22 April, 2012

The Real Haters

Posted by Socrates in Affirmative Action, anti-White themes, Cultural Marxism, Diversity, diversity is hate, genocide by jew, genocide of White culture, jewed culture, multiculturalism, Socrates at 2:02 pm | Permanent Link

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  7. 12 Responses to “The Real Haters”

    1. Arkan Says:

      In either case, the Tibetans or White Americans -, “genocide” is the wrong word to use. There is nothing like that going on in Tibet, and there is no genocide of whites here either – BELIEVE ME it may *feel* like it, but it’s all just a whole lot of filth, decay and subversion that you’re all subscribing to anyhow by means of wasting your time watching your stupid t.v. shows. Of course, this is all in order to pick off those Channon and Christian Newsom’s, the Kristopher Kime’s and Rachel Corrie’s who’ve let their guard down or got comfortable until it got them killed. The irony is that the Newsom’s in fact were on there way to BLOCKBUSTER at the time they were killed.

      If the SHTF (shit.hit.the.fan.) we’d have this country under control by the next day. Yes siree. There is no doubt about that. Hell, we’d even bring peace to the ghetto’s after the blacks and browns were completly disarmed sort like we’ve been kicking down doors in Iraq and Afghanistan for the Zionist lobby in D.C.

    2. old dutch Says:

      It’s a start…

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      That picture says it all. And I like the cartoonish quality of the artwork,
      the kind of cartoonishness one sees in childish liberal propaganda.

      “Anti racists”, who are in reality spoiled, obnoxious and immature White
      liberals, profess to care a great deal about the plight of Hutus and
      Tutsis, Tibetans, Darfour and Eritrea. “We have to save the indigenous
      peoples of the Rain Forest!” and “We must preserve the teepees of the
      Arapaho Native American tribes as UN World Heritage Sites”. Bah!

      Yet those same care-bears don’t give two shits if the indigenous peoples
      and cultures of Europe are destroyed by hoardes of invaders, or if
      great White-built structures like the Eifel Tower and the Colosseum are
      destroyed. After all, they were built using slave labor to glorify

      That’s the kind of nonsense we’re up against. But it’s very
      well-organized and well-funded nonsense.

    4. Mary O Says:

      The Tibetans lucked out somehow, and despite being nationalist managed to fall into the good graces of the most politically correct of the politically correct of both America and Europe.

      Their religion, which is Buddhism strangely infused with Hindu, facilitates the conversion of old-fashioned European witchcraft into the developing globalist cult of the Mother Goddess. Tara and Kali are read as goddesses of feminism and environmental extremism.

      Young Americans and Europeans who have never heard of Chartes Cathedral make pilgrimages to the Himalayas to venerate ancient Buddhist shrines. If some of these historical artifacts and ideas were actually created by their own Aryan ancestors, they don’t know it, and would dismiss the fact as having no significance.

      The Tibetans also trade in psilocybin mushrooms endearing themselves to the artsy types of American suburbia.

      The cultists include lengthy studies of an advanced level of yoga (which was originally Aryan) as a type of retreat; similar to the Catholic Lenten retreat of medieval monasteries. Instead of studying Latin, they study Sanskrit. Instead of fasting, praying and working, they do yoga poses.

      The dietary restrictions manifest as occasional veganism, and communal vegan dinners.

      One “eco-community” pleaded for nonwhite members to fulfill their anti-racist vision. Ironically, the requirement that each member put in 10 hours per week of physical work at the communal organic garden most likely discouraged the participation of anyone except for educated Whites (and a few Jews) who have been generations removed from actual farming.

      Nonwhite groups also probably do not like their “Recognition of the Seasons” ceremonies which suggest devil worship.

      If they were just regular Whites sharing a normal facility with a nice swimming pool and picnic ground, no doubt diversity would find them.

      That’s the unfairness: the same things that we find repulsive about Liberals, nonwhite groups also dislike; which leaves the Liberals protected from actually having to deal with the problems they themselves cause.

    5. Arkan Says:

      Tim, you would’ve made a good leftist. LOL ..
      except the bit about the Eiffel tower, fuck that would-be radio antennae…

    6. The Red Skull Says:

      Ha!!Thats a great picture!!-

      Sometimes its helpful to put the stupidity,hypocrisy,and 2-faced double-standards of Guilty White liberals/Anti-racists into a picture or format thats easy for even the dullest of Kwans to absorb.This picture does that in a nutshell!! Oy Vey !!!

    7. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The picture/”Posture” depicts how ludicrous the libtards and eco-freakos bend over backwards to appease muds and kikes, knowing full well the muds have no interest in anything butbreeding and feeding till the whole planet looks like a termite hill. Something great for brainwashing kindegarten White kids, but heh it works well on any of the dumbed down Amerikwans and luv the lil niggers of Euroland.

      I’ve been studying alot of the green literature, like Bill McKibbens “Death of Nature, and other sundry and assorted sky is falling and Chicken little is coming home to roost , one thing I’ve noticed is how they all take pecks at Sir Adolf, one author accusing him of inventing nerve gas.. Wow! and what did the kikes give us? Atomic bombs and mustard gas? Sheeet mon! Despite all the boo-hooing about overpopulation in the turd whrlld, the greenies never want to address the real issue, and they don’t won’t to lose their cushy life style, and all become mother theresas and Gandhis, and live in a turd whrlld shit hole.

      No, you’re not going to solve problems with anything else but elimination of muds

    8. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Remember all the White phosphorous and napalm bombs dropped on the citizens of the Reich in Hamburg and Dresden? Real humans not muds, dying in agony, some drowning in canals trying to extinguish the burning phosphorous by submerging in the water, of little avail cause it re-ignited when they came up. The kikes give Whites a real taste of genocide a helluva alot worse than even the Shit dished out by the nigger tribes in Afreeka on opposing nigger tribes.

    9. Nom de Guerre Says:

      When it comes to genociding Whites, the jews pull out all the stops, everything goes, starvation like they did to the Ukrainians, mass rape and torture for Germans, machine gunning Polish officers at Katyn. Like Madame Allkike said , oh vey itz worth it.

    10. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Oh yeah forgot to mention the jews genocide of White kwans, which genocide the installment plan, deprive them of meaningful occupations, import muds. Dumb them down, and dope them up, get them to go off and fight wars for El Shitty nation.

    11. CW-2 Says:

      We are not going to get anywhere being nice. T

    12. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Interesting that the Wikipedia says there is only one species of Homo-Sapiens existing, and their not in danger of extinction.
      I’d like to send of these libtards and pseudo-scientists to a turd whrlld shithole,give them a real taste of their butt buddies.