11 May, 2012

Arizona: Fake-Rights Complaints

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In the 1950s, the South was still a hostile place for negroes: Whites treated them like, well, niggers. Imagine that! The solution to that “problem”? The U.S. government created bogus “civil rights” for Blacks. Suddenly, coons (and other minorities) were untouchable. “Civil rights” are now considered to be holy, like the Bible. How sad. Both the 1957 and 1964 Civil Rights Acts came from a Jew, i.e., congressman Emanuel Celler of New York. “Civil rights” = Jewish tyranny in blackface.



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  7. 18 Responses to “Arizona: Fake-Rights Complaints”

    1. Maynard Says:

      “Racial Profiling” is common sense and so is Mestizo profiling!

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      I guess White America isn’t supposed to do anything to stop illegal Muds from swarming in here, because some greaser’s Snivel Rights will be violated. Only non-Whites and homos have Snivel Rights, don’t you know. Whitey has no rights at all, except the right to fear the police, pay his taxes and keep his mouth shut.

      Rise up White Man, you have nothing to lose but your chains.

    3. SEAN GRUBER Says:

      A lot can be learned from Golden Dawn in Greece. Stand up and say “Let’s get these niggers out of here.” And not try to rationalize it with a lot of Thomas Jefferson and Ronald Reagan and other faileocon bullshit.

      Golden Dawn “toughs” simply beat the shit out of immigrant criminals dealing drugs openly etc. “Let’s get rid of the stench!” is one of their outspoken anti-immigrant slogans. And they help defenseless Greeks (elderly, young) in ghetto areas. THEY WENT FROM LESS THAN 1% OF THE VOTE TO ALMOST 10% IN A COUPLE YEARS.

      Meanwhile, A3P talks about niceing yer way to success. As if achieving political success is like impressing the boss in the 1950s. If only we could run Fred McMurray as a political candidate, they yearn. Laughable. The jew is obviously the boss they want to impress.

      Remember what Alex Linder said years ago about the American public. A reality-TV show of KKK hunting down no-good niggers and calling ’em “niggers” would get unprecedented ratings and make a brain-meltingly huge fortune.

    4. Arkan Says:

      The problem is not what is or isn’t on television – it is television. Period.

    5. CW-2 Says:

      Yep, the ‘Golden Dawn’ movement in Greece is correct. The time for rationalizing and reason is long past, it’s simply a waste of valuable time. The ONLY fact that niggers and muds respect is physical force, and moreover it works. When some turd world piece of crap is trying to steal your country and your children’s future don’t intellectualize the problem, that leads to paralysis of the will. White man stand up and fight!

      PS the voting button don’t appear to work, anybody noticed?

    6. John Q. Republic Says:

      I piss on minority-based “civil rights” like I do the the jew flag. Ever notice how everything non-whites–especially niggers– get is given to them? They never seem to earn anything. Ever wonder why? Parasitism leaps to mind.

      We must always recognize that niggers, and other non-whites, are simply a symptom, ( yes, a very dangerous and undesirable symptom, of course), of a much greater problem………….that being the disgustingly corrosive and hooked-nosed entity known as the KIKE. They are the catalyst and the engine of our collective destruction and we must never forget that salient fact. Once the jew is dealt with in a clear and decisive manner the other racial “problems” we have will practically take care of themselves. In other words, once the jew, and their traitorous White enablers, is eliminated the other races will not have their protectors and greatest benefactors around to run to. It’s game over for them……..and they know it! It is imperative that the jew keep the White masses anesthetized and keep them from connecting the dots by every sort of diversion and smoke-and-mirrors deception they can think of like: endless ballgames, social-security issues, health-care issues, the economy, the stock market, the housing market, more billions of our tax dollars for shItsrael’s “security”, etc., etc., in short: every issue except the most essential one……our own RACE.

      The tide, ladies and gentlemen, is beginning to turn. Ever so slowly, but surely, it is turning, IMHO. Thanks to the internet, and other sources, more and more Whites are waking up to the fact that we are in a racial war of annihilation. A war brought upon us by the repulsively ugly racial aliens around us simply because we exist; because we are creative; because as a race we are the most handsome and beautiful of all the other races in the known universe; because they are SO hate-filled, jealous, and envious of all the goodness and inventiveness we have wrought in this world for the betterment of the human condition………and the list goes on and on and on. We have absolutely NOTHING to be ashamed of or to be forgiven for–and everything to be proud of–and it is THEY who should be asking OUR forgivness and apologizing to US for all they’ve done to harm and damage us.

