5 March, 2012

Arizona Sheriff Says Obama’s Selective Service Registration Is Fake

Posted by Socrates in "birther" issue, Congress, Obama, politics, Socrates at 2:02 am | Permanent Link

Faking that document is a crime. When will Congress investigate?


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  7. 14 Responses to “Arizona Sheriff Says Obama’s Selective Service Registration Is Fake”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      The liberals in the Jewsmedia insist that they have no liberal bias in their reporting and take great offense at such accusations. Yet that same bunch of objective professionals is going out of their way to defend Barry Obongo’s obviously fake “Certificate of Live Birth” and to ridicule/vilify anyone who doesn’t buy it.


      Hey Barry, I didn’t know “African” was a race. You lying, Kenyan born, Muslim, Marxist, Mulatto Bi-Sexual you.

    2. bjt Says:

      An also Tim, he is a Muslim, so he hates jews, the dirty bastard!!

    3. M. Kraus Says:

      There is no way in Hell, Heaven or any other mythological locale that Congress is going to investigate this. President Soetoro is above suspicion, as far as they are concerned. If he was a White man, an ad hoc congressional committee would already be deep in the investigation. Since his “election” was the single greatest propaganda victory the Judeo-left ever achieved, he ain’t a-goin’ nowheres–except maybe into a second term, with most voters convinced that Joe Arpaio is just a crazy old guy who hates Black Heroes.

    4. Blackshirt Says:

      I’m going to have to differ with you guys a bit in the fact that I think all of this is irrelevant. The nigger is the president, and if you ask me he is a fine specimen to represent ZOG in all it’s ugliness.

      Who cares who is the president anyways, when we all know the real power behind the figurehead (yes, he’s just a figurehead)? I never got worked up over him being president to begin with, since I cut my emotional attachment to the USA a LONG time ago. I’m surprised so many of our people still care about this shit, I guess I can chalk it up to a latent residue of conservatism.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      bjt, if you’ll notice I did refer to the Chimp-in-Chief as a Muslim. And one does not need to be a Mussulman to hate the Jews. A Pagan such as myself hates them just fine.

      Blackshirt is right that Amerikwa deserves to have Ol’ Boot Lip as its President. Hell, in 2004 I voted for Al Sharpton! But still, it bothers me that a cipher like Obongo-Soetero, someone who is more the result of marketing and manufacturing than a real person, could become President of our formerly great Republic.

      Imagine a guy like Barry Boot-Lip, someone with no history or background, someone of dubious racial and religious affiliations, being given the same Office that was once held by giants like Jefferson, Madison and Jackson. White Amerikwa has no one to blame but itself for this disgrace.

      I would be suffering from a case of latent case of Kahnservatardism if I thought that electing Ron Paul or Rick Sanitarium would fix everything. But that’s not what I think. I say it’s time for Helter Skelter. It’s time for Earl Turner and Oscar Yeager to take out the trash. No more voting, no more Constitution, no more Jew Party System….Just mindless violence and destruction, until Whitey is back in control and his enemies are running down the street with burning tires around their necks…

      Now, would a Kwanservative believe such things?

    6. Nom de Guerre Says:

      You know our kahngress will do nothing of the sort, anymore than it did with Bill Clintons impeachment, or Bushs’ election fraud of 2000, but get this the jew controlled media is already gearing up to unleash on Vladimir Putins landslide victory as voter fraud. What a fukkin laugh, coming from the kikes the ultimate chutzpah

    7. Nom de Guerre Says:

      I love the way the jews try to connect the dots, its so Fr(au)dian, on the televitz the defamation of Vladimir Putin, followed a “story” about a young childs sleep deprivation, and how mommy should have his tonsils and adenoids removed to prevent aggression in later life, and of course the professional doctor was some jew bitch. What sort of idiots do the jews think we are?

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      “……..followed a “story” about a young childs (sic) sleep deprivation, and how mommy should have his tonsils and adenoids removed to prevent aggression in later life, and of course the professional doctor was some jew (sic) bitch. What sort of idiots do the jews (sic) think we are?”

      Don’t forget all the vaccines the Jews want your goy kids to have as soon as they pop out of the womb. You know, the kinds of vaccines that cause brain damage and malformed DNA, guaranteeing the kid will become docile and mindless?

