12 April, 2012

What Is Moral?

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“In the early 1960s, we all saw the society in which we lived coming unraveled. We all could look ahead and see that very bad things were likely to be encountered just down the road if present trends continued. But it was not entirely acceptable to talk frankly about these things. That is, it made many of my peers uncomfortable to talk frankly about where racial integration was taking America. It made them even more uncomfortable to talk about the Jewish role in the dangerous policies being pursued by the government. I think that social conditioning was more important than Christianity or any other ethical considerations in imposing these constraints.”


For the audio version of this article, go [Here] and scroll down to 01-12-2002.

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  7. 17 Responses to “What Is Moral?”

    1. bjt Says:

      Two things these jews donot want White Humans to
      be able to do is freely travle from place to place and to
      own and firearms.
      Here in socal there is allready $7. a gallon gas in at least
      one place.
      We(White Humans) used to be able to fill our gas tanks
      and travle 500 miles or more, this is a big no no to the
      Sub humans dont care thay will take mass transit the jew
      already own these beast.
      Ride on a bus with sweaty niggers?
      The jews want to screw the White Humans down to
      the land here in the USA like thay did in Europe.
      Got to keep these white devils under jew control.
      Is this moral?

      Have a nice day White Humans.

    2. Mary O Says:

      On the Linder thread currently on Gen’l discussion, a quote from Stormfront is presented:

      Should Alex Linder’s opinions really be relevant to us here? Let’s be brutally honest – Vanguard News Network is a “community” of low class, childish, foul mouthed (and in some instances, borderline psychotic) rejects. Just browsing their sorry excuse of a site for 3-5 minutes can easily verify this.

      VNN posters nearly always express that intense interest in human culture which is characteristic of people who are naturally inclined towards leadership. This stereotype of VNN as lower class is just ridiculous. Can the lower classes really discuss WW2 or Weimar or Stalinism or even television in a critical way? Can they analyze the racial subtext of mainstream media articles and presentations? Not every poster is wealthy or successful; but (face it) the greater number of us come from at least upper middle-class & highly educated backgrounds. We need to come out of the closet about actually being more like “preppies.”

    3. Arkan Says:

      Sounds like some Jew-stormfront provocateur. No worries.

      Bjt, California is beyond redemption. You should consider moving to the NW.

    4. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Change is a difficult hurdle , most Whites still want to live in a cocoon of with the notion that United States is the best thing that ever existed.
      I disagree : it is one of the ugliest, most demoralizing, pieces of crap that ever existed, and thats what you get when you destroy a heirarcy and produce a cuntry devouted to economics and progress, to unrestricted mud immigration, to breeding and feeding muds, because we need them to construct all these shitty business parks and strip malls.

    5. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The jews are spinning the bottle or whatever that top they have ever faster and faster to keep the goy cattle working on their new world order plantation. The threats are wearing thin, more and more are falling out of the system, to where even threats of retaliation by the robo-cops and the irs and other alphabet soup agencies are going to fall on deaf ears.. The keep up with the Jones, that keeps most Whites stuck in a vicious circle , the continuous low level class war that the jews use to keep the goys from focusing on real issues is starting to drift away like the morning fog.

    6. bjt Says:

      Arkan, I know this, I have been to the north west and your right
      we Humans should stand our ground some where and I realy dont
      think California is the place.

    7. Arkan Says:

      On a different note, I think Zimmerman is really shitting his pants about now. 25 to life.. lots of time to read the classics. I don’t know if anyone could willingly hold out that long in solitary to keep their ass from getting shanked by a group of ‘boos.

      One less spic, one less nigger. :-)

    8. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Zimmermans racial classification is now “white hispanic”, so White people can have a real guilt trip.

    9. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Adios Amigo, doesn’t Zimmerman look like the spittin image of racial cousin Eli Wallach?http://www.filmsandtv.com/i/a/eli_wallach.jpg

    10. jayhackworth Says:

      We’ve been seduced, perverted and rendered morally weak by The Jews’ ‘commodity fetishism’. It has broken our national spirit. The kike commododity fetishism has colonized nearly all of the planet and every recess of the ‘kwans mind. Maybe Iran is one of the last holdouts.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      Mary O, how do you know that most of the posters here come from “at least upper middle class & highly educated backgrounds”? Besides, what difference does a White person’s economic and educational status make if that person is of decent character and is racially motivated? Our friend Uncle Adolf was from a lower middle-class background, a petit bourgeois if ever there was one. Yet he knew the score well enough. So don’t let’s get hung up on class and education like “they” do.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      Mary O, how do you know that most of the posters here come from “at least upper middle class & highly educated backgrounds”? Besides, what difference does a White person’s economic and educational status make if that person is of decent character and is racially motivated? Our friend Uncle Adolf was from a lower middle-class background, a petite bourgeois if ever there was one. Yet he knew the score well enough. So don’t let’s get hung up on class and education like “they” do.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      Sorry about the double post, I just wanted to add an “e” to “petit”, you see.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Commodity fetishism”? Explain.