      In the meantime, we must continue to do our part in any way we can to help that growing and learning process along. As the saying goes……..failure, for us…………is NOT an option. Truer words were never spoken.

      CW2: Yes, the issue of the voting button was addressed by Dave and I some posts back.

      As usual, great post’s, gentlemen.


    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      One of the problems is that there are a large number of very well-funded and well-organized left-wing pressure groups out there using their money and influence to get what they want. The “climate change” movement, the “same sex marriage” (don’t they mean homosexual?) movement, the Brotherhood Bolsheviks, Lesbo Power and so forth…

      And just who’s funding all those pernicious Kultural Kommunists? Why, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, etc, that’s who……a bunch of multibillion dollar tax-exempt “non-profit” foundations that use their dough to promote globalism and anti-Whiteism. They are also the ones who pay for all of PBS’s and NPR’s programming, so that’s why “public broadcasting” is always so goddamn liberal and elitist.

      And since almost all of the establishment press is owned by billionaires with globalist sympathies they are only too happy to use their newspapers and broadcasting networks to promote Jew World Odor propaganda.

      So much for the LIE of a “free press”. So much for the LIE of Democracy.

    8. mrcrouton Says:

      Whites allowed niggers to be made their masters, and now we have a nigger president with a nigger attorney general.
      Both have big grudges against whitey, and they’re going to take it out on whites incrementally.

      The “patriots” out there accepting and supporting civil rights are a big problem, and might as well just join the communists, since civil rights is cultural marxism at it’s worst, coming to politcal fruition.

      The writers above supporting Golden dawn are right.
      Enough is enough with the soft approach.

    9. Who+dares+wings Says:

      Gordon “Au Go-Go ” Duff is reporting that J.T. Ready was murdered and Sheriff Joe Arpio is in the pocket of the all that’s evil- cartels, Hells Angels wannabes, Arizona machers etc. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/05/12/the-very-un-american-arizona-coverup/

    10. Howdy Doody Says:

      meant to post the VDARE/MacDonald link


      Wrong post above http://theoccidentalobserver.net/tooblog/?p=3350 link.

    11. Howdy Doody Says:

      The enemy aliens have had a festival for being about to monitor and spy on US and eliminate any and all leaders and or minor’s who just get a few people to hear the truth.

      Example of low down was sending that Halvin Turder to VNN letters ten years ago.

    12. Howdy Doody Says:

      The number enemy aliens of the White race launched the Vietnam war with LBJ for cover, violating the Bill Of Rights and helping to divert WHITES attention to opening the US borders to make US and minority in 50 years from 1965 with Hostile Steaming piles as their swords.

      The mass murdera and insurance fraud ten years ago was to diverty our attention the real criminals and the Continued Hostile invasion savages against US.

      Many young man and women who went to Columbia in the last 30 years were lucky to everr get back home and with out STD’s and be sterile.

      The M.O. of the insane enemy aliens fo the last 100 years shows clearly that they not only plan ahead, but are quite willing to have people bolts of lightening with any clouds.

      As for Vietnam would some one one post the VNNF thread on the NYC Rostow brothers who got it going in 1960.

      Huey P Long, Lee Harvey Oswald aged 23 years and honorably discharged from the USMC and JFK jr. going down with his pregant wife and others can be seen clearly for sober non Patriotards/STASI types.

      White men thinking in the Kwa are now the enemy,

    13. Howdy Doody Says:

      The number “ONE” enemy of the White Race.

    14. Nom de Guerre Says:


      You won’t hear about this in your local jew rag, they don’t want you to know about the tidal wave of mud headed this way

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      Doody, what are you talking about? Governor Long and Lee Harvey Oswald were patriots. Would we had more men like them. JFK Jr. was probably bumped off by the Clinton Gang because Hillary didn’t want to run against him for the New York Senate seat left vacant by the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Moynihan was himself bumped off on Hillary’s orders. That’s what you get for trying to be friends with those people.

    16. Howdy Doody Says:

      Tim, yes of course.

      My post had errors being in a rush.

      Your correct.

    17. Garrett Says:

      Negroes did better in the Jim Crow South if one defines better as “able to live in accordance with their abilities and predilections”. Jim Crow was too kind to blacks in truth, it protected them from their biggest enemy-themselves.

      But it kept nog semen out of the white women and that was its goal. Its flaw was that being Christian it was nowhere near ruthless enough.

    18. Howdy Doody Says: