10 March, 2012

Jean-Honoré Fragonard Painting

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This stuff takes you back to a time and a place: just before the French Revolution, when “human equality” was still unknown. Fragonard was almost executed by the equalists, until another equalist, the artist J.L. David, stepped in and saved him. Looking at Fragonard’s work, it has such depth, you can get lost in it. Compare this to the trash you see today.

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  7. 29 Responses to “Jean-Honoré Fragonard Painting”

    1. torrence Says:

      Here’s to everyone’s cultural health. Looking at such art can make one feel sane again.
      Maybe I should keep a small portfolio of such Western art in the car or in my backpack or around my work place or some similar such place. I need something a few times each day to refresh and rejuvenate my soul. So it goes with life in the Kwa nowadays.

      Nice contribution, Socrates.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      This painting is very rococo, a nice representation of the Late Baroque style. But it also represents a time when most White people lived like farm animals while the aristocracy of the ancien regime frolicked in their idyllic landscapes. Such gross disparities of wealth and power were bound to lead to revolution sooner or later. Too bad that revolution was lead by Jews and Freemasons, instead of the White proletariat.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      Fragonard’s ‘The Swing’, a joyful and amusing painting with a slight hint of eroticism, is his best known work.
      It is interesting to note that jews and strict Muslims cannot abide true representational art, whereas we can’t live without it.

    4. CW-2 Says:

      Revisiting the ‘More White Art’ of 2008, there are many excellent posts, particularly some intriguing insights provided by ‘Artsceptic’.

    5. Arkan Says:

      I would conclude that the French Revolution had been one of the best things that had ever happened to the French. The misunderstanding of this event within our white-nationalist rank is in trying to compare it to the Jewish led Bolshevik revolution in Russia, this is where we go wrong. The French Revolution was no precursor to communism and Marx later went on to condemn Napoleon as First Consul for hounding the Jacobins (hardline leftists) hanging them in the streets and unloading cannons on them, in turn doing away with the Royalists the same way; supporters of Louis XVIII – who were almost entirely his old bureaucrats.

      Let’s keep in mind that the French Revolution did away with the indentured servitude known as serfdom and the Church’s private ownership of so many territories. The French revolution was not about equality, and Napoleon openly believed that blacks belonged in no better place than in chains and they continued to do so in the French colonies even after the Revolution. (see: The mind of Napoleon by J. Christopher Herold) The revolution in France was about nothing more than an end to the monarcho-clergical crime syndicate known as the era of Louis XVIII. White nationalists will argue that many good whites might’ve died in the purging but.. c’est la vie.

    6. Thom McQueen Says:

      Righton, Friend Tim.

      This painting is too La-tee-da for me!

      A[picture of naked women planting vegetables would have been better, and more in touch with the earth.

    7. Genghis Khan Says:

      So called “modern art” always has been jewish and degenerate. Aryan Art reflects the high and noble ideals of our Race. The kikes have niggerized every aspect of our once great Aryan societies.

    8. Antagonistes Says:

      Anyone who has visited the tomb of Emporer Napoleon at Les Invalides cannot fail to be impressed.

      But for all my research, I still do not quite know exactly what he was trying to do. In my opinion, the French do not exactly think like Anglo-Saxons. They seem to be more intuitive, as opposed to sensory.

      But it seems that he was trying to restore the Roman Empire, or perhaps the Roman Republic, with himself as Caesar.

      Arkan makes some good points.

    9. Antagonistes Says:

      PS–I see a lot of circular motifs in this painting, with a sturdy triangular base encompasing all three figures. Also, the man’s hand is in the vicinity of the woman’s crotch, and the man sketching and the background tree are both leaning at the same angle as an erect penis. Further eroticism is in the tamborine held over the man’s head, again invoking the penis imagery.

      It has the compositional elements that seem to be lacking in some modernistic paintings (in my humble opinion) but, as Tim and Thom pointed out, these people are hard to relate to.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      I agree with you, Thom. That painting is a beautiful work of art the likes of which could never be painted by a Jew or an anthropoid, but it is rather “la-te-da”, as you say. I can easily imagine Monsieur Fragonard’s work being condemned by the Jacobins as “decadent” and “reactionary”. That dainty rococo style definitely fell out of favor as a result of the 1789 Revolution, along with harpsichords, powdered wigs and knee-breaches.

