3 March, 2012

America Has a Law Which Prohibits Diplomacy With Iran Without Prior Congressional Approval

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That law almost guarantees a war between the U.S. and Iran – for Israel’s benefit, of course. What if White people controlled America, instead of Jews?


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  7. 28 Responses to “America Has a Law Which Prohibits Diplomacy With Iran Without Prior Congressional Approval”

    1. mrcrouton Says:

      Think what we’d be paying for a gallon of gas if we told the jews to f**k off when they wanted us to invade Iraq?
      Hussein was more than willing to undercut the market oil prices and gas would have been less than a buck a gallon back then.
      And now with Israel threatening Iran, we’re back up to record high prices. And you know the jewish speculators of today have the inside edge as did Rothschild back during the battle of Waterloo, and are playing it to the hilt.

      And so America, a nation that depends on cheap oil, has chosen a policy to alienate the key oil producers fo the world all to make the jews a little less nervous. So we continue pissing off over 1 billion moslems throughout the world, just to make some 20 million global cut throat kikes happy.

      So hows that alliance with Israel working out for ya American motorists?

      Think about it when you fill up next time.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      The problem of high oil prices is due to those Jew speculators on Wailing Wall Street. Without those blood-sucking Jew/capitalist parasites the price of gas here in the US would be about $2.25-$2.50 a gallon. Think of how well off the economy would be if that was the case. But no, the Jew always has to keep us weak, impoverished and under his greasy thumb.

      As far as Iran goes, I say let the Jews fight them if they want to. Iran is a country of 80 million fiercely independent people. It’s a huge place with vast deserts and tall, impassable mountains. Therefore, any Zionist attack on Iran would be a suicide mission. That’s probably why the Kikes have never made a move against them.

    3. Howdy Doody Says:

      Michael Collins Piper report on Israeli paranoia.

      Worth a listen if you have an hour.

    4. Luke Says:

      Tom McGreen? I’m amazed at how cavalierly you offer up your ‘permission’ for Israel to attack Iran. This is not an example of a White man who has his brain fully engaged. Let me elaborate.

      Israel attacks Iran based on nothing more than their mentally insane levels of misplaced paranoia, the price of oil skyrockets to $150-200 or maybe more per barrel, the entire world’s economy crashes, farmers can’t afford gas for their tractors or other harvesting equipment, crops rot and spoil in the fields, the resulting mass starvation around the world kills millions of non-jews, food riots break out all over the world, millions more die as a result – dead and decomposing corpses of humans who starved to death pile up, deadly diseases and viruses explode around the world, killing millions more. and this pair of jew maggots, Netanyahu & Avador Lieberman says its ” Its nobody’s business but Israel’s if they decide to attack Iran” ?

      Furthermore, no sane man or nation deliberately drops bombs or advocates the dropping of bombs on top of nuclear power facilities that are up & running. Rick Santorum? Newt Gingrich? Mitt Romney? Are you three stupid assholes listening? Perhaps these three jew scrotum lickers could hear better if they could pull their heads out of their assholes.

      Tim: Have you already forgotten what happened at Fukishima, when those Japanese nuclear power facilities were destroyed – aided along, most likely, by the Israeli Mossad/CIA’s ‘stuxnet’ virus being placed on the nuclear power facilities computer networks – in order to prevent the proper warnings from alerting the plant operations personnel, who might have been able to initiate an orderly shutdown of the reactors before the earthquake and tsunami disaster occurred? Result – massive amounts of deadly radiation is released as a consequence of the meltdown, and that radiation is now polluting the Pacific Ocean, and being carried around the world by the winds and falling down upon millions of unsuspecting goober brained goyims. Contaminating the farmlands, vegetable and fruit supplies, the fresh water supplies, and the food supplies that are being fed to cows, chickens, etc., that wind up in our local grocery stores and which we buy and then take home and feed to ourselves and our families.

      Are you not aware that any bombs dropped by Israel, or by the JooUSA, on Iran’s nuclear facilities – would immediately release massive amounts of deadly radiation into the atmosphere – initially, contaminating the surrounding geographic area closest in proximity to the blast, but very quickly being spread by the prevailing winds across all of the Middle East and over our White kinsmen and women in Europe – and eventually, that radiation would join with the Fukishima radiation and reach the jooUSA?

      Voltaire was a true prophet when he wrote 250 or so years ago:

      “They are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race.” (Lettres de Memmius a Ciceron, 1771)

      So, Brother McGreen – was Voltaire dead on the money or not? I say he was. I say Voltaire was a man of vision. Thus, we cannot condone or allow the jews to attack Iran and blow up their nuclear power facilities.

      Incidentally, according to Mark Gaffney’s January 7th article on Veterans Today titled: “Behind the Deepening Crisis with Iran: the Real Story Versus the Cover Story”, Iran has GPS precision guided conventional missile capabilities – which gives them the ability, if attacked, to deliver as many missiles as necessary right to the doorstep of the Israeli Dimona Nuclear Power facility. In short, the nukes that these thieving, conniving jews stole from the USA visi vi their decades of treacherous spying and espionage against us – are now the biggest threat to Israel, because if Iran hits them with conventional missiles – the resulting release of massive amounts of radiation would render their stolen piece of real estate uninhabitable. Thus, Iran really doesn’t need a nuke – as long as they have their conventional missile deterrent. I urge you to check out Gaffney’s article – it is a good one.

      Does anyone besides me find the irony of the situation that these treacherous and blood-thirsty jews have gotten themselves into to be absolutely hilarious?

    5. CW-2 Says:

      It is almost a certainty that zog will attack Iran, not just because big jew has decreed, but because Iran stands in the way of big globalists’ dreams of a new world order. We don’t know the time-scale of forthcoming events or the corny manufactured excuse that will be given, but that isn’t important, what is essential for us is to be prepared so we aren’t just spectators and eventual victims.
      Having and knowing how to use firearms will be useful, but having a chainsaw and a small 2-stroke generator could be life savers. Also consider getting a couple of spare car batteries and a power inverter to run things like refrigators and freezers.

    6. Albrechtsberger Says:

      It really is sickening watching the zionists beating the war drum on all of these news shows. The journalists who host these events are also real scum. What a bunch of lies they spew. Disgusting. This war will be devastating to everyone. The brainwashed and ignorant american public is to blame for this. Obongo will be giving a speech tonight at AIPAC folks. Should be a hoot. I just hope these evil zionist scumbag monsters get what they deserve. God help all the innocents.

    7. Wilfred Says:

      Only one good thing can come out of this. I REALLY hope that China or Russia bombs Tel Aviv to death.

    8. Freedom Cobra Says:

      Vampire Squids tried and failed to exterminate the P3rsians thousands of years ago. But a Vampire Squid can never live and let live. So either the P3rsians win or the Vampire Squids do. Time will tell. Grab your popcorn, MREs, water filters, and plop down in your shelters…showtime will be starting any second now.

    9. Socrates Says:

      “Vampire Squids” — funny. I’ll borrow that from you, if you don’t mind.

    10. Arkan Says:

      Mrcrouton, just a little history for you- speaking of the battle of Waterloo, the truth is that every single one of Europe’s allied coalitions against the house of Bonaparte had been funded by the Rothschild’s at the behest of England; that is, all seven coalitions. Napoleon wanted nothing more than peace with England and he had written treaty after treaty to sue for peace but the allied powers insisted on re-instating the Bourbon dynasty and legitimacy of the exiled Louis XVIII.

    11. Emily Says:

      Spoken like a real gentleman. Thank you, Luke.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      Luke, I guess I didn’t make myself clear. I say again let the Zionist Entity attack Iran if they want to. The result will be a catastrophe for the Jews and the end of their illegal Zionist State in occupied Palestine. The Jews are so carried away with themselves that their hubris, their arrogant defiance of the Gods, will be their undoing.

      Of course a Jew war against Persia will mean $10 a gallon gas for us, even though we get absolutely no petroleum from them. But maybe an economically devastating situation like that will be the spark that sets off the long-delayed White Revolution. Maybe the goyim will put 2 and 2 together and realize at long last that the Jews and their goy flunkies are to blame for our misfortunes. And if they STILL don’t get it? Well then, to Hell with them.

      Also, let’s not become too enamored of the Iranians. I have no problem with Iran whatsoever. I don’t care if they build several hundred A-bombs. In fact I think they should! But let’s remember that Iran is not a White country. Let’s remember that a lot of swarthy Iranians would like to come here and take our White women away from us. They’d like to clog up our medical and engineering schools and impose their Oriental ways on us.

      Hitler made the mistake of forming an alliance with non-White Japan when he should have been working feverishly on forming an alliance with the mostly White USSR. Stalin would have been more than happy to be an ally of Nazi Germany. Let’s not fool ourselves, therefore, into thinking we can form an alliance with a non-White country like Iran, even though we both have a common enemy. We should respect the Iranians and all of that, but they are NOT us.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      Actually, I heard that the Rothschilds financed both Wellington and Napoleon. That way, the Jew war profiteers couldn’t lose. As for Louis XVIII, a nephew of Louis XVI, he was a rather forgettable figure that the French probably couldn’t wait to see the last of. Hence a second French Revolution happened in 1830 to get rid of the Bourbons once and for all. And that, of course, was followed by the Revolution of 1848 and the rise of Napoleon III and his Second Empire in 1850.

