14 May, 2012

Men: They’re the New Women!

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SAHD? Yeah, it’s sad, alright [1].


[1] SAHD = Stay-At-Home Dad

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  7. 15 Responses to “Men: They’re the New Women!”

    1. George Lenz Says:

      Well, this is another poisonous fruit of feminism: too many effeminate men. And the laws make sure that corporations do not hire White men at wages sufficient to establish and support a family.

      Another reason is too much respect for human laws by some men. They are afraid to stand for what they believe in and against evil and as a consequence stay at home.

    2. Arkan Says:

      If you got a woman that makes more money in her job than you do and you both agree that your children won’t be schooled by the state but at home in a wholesome atmosphere, I don’t see the problem with such a mutual agreement.

    3. Luke Says:

      Arkan: I suppose you also would support men being given female hormone shots to make their tits grow bigger so, if their honey is a hot-shot career babe, they can also assume the breast-feeding responsibilities?

    4. CW-2 Says:

      If we want to regain the respect and admiration of our womenfolk we need to start acting like MEN. The first step in that direction is to give the nig and mud ass a long overdue and well deserved kicking!

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      The man-hating dykes and liberals can gloat all they want about women who earn more than their loser boyfriends and husbands, but a society full of emotionally and financially castrated men is a society that is going to fall. I’d like to see women try and repair a diesel truck engine or build a suspension bridge. Or how about even just replacing the jug on the office water cooler? Yeah right.

      Jews are promoting a dangerous fantasy world of “gender equality” that does not and can never exist. But of course their real goal is to enslave and destroy the hated goyim. And what better way to achieve that than to pit White men and women against each other?

    6. mrcrouton Says:

      A large factor in this is the types of jobs earning the high wages. I work in electronics and it’s made up of all male engineers. But across the street from us is a state run government welfare building filled with women. Next to us is an IRS outpost, again filled with women.
      Big government means high paying jobs for women. Women fit well in beureaucratic environments, and follow orders well, and don’t think outside the box. They fit in the box. (Notice the rarity of genius women. You must be willing to rebel to be a genius and not follow the herd)

      As manufacturing has left the nation, so have the high paying jobs for male machinists and others who work with heavier equipment. The Chinese men are doing many of the jobs the men used to do.

      What used to be high paying construction jobs have also been undermined by immigrant labor.

      So the lose of good paying jobs for men has been contemporaneous with the outsourcing and transfer of Americas manufacturing might.

      Big agribusiness has dispossessed rural white males and has been systematically at war with them, mostly as a type of politcal warfare by urban Jew financiers screwing over right wing gun toting white gentiles, as a method of democide. Urban Jews hate rural people, even though they are fed by them.

      A large factor behind this attack on men, is not so much an attack on men, but more of an attack on white men, and it has been cultural and systematic. Hollywood has promoted feminine men and metrosexuality for decades in order to enfeeble whites and morally degrade them. they have rubbed miscegenation in the noses of white men as they race mix blond women with niggers every chance they can.

      The disparity of earnings between genders is the natural outcome of this decades long culture of critique attack of cultural marxism.

      It should come as no surprise.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      You’re right, Mr. Crouton. With the extraordinary exception of a handful of truly heroic White women like Jeanette Rankin, Buddica, St. Joan D’Arc, Catherine the Great and Dr. Hanna Reitsch most females spend all their friggin’ time wanting to be liked and accepted by everyone. That means acting like everyone else and thinking like everyone else.

      So, with a mentality that places conformity, mental passivity and group acceptance above everything else of course broads are never going to do anything great. Now, with a great deal of effort, luck and help from a man a small number of girls may, repeat, may, contribute something of lasting value to society besides babies.

      But even so, it is at least twice as easy for a man to do anything that requires a great deal of skill and intelligence as it is for a girl.

    8. Arkan Says:

      Joan was a delusional religious imbecile and Catherine the Great was a complete whore. Which woman deserves the most respect? Napoleon answered, ‘The one who has had the most children.’

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      The French generals who initially laughed at 14 year old Joan D’Arc soon had to acknowledge her military skills in battle against the English. And Catherine the Great did not become great by just sleeping around with her princes, you know. She was an extraordinary military and political leader who made Russia a respectable European power.

