15 March, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

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Seen: a TV show in which a female boss is called “sir.” Also seen: a movie in which a female boss is called “ma’am.” It looks like the NWO can’t decide what to call female bosses. Each label has a drawback: “ma’am” sounds old-fashioned, but “sir” sounds wrong when applied to a woman. Oy veh! Vhat to do?

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  7. 11 Responses to “Decisions, Decisions”

    1. Arkan Says:

      Ma’am is probably the best choice and we shouldn’t disassociate with women by calling them all feminists just because there are those who would like to be respected/acknowledged just a little more for their efforts in raising our children and supporting us overall.

      Snip that cord behind your jewbox, start living 100% tv-free!

    2. John Q. Republic Says:

      My father always brought me up to say sir or ma’am when speaking to people I hadn’t met before. It was further ingrained in my years in the military, and even now in my present job, to address men and women in this way. It’s a sign of respect and civility for that person you’re speaking to. All advanced, first-world civilizations, (read that White civilizations), practice this form of address between people. It’s just one of the many aspects of being White that sets us apart from the bagel-breaths and the other non-white featherless bipeds.

      It’s better than saying: Yo, wassup, byotch? or Hey, you!, don’t you think?

      So, to all you femi-commies out there…………..which do you prefer?

      OBTW, Arkan, TV is a fine medium in the right hands. Of course, right now it’s in the wrong ones. I don’t fear watching TV because I’m jew-wise and armed with that knowledge about them. You can glean a lot of intelligence information about the kike watching TV. It’s like a window into their filthy, disgusting, diseased, and hate-filled minds. It’s good to know your enemy and what he’s thinking, yes? Of course, to the untrained mind it is pure poison.

      The only real way to fix the TV problem is to somehow take it back from the yids, (which is not likely), or build our own mass-media to counter theirs. This is what Dr. Pierce was trying to do and he did an excellent job with what he had to work with. However, we must expand on that into television to reach as many Whites as possible with our message, not that they’ll fall into line with us immediately, but at least begin a conditioning process to where they will at least not be openly hostile to us and have the basic information to form opinions and attitudes more receptive to our worldview. I believe it can be done, but it’s going to take time, money, and the sheer will to see it through despite the odds.

      I also believe we have enough good genetic material left to rebuild and up-lift ourselves to heights yet unseen. Many Whites know deep-down that something is terribly wrong with this society, that it is upside-down and going backward, but are clueless as to why and who’s behind it all; or they do know, but feel so atomized and seemingly alone in their beliefs that they think nothing can be done about it. Still others believe that this country is too far gone to try and save at all. (I hear ya, Tim). Imo, they are looking for guidance and a true leader with competent lieutenants to step forward and say: FOLLOW ME! Our race had that once about 79 years ago in 1933, but decided to squander the opportunity for true and lasting freedom by allying themselves with the kike. Idiotic fools.

      Yes, we truly are living in “interesting times” as well as dangerous times. Whites the world over need to unite as never before in our long and glorious history. Never again must a White man try to kill another White man for the sake of any jew or other non-white. Look to your own, cleave to your own.

      This TV/mass-media campaign by us will be a huge undertaking. It could completely un-hinge the jew and derail all his genocidal plans for us. It really is that big. TV is the colossal club the jew uses in his arsenal against us. That’s why they’ll fight to-the-death to maintain that media control.

      Our task: Win at all costs.


    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      As we all know, Liberals are obsessed with manipulating language and thoughts. For example, they expect us to refer to niggras in the US as “African Americans”. But what about colored folks living in the UK? Would they be “African Englishmen”? No, because of the “men” part in “Englishmen”. Gotta be gender neutral! Maybe “African Englishpeople”?

      Or what about Red Injuns in Canada…”Native Canadians”? Or how should “gay” couples who want a “same sex marriage” be referred to at the wedding ceremony? “I now pronounce you husband and husband”?

      God damn pain in the ass liberals and their faggy PC bullshit.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      I would also like to point out that all this “gender equality” jive has NOT succeeded in making women equal to men. It has only succeeded in making women MORE like men.

    5. Arkan Says:

      John, well put. I saw a snippet of a film a few months ago made by Pixar, it was one of the Ice Age movies. These are supposed to be kids movies but I saw a good amount of fast-talking and mannerisms that reminded me of Jewish marketplace bartering etiquette. The camera never pans on any creature for longer than 3 seconds, like having a series of commercials and advertisements thrown at you. All the carnivores are grouped together, have big teeth and are bad. The herbivores are voiced by minorities and they have a destiny to get some place like would-be constituents of some Hebrew-like exodus that Jew Hollywood made them out to be. If this what they call entertainment for kids.. what a trip!

    6. fd Says:

      What is your sex? Not anymore. It’s what is your gender. English usage defines gender as masculine ‘he’ — femenine ‘she’ — neuter ‘it’ The purpose of this crafted language is to allow a man to define himself as femenine if he so chooses.

      Feel free to label homosexuals, male or female, as ‘it’.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      fd, what the Liberals are having us do these days is to use the pronouns “they” or “them” when referring to a hypothetical individual. For instance, “If your student is not doing well in class, have THEM try to read the textbook by using…” or “It’s the responsibility of every American to make sure THEY have affordable….” In saner times, the pronoun “he” would have been used in those instances, not “they” or “them”, unless the sentence specifically referred to a female.

      See what I mean by Liberal manipulation of language and thought? Bitches.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      The pronouns “he” or “him” would have been used in such sentences, I should have said. Your typical Liberal is full of hatred for THEIR race. And THEY smell funny, too.

    9. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Also, adding to this. When the hell did we start referring to women as guys? It annoys me to no end ,when I see a bunch of women say to each other ” hey guys” Bollocks!!!

    10. Stan Sikorski Says:

      I said “Yes Ma’am” in answer to a teacher’s query when I was younger and having started my first day of 5th grade at a new school. She hauled off and hit me across the face yelling, “Do not use that word with me!”. I was very confused as I used the word with the highest respect.

      She never explained herself. She was an older woman in her 50s and this was back in the 1970s.

    11. John Q. Republic Says:

      Hey, Stan:

      Screw respect. She’s not deserving of any.

      Let’s clear up the confusion, too. If a female’s going to do that then the kid gloves come off. I don’t give a damn, teacher or not. The bitch is going to lose teeth. Period. No doubt she’s some marxist/communist, feminist piece of filth that should never have been allowed to teach anything, anywhere, at anytime or be let near children.

      Anyway, did you, at the very least, say something to the principal or to your parents about what occurred? If so, what did they say or do? Surely, you didn’t just let it go, did ya? Anybody else in class get wallopped for saying “Yes Ma’am”?