    14. CW-2 Says:

      Until about 1810 the money power, ie. big jew, was quite happy to use Napoleon for their own ends. When Napoleon married Marie-Louise of Austria he signaled his intention to establish a powerful dynasty uniting much of Europe. This was intolerable to England and the jews who controlled England. It is significant that his last victory on land was in 1808, after 1810 the tightening economic blockade forced him into desparate policies ending in defeat.

    15. jayhackworth Says:

      Ahmadinejad pretty much wrote his own ticket when he spoke truthfully about “The Holocaust” . The Zhids can’t let any public figure get away with that kind of insolence. I have a feeling that China may yet play a card that ZOG isn’t expecting.

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      “It is significant that his (Napoleon’s) last victory on land was in 1808………….”

      CW-2, I respectfully disagree. I’m no expert on the Napoleonic period (though I’m eagerly working on it), but I do know that the Grand Armée marched into Vienna in 1809. I believe Beethoven tied pillows around his head to protect his diminished hearing from the artillery booms. And a French officer visited the great Haydn to sing a lied for him from one of Haydn’s oratorios. Haydn died a short time later and some medical students ran off with his head.

      What a crazy year 1809 was…Darwin and Lincoln were both born that year as well.

    17. CW-2 Says:

      You’re right Tim. I got mixed up on the date, it was the battle of Wagram July 5 to 6 1809.

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      I wonder why the Jews didn’t try to get the USA involved in the Napoleonic wars back then? Normally the Jews drag us into every foreign conflict that is none of our business. But I guess since both sides were being Jew financed we weren’t needed. Napoleon came to realize the fatal error of doing business with Big Jew, but only too late.

      And I forgot to add that Edgar A. Poe was also born in 1809!

    19. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The real bad boys of the Middle-East were the Assyrians, who kept the jews under tight screws, which unfortunately the Persians, Greeks and Romans didn’t. You don’t read about any squirmey vampire squids with hook noses attempting to put a monica jewisnky or Esther over on a Assyrian monarch, or the Assyrians helping them rebuild their temple.
      So what is the common denominator binding all these jew scrotum likking politicians of the kwantard faction? Well, its Xianity, the same bunch that always cum together to prevent the White man from escaping the jews mind control.

    20. Mary O Says:

      @Tim McGreen, who said, “Hitler made the mistake of forming an alliance with non-White Japan when he should have been working feverishly on forming an alliance with the mostly White USSR. Stalin would have been more than happy to be an ally of Nazi Germany. Let’s not fool ourselves, therefore, into thinking we can form an alliance with a non-White country like Iran, even though we both have a common enemy. We should respect the Iranians and all of that, but they are NOT us.”

      The only problem with the Germany-Japan alliance was the location of island Japan, which made it easy for FDR to embargo, and force into a confrontation.

      A Hitler-Stalin alliance would have been impossible.

      The question of whether Stalin was Jewish is often debated, but he certainly looks Jewish, and all of his closest advisors (like Kaganovich) were definitely Jewish.

      These early Bolsheviks were the proto-ZOG. After WW2, Stalin realized that the Soviet people hated the Jews, and the Jews would have better financial opportunities in the US anyway. They started coming over here, suddenly developing large Jewish communities in Chicago & California.

      FDR agreed that we Amercans would mindlessly defend, protect and bankroll Israel as a safe haven and convenience for the Jews; no matter how savage and short-sighted the Zionist motivations, and no matter how unstable their government.

      Throughout the 70s, Soviet Jews would pretend that they wanted to go to Israel for religious reasons, but promptly used their “homeland” a mere stepping stone to NYC. “Save the Soviet Jews” is a political cause which went down the memory hole.

      Wolfowitz, Chertoff, Kagan, etc are ideological (if not actual DNA) descendents of the leadership of the pre-WW2 Bolsheviks.

      Hitler could not have allied with Stalin, anymore than we can ally with that stupid Bibi.

      Plus, people forget that Kaganovich starved the Ukraine resulting in millions of deaths in 1931-1932. Do they imagine that the average German had no clue about what happened there?

    21. Mary O Says:

      One problem with the US so-called “democracy” is that we are not allowed to have national referendums on specific issues. If our alliance with that stupid little Israel were put on a ballot, it would fail. So would the wars, abortion, and homosexual marriage.

