18 April, 2012

Jews/Leftists Finding New Ways To Keep Holocaust “Alive”

Posted by Socrates in Germany, Hitler, Holocaust, holocaust racket, Holocaustianity, jewed culture, Nazi era, propaganda, Socrates at 1:13 am | Permanent Link

One hundred years from now, they will still be dreaming up new ways to brainwash White people about the Nazi era.


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  7. 8 Responses to “Jews/Leftists Finding New Ways To Keep Holocaust “Alive””

    1. bjt Says:

      Now that I have the artcle rest assured we still have
      people like the Rush, Hannity, and other brown nose
      neocons to keep this horrable white devil holocaust
      thing verry much alive.
      Only a White Human could think of somthing like
      this to kill so many innocent jews and to enslave
      the niggros.
      Think I’m going fishing today.
      Fuck it all.

    2. bjt Says:

      You know payback is a bitch.
      Someday the White Human race will awaken,
      and this is the one thing jews have the most
      nightmares about.
      How to keep the Humans asleep is giong to
      be a problem at some point, and then what you
      gonna do when the White Humans have there
      White hands around your fat neck, jew???

    3. fd Says:

      100 years from now they, the Jews, will still claim that WW2 Nazis are still alive and that Jews who were in WW2 prison camps are still alive too. The Jews are running a game and they are winning.

    4. Arkan Says:

      100 years from now, they’ll discover a tomb of cryogenically frozen heebs that were buried right underneath the Reichstag, these *young* de-frosted heebs will then demand TON of back-pay in reperations.

    5. Antagonistes Says:

      Holocaust Haiku:

      I have a Jewish lampshade.
      His name is Schmuley–
      He is enlightened.

    6. DMS Says:

      The cash cow that will never die:


      A new study carried out by Haifa University argues that Holocaust trauma signs can be identified among third-generation grandchildren.

      The study, carried out by Dr. Miri Scharf and Prof. Ofra Mayseless from Haifa University’s Education Department, detects unprocessed, indirect signs of post-trauma, or problems in communication and interaction systems, among second-and-third-generation descendants of Holocaust victims.

    7. Arminius Says:

      In other words, Haifa Univiersity finds proof, young third-generation (and the next soon to follow) Jews are already mentally insane from childhood.
      What’s the difference to their ancestors?

    8. Dick Says:

      Egypt leader says holocast is fake. 6 million Jews moved to US during wW2.