      If the scheming Jew and his mindless swarm of colored inferiors ever take full control of our civilization you can be sure there will be show trials, public executions, death camps, dynamiting of beautiful architectural landmarks and Black cannibalism. The Jew Kommissars will toss Rembrandts and Titians into huge bonfires as they use their bullhorns to whip the dancing Blacks into a savage frenzy.

    11. old dutch Says:

      Is French neo-classicism a Jewish are movement?

      Maybe one of you VNN art critics knows the answer to this question, was the king of French neo-classicism Jacques-Louis David a Jew? That’s the J.L. David mentioned in the story. No one seems to know—some claim he was a Roman Catholic. Possibly, in the same way as John Kerry or Madeline Albright are Roman Catholics?

    12. old dutch Says:

      Is French neo-classicism a Jewish “art” movement?

      Some of you who are into French neo-classicism will find this story interesting complete with examples of David’s work:

    13. Arkan Says:

      They won’t burn or dynamite anything because it generates too attention for the objects in question. The enemies of our people will instead keep doing what they have been since the second war, substituting artwork of Aryan nobility with their own feces .. same goes for literature and film.

    14. Arkan Says:

      They won’t burn or dynamite anything because it generates too attention for the objects in question. The enemies of our people will instead keep doing what they have been since the second war, substituting artwork of Aryan nobility with their own feces .. same goes for literature and film.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      Old Dutch, why must you provoke me so?

      J.L. David could NOT have been a Jew, simply due to the fact that he was an extraordinary painter. Can you name one Jew “artist” who could paint anything even remotely similar to “The Oath of the Horatii”, or “The Death of Socrates”?

      For comparison, here are some typical examples of Jew “art”:




      I think you owe the ghost of Monsieur David an apology.

    16. old dutch Says:

      Oh, I get it Mr. Tim, if you like it, David cannot be a Jew. LOL.

    17. Leviticus Jackson Says:

      I looked at the painting and saw it as beautiful and a little erotic because of where the man’s hand was, but to see erect phallus in everything is a little much. I guess if have your mind on the erect Phallus you will see them everywhere.

    18. Arkan Says:

      Yes, it was a very Freudian outlook.. perhaps that’s how they teach to study classical art these days..?

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      No, you do not get it, sir. The Jew has no soul, artistic or otherwise. Ask Richard Wagner. LOL.

    20. Arkan Says:

      David couldn’t have been a kike since he spoke up for Fragonard during the revolution. Kikes don’t vouch for gentiles unless it suits their own financial interests.

    21. jayhackworth Says:

      Feed a cow a strong laxative, back it up to a blank canvas, and the critics will rave about the ‘artistic expression’ while sniffing at ‘sentimentally maudlin’ efforts such as the one pictured

    22. Antagonistes Says:

      Look carefully at the man with the woman.

      He obviously is having an erection.

    23. Arkan Says:

      It might be a croissant in his pocket.

    24. Tim McGreen Says:

      An erection? Come on. I think those guys are fairies. The girl is one of those Cher and Judy Garland types who prefer the company of homosexuals to normal men.

    25. old dutch Says:

      Hey, Mr. Tim you are finally starting to get it. Could the relationship between David, and, Fragonard been anything but, political? All that ivy, and more ferns than a New York fern bar.

      One thing about David, Jew or Not Jew, he understood pictoral composition so well that he is still imitated today.

    26. Anonymous Says:

      White people today who look at this painting are not capable of understanding what they are seeing.

      Never forget how much carnage we owe the Jews.

    27. Arkan Says:

      Very well put.

    28. R CROSS Says:

      The most insightfull book i have read upon the subject of the french revolution is Nesta h websters “world revolution”from around 1922 or so.This picture is nice chocolate box,but the french immperssionists are superb,if you go to you tube and type in “gnossienne”by erik satie ,you will get music to accompany these delightfull paintings.

    29. Arkan Says:

      Has anyone here yet heard about the dirty gypsies that recently burnt down the 700 yr. old Czech castle?