      There’s a cable show on TLC called “19 Kids and Counting” starring the hillbilly Duggar Family of Arkansas. The mom of those 19 kids, Michelle Duggar, is not a bad person by any means but would she really be worthy of the Emperor’s respect? I mean, she still has that 80s mall perm from when she was in high school! And even worse than that, the Duggars are “Born Again” Christians! No, I’m afraid the Duggars of Dogpatch are lost to us.

    10. Arkan Says:

      There’s another good quote that can be attributed to Napoleon when he was onboard the Benophoron destined to Helena for his final exile, during the morning religious service he was asked by the ship’s captain of his own spiritual conviction, Napoleon replied, “All of them.”

    11. Mary O Says:

      Quote from the article: “Nearly 40% of married working women in the U.S. now out-earn their husbands.”

      Maybe it’s not the case that the average women in earning more than men, but just that a wealthy, well-connected or well-paid woman is more likely to marry and remain married.

      Women are always accused of “gold-digging” but I suspect that many men weighing marriage take into consideration the prospect of long vacations in the Caribbean, a larger house and extra financial security to enable them to pursue riskier (and much more interesting and profitable) career projects of their own. Wives who earn more are treated better, and therefore the marriage is more likely to last.

      In these sad cases, the husband uses his working wife as a “cash cow.” In this economy, the average White woman is finding few meaningful opportunities; therefore, a woman in a low-paying unstable work field ( like the arts) is written off as a flake, an Asian woman is a gold-mine since they get Affirmative Action, and a Black unionized nurse is also an excellent prospect.

    12. Mary O Says:

      Quote: “most females spend all their friggin’ time wanting to be liked and accepted by everyone.”

      That’s true of Americans in general. Like when that stupid judge kept going on about how Ravi wasn’t “sensitive.” The sentence was too harsh. The judge reminded me of a scared rabbit begging the gays not to complain about him. One month in prison, for what? For not being perfectly nice. Americans just repress way too much of their real feelings, and always try to make nice.

      If you look at pictures of White foreigners, you can tell that they are not American, and that is because their faces reflect greater complexity of emotion, even the children. If they are unhappy, they look unhappy. They may look pensive or serious, or have mixed emotion. Americans just smile for the camera, no matter how anxious and disgusted they really feel.

      Take gay marriage for example. Can we express what we really think? “They” supposedly hate us for our freedom — what a joke!

    13. Mary O Says:

      Quote: “Big government means high paying jobs for women.”

      But we don’t need to be jealous of those guvvie workers. Lots of layoffs are coming soon. How can we support these huge bureaucracies and entitlement programs, when all the good jobs have been given away to foreigners?

      Only back in the early 80s, government employment was considered “second-best.” The benefits packages were excellent, but salaries were low, promotions infrequent and generally-speaking the work itself boring. Women who wanted to put their family first were attracted to these jobs; men often wanted more opportunity and challenge.

      But now the US private sector compensation programs have been so diminished that the government jobs are actually the better paid and more desirable. Government workers have job security, full-time hours, full healthcare, pensions and higher salaries; thanks to the unions.

      These jobs require being politically correct to the max, and also being politically connected.

      But obviously it’s a house of cards. The public sector was built on top of the private sector; as the private sector has eroded, the public sector will inevitably collapse as well.

    14. Mary O Says:

      Quote: “I’d like to see women try and repair a diesel truck engine or build a suspension bridge.”

      You can fault young women for their self-absorption, but seems likely that it was selective advantage. The infant whose mother believes that his stomach ache is the most important crisis in the entire world is in fact more likely to survive. If your female ancestors were all too busy building bridges and fixing vehicles to worry about “little” problems, maybe you wouldn’t even exist. Maybe none of us would exist. Therefore, the values of your “ggg…grandmothers” were right.

    15. Mary O Says:

      Our society hates women, even more than the most “sexist” societies of the past. Young women are encouraged to behave like young men, and participate in competitive and risky sports. The news photos show girls who look like reform school toughs playing basketball, the sacred game. The fed-gov is now paving the way to use White girls as cannon fodder in combat (for real this time) against the Muslims. White women are just being used in general.