CW-2 Says:

      If there is one rock-solid certainty on which to base our actions it is never to trust the word of a jew or liberal, and especially never trust the weak as piss utterances of a ‘conservative’.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      That’s a good point about the Indians and their own lack of credibility. They seem to be a rather sneaky bunch of cut-throats, if you ask me.

      Before the White Man showed up the Indians were in a constant state of war against each other. Indians are known to have mercilessly tortured and eaten their fellow Indians. They are also known to have run entire herds of mammoths and bison off of cliffs just to get one or two for dinner, leaving the rest to writhe in agony, die and then rot.

      And it’s a fact that there are more New World Indians around today than there were in pre-Columbus times. Most of them have access to electricity, cars and indoor plumbing, things that their ancestors could never have invented in a million years.

      Leave it to the Jews and liberals to romanticize a bunch of people who would have gladly scalped those Jews and liberals without giving it a second thought. Idiots.

    4. Genghis Khan Says:

      I trust the Word of the greatest White Man who ever lived; ADOLPH HITLER. He wasn’t perfect, but no man has risen so far that can even begin to fill his boots. 14/88.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Off topic, but it was on this day in 1980 that one of the greatest rock and roll singers ever passed away in London.


    6. torrence Says:

      “Whose word can you really trust?” Certainly not Jewmerica’s media.

      How American News Media Works In Favor Of Israehttp://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article21744.htm

      Nothing new to the enlightened VNN reader, but sad to contemplate, nevertheless:

    7. bjt Says:

      Hay, Genghis Khan, who in th hell is adolph hitler?

    8. Luke Says:

      Since the topic here is the Hollywood jewish manufactured image of the typical American Indian as a ‘Noble, Stalwart Red Man’ who we have been told by the jews possessed incredible amounts of ‘Integrity’ and ‘Honesty’ – it is an excellent opportunity to plug a very good, excellent book by Thomas Goodrich called “Scalp Dance”.

      I first learned about this book from Dr. William Pierce, who devoted one of his radio broadcasts to discussing this book. Based on Pierce’s recommendation, I ordered a copy – and it was an outstanding read.

      Goodrich basically compiled his material for this book by reviewing a gold mine of old letters and other forms of correspondence that the Calvary soldiers at the Frontier US Army Forts had exchanged with their relatives back East. The soldiers personal descriptions of the viciousness and sadistic, murderous practices of the various Indian tribes will be a complete eye-opener for anyone who’s swallowed the Hollywood image of the Indians.

      Upon conclusion of this book, any residual traces of jewish injected ‘white guilt’ about what our steel-balled White male ancestors did to solve that Indian problem will be completely eradicated from your body and soul.

      I promise. You will be glad, as I was, that our White male ancestors wiped their Redskin asses out and made the frontier safe for their women and children.

      Order a copy for your White Nationalist personal library. You’ll be glad you did, and Mr. Goodrich will appreciate the contribution.

    9. Arkan Says:

      Prairie niggers ain’t good for shit except selling gunpowder fireworks and cashing in on casinos. I live in a state where there are more indian names for cities and towns than there are these doped up red nigger skunks. Forget the painted imagery of the masculine conan’esque indian on a horse, the pocahontas squaw with the physique and defining features organic the old chief with a face like a wrinkled roadmap and a feather. If you’ve ever come across these people, you’ll know that the hollywood line of shit can’t hold a candle to the reality that indians are and have always been. Read, ‘The captivity of the Oatman girls’.

    10. Freedom Cobra Says:

      Injuns are a mendacious bunch. At university I attended a “postcolonial Native American” course to fulfill a degree requirement. You’d be amazed at the copious amounts if half-truth and deceit.

      Our “instructor” (read propagandist) politely informed us that his people originated in North America. He bristled with indignation at any mention of Mongoloids crossing the land-bridge from Asia. Later we were taught about Injun boarding schools. Blah blah blah sad Injun baby blah blah blah abuse blah blah blah our heritage was mocked. Truth be told I was ashamed that my ancestors thought Injuns were equal to Aryans and worth civilizing.

      What was the worse part? About 3/4 of the way through the semester I actually bothered to read the textbook. One of the “activists” we were supposed to sympathize with admitted to being a liar! He said something along the lines of “we must be the little mouse that eats at the brain of the White Devil until he collapses.” So much for noble savages, eh?

      Anyway, college is quite useful for the young White Nationalist if he or she enters with the proper mindset. It allows the young mind to understand the depths of ZOG’s depravity. As a word of caution, however, I advise prospective students to stick with the natural sciences. For your general education needs take as much classical history as possible. One of my professors taught Indo-European (read Aryan) religion. Plus, you’ll have access to a decent library. Mine carried Revilo Oliver, Spengler, Junger, and even Alfred Rosenberg!

    11. jayhackworth Says:

      It’s likely the wagonburning ‘ecologists’ hunted a lot of fauna into extinction on this continent like the mastodon, maybe even an equine quadruped , before they saw Whites riding them and figured they could steal ’em and do it too instead of just eating them. lol

    12. Mel Brooks Says:

      so-called) Native Americans:

      ..came here after the white man arrived.


      ..destroyed millions of acres of land with their forest burning hunting
      “technique”, creating the deserts of the southwest.

      ..are..in spite of their close genetic association to the modern population
      of Japan, almost as intellectually decrepit as kneegrows.

      ..dip their fountain pens in their MANstral blood and give red
      marks to anyone that makes comments that antagonize the
      libertarian (i.e., open-borders cum sluts) viewpoint.

      Oh shit, that’s Freepers! Sorry, Injuns!

      “Right On”, as the niggers used to say, Tim McG. I just listened to “Touch Too Much” on Pandora. Ha ha. The rabid “Europicists” and others who rock ‘n roll makes apoplectic should consider that save the arrival of a shitload of new “serious” music composers, rock music is as white as it gets. Here’s them damned continentals, Focus, smashing Brahms and George Harrison together. Listen to Akkermans Les Paulicious opening chords through the Leslie, two brilliant white man inventions , BTW. My solar plexus flip-flops every time I hear it. Perfection.