      We often blame our current problems on the excesses of the 60s radical leftist movement, but did the so-called “hippies” invision the US as an angry agressive empire led by virtual dictators? Most of them only wanted the Vietnam war to stop, and social restrictions on marihuana usage lessened. Do they look at Hillary Clinton or Bernadine Ornstein “Dohrn” and proudly think that they won?

    22. Mary O Says:

      @Nom de Guerre, who said, “Well, its Xianity, the same bunch that always cum together to prevent the White man from escaping the jews mind control.”

      I agree that there are some serious problems with Christianity.

      However, the problem may go deeper than religious attitudes for doesn’t religion merely reflect rather than establish cultural values?

      Facing brutal Ice Age winters, early White Europeans developed a complicated social order which encouraged hard work, civility, social conformity, respect for laws and charity to the less fortunate. Christianity certainly fit that description, but this culture had developed thousands of years prior to the birth of Jesus Christ.

      Basically, the White character puts us at disadvantage. We are just too nice. Also, we tend to project White attitudes onto other cultures: all immigrants are seen as supposedly valuing education, respecting our legal system and just wanting to work so hard at any job.

      Have Whites ever succeeded at throwing something like an Israel out of power? Seems we always just pulled up stakes and moved on. Historically, land and resources seemed almost boundless. Now we have no choice but to stand our ground and fight. The sad thing though is that the average White American doesn’t even understand that Israel is the enemy.

    23. Mary O Says:

      The lack of interest in the top “mainstream” GOP presidential contenders may be a form of passive aggression against Israel.

    24. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Point well taken Mary O., religion is not the enemy. Israel is. As far as Germanys lack of good allies in WW2, I feel they had nothing between the devil and themselves, not even the deep blue sea, it was just a lose lose situation, as long as the Soviets and the English could count on armaments from the Jew Ass Oh Vey.. We have do give credit to Stalins red hordes though much more than the Anglo forces of johnny come latelies in defeating the Wehrmacht.
      First and foremost a war against the jew has to be more than a reaction it must become a war of annhilation

    25. Nom de Guerre Says:

      What is the Zog going to do now? Are its Euro allies going to freeze in the dark to save the shitty ? Who are the jews allies going to be? Fat boy Hagee, Potty Robberson,Jack van Pimpy? Are ZOG mercs in Afghanistan going to be the sacrifice laid on the offering table to the god of Shitreal ole Yahve to initiate an Armageddon?

    26. Tim McGreen Says:

      The debate about whether Stalin was Jewish or not is just a way for some right-wingers to pass the time. Stalin was NOT Jewish, he was from a tribe of Tartars who lived in the Caucuses. His mother wanted him to be a priest, for crying out loud. How many Jewish mothers would want that for their sons?

      Stalin didn’t seem to like Jews very much, since he had a lot of them shot. And the Non-Aggression Pact was working pretty well until Hitler decided to violate it, something that his generals begged him not to do.

      Mary O says that White people learned to become civilized, hard working and intelligent because of the brutal Ice Age winters. If that’s so, then why is it the Mongol tribes in Ice Age Manchuria and Siberia didn’t advance like their White counterparts did? They remained Stone Age savages until the Russians showed up in the 18th century. No ma’am, our pre-White, pre-human ancestors who lived hundreds of thousands of years ago were already more evolved than the other hominids were.

      Nom, I hate to disagree with anything you say, but religion IS the problem, at least the Semitic religions, like Christ-Insanity. Anything Semitic is bad news, homes.

    27. Mary O Says:

      @Tim, at what point was the non-aggression pact violated?


      The hard Ice Age winters forced White people to develop a civilization for survival, but you are right that other groups don’t seem to have advanced as much despite hardship. Maybe some of the Manchurians and Siberians did advance, but then migrated anciently into East Asia. Japanese and Chinese culture also emphasize cooperation and conformity. Their religious idea of reincarnation may have thwarted their national interests.

      “Semite” usually means Arab. I don’t see Arabs as the problem.

      How Jewish is the New Testament? While some of the authors were similar genetically to today’s Sephardic Jews, their attitudes do not reflect contemporary Jewish culture. You sure don’t hear echoes of the Book of John in the whining of Sarah Silverman or Jerry Seinfield or Netanyahoo.

      But I think that you missed my point. It doesn’t really matter if Stalin was Jewish or not. Most of the Bolshevik Commissars were Jews. For Hitler to form an alliance with Stalin would be to form an alliance with a Jewish government. And, how would that go over with the German people, when they could see the destruction wrought by Kaganovich in the Ukraine?

    28. Howdy Doody Says:

      Mary O

      Buying Time.

      Buying time is not an excuse, but it was what was needed.