      And then a few years later, when your goy kid shows signs of boredom in class during Black History Month, it’ll be time to take him to see the Jew psychiatrist, who will prescribe all kinds of ADD crazy pills so that Junior will be an obedient little zombie.

      And then when he gets out of school and finds that the Jews and capitalists have shipped all the good jobs to slave labor countries Junior will join the US military out of desperation and fight for Uncle Shmuley in some country that his lazy, incompetent teachers never taught him about.

      Then Junior will come back from Asscrackistan with a missing limb or two and will need to see another Jew psychiatrist, this time at the VA. The Jew quack will prescribe more crazy pills and then Junior flips out and kills himself and his goy family.

      You see, once the goy victim is no longer of any use to the Jews he is disposed of, like a snot-rag. Put that on your Televitz, Kikes.

    9. Waldo Starr Says:


      I just love the way you distill all this shit and make it so easy to understand. Too bad Sally soccer mom and Danny nigger ball fan never read any of this stuff. But, one day, when the SHTF, a leader WILL appear, and there will be an awakening and then there will be Hell to pay!

    10. BuzzardBreath Says:

      I would like to respond to two of the above posts. First, there is strong evidence that obama’s mother was a jew. That makes him a jew by race. Anyone can convert to islam, you can’t change your D.N.A. structure. HE IS A JEW!!! He will not do anything to harm Zion. Second, about this autism nightmare. I have been in the medical field for 26 years. I will give the national stats. and then my own obsevrvation. Seven years ago the avg. for autism was one in one hundred and fifty one births. That number is staggering. Today it’s one in every one hundred births. Three out of every four is a male child. Now for what mine eyes have seen over and over again. The majority of these poor souls are white males. Think folks….they have had the secret of the doulble helix for decades now. If you find a dog on the street, for $35.00 you can have a D.N.A. test done to determine what breed. If they can tell what kind of dog you are, do you think they can tell what race you are? I believe they have the ability to target any race they want, because the races are not the same and don’t come from the same place. The White race has no indigenous diseases, the chinks have none, the blacks have one,( cicle cell anemia), the jews have many. Your children have been targeted in a most dispicable way. Peace be to you my white brothers and fuck all of you white race trading pigs. May you be judged and found guilty. We will decide your punishment.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      BuzzardBreath, I will agree with you that Obongo-Soetero’s mother was not exactly Nordic in appearance. There are an unusually small number of photos of this woman in existence and most of them are grainy black and white images, so I couldn’t say for sure if “Stanley Ann Dunham” was really his mother, or if it was some beak-nosed Hebress. Amazing how little we know about our “President”, isn’t it?

      And it certainly is odd that most of the children with autism are White. And notice how hysterical the Jewish press becomes whenever some White parents with autistic kids start blaming the god damn vaccines the kids took as babies? “There’s no link between vaccines and autism! Vaccines save lives! It’s all an Internet-generated Right-wing conspiracy! Holocaust Deniers!” The Jews and their goy liberal stooges in the press are ALWAYS pushing for more and more childhood vaccines. They even want little boys to take a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer!!!! Have you noticed that?

    12. Howdy Doody Says:

      Get your reading materials together.

      When you see a woman who is having a male child or even she does not know the gender give her and or the husband the facts about infant mutilation and every case the White mother no matter the politics will not let it be done.

      I have saved a half dozen at least.

      Funny, before the New Yorker was taken over by the Newhouse gang in the late 80’s ? I read a two issue story by a jooish doctor and R.N. about Child Mutilation in April 1984 and these two medical people who worked in a children’s hospital were hostile to these criminal child abuse and they explained why the health of Males and Females are much worse for it.

      Infants who were tortured have much more health problems and other wise etc.

    13. Berghof Says:

      “… natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens. … children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights. … The country of the fathers is therefore that of the children…”

      To be eligible for the office of President, the candidate must have parents that are citizens, parents that are born in America; both parents must be born in America.

    14. Berghof Says:

      Seems to me yor problem is the SCOTUS. Them boys shoulda leant how to say NO 200 yarrs ago.