      Eli Wallach? Explain.

      Try as they might, the Social Marxists/Cultural Bolsheviks will not be able to convince anyone that Jorge (pronounced Hor-Hay) Zimmerman is White and that Whites are somehow to blame for all this nonsense.

      Again, I would remind everyone how much the Blacks have condemned “mob justice” when it was directed at them. But they don’t seem to mind a little mob justice when it comes to whacking that spic Zimmerman. And the Jew press is right behind them, whipping up lots of anti White, anti gun hysteria.

      Let’s hope there’s a race war this summer. I’m ready to roll.

    15. jayhackworth Says:

      Should be easily recognizable, Tim. Less easily recognizable for those addicted to it. Asceticism is a revolutionary act at this point. Cato knew this. The Jew Lenin did as well.

    16. Dave Says:

      Mary. That storm front post is funny. I myself am “near the poverty level” due to my income vs. family size but we do just fine. And we save too.

      So cal is lost. I considered visiting family down there and going to some much missed restaurants but why? I left it for a reason. Who will take care of the zoos when all the whites are gone btw?

      Education? I have none. maybe 8th grade….

      Has anyone seen that Norwegian killer? I saw the headline and skipped over it assuming it was that muslim that killed all those people. Nope. That is old news apparently. They have a White killer now! 77 people!

    17. Mary O Says:

      In response to various comments, all human societies are classist, but class is based one’s role in society, not just on your net worth (as some modern-day Americans assume).

      The highest class protects and defends. Who protects and defends the White race? Not Bill O’Reilly or John McCaine or Bloomberg. White nationalists are the White upper class.

      Next in status come the intellectuals. Even people who have been graduated from top rated US universities and hold professional jobs don’t know much more about history than what is presented on the History Channel, which they see as authoritative. If you do not question and at least occasionally challenge authority, then you are not an intellectual. Most Liberal Arts college professors are not true intellectuals; but hard to find one thread of WN posts which do not question the politically correct anti-racist party line. Therefore, we are also the intellectuals.

      When I refer to social class, I mean only role with reference to White society, not how many pieces of paper one has collected or how high the bank accounts. I am not considering the multicultural “society” or “leadership” at all.

      But also the average person cannot write well. Even Ivy League graduates, attorneys and professional writers can’t write that well. I once sent an email to a journalist questioning some detail in a feature article he wrote, and his response was almost illiterate. If someone is writing clearly and making serious points about history or politics, he is most likely from a more-educated background, or he has managed to educate himself to a similar degree. That is why that I suspect that the majority of WN posters come from more privileged backgrounds.

      Class is about roles, as I have mentioned above, but it is also about values. Whoever writes WN posts values being able to communicate to his fellow Whites, and hopefully persuading them. WN post writers are also fascinated with human culture in general, esp. on VNN. To lead people, one has to know a lot about people; therefore, most WN at least aspire to some type of influence or leadership.

      On the other hand, lower class individuals tend towards self-absorption, irresponsible behavior, materialism, lower IQs, emotional problems, blind obedience to authority, constant demands for sympathy, excessive television watching and a neurotic obsession with seeming “normal.” Generally, they also tend to lack creativity, and don’t enjoy solving problems. They don’t have time to make observations about people and society because they are totally caught up in just getting by. Their struggle is simply to grasp and make sense of reality, not to criticize various concepts of the world.

      Adolf Hitler was not lower class in any sense. First of all, he was an artist, and artists are often considered as separate from the main social structure, because they fulfill a special need. Artists may also be considered intellectuals, because they challenge social conventions.
      And, his father, Alois Hitler, was a farmer and beekeeper, and later had a successful career as a customs administrator. Whatever hardships his family suffered were due to economic conditions of the time, but they were not impoverished. Hitler also demonstrated leadership ability serving in the military in WW1, and worked extremely hard to gain excellent rhetorical skills and put together the organization he needed to lead Germany in the 1930s.

      To call VNN “lower-class” is just ridiculous. The core theme of most threads on “This Just In” is to criticize the mainstream media, and analyze the usually racial truth that lies beneath the surface of the story. A poster criticizing CNN does not see himself as lower class, but as at least the intellectual equal of the writers and management of CNN. How a person sees himself mainly determines his role in the society; that is, his social class, in the natural sense, but not always in the socio-economical sense.

      The whole slur is just typical Liberalism. First, the Liberals institute government structures by which Whites are systematically discriminated against in employment, unless we pay a huge borrowed fortune to attend political indoctrination centers (“college”), and sufficiently demonstrate enthusiasm for the Leftist anti-racist cause. Then, any Whites who express anger over this situation or even criticism of this system are labeled “lower class.” Of course, an oppressed political class will eventually become a socio-economically lower class: The Liberals push us down, and then sneer